「永遠の暇」 (Eien no Itoma)
“Eternal Departure”

Wow, what an action-packed episode. While Greed and Fu went toe-to-toe with Wrath to dire results, we also had Ed and the others underground fighting off all the King Bradley rejects before a huge transmutation circle was activated on Central. Up above ground, it was pretty impressive seeing Fu hold his own when Greed was momentarily knocked aside, so I wasn’t expecting Wrath to deal a fatal blow so quickly. Following that, I got goosebumps hearing Fu say some last words to Ling about becoming king and seeing him charge Wrath with a suicidal attack, but my heart sank when I saw how easily Wrath sliced through both Fu’s stomach-bound dynamite and Fu himself. I was so caught up in the sheer amount of blood that I was at a loss for words when Buccaneer used Fu’s mangled body to land a surprise attack. I’m really finding that all these valiant self-sacrificing acts are almost too much to bear, especially with the music played during them. Lan Fan just had to arrive to witness her grandfather’s lifeless and bloody body fall to the ground too, making (what I suspect to be) Fu’s death even more dramatic.

Below ground, I was amazed at how well everyone held up against the King Bradley candidates who were never used, particularly Hawkeye and her dual pistols that she bailed out Mustang with. I found it kind of odd how Roy didn’t just light everyone up and chose to fight hand-to-hand, but the more pressing matter is the activation of Central-wide transmutation circle by the Gold-Toothed Doctor. (It’s like they’re not even trying with the throwaway character names anymore…) It was pretty creepy how the candidates followed his orders like drones and let themselves get sacrificed for the transmutation, which subsequently swallowed up Al, Izumi, and Ed. Given how Izumi and Olivier got Edison to spill the beans on how they built up Amestris only to decompose it and rebuild humanity with immortality, I’m still curious as to exactly why people who have attempted human transmutations are needed as human sacrifices to that end. Evidently, it has something to do with the gate of truth they encountered in the process since those same black hands just snatched them away, but the story’s done a pretty good job at keeping the details under wraps thus far.

Despite not being a manga reader, I actually skimmed over the chapters this episode covered (98-99) and noticed that the anime added a fair bit of dialogue between Olivier and Izumi regarding human transmutations, so I get the feeling they want to stress how the human sacrifices are those who have committed the ultimate alchemy taboo. Specifics aside, I still get the feeling that the nation-wide transmutation circle to be activated on the Promised Day has another purpose than the one we’ve been led to believe. For now, it’s probably safe to assume that Ed, Al, and Izumi aren’t dead, but the activation of the Central-wide circle added some good suspense regardless.




      1. The doctor making an alchemy never showed up in the manga. The fight against the Goldtooth’s Minions are extended.

        We never seen Yoki falling down when running, then ‘The Central is burning’ line had removed instead of just ‘Nii-san’.

        Olivia’s dialogue added, The entrances of the Central Building had just refurbished… Too much changes & differences that I’ve lazy to talk about.

  1. Looks like it’ll be damn good episode when I can see it all in quality.

    It was weird that Roy had no problem with Riza shooting the Fuhrer candidates, but didn’t bother using his own flame alchemy.

    Also, Divine, notice that the only circle activated was one around the city.

  2. According the studio, the mangaka has already completed the final chapter of the manga. Animations are on the way, as the show is set to end along with the manga. Which means a possible 2 more chapters, or a very long final chapter.

    1. Everyone’s freaking out since the cliffhanger with 107 and the studio wishes to coincide the finish with Arakawa’s work so I would have to guess the last chapter will be about 100+ pages and the last episode an hour long special to commerate this epic series.

      1. Heh, that would be quite a behemoth of a chapter. I alreayd loved how the manga went from a 40 page series to a 60+ page series in the last months, but a 150 page one would be one hell of a whopper. Yes please!

      2. yeah i was definitely surprised this month’s chapter was that many pages. i didn’t do a page count and when i got to around page 40 i was like: aww man it’s gonna stop now, ::click::, oh what the hell?! =)

      3. They’re already struggling to animate 40+ page chapters. A 150-pager WILL be hacked up and slaughtered in a 21 minute episode.

