「ひとばしら」 (Hitobashira)
“Human Sacrifices”

As if Fu’s valiant sacrifice last time wasn’t enough to give me goosebumps, the story drops two more bombs on me this episode. That still didn’t take away from Fu’s initial passing however, as Lan Fan frantically went over to help Ling knowing very well that her grandfather wasn’t going to make it. Seeing the tear fall from her eye while her voice remained unshaken in the situation spoke volumes to me about how much she was enduring emotionally at that moment. Because of that, it was pretty heart-wrenching to see Ling frantically cry out for any medical alchemists out there to use his philosopher stone to save Fu. Still, the first bomb ended up not being Fu’s eventually passing, but Buccaneer’s.

With Wrath momentarily out of the picture after plunging down into the water, it was pretty awesome to see Greed grant Buccaneer’s request to hold the fort down, transform into his completely armored self, charge headfirst into the Central soldiers, and lay complete waste to them all. It was an uplifting moment to see the tides shift so dramatically with Greed’s help, which is why I wasn’t expecting Buccaneer salute his men with some last words and pass away soon after. I was so caught up in the ass-kicking moment that the emotional drop off to that solemn moment was even greater. Talk about taking the viewer’s emotions for a ride and doing it damn well. It all happened so suddenly that it felt like hitting a wall at the end of that ride. The only semi-bright side of his death is that he went out with a smile, which Olivier used as a reason for everyone not to mourn for him.

As for Ed, Al, and Izumi, it looks like that five human sacrifice the Gold-Toothed Doctor used last time merely transported them to Father. Pretty heavy toll if you ask me for a relocation/teleportation type of alchemy, but it did seem to have an adverse effect on Al. His armor was basically lifeless on arrival, which has me wondering if his soul got a chance to reunite with his body as he passed through the gate along the way. I figure that’s the most likely explanation for things since we’re nearing the end of the series and I don’t really see any other opportunity for him to do so. The other possibility of course is that Al never gets his body back, but I seriously hope that isn’t the case because it just wouldn’t feel right after all him and Ed have been through.

In any case, with Hohenheim getting sucked into the black mass of eyes that Father is now, the focus quickly shifted on looking for a fifth sacrifice. It pretty much answered the question I’ve had if Hohenheim is indeed consider the fourth one, but bomb number two came when it came to getting the last one. If this series has taught me anything, a character never wants to be featured in an eyecatch like Buccaneer and Hawkeye were here, as the Gold-Toothed Doctor got his King Bradley candidates to slice Riza’s throat to force Mustang into performing a human transmutation and become the fifth sacrifice (reaffirming my suspicion from last time about that being the requirement). First Fu, then Buccaneer, and now Riza all in the span of two episodes? The casualties sure are piling up at this rate.

In Hawkeye’s case, it was pretty hard watching her bleed to death even from my perspective, so I can only imagine what it was like in Mustang’s shoes. They sure left on a good cliffhanger too, with Roy sounding like he’ll agree to do so in exchange for the Gold-Toothed Doctor saving Hawkeye’s life with the philosopher stone vial he has. It’ll be interesting to see how all that unfolds, but my immediate thought was what horrible timing to have Ed separated from them. I’m sure he’d be able to save Riza if he could get his hands on that vial, or at the very least, stop her bleeding by shortening someone’s life like he did with his own before. I’m willing to bet that Roy would be more than happy to volunteer. Riza!!!

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      1. Last chapter comes out on the 12th of June.

        The director of Brotherhood has copies of the storyboard, and they are frantically working to animate it – but it will be the same ending.

        Masked Anon
      2. Like Masked Anon pointed out, the anime will faithfully conclude the same way as the manga, but the last chapter comes out a couple of weeks earlier than the airing of the final episode. The next issue of Monthly Shounen Gangan is scheduled to be released on June 11th, whereas the final 63rd episode won’t air until June 27th.

  1. Well, that’s 100 chapters animated, more or less. Just 8 more to go.

    This cliffhanger was evil in the manga. We had to wait a whole month to find out what happened next.

    Masked Anon
  2. They did something slightly different with Greed than in the manga in this episode, but mostly because the soldiers were in a different position. I liked it. It’s always cool to see Greed in full armor mode.

    The Dante cameo is amusing.

  3. This is the best happening in anime history. An actual ending that coincides with the manga. When did a show ended at the same time the manga did? Kudos to bones and Arakawa.

  4. Out of curiosity does anyone have any idea whats happened to tomodachi subs, the guys who do the fmab tmd-raze subs. Their website has been offline for nearly a week now and i’m not sure whether its a problem with the site or if they’ve closed down and will no longer be doing the remaining episodes.

    Hope its not the latter as tmd where always the quickest being fmab releases out. Judging by the amount of trolling that went on in their messageboard it wouldn’t surprise if they had enough and quit.

