Man, this was a really good chapter. Finally some action and movement, as well as some hardcore emotions tossed around. Plus, Luffy and Ace are now acquaintances! That’s a step at least. It’s nice that when Luffy stood up for Ace, I didn’t have much of a clue why, until of course, when it was revealed. Why? Because there’s just too many times when I’ve been able to predict reasons behind actions. But in such a long shounen like this, you’d expect some pretty good twists to keep holding the reader’s attention. However, in contrast, using the same tactic of winning someone’s “heart” so to speak, is something that’s used far too often even in OP itself.

Something I’ve also noticed recently is that One Piece has gotten pretty gritty as of late. For example in this chapter, the brutality of Luffy getting beaten and then the beater getting killed with such cold words, as well as the general harshness of the personalities in this flashblack, including Dadan. Doesn’t really feel like it did back in East Blue now does it? I’m guessing Oda is intentionally trying to make OP into a more mature setting, either in preparation for the older and more mature setting of the timeskip, or just to set the seriousness of entering the “New World”. One could say that Oda purposely left this flashback till now because it’s the right “mood”, but even I fear that may be giving him too much writer’s credit.

On a lighter note, Luffy consciously using his age as an argument against Ace is surprisingly smart and acting a bit too old for his age. Has anyone noticed how much smarter and surrounding-aware kid Luffy is compared to his older self? What happened in those teenage years?

As the title suggests, Luffy and Ace finally reveal their initial reason for being together, but the “brother” thing still hasn’t been set in stone just yet. However, their relationship so far is pretty strange. Because Luffy has no one to rely on, he must rely on Ace, so he’ll try his hardest to be closer to him. Ironically, because of that, Ace must live in order to be there for him. Now one would ask, “So what reason does Ace have to want to be there for him in the first place?” It’s possible he just doesn’t want to be like his Dad, or to let Luffy suffer like he did himself, but it’s up in the air as far as I know. The small timeskip of those three spending time together in the forest may have deepened their relationship, but it should really show next chapter.

Speaking of which, the chapter ended on the fact that the Tenryuubito are coming. For those that have forgotten, those are the World Nobles that Luffy hates so much because of their douchebaggery and elitist notions. I’d say their ancestors ruled in the Void Century, and the only reason they’re protected by the WG is because their ancestors probably made a contract with the WG. It’s most likely that the WG wanted something from them, maybe literally the “world”, and had to suffer some conditions. That’s all speculations though. Interestingly enough, this next chapter should reveal some more history about those Nobles. And like from last chapter, I still believe Sabo is going to die, and these Nobles seem like the perfect reason. Who knows? He might still be a slave somewhere.


    1. I believe so, but it’s actually possible that Luffy just forgot about them, he’s forgotten about lots of important things before. It’s also possible that he just didn’t happen to hear their titles, or Ace, Luffy, and Sabo never appear at the scene, or just Luffy. Quite a lot of possibilities, that’s for sure.

  1. Recently, One Piece has had generally more and more blood and violence involved. Remember back in the first 50 chapters? There wasn’t much blood in the first chapters. With this chapter, you literally see Luffy being beaten to a bloody pulp.

    I’m not looking forward to the Tenryubito appearing. Those guys really piss me off and nothing good comes from them. I’m betting the Tenryubito kill Sabo.

    1. Seconded, though I feel this is a direct result of the current escalated events in the manga. It’s only going to get better. So i don’t think Oda is going to hold back with the blood any longer, not that he has that much even before but o well:D

    2. yeah.. and I thought Oda won’t kill Ace or WB.. I knew that flashbacks would have deaths, but I didn’t expect anyone to die in the current time line (not even enemies). I guess going to the new world gradually brutalized things

  2. I think that one flashback panel for Ace shows why he accepted Luffy. Everyone that Ace asked said that the son of Gol D. Roger should die if he existed, so when Luffy said that he needed him, Ace found someone that wanted him to exist and that connected the two together.

    1. A lot of people are calling shenanigans on Hancock making a cameo, because she’s probably already escaped at this point of the flashback (then again, it’s rather hard to pinpoint even her exact age…). We’ll probably see another douche of a Tenryubito though.

    1. Of what? A kid in a tophat carrying young luffy away from a unknown pirate? What’s so “spoiler” about that? Sheesh.

      On topic: Sabo is a descendant from the Ancient Kingdom, I’ll call it.

    2. I purposely avoid spoilers choosing the right pictures to show. None of my previous posts had anyone complaining of this problem. This picture shows absolutely nothing to the anime-only viewer as he or she just glances past the picture. At most, if they really think about it, they would think, “oh, there’s going to be a flashback.” By the time the anime even gets to this point, they would have forgotten about it already.

    3. To be fair, if you wanted to avoid all spoilers, Random Curisoity, which often posts pictures from an anime you wouldn’t normally see unless you watched it, was probably not the best idea.

    4. also you all forget how the anime opening always give you some part of the info ….. it’s just that you don’t realize what it is until it happened same here….. the only difference is that here u are so damn curious that u want to know what happened than u come crying and telling us to stop….

  3. There seems to be a theory floating around diverse forums that Sabo grew up to be Trafalgar Law. I think its a bit of a stretch… but at the same time it could end up being and interesting twist. I don’t expect it happening though.

    (BTW… what characters is the one in your avatar Kiiragi? where can I find the complete image?)

    1. although actually possible and a good plot twist ….
      I am actually not really convinced since the difference between their ages are quitely large
      (i mean law and luffy) while actually he is supposed to be in the same age or bigger a couple of years…..
      anyway i wouldn’t mind it as a plot twist…

  4. I’ve always questioned if Luffy was as stupid as he lets on. When he gets serious, he usually stops acting like an idiot. I mean if you look at Shanks, 90% of the time he’s acting like a drunken idiot with his crew… but we all know he’s not actually an idiot. I get the same vibe from Luffy.

      1. I think that’s more instinct than anything else, Gear, but it does count for something. He’s not Usopp or Nami-level in terms of how fast he is with thinking on his feet, but he’s clever enough when he needs to be.

  5. Btw Kiiragi, it’s been stated before that the Tenryuubito are descendants of the founders of the World Government itself, which explains their snotty attitude towards everyone else. I really doubt that their ancestors made a contract with the World Government since their ancestors ARE the one who got rid of the Ancient Kingdom, and set up the World Government, forbidding anyone to mention about the Void Century.


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