        I predict manga readers will rage when episode 63 rolls around. Good thing I stopped reading the manga, then…

        Tavor TAR-21
      4. They don’t have to put ONE chapter per ONE episode, you know.

        It might be 3 episodes, or even an hour long finish, or maybe beyond 63. Who knows. I really don’t see them finishing at a plain 63 from where they’re at now, unless they just screw up the ending. Which, considering the whole reason behind this anime, I hope they don’t do.

  3. Wow… Tense.. I guess I’ll stop reading FMA blogs first. I’m itching to watch the RAW so bad since I saw the old man so damn butchered.

    Too tense… Screenshots look TOO TENSE!

  4. a few week episodes 2 go, next month will be the last few episodes, no more gore i’ve been seen, I hope chibi FMA will obtain the secret of Philosopher’s Stone sooner at the last remaining episodes

  5. lol ametris= No Country For Old Men, if you are old you are either locked away beneath the city or killed. Only King Bradley and his wife are allowed to be old without consequence. i still don’t get why Roy is a chosen. I thought only those who saw the truth were chosen ones. Or maybe it was just because he is a powerful alchemist, yea I will stick with that conclusion. I am trying so hard not to read the manga. I know it is probably right before the end by now.

  6. Weird that they used the eyecatch last week to tell us the name of some random guy we’ve never seen before, but they didn’t give one to the “Gold-Tooothed Doctor”. Doesn’t this guy have a name? Still, it was neat to see him return along with more cannon fodder and apparently set off whatever’s going to happen on the Promised Day.

    The action was still intense in this ep, though not as epic as the Fuhrer’s kick-assery last week. Fu’s death was well-done, and at least it didn’t turn out to be for naught even after the Fuhrer’ pwned Fu’s attempt at a suicide attack. Bradley got rammed through the stomach with his own sword and then Greed either ripped out the Ultimate Eye or at least managed to close it with a facial wound. It’s looking like he’s gonna be pretty thoroughly beaten up by the point Show Spoiler ▼

    Looks like people were right about the Fuhrer’s lack of regeneration, also–didn’t see any crackling red lightning when he pulled the blade out. So those wounds aren’t gonna be getting better anytime soon. 😀

    I can’t wait for the subs so I can make more sense of the Fuhrer candidates. Were they more zombies who retained human form, or just brainwashed servants? The red glow in their eyes certainly implies they’ve been infused with Philosopher’s Stones, even if they can’t hold a candle to the Fuhrer.

    Can’t wait till next episode to see if Hohenheim got sent to the same realm that Ed, Al and Izumi were. Then again, judging from the eyes all over Father’s true form, he may have just teleported his sacrificial candidates to his central chamber where he can finally explain his EVIL PLAN(TM).

      1. Unless your a homunculous, I’m pretty sure swallowing a stone doesn’t mean u’ve been infused with its power, otherwise kimbly might have had an adverse reaction to the stone since not just everyone can handle all those souls; i.e. failed Wrath experiments. Also they would have a made a big deal about it since being infused with a stone either makes you a homonculous or Father/Ho.

  7. See . . Roy would get a pasting against wrath . . Really badly . . He was literally helpless against these fuhrer wannabees . . . That is why i say , Roy isn’t overpowered . . .
    Well , this episode had its moments . Great ones . Bradley had another kick ass episode . . And fuu made a heroic effort to take down bradley , along wit The Bear wit the mohawk . . . And almost succeeded . . . Great stuff

  8. But.. Greed/Ling was made the same way as Wrath right? By infusing a philosophers stone in a body. How is it that Greed CAN regenerate? (Like when gluttony bit his arm off at the epic forestbattle with Pride). Why can he regenerate while Wrath cant?

    1. Simple: Wrath resisted the stone instead of accepting it, so the process of turning into a homonculus wore it out to the point only one soul remained in his body. Ling on the other hand, accepted Greed almost immediately, so only a few souls were consumed in order to change his physical composition.

  9. @cornwiggle . . . Maybe , he’s visited the nearby dentist . . Ha ha

    @guest . . . Its the number of souls . . I think wrath’s stone has only one soul in it . .But greed’s stone has a lot more number of stones in it . .

