「進路!」 (Shinro!)

I more or less figured Yui would be lost about what she wants to do upon graduation, but I totally overlooked Ritsu being pretty much the same way. When the discussion veered off to how Yui once said she wanted to be a kindergarten teacher so she can play with kids, things got totally sidetracked from their career choices and became an episode about Mio’s award-winning piece of writing from the fourth grade. Quite frankly, I think my brain needed a break from the Yui/Ritsu “baka combination” at that point, though I did enjoy how the power of English totally blew their brains away. They’re likely to end up as NEETs like Nodoka was thinking anyway, so it was refreshing to delve into the past of some future hopefuls. Granted, it was more of a glimpse into how cute Mio was before and how the Ritsu hazing-like treatment all began. While Ritsu did help Mio overcome the stage fright of reading her paper in front of the rest of the school by picturing them as pineapple heads and gave me a good chuckle for trying to teach her some Japanese slang, it was pretty clear that Mio didn’t pick up anything useful from our big forehead club leader in the past. Third eye!

Back with Yui and Ritsu, I thought it was pretty mean of Sawa-chan to shoot down their musician idea, which was far-fetched but much better than “undecided”. In a way, it was almost like she did some Budokan dream shattering right there and then. I can’t say I blame her though, after the shots Ritsu gave her about becoming a teacher because the guy she liked back in high school wanted to be one, only to get rejected regardless. That probably made for one of the funnier moments this week, especially with how Ritsu had to throw salt on those open wounds by adding how Sawako’s still a teacher and still single even now. “Go Sawa-chan! You crush those two little girls’ dreams all you want!” Vendettas aside, I agree with everyone’s sentiment that the only reason why no one can ever get mad at Yui for all her careless mistakes is because she always smiles them off with no ill-intent. It would be pretty mean to blame someone dumb for being dumb, so even I can’t cross that line and be an absolute jerk. Who knows, octopus-less takoyaki might actually taste good, in the same way a hamburger does without a patty. (Wait a second…)

After picturing Yui in a plethora of potential future careers and hearing how everyone felt she would fail miserably in all of them, I couldn’t help but laugh at Ui’s future plans being to go where Yui goes in order to look out for her. Nodoka spontaneously bursting out in laughter at Yui and Ritsu’s musician suggestion was completely unexpected and out of character too, so that was mildly funny in its own right. Exhausted of ideas, Yui ended up submitting a form saying her future plans are “to try her best in life”, but Sawa-chan shot that one down as well. Those wounds from the boyfriend-less comments sure run deep.




  1. This episode ended too quickly for me. I was hoping that Yui would at least choose something, like music production. Then again, she probably would have a hard time with the programs. Yui as a florist is cute though, sucks that she’ll go bankrupt.

    Ritsu’s epic “no way” in like 7 different angles was awesome. I found it weird she didn’t avoid getting her forehead written on. Oh yea, what was up with the turtle?


  2. /facedesk


    …yeah, I messed up that part of high school. Badly. No idea what to do, so I forced myself into a faculty and uni, and now I may as well have thrown money at them and called it a year.

  3. Yay, Ricchan with bangs down *.* Though it was little Ricchan, but oh well xD

    So we’ve already seen little Mio-chan (absolutely adorable!), little Ricchan, little Yui-chan, little Ui-chan (in the previous season) and little Nodoka-chan. Now the question is: what about little Mugi-chan? And little Azu-nyan? I want to see them as well, please! *.* xD

    1. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why that it is Yui, and not Mio, that became the fans’ preferred wife for Dengeki magazine for months running.

      (Prior to the advent of Kanade from Angel Beats last month, who had dislodged Yui from 1st place in the last ranking)

      Kinny Riddle
  4. Mio calls her mom ‘mama’ huh. Anyway, I got a real good laugh out of the first one-and-a-half minutes of this episode. For obvious reasons. Reused animation, with all the more laugh!

    For Yui, I have to think music is the best choice, with perfect pitch and her fast-learning skills and all. And Sawa-chan just turned down the idea (though with a smile behind Yui). For Yui to keep an eye on her own future, of course. Quite a teacher, I have to admire. (But my own teacher beats her, by the way. Sad that I left my school.)

    Wonder who the old lady next week is. Yui’s own gran, or a neighbor? Could be the former. But I wish Mio would get some more attention. Last week wasn’t nearly enought and she’s almost as much a background character as Mugi was in the first season. No seriously.