  5. I am the only one missing pride? I wonder when he will show up.
    Also, even tought Mustang said he will perform the human transmutation, i have doubts. I mean the eyecontact with Risa was strange like shi was suggesting something to him. Well, could be just my imaginaton.

  6. 1. why the hell Greed didn’t fight Wrath in his full-body mode?! It freaked me, when I read it, it freaks me now.
    2. Noone seems to care, that Bradley is alive and kicking in the preview? Half a year ago, I thought just for a second, that a train explosion, a sabre pierce-through, a lost eye and a gunwound usually make person at least bleed to death =)

    1. I too have been wondering why it took so long for Greedling to protect his skull like that, even after taking a bullet to his “third eye!”. Subtle influence from Ling trying to keep his face uncovered? I’ve not a clue. As for Bradley still being alive in the prev, I’m not terribly surprised, despite his wounds not regenerating like the other homunculi. The OP has shown a climactic battle between Scar and the Fuhrer and I’m not expecting him to die at least until then. I was glad that they were able to split Greed and Wrath up without killing either one of them; I’d hate to see Ling die, though with Fu, Riza and Buccaneer biting the dust within a two-episode span, it doesn’t seem like anyone except maybe the Elrics are safe as the final episodes come rolling in. And even then a lot of anime ends with the main character dying …

      (Not a spoiler, I don’t read the manga, just speculating)

    2. 1. Indeed, I’ve been told it wasn’t even addressed in the manga either. It’s just one of those things you have to accept no matter how much you want to slam your head against a wall.

      For me, the “no full armor Greed” was already bugging me since the battle against Pride and Gluttony back in episodes 47-49.

      2. The train explosion didn’t hurt him at all. He was at the rear of the train when the bomb under the bridge exploded, and then he pulled a Jackie Chan stunt to get out of the wreck as it was falling. As for his injuries, none of them are fatal. The stab he received was to his lower left abdomen; it may have missed his liver and most of the other internal organs. Losing an eye didn’t stop Big Boss in Snake Eater, and he was only shot in the shoulder, a perfectly survivable wound (I daresay it was more than likely just a graze, since the soldier’s aim went off after Bradley threw the broken sword at him).

      Tavor TAR-21
      1. There you go again. Blabbing when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

        Ling cannot control Greed’s abilities. Keep in mind how the two of them have a merger going; Greed wants FULL control of Ling’s body, but Ling always resists. Hence for Ling to have any kind of power, he has to let Greed take control, which is more than he wants to do.

        Until now where they both share the same goal and don’t want to see anymore people fall by Bradley’s hand.

      2. Greed-Armour explanation

        The reason why Greedling didn’t go full-bodyarmour mode before this episode is because it takes complete control and concentration in order to do so. Since Ling and Greed are continuously fighting control over the same body neither at any time has 100% of it, plus if Greed tried to do so Ling would probably attempt to take over at the same time. This is the first episode where they truly agree to fight together for the first time rather than taking turns. Thats why Falman says he doesn’t know if its Ling or Greed fighting the soldiers. Its only now that they fight as one unit to their full strngth and the first time the separate name of Greedling is truly appropriate.

        Also the reason Greed didn’t go full-armoured during his first fight with Wrath is simple: he wasn’t given a chance to. Greed can’t regenerate wounds and make his shield at the same time, not with his arms cut off or swords in his neck. Wrath continuously put Greed on the defensive in a permanent state of healing himself until his stone was mostly used up and he could be captured with ease. Of course Greed would have probably put his full shield on before the fight if he had known who Wrath was, but like many people in this series he made the mistake of only seeing an aged man to his peril.

      3. Remember that Greed said he didn’t like it either due to how it made him look in his fight with Ed in episode 14.

        And, remember also how he scoffed at Bradley as a simple old man at first, and thus didn’t even think he’d need it. By the time he realized he did, Bradley was slicing the hell out of him and didn’t give him the chance.

    3. Like fathomlessblue said, Wrath knew about Greed’s power so there is no way he is going to let Greed activate it. Which is one reason why Greed was so upset during the fight as he was never given a change to activate his power. That’s why Wrath is one hell of a strong fighter.

  7. Animation for next week’s episode looks epic. Cant wait.

    I felt like the GreedvsSoldiers dragged, and looked more badass in the manga. But at least the OP depicts Greed the way he was in the manga.

    My heart sunk when Riza got her slit throat in the manga.

  8. The last part was really hard to watch… That damn bastard…

    On a side note though.. This is the part that I like. They’re going all out on the quality now. Explosions are done well in this ep.