  10. If my memory isn’t terrible, I don’t think the manga had the overlay of Greed screaming at Fu (“Idiot” or a word to that effect) along with Lin? Foreshadowing Greed’s reveal in the latest chapter? Good job BONES, if you didn’t just put it in for creative license!

    Highlight of a quality episode.

  11. One of the big questions manga readers were all talking about at the time is who were the 5 sacrifices. Now anime fans know who 3 of them are (Al, Ed, and Izumi). Will most likely be at least 1-3 weeks before we find out who the other 2 are. Also regarding the size of the last manga chapter FMA has the same feel to it that Bleach or Fairy Tail has in that many pages are full of action you can breeze thru quickly (some are even full 2 pagers) so that 150 pages will go by faster then you think (as opposed to a 150 page manga thats character interactive heavy like Kimi no Todoke).

    1. Actually, it was already revealed at the end of episode 39 that Ed, Al, Izumi, and Hohenheim were 4 of the 5 sacrifices. While not outright said yet, it’s extremely obvious who the fifth is, and the doctor made it apparent.

    1. Yeah, I know. In the Bradley flashback he was like 40 years younger. That’s the only time he isn’t missing a tooth.

      Check out the part where Raven brings him along to heal Kimblee (episode 33-ish), the only time you see him before this in the present time. He’s missing a tooth.

  12. Epic sacrificial death scene by both Fu and Buccaneer, though the latter probably still has a chance of surviving if treated right away.

    I have a feeling like Hohenheim, the Gold-Toothed Doctor (GTD) is also from Xerxes, with his blonde hair and such. Though I could be wrong as he has rather creepy eyes that look both ways (typical of a mad scientist) rather than golden ones like the people of Xerxes. If this guess is correct, he’s probably responsible for creating Father in the first place using Hohenheim’s blood.

    GTD is probably doing Father’s bidding of summoning the three designated Human Sacrifices to his side as the fated time approaches. Including Hohenheim would make four. Which leaves the question – who’ll be the fifth Human Sacrifice?

    This is feeling like an RPG now, with the underground complex and Father like a final dungeon and final boss. GTD is your obligatory Hojo (mad scientist) to Father’s Sephiroth (mad scientist’s creation). Not that I’m complaining. 🙂

    Kinny Riddle
  13. There was one thing I never got about this part. Envy and Lust destroyed Lab 5 back when Ed and Al found it.

    Granted they could have done either of the following:

    1. Destroyed it in a way to leave the transmutation circle intact
    2. Remake the transmutation circle
    3. Clear out the transmutation circle

    Anyone have a better guess?

    1. I think the transmutations circle was deep enough underground that when the external lab got destroyed, it didn’t hit the circle. This would make sense as a good move by Envy and Lust because obviously Ed forgot about it there for a moment.

  14. Now this was one of the best Episodes Brotherhood had so far!
    There´re only two Episodes left now until the fifth sacrifice will be revealed.
    Can´t wait to see THAT animated, the Manga already pulled such an intense scene…

  15. Hehe lol, was just thinking that maybe the gold tooth doctor has opened the gate too and all he lost was his tooth… that’ll be a bit unfair…

    [Just spurious thought, know its a bit silly]

  16. Fu’s dying words, in accordance with the emotional music running in the background, was such an amazing scene. Heart-breaking to see someone like him die. I can’t wait for next episode, when Lin mourns his death. One of the most touching scenes in the whole series.

    1. I loved Fu! Bradley must DIE!

      btw.. GreedLing is shaping up to be one of the most interesting characters in the show. He sure is getting alot of character development. I’m betting he’ll play an important role in the end.

    1. He’s gettin’ skilled. Tired of transmuting/buying new gloves. He just ends the transmutation of the arm-plate earlier than the arm-plate actually ends. That way it doesn’t have to go through his glove.

  17. Question: As I recall, Mei-chan was last seen in the company of Ed, Scar, Mustang, Hawkeye, and Dr. Marco. Yet she was absent from the last episode, in which all of them fought the Wrath rejects. Where was she? Did I miss something? I kinda liked the kid 🙁


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