    1. Hahaha! I didn’t notice that until you said it. It’s totally the same as well as the script for that part except that the first one was aimed at clubs and this one was for college. XD

      No wonder something was familiar to me during that part.

  5. Considering Mio’s worries for the future in the past episode and how Yui and Ritsu failed to make up their minds about their future plans in this episode, I loathe to think that the girls’ future would be that of the dark fic h-doujin Manibiki JK Sei Keion Bu/Mambiki JK Sei K-On Bu. Heck, the spoilers I read for that doujin alone already made me uneasy, especially those pertaining to Mio, Azusa and (believe it or not) Yui. Ugh.

    Though on the other hand, making a wrong career choice can be just as bad as not making one at all. I’m still having a wallbanger about my decision to take a course in journalism so I can write for an anime magazine… /wallbang

    Anyway, cynical statements aside… Hauu~ OMOCHIKAERI~!

    And poor Sawa-chan…she needs some lovin… *Nudge nudge, wink wink* 😀

    1. Holy crap. I went to search about that doujin you mentioned and I just read the review and it’s already disturbing.

      If it weren’t a h-doujin I certainly would have read it though.

    2. I’ve seen screenshots of that doujin ages ago. Too grim and morbid to describe the details here, but the author sure has a sadistic edge in wanting to torment the girls that way, and I’m not even referring to the sex.

      Kinny Riddle
  6. This is unrelated to the anime currently, but I think it’ll be very interesting to see how Kakifly ends his K-On manga.

    Will he just end it after the 4 girls graduate from high school and choose to end this delightful little manga on a high note?

    Will his manga go into university light music territory and delay the reality of adulthood for a little bit more?

  7. I take care of a Yui neet any time without thinking twice. Ui nooo!!! take care of me whileI take care of your oneesan.
    I had a blast with this episode. Sawa-san is doing well by forcing Yui and Ritsu to think hard bout their future. Loli K-on should be banned is too strong for my heart to take…they are so , so moe 🙂

    Island Esper
  8. Funny we never hear about Mugi’s past. For all we know, as an ojou-sama, she might have quite a complicated and intriguing past. 🙂

    Then again, we’ve yet to see Azu-nyan’s flashbacks as well.

    Yui, I totally know how she feels. It can pretty frustrating when so-called grown-ups are rushing you into making a decision which might affect you for the rest of your life. This is especially true for kids here in Asia.

    Know that I went to uni just to get a sparkling degree as I hear it’s easier to get employed in whatever job that way. I hardly ever learned anything from it. It’s only lately that I’m trying to sort out some of this mess by deciding to go back to studying, on my terms rather than my parents’ of course.

    I’m still wondering why Sawa-chan rejected Yui’s musician choice. Could it be because Yui filled in “musician” under the school-choice field, when she should have been more specific and filled in the name of a music school?

    If so, shouldn’t Sawa-chan have simply directed Yui to do so? Seriously, she of all people should know as Yui’s club adviser, if Yui can’t be a musician, what else can she be? (Besides being my wife… OK I was joking, please don’t kill me. lol )

    Kinny Riddle
  9. Upon closer inspection via pausing, Nodoka laughed and Sawa-chan rejected Yui’s form because she placed “Musician” under the School Name column. The three spaces were: School Name, Department, and Course.

    1. I noticed that as well. But the thing is, if career picking is so important, then surely Sawa-chan ought to have pointed out that Yui had filled in the wrong column rather than letting the poor dumb girl figure out where she did wrong herself?

      Besides, as a teacher, shouldn’t she have recommended some music schools for Yui to go to, or at least talk to her about it before outright rejecting her flawed submission?

      I’m now more inclined to believe Divine’s suggestion that she’s doing this as payback for Yui laughing at her being dumped by her boyfriend. lol

      Kinny Riddle
      1. I was sort of joking about that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was part of the reason. I think the main reason Sawako turned the musician idea down though was because it was too vague. i.e. They didn’t even bother to figure out what music school they were going to attend and just wrote it down on a whim. In light of that, Sawako’s smile as they left did suggest she was happy about them having dreams.

  10. Is it embarrassing to call your mom “mama” instead of “Okaa-san?”
    And speaking of mothers, where are Yui’s parents?! Shouldn’t THEY be helping her with this?

    Slow episode though, I want more clubroom jokes, Sawa-chan costumes, and live performances!! Enough slow scenes!

