Quite frankly, I don’t mind the direction the Naruto story takes as I’m more or less in it for the ride, but I still find the whole “being a Jinchuuriki is a life full of hardships” matter a bit overdone. I can’t speak for everyone, but when that point has been made crystal clear several times already, sometimes I just want to stop and say, “I get it.” However, that’s not intended to be an outright knock on Kishimoto’s direction in this series, as I’m sure younger generations love it when you reinforce a notion that they’re already aware of. In fact, when I was younger, taking notice to such things in a story often made me feel good about myself — like I was a fan in the know. Still, as I get older and more jaded, I feel like I can point this stuff out just for the sake of pointing it out. So yeah, Bee suffered just as much as Naruto and Gaara — got it.

While their circumstances are evidently different, the end result is the same with this Jinchuuriki “curse”. In light of that, I do find it somewhat refreshing that Bee never moped around feeling sorry for himself day in and day out like Naruto. It’s likely that was because he was more or less a willing candidate and knew what he was getting into, but I still give him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to handling both the cold stares by the masses and an assassination attempt by his own friend. In the latter case, I couldn’t help but feel that the whole Bee/Motoi backstory was a bit rushed though. If the intention was to invoke some sort of emotional response from the reader with the sudden revelation of the death of Motoi’s father and how he came to resent the Eight-tails within Bee all in the span of a mere chapter, it was clearly wasted on me.

Maybe it worked for some people, but there wasn’t enough time for any of the character introductions to sink in and attachments to build up for me to start feeling sympathetic towards Motoi’s past. As such, I can’t help but wonder if Kishimoto himself feels that the whole Jinchuuriki thing has been overemphasized already and wanted to get through it as quickly as possible this time. Regardless, I won’t deny that it’s made Motoi seem like a more significant character in the overall story, seeing as I didn’t think much of him up until this point.


  1. hmmm
    another coincidence that this naruto post followed right after one piece and bleach posts?
    well if it still continues then its not coincidence.

    anyway, naruto was also cheerful you know, when causing trouble, sometimes he mopes though.
    naruto was a bit more lucky since some people didnt resent him and werent trying to kill him.
    only gaara and bee were almost assassinated by their close ones.

  2. Is there a reason to hate a jinchuuriki? no
    Are they hated anyway? yes
    Why is that? Because some people do
    Does that make sense? not at all
    And who are they? No one knows
    So why keep on hating them? so that the host can act all emo
    But does that make the haters retarded? yes it does

    Naruto, a world where common sense doesn’t exixt. Seriously, I have enough of “I’m a host that’s why people hate me”. There is absolutely no reason for people to hate a jinchuuriki and if they are told to do so, just don’t do it because it doesn’t make sense. Those haters have a brain but it’s useless to them.

    1. 50 years ago there was no reason to hate black people and yet they were hated.
      just saying that “people” dont need a real reason to hate anyone diferent is a good place to deposit all the hate plus jinchuuriki are possible human catastrophes.

  3. I still believe Motoi will soon be irrelevant to the story. I’m thinking Motoi will scarife himself to save Bee when Kisame gets out of his sword. At least this would allow Motoi to apologize to Bee.

  4. Even though it was a mediocre chapter, we have to point out that it looks “overdone” because mainly of the episodes not chapters. In chapters, it only shows few people like kiminaro, gaara people like them that suffer these kind of loneliness. Then, in the episodes, there are always fillers that always introduce some random characters that show their loneliness similar to Naruto which look like it has been overdone.
    I agreed that maybe because as we grew older, things look more cheesier now.
    Overall, it was not really a fun and great chapter. Let’s hope the next one would be better.

  5. I’m kind of glad he just brushed over this. As you said it’s a point that’s been made several times. I think the only thing you’re supposed to take from this is Bee’s way of doing things (Or “Way of the ninja” as it were) and how different it was to Naruto and Gara. I’m sure they’ll expand on it in the anime in some way to fill an episode.

  6. well actually…. this chapter was a proof (at least for me) that kishimoto currently he is sucking so hard that actually even narutards starting to criticize his chapters…..
    which for me that makes me happy since he “hopefully” is going to back to make something interesting…..
    all i see in naruto’s Jinchuuriki’s stories are the same story just different character and couple of little changed events….
    no offense to any1

  7. You know what we need? We need a Jinchuuriki whose life was made of “I’m a Jinchuuriki, and you better not mess around with me Cuz I like gore and a life of killing feast is for me” awesomeness. Then again all Jinchuuriki’s are dead save for the idiot and the Rapper. D:

    Or we could move on to the Siege, some nice death and Kyuubi rampage. (I know I’ve been deprived of it, thsi however is better than Sasuke’s-emo arc and the Sharingan Haxx battles)


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