Somehow this whole “burning ‘trash’ to make the superiors feel better” plot seems really familiar to me, but I just can’t place my finger on what exactly. Honestly, they make fun of people lower than them and betray the pirates, and yet act in favor of those higher than them, the Tenryuubito. In the end, we all know they’ll get screwed over by them just like how they screwed over the pirates. Their actions are only to be repeated by those superior to them as they are only trash to those above them as well. They’re like the middle class that everyone hates, but they think they have some kind of honor above the low class, and serve the high class. It’s kind of like American capitalist society isn’t it? How depressing!

Aside from all that, it’s a rather clever way to stir up trouble and confusion in the Goa Kingdom. But who knew that Monkey D. Dragon would appear in front of Sabo? Who knew that Oda would stick such an important and relatively unknown character in this flashback, and even give information about him?! We now know that Dragon may have possibly been born in the Goa Kingdom, which means Luffy could be half noble, depending on who his mom was. A funny theory would be that Dragon got some woman pregnant in the Goa Kingdom, had the child, didn’t want him to be raised as a rich douche, and so dropped him in Windmill Village. Dragon then went off to other kingdoms, and Luffy’s mother either went with him, or died of tragic causes. I’m definitely looking forward to what Dragon’s going to do, maybe even show off some of his prowess for once. His intent was always unknown, whether he was a good or evil guy, but judging from that one panel when talking to Sabo, he seems like a really good guy (or at least a compassionate one).

Also, was that Ivankov who spoke to Dragon on that last panel there?



    Oda never disappoints.

    I was also thinking if it were Ivankov, but would Ivankov really call Dragon ‘babe’? That’d be kind of weird. So it could be Luffy’s mother, who knows?

    1. I agree with you to a degree. I’m not sure if it is Ivankov or Luffy’s mum.

      I’d say Ivankov cos I suppose Dragon won’t mention a thing about Luffy since Ivankov still doesn’t know in present timelime. Though it the last speech bubble doesn’t have Ivankov’s accent so I’m not sure.

  2. Hmm, I don’t think being born in Goa Kingdom implies that Dragon is noble. He could very well be born in Windmill Village, since that is part of the kingdom too.

    1. That’s true… but he expressed some pretty personal statements as if he really understood what went on there. Of course, that still doesn’t prove that he was born in the noble kingdom as well, but the way he phrased himself felt like he at least lived there for a long time.

    2. Dragon was the brat of Garp, so unless his mother was a noble I would have to agree with Vandro about Dragon living in the Windmill Village. Then again anyone who isn’t a noble would have a negative opinion about them considering the amount of corruption that goes along.

  3. The buring trash part does sounds familiar but i cant quite put my finger on it …. i wanna say needless? The chapter itself was a nice addition to the backstory arc …. but im starting to wonder the actual reason for the arc. Maybe a backstory for Dragon? and the last frame of the last page where they try to add a suspenseful end to an arc in the past, was a failed twist

  4. just because dragon is born in goa kingdom doesnt make him a noble.the trash heap and windmill village is also part of goa they can still be born in goa kingdom but born in windmill village which wont make them a noble

  5. Ivankov calling Dragon that, possible.. haha. The backstory is actually not bad, wonder what will happen to Sado in the end. Although I have a feeling I know all right, with how it is tie in with Luffy’s flashback. Surprise me please Oda. =)

  6. This is going back a lot, but i was always under the impression that the woman at the bar in windmill town was luffy’s mother, is that no the case?

    I also got the vibe that Dragon was in fact the Noble, not sure why.

    1. I highly doubt that. If that woman is Luffy’s mother, she would have to be 12 or 13 when she is pregnant with Luffy since she looks like she is 10 years old in the Strong World chapter. I don’t want to think that Dragon is that kind of person.

  7. While reading this chapter, one thought kept coming back to me:

    It’s highly ironic that Ace gets the power to control fire when his very home where he spent so much time with his brothers was burned to the ground.

      1. I guess you could interpret it several ways.

        Punishment. Depending on how this flashback’s ending goes, Ace might see it as a way of suffering. Every time he uses it, he’s painfully reminded of the past and that he should never abandon his brothers no matter what.

        Irony. Somewhat like what you said, Ace wanted to do the same thing to those who burned down his home: use the power of fire against them.

        You have to contrast it against his personality though. Hmm.

  8. Awesome chapter! I think the revolutionary at the end was probably Invankov. Certainly he’s the kind of guy that would call Dragon babe. I reeeeally hope Dragon stops the royals. I hate them SO MUCH!

    Also the cover for volume 58 was just released. It’s a marines cover with the 3 admirals all using their fruits, Sengoku, Garp & Luffy.

  9. Just what is Oda thinking.. we can’t even guess if Sabo will die or not anymore! I don’t want Sabo to die from the start, spare one more brother for Luffy! And yeah, I think that was Iva.

  10. If Sabo survives the flashback, I bet he winds up with Nico Robin. She’s with the Revolutionaries right now, so who better to deliver her back to her nakama than a former nakama of Luffy?


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