    1. Supposedly, yes. Mama is a word that young children use to call their parents, whereas Okaa-san is a sign that they have learned proper terms to call people (I’m assuming most of this due to patterns across cultures). It’s sort of like Mama, then going to Mom or Mother in America. On a side note, Chinese people just drop the second Ma, and just go with one Ma.

      Meanwhile, Yui’s parents are out vacationing and enjoying their “youths” ALL THE TIME.

  11. “We’re a successful, profitable animation studio with respect from our fans, running two or three high-qualit cash-cow franchises at once, and are one of the few who work for the detail in stories and consistently new animation each episode! How will we top this? YES, YOU!”

    “Sir! We reuse under a minute of animation from the pilot episode for absolutely no reason!”

    “You’re a genius!!!”

  12. I still love my weekly dose of K-on and the girls goodness so I can’t really complain….BUT, I would really like to see more music happening. I do also agree we got to see some flashbacks from Azu-nyan and Mugi-chan.

  13. Divine: I’m not sure if you’ll see this, if not, I’ll post it in another entry later. It appears that some of the images have been lost again. Most being images I posted (with credit given to Random Curiosity) on our Spanish forum.

    Images that are gone include some in Angel Beats 1, K-On! and K-On!!, Darker Than Black and some others. I thought at first that it was just the images I’d posted in that forum, but it’s patchy. Some are missing, some aren’t.

    1. I’ve disabled direct hotlinking to images due to the extra bandwidth usage incurred by other sites, so that’s probably the reason. If some are loading, it’s likely because they’re in your browser’s cache from visiting the actual site.

  14. Funny how the episode title is ironic. The episode title is “The Future” according to the subbed version. But this episode talks more about the past. It is expected that we cannot get a distinct answer from Yui about her future. That part of her life will remain a mystery for now. Now, unless some of you have any idea what it is, drop a quote.

    Or are we looking at her future right now? All this time throughout the entire K-ON! series from A to B?

    “Hello? 2025 called. Yui wants her Gitah back.”

  15. I really liked this episode, cuz Im like that too, unsure of what to do in the future, this is my last year too.
    ahhh Yui, Ritsu, what we are gonna do!?!? xDD

    Loved the chibis ^^

  16. Kind of boring slow as a tortoise episode to me. I agree with Sawako’s action of turning down their musician idea. Being a musician is more than just being capable of playing an instrument in my opinion. It’s just like martial arts is more than just throwing punches & kicks. IIRC, Yui doesn’t even know how to read musical notes.

    Yui has talent but I believe that playing music is just a hobby to her, not something that she wanted to earn her living with. Just because she likes to play with her guitar very much at home (compare to when she’s at the schoolclub), it doesn’t mean that she’s seriously going down a path to become a musician.

    As for the thought that Sawako should recommend some music schools for Yui to go to, isn’t it the student’s own responsibility to figure it out him/herself? I would also do the same thing as Sawako if I were Yui’s teacher. Sawako can give Yui some suggestions but only if Yui had problem choosing which school to go to because there are so many options to her.

    You all did see that Yui’s copying whatever her friends is saying & wherever they’re going to. If Sawako make recommendation, Yui will just take whatever she said without giving it some more thoughts. In other words, Yui is just being lazy & just cutting corner.

    Some people said that Sawako is being mean but I definitely objected to that. It’s not like Sawako crumpled the form & threw it on the floor or tear it up in pieces. She just doesn’t want to spoil Yui & she was doing the right thing on that. Besides, Yui’s a high-school student not a kindergarten kid anymore.

  17. Damn! I can’t believe that my comment would be that long for this boring episode. I blame it on you people who are bias towards Yui so much. ;P

    Anyway, tbh I really don’t like the sidetracked part about Mio’s award-winning piece of writing during grade school. I mean, come on, Mio already got her own episode. The show is being unfair towards Tsumugi & it also needs MORE Azusa.

    Oh, about the pineapple heads thing, why do I got the feeling that they ripped that idea from ‘Lovedol: Lovely Idol’ (I forgot which episode). The only difference is that in ‘Lovedol: Lovely Idol’, they used pumpkin (lol pumpkinheads). But the purpose is still the same.

  18. p/s: I forgot to also mention that in addition that the episode bored me, it’s also a pointless one as nothing is resolved at the end of the episode. It would be good enough if Yui decided to become a kindergarten teacher. It really suits her well compared to being a musician.


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