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I haven’t been keeping close tabs on the Gundam 00 follow-up movie that’s slated to premiere in theaters this September, but a new trailer for it was released earlier this week. For those wondering, the story takes place two years after the events of the second season (2314 A.D.) and appears to focus on a new pure Innovator named Descartes Shaman (Katsuji Ryou), who pulls Celestial Being back into action again. While continuing to showcase some of the new Gundams and how Setsuna’s new 00 seems to be equipped with Fangs, this latest trailer also features UVERworld’s theme song, “CHANGE”. There are some bigger questions raised by an earlier trailer though (see below), which shows Tieria back in bodily form and Nena Trinity (or at least Kugimiya Rie) back in some capacity as well. Also, yes, it looks like Feldt cut her hair. Nooo~!


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  1. I must say this the first time I am actively keeping track of a anime based movie that was not bleach and naruto related. I do look forward to see how this story finally ends

  2. Oooh I think Hallelujah’s back. Awesome.

    I thought its just 2 years since the end of the series so whats up with Allelujahs LONG hair..cant grow that fast…Louise Too.

    And yes, Graham Aker is back! Not Mr. Bushido…

    The only way to strengthen gundams nowadays is by just adding Fangs.

    I do hope Feldt gets more screen time,coz they totally left her out and just shoved a short scene of her in the end with the flower.

  3. After the GODLY SPANKING that Unicorn gave 00 in terms of selling DVD/BD, I’m still questioning Sunrise aproaching in making this movie. S2 was the epitome of failure (yes, more than GSD, sue me!), and the prev of this movie aren’t good either. The “Gundams” (did somebody knows why those tin cans are called Gundam?) look more like mechs from the latest Armored Core, the new look for the Ptolemy crew will be useless if they have no impact on the script, and the presence of Graham “Bushido Bob” Aker as his former self is also questioning.
    Now, Tieria is back, apparently Nena is back, having ANOTHER Innovator as the antagonist rings bells for a Naraku/Aizen type of villian. And let’s not forget that Miss Useless (aka Marina Ismail) will be in here, God know why…

    Why, oh, why do we have to have this instead of a shortened-intervals, even better animated and with more episodes Unicorn? Just a phrase: Sunrise minimizing loses with Mizushima.

    1. Well I guess you can stick to your pink unicorns fanfic and fool yourself into thinking that it was UC.

      Sadly apart from a mecha blowing the stuff up, there was nothing UC in Unicorn – “hey look , the fan’s favorite is resurrected and lives under another outrageously hilarious name and here’s your token mary sue main who pilots your token main suit to blow stuff up”

      1. you do gotta admit that 00 jumped the shark towards the latter half of S2, kamikaze clones and waaaaay too much fiction in the science fiction, it really disappointed me because 00 seemed like it was trying to ground itself more in believable science especially taking up the Anno Domini timeline.

        but how could you say there’s nothing UC in unicorn?

        Mineva Zabi and Puru twelve! not to mention a Red Comet clone, though when i hear Full Frontal i think of nudity, not an assault

        though in terms of animation quality, the 00 movie really needs to step it up considering how gorgeous the unicorn oavs looked.

  4. so i guess there are a few loose ends after defeating Ribbons Almark,looks like everyone is from before both friend and foe is gonna team up on this one.Oh well…,despite that fact though…,when will Setsuna attain true inner peace and when will he and Marina get their act together if you know what i mean…

  5. Have been following the trailers for the movie since the beginning.Really can’t wait to watch this thing,even if it’s just Raw.Subs are gonna take forever 🙁

    Return of Graham Aker,hell yeah!!!!!

  6. I’m not really impressed with this movie. I mean, IMO, the 2nd season ended on a great note and everything was wrapped up, including the relationships(unlike the first season). To me, this movie is nothing to be excited about. Just another unnecessary cash mule like they did with Endless Waltz. That’s not to say I won’t enjoy it though.

    1. Actually he’s still a sniper, just with more guns it seems :P. The rifle he uses in the trailers kinda looks like a mix of the old innovade rifles and his(and it looks freakin’ badass :P)

      1. When there are 300+ enemy Suits flying all around the place, there is a need for a faster reacting firing rifle. He has high accuracy even if he is shooting a lot more than the traditional snipers, however he isn’t just spamming shots, i think he needs to pull the trigger at every single shot.

  7. Innovators seemed to be pretty good at cloning in season 2, so I’m not surprised that Tieria is back in physical form.

    As for KugiRie, I guess she just pops up like the Spanish Inquisition when you least expect her to. 😛

    Ninja Penguin
  8. I hope 00 doesn’t have fangs. We learned from GSD that fangs on the main character suit is instant hax and the 00 is strong enough as it is.

    And it looks like the whole cast is returning too. You’d figure they’d drop a few and introduce some new ones, lol.

    Either way, the battles are going to be amazing.

  9. I have a feeling this is going to be one of those movies where try and cram in a cameo for every character in the series that main characters and plot won’t be fleshed out and will feel rushed. I’d rather they focus on the 4-5 main characters and get to the bottom of what they meant with Jupiter and the dialogues to come.

  10. With Marie and Allelujah piloting a gundam togther, they may be able to be on par with Setsuna’s Innovator capabilities (if Allelujah is complete)

    As long as Tiera is still closely linked to Veda, he should also be close to on par with Setsuna.

    That probably leaves Lockon as the least capable pilot :p

    Zaku Fan
  11. ^^ nice divine.. I was keeping track of it too.. bad thing, the dvd/blu-ray release around 6 months later. I’m thinking we won’t get any RAWs before then. Did you see the new Gundams? Death-the-Kid would freak if he saw 00-QuaT.. Harute’s kinda bulky/unstable on MS mode.. Zabanya looks a little too plane for my taste.. Raphael looks more unstable with that secret armor/bazooka on top of it.. They look weird, but hopefully I’ll like them when I see them in action!

  12. Well, its good to see Louise in pain and suffering. Hopefully she stays that way the entire movie. She never received any consequences for her selfish and batsh*t crazy antics in season 2. She still doesn’t even think what she did was wrong.(Hell, her real hand will probably magically grow back by the end of the movie)

    Yeah, I’m bias, lol. I don’t like seeing villains get away.

  13. 3 hours of gundam for the end of the year ain’t to bad i’ll save it for a really special occasion or brake it up into a 5 mins a week for 2011.

    i can’t really decide if i want the 50 eps that have to struggle to add a new dimension to the formula and get lost towards the end as they try and keep the pace building or waiting infinitely for the lush animated joy of the ova’s witch is all over in a flash… regardless if you call gundam i’ll watch it but wheres the brutally suicidal writer offering up the decapitated head of the protagonists mother.
    i want some hardcore gundam…

  14. LYLE SHOULD NOT BECOME A ZETZUBOU NO MEISTER ONCE AGAIN DESPITE THE LOSS OF ANEW DURING LAST SEASON (When was the last we saw him cried despair?)!! NOT A BIG FAN OF LYLE, really. Old Lockon, He will be missed. Lyle what a despair & Hypocrisy meister ever.


    It’s time to get it on, SERIOUSLY!!!

  15. I’ve never thought I’d come to like Tieria. But after Neil’s death, he’s my second favourite now.

    Tieria and Setsuna got the best character growth and development in the whole series. I honestly hope Tieria will be back in a physical form, I really miss him T_T

  16. I’m not that surprised that Tiera is back in Human form. From what I understand, the Innovades were genetically engineered clones/cyborgs in the first place. Why not create a new body and “download” Tiera’s consciousness from Veda?

    Jared Drake

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