「死生有命」 (Shisei Yuumei)
“What Will Be Will Be”

My goodness Saki is a cutie pie. Aside from her unsettling religious-like adoration for Izaya, I have no how Masaomi can tell her that he’s interested in Anri now — and straight to her face no less. Clearly, Saki knows him way better than what he’s actually saying though, so I found it rather cute when she said he can go around with however many girls he wants because she knows he’ll come back to her in the end. At the same time, it almost sounded like she was on the verge of being one of those stalker girls, albeit in a much calmer “Hi, I talk to myself” demeanor. Still, seeing how she grew fond of Masaomi on her own — despite how Izaya planted her as a seed of sorts to realize his plans — I have to say a girl who calmly confesses her feeling the way she did is so adorable. Gah, I even like the way she carries herself in her girlish postures, in what I see as a perfect balance of timidness and outgoingness. She’s definitely girlfriend material and someone I really hope Masaomi does end up protecting in the end.

As such, I felt bad for her how she ended up being the victim in the bitter rivalry between the Yellow Scarves and Blue Squares in the past. Given how badly her legs were injured and how long she’s been hospitalized, I’m starting to wonder if she can even walk anymore. What I did find rather surprising was how Kadota and his crew were once apart of the Blue Squares themselves and how this cowardly kidnapping by their leader prompted them to not only leave the gang, but also rescue Saki when Masaomi was busy crapping his pants in fear. Yumasaki was undoubtedly the hero in that fiasco, as he took his 2D aspirations to the 3D world. Does he dare live out the otaku dream? Oh yes he does!

Anyway, Kadota lecturing Masaomi was more than I was expecting from his character, but I do appreciate how he has a notably role in all this. It’s just a shame all of this is going to Izaya’s plans though as Masaomi is misguided in his attempt to get back at the Slashers for Anri’s sake when she’s actually their leader. He still doesn’t know about Mikado being the leader of Dollars either, even after that huge incident six months ago, so I imagine things are probably going to get pretty hectic when all the misdirected hate finally flares up. Anri did stumble on Masaomi’s Yellow Scarves secret at the end there, so perhaps she’ll be able to prevent an all out war from breaking out.

* Isaac and Miria anyone? Also, I had to take a shot of this movie theater since it’s where I watched Hana Yori Dango Final a couple of years back.




    1. Oh didn’t you hear? Japan recently passed a law to keep people in hospitals longer for the smallest condition to add to the wangst quotient of today’s teenagers. Wangsty teenagers are their leading export, you know.

  1. Wow first time I have watched the episode before you post about it Divine.
    I find Saki a bit scary she smiles too much I wouldn’t date her.lol I think she would make a good Izaya stalker.
    Yumasaki is crazy ans Dotachin without his hat is cool.There was the Claire plus Chane on the screen at a time too.

    1. I think the Joker might be Kida, since it fits his personality (but if it was based on personality it could’ve been Shinra.) Also, I think the Ace would be Mikado since he has the most influence.

    2. well it has to be someone that izaya may not like to mention(maybe worse than shizuo) since he didnt bother to continue.
      since shizuo is king and celty is queen that means that the joker should be a wild card….
      maybe even simon

      note:I only know some parts in the novels, I dont know all the details so I sometimes make guesses like you guys

    3. Given Izaya’s reaction, I think he realized he’s the joker as well. In a lot of card games, the inclusion of jokers is to act as the wild card and cause things to deviate from the norm, similar to how he pulls all the strings from the shadows in Ikebukuro.

  2. I feel really bad for Masaomi. Being dragged back into the gang war after he finally quit it is pretty sad. Saki kind of creeps me out but she’s not as bad as Mika or Haruna.

    Actually, does everyone from Kadota’s group know that he was the Yellow Scarves’ leader? Because I remember Erika saying in Russia Sushi back in episode 5 how their boss supposedly left the scene, like she didn’t know who it was.

    I’m glad Masaomi and Kadota’s group were friends later, though.

    I love how Baccano! was playing randomly on the screen, too. Although it was a part that might spoil things for those who haven’t watched Baccano! yet…

    1. I guess they are hardly “friends”. They know each other and talk friendly when they meet but it’s not like they hang out together often. No hard feelings, definitely not foes, but not close at all. Masaomi could still feel he owes them big time and that feeling could have kept them from becoming close. Anyway, I guess someone told Erika that Masaomi was outa Yellow Scarves but she wasn’t so sure about it since she hadn’t heard directly from him about it.

  3. Looks like Chane Laforet above Isaac and Miria in that image. But they directly appeared several episodes ago during the meeting with Dollars so this I suppose counts as a “subtle” reference.

      1. Oh yeah, most definitely 90 yrs, but still “lively” according to Fiiro.lol
        Oh I totally forgot but ok Baccano spoilers but
        doesnt Shizuo’s bro…Kasuga? Look exactly like Clare and Chane’s kid, Charon Walken???

    1. omg! Im impressed on how you actually even noticed that!!! LOL Hopes indeed for 2nd season! But like i mentioned, Id like Baccano for a 2nd season! Novels were hella fun!

  4. I absolutely love Izaya for the same reason that many people hate him. Eh heh heh. But this episode was the first time that I really felt Izaya was an asshole. It’s too obvious that Izaya was who tipped the Blue Square about kidnapping Saki. I like stuff like controlling people from behind but messing up with emotions is messed up.

    Yumasaki badass! Though I wish he’d look more twisted. Oh well, he’s playing a hero this time so maybe I could expect him to open his eyes later. Kudos for Kadota and his gang anyway.

  5. I can’t wait to see Masaomi’s reaction when Izaya or someone else tells him that Mikado’s the head of Dollars. That is if anyone tells him. That reaction would be priceless; finding out your best friend is supposedly your worst enemy.

  6. Not sure if anyone realised, but Saki had only one of her legs broken in the blue squares van (since only one leg was twisted and bruised). However, in the hospital, both her legs were in cast when she was lying on the hospital bed.

    As for the game Izaya was playing (before he burnt it to crisp), it seems that Shogi pieces represent Slashers, since they’re cornering the Chess King piece (Masaomi). In earlier episodes, Shogi pieces are mainly surrounding Chess pieces, similar to how Yellow scarves are getting attacked by Slashers, to bring out the ‘General’.

    What’s left (othello) would be representing Dollars, since they have the verstility to ‘change sides’ and ‘lie low’ as well (small, stout pieces), similar to how Masaomi is part of dollars yet be in Yellow scarves as well.

    1. Just to add, Othello pieces all look the same, so it’s near impossible to source out the leader. It somewhat parallels how Mikado is running Dollars with no distinct hierarchy system and everyone is viewed equally as part of the group.

  7. Esper Ito reference in Masaomi’s bag joke comes from the entertainer’s performance you can see in Railgun’s 2nd OP song PV. He literally comes out of a bag in the video.

  8. Heh I was really looking forward to seeing what Kida’s girlfriend’s like. Well suffice to say after this episode I really dislike her. The biggest surprise however was that even after she happily tells him he’s her slave and rubs salt into his his wounds, Masaomi still keeps coming back to her- guess he must be an M.

    I’m really wondering now exactly whom Izaya considers to be the joker- he already placed Shizuo and Celty as king and queen so initially I thought it might be Mikado, since he was full of surprises before, but now I wonder if it’s actually Shingen who seems to be capable of figuring Izaya to a degree.

  9. Saki seems like too much of a creeper, actually. Rather than cute, I find her scary. I think she’s a good creeper, if that’s any consolation. As Saki spoke, I basically heard her say: “I’ll be with you forever. And ever. And ever. And ever…”

    Stalki– er, Saki aside, Kadota is a total badass. And Kidangst is great stuff. Can’t wait to see him start kicking ass, though. And it’s going to be a bit of a shocker when everybody finds out about everybody else’s secrets. :O

  10. Hm…I’m most likely pointing out the obvious, but I didn’t see it mentioned so y’know.
    So from what I understand, some of the Blue Square’s members are now working for Kida, right?
    Namely the group od older fellows who are the oldest in all of the Yellow Scarves. They appeared in the same Van where Saki was kidnapped. The main jackass who got told by Celty when they ganged up Papa Kishitani. A couple of them also resemble the first group who kidnapped people for Yagiri Pharmacy.
    Personally, i think Show Spoiler ▼

    just my thoughts~

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