「In Your Memory」

After watching eight weeks of mostly comedy, I admittedly got a bit teary-eyed when I saw more of Otonashi’s past leading up to his death after he survived the train crash. He may have only been aspiring to become a doctor, but the way Otonashi was taking care of all the survivors and treating them to his best of his ability was an impeccable display of his potential that never got a chance to be realized. Stuck in a collapsed tunnel for an entire week waiting for rescue workers, he was the light within the darkness and saved everyone from unnecessary panic. Because of that, I was happy that he got the opportunity to feel what it’s like treating patients and having them confide in his abilities, even if he wasn’t an actual doctor and it was far from being under ideal conditions.

However, that uplifting moment pretty much came to a grinding halt once I saw the internal bleeding that Otonashi was suffering from yet kept to himself. I knew Otonashi wouldn’t survive this ordeal, but nothing was taken away from that ominous sign because I still had no idea when his time would come. Seeing him continue to prioritize the well-being of everyone else over his own and give up his share of water after one person panicked, tried to take it all for himself, and spilled a lot of it, only reiterated what a kindhearted person Otonashi was. While still suffering from his own wounds, he desperately performed CPR on another person who was clearly not going to make too. It wasn’t until the seventh and final day that they were stuck in the tunnel did things really hit me though.

Reminded of how Hatsune once mentioned that she may have gotten better if there was a donor for her (i.e. her lungs), Otonashi pulls out his national health insurance card and opts to donate all his internal organs upon death. The look in his eyes made it clear that he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer, but the most moving part of it is how he inspired everyone else to do the same in the face of death. I still get goosebumps thinking about that moment now, which was completely heartbreaking because rescue workers made their way through the wreckage just as Otonashi passed away. I was already taken back by the sight of the card and pen dropping from his hand, but to be that close to potentially being saved is about as unfortunate as you can get. This is in light of how practically everyone else survived only because of his resourcefulness and calm disposition in the face of life-threatening adversity.

As a follow-up to that, it looks like the big revelation this week is how Yuri will be the “last boss” of this series. I don’t think it comes as any surprise that this afterworld serves as a transitional phase for young lives to realize that their life wasn’t unreasonable and did have meaning like Otonashi just did here, but Kanade did clearly spell it out for us this time after Takeyama sealed all her abilities to help her overcome the other hundred or so consciousnesses she merged with last time. (Where was Christ when you needed him last episode?) In addition, after the initial shock of how Kanade was hoping to relay that sentiment all this time, Otonashi has decided to help her help everyone move on. Kanade has suggested that the reason he hasn’t disappeared is probably because that realization wasn’t his true regret, so it’s likely Otonashi’s desire to save others.

Quite honestly, I’m not sure how to take the idea of Otonashi and Kanade working together to help everyone in the SSS move on and disappear, with Otonashi himself expected to do so as well once his work’s done. The biggest challenge of course is Yuri’s past, hence why I consider her the “last boss”. Depending on how you look at it though, Otonashi could be considered the ultimate antagonist alongside Tenshi, who has now been reinstated as the student council president at his suggestion. She’s also pretending that she lost her memories from the time she spent with the SSS, so that Yuri will be preoccupied with an enemy again and Otonashi can do what he has to. In any case, I presume this means that Kanade is an angel after all, but I’m still not okay with the idea of everyone just disappearing one by one in the remaining four episodes. Should I be happy for them or sad that all the fun will end? I’m conflicted.

* I’ll have a preview up once the official site posts the version with actual scenes from the next episode.



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  1. Otonashi’s backstory is more emotional now when they explain a bit more after the crash. I always figured he wouldn’t die just that quickly. I have the feeling Kanade is going disappear before Yuri does or something.

  2. Hmm I wonder if Otonashi and Kanade will continue to stay in the world and serve as a guide to save everyone else? I mean after all, even if Otonashi manages to save everyone in the SSS by making them moved on, that job wouldnt be over even after everyone in the SSS disappeared now would it? After all there will be new people with such heavy regret that they move to this world.

    I imagine that Kanade’s past may be similar to Otonashi, and that their true regret is being unable to save others, if that is the case, wouldn’t it be possible for both of them to stay in that world for eternity? After all, one couldnt save all the people that are stuck in that world since there will be new ones to replace those that disappeared just as easily. They could keep doing those for eternity as some sort of guide to help people realize that they are dead, adjust to this new world, help them remember their memories, and help them decide if they so wishes to move on or stay in this world. This way it would actually be a lot cool if SSS’s new objective would be something like this, to act as a haven and guide to those lost souls that comes to this new world. And while they are at it, they could also try and reveal the mysteries in the world.

    1. I agree with you on Otonashi. To me, it doesn’t feel like he died with many regrets(haven’t watched the episode yet) but he did manage to give the survivors of the crash a chance at long lives. The fact that he is there may be similar to Kanade’s, in that they may feel more at peace with themselves but will never be able to move on and so they decide to help others move on. If Kanade turns out to be an angel, then the same could be said about Otonashi. However this afterlife is managed, its possible that the ones in charge noticed that Kanade wasn’t doing well alone against Yuri and sent Otonashi, who is different in that he can bring peace without shoving a sword through your heart. Not sure if this is how its going to end but i see the ending as Yuri smiling as she vanishes, being the last of SSS to do so and Kanade and Otonashi (maybe as a couple or just good friends) walking the halls of that school forever, letting others move on as swell.

      1. Exactly! Man, you share the same thoughts as me about it! I think that either ALL of the SSS overcomes their regrets (just like Otonashi) and actually chooses to stay in this world OR they all move on (except Otonashi and Kanade). I am guessing that Otonashi and Kanade will keep doing this so long as this world exists, take in mind that most people forget, the SSS arent the only ones who are human.

        After all the whole guild (those who made the weapons, that fish saito guy, and perhaps other guild members we dont know of like those 2 who knows English that was shown this episode, the guild members that turns on the fans to blow the lunch tickets from NPC students, etc.) There are I’m guessing more than 50 humans in this world. So even if Otonashi manages to make all the SSS members move on, there are still other humans with similar regrets and there will always be new humans who will wake up to that world.

        So if all the SSS members managed to overcome their regrets and decide to live on in this world, it would be a cool ending if their group will act as guides and as a haven taking care of new “members” of their group as they help the new ones to recover their memories and help them overcome their regrets, it would then be up to them whether they decide to move on or not. Although this would perhaps be the happy ending scenario, the good ending scenario would probably be just as you said, all the SSS members have finally accepted their old lives and have no more regrets that they can all move on, which would mean leaving Otonashi behind. I am guessing that Otonashi will continue to team up with Kanade as a lover and a friend lol, and be the ones to guide those new lost souls in this world.

        Man this series has SO MUCH POTENTIAL! Why do the amazing series with amazing plot always get the least amount of episodes? If you compare them to those shows that can even get 3 – 4 seasons despite the terrible repeating plots.

    1. Otonashi = no sound.
      “In the beginning there was the Word”

      And God rested on the 7th day. Otonashi died on the 7th day.
      Otonashi gave up his life to preserve others.

      Carrying an injury that kinda resembles a non-penetrating jab that might have done the Lord in.

      Blah blah God found his Angel and on they go for merry adventures.

      1. Well thats one way to see it, theres still plenty of misunderstood symbolism in many other animes out there like Evangelion…uugh i dont even want to get into it.

  3. Great episode. Although I share the sentiment how I don’t really like the idea of them all disappearing.

    Angel needs a good guy. That can’t happen if they all go poof.

    Samurai Pumpkin
    1. What if Kanade also moved on? Keeping in mind the series likes to throw curve balls, in the end Kanade’s past may be the final one Otonashi needs to resolve rather than Yuri’s (or Yuri could stay behind and Kanade move on after Yuri feels a need to take reponsibility for her actions)

      Zaku Fan
  4. I think that it may not be possible to have Otonashi and Kanade to disappear without leaving one of them behind. However, if they do disappear from the world, I’ll bet that the characters will meet again somehow in the next life(assuming that there is one).

    Also, I’m wondering if the SSS can use the Angel Player against Kanade. If they can indeed hack it and seal it off, wouldn’t it be possible to edit and upload it into Yuri and the other SSS members? I’m also wondering what happens in the next episode, since it looks like from the preview that Otonashi gets caught .

  5. I’m pretty much tolerable and it’s the first episode I also thought that the story was rushed(I’m starting to agree with you Roy Mustang, I’m gonna wait for Angel Beats! 2014 too)

    Still it was a big tear jerker how Otonashi died just before they all got rescued damn it I actually had tears in my eyes.

    Wasn’t this whole episode a big damn flag about a second part of the series with Otonashi guiding Tenshi and