  9. Without spoilering anything;
    If this episode gave you goosebumps the next one or the one after (haven’t seen the preview for next week’s yet, so no idea if they’re gonna put the moment in) that will have a moment that’ll make your skin explode 😉

  10. I don’t know how many times I laughed in a happy/maniacal way while watching this episode. I love Brotherhood forever and always for animating this stuff >:D
    Oh my gawawww I can’t freaking WAIT for next week. I can’t believe we’ll see it animated. Finaly. *does a fangirl dance*

  11. Well crap, did Bradley just pick up two swords in the preview? It took Fu and Buccaneer to die with help from Greedling just to do some licks over a span of 3 episodes when he had only one sword and a pair of knives!

    And somehow I just don’t think Scar is more powerful than Fu, Buccaneer, and Greedling combined. What could possibly stop Bradley, especially now he’s got two swords?

    1. He IS heavily wounded and, more importantly, has lost his ultimate eye.

      Still, he does most definetly NOT go out gently and quietly… Envy, Lust, Sloth and the like are puppies compared to his combat strength.

  12. Rizaaaa!!!! I flipped out for A MONTH after reading that manga chapter, and then cried throughout the next. I wonder what non-manga readers reactions will be..

    Can’t wait for the next episode!

  13. ^ pretty much Kanaria.

    PEOPLE, DO.NOT. spoil next episode for the readers here who have NOT read the manga. Be considerate and let them have the “OH FFF” reaction that you had when you first saw what happens. DO.NOT. ruin anything.

    1. Agreed! Of course by the end of the day divine will probably still have to delete at least 3 comments by people spoiling the end of the manga, either just to troll people or because they just can’t keep their mouths shut. I’d hope for some restraint and sanity but on the Internet? Not likely.

  14. Not sure I’m really understanding Ling’s shirt here.

    In the manga, as soon as he ditched the long jacket, he was in that sleeveless shirt (last episode), but in that, he was just in an undershirt with two sleeves. So… under that he has the sleeveless? Three layers? Why?

      1. lol @ Secsuey

        Well, if the Fuhrer can escape a train explosion, then he can certainly escape his current predicament.

        I hope he doesn’t die and somehow finds redemption. He is still a mortal human since he only has one soul inside of him.

  15. Now the question is, if Hawkeye is on the brink of death then it is possible to save her via human transmuation with the philosopher’s stone. But if she’s already dead and Mustang goes ahead with the transmutation then what will he lose in order to revive her?

    The next ep is called Lost Light? Maybe he loses his eyesight?

    1. Hmmm, well right now, there appears to be two options: take that philosopher’s stone and try to heal/res Riza or don’t. I sure hope there’s a better option than those two.

      Of course, the OP clearly shows Mustang as a sacrifice, so the question is: how? He seemed pretty adamant about not doing human transmutation, and even knows that it doesn’t work.

      …jeez, I think I’ve crossed too many spoiler lines now.

  16. I hear that in order for Arakawa to end the manga at the same time as the anime, the final manga chapter is gonna be over 100 pages and possibly even up to 150 pages, practically filling up one entire manga volume on its own.

    Seeing Mustang’s response, and him facing the Eye of Truth in the previews, there’s no doubt he’ll be the 5th human sacrifice.

    I got a bit spoiled as to which body part he’ll be paying with, though I still don’t know if it’s Hawkeye he’ll be transmuting. Who knows, he’ll probably still perform human transmutation, but it’ll be pretty damn funny if he performs it on the Gold-Toothed Doctor instead, and then have Mustang return from the Gate and use the GTD’s Philosopher’s Stone to heal Hawkeye back. That is provided he doesn’t end up with Ed and the others when he comes out.

    BTW, just when is Lan Fan gonna take off her mask since we last saw her face? We’re long overdue in seeing her pretty face. Arakawa, it’ll be a waste of your artistic skills if you end the series without her ever removing her mask again. 🙂

    Kinny Riddle
  17. Oh no! We didn’t get to see Mustang’s reaction to Buccaneer’s death! Or Ed’s!
    We saw everyone else though. HE’S A SECOND TIER CHARACTER! GET THE HELL ON WITH IT!
    Ugh, padding.

    1. Better to be a second tier character than any of the minor characters of the first series who had whole episodes and more dedicated to them! (Clara, Elric Imposters, Majihal, 2 Ishbalan boys, etc.)

  18. lol preview fail!! How do you show Wrath alive in the same episode that he is apparently supposed to be assumed dead. Other than that the show is still going strong. The chosen have all been identified and father has finally got off his throne. You know Pride is looming around and Wrath too. I wonder if Wrath is almost out of lives yet. I hope not for Ed and Al’s cause the closer he gets to death the harder he will fight. Wrath ain’t no punk like Lust and Gluttony. Envy was somewhat cool and Sloth turned out to be a true beast when he stopped being so lazy. Man I can’t believe it is almost over!!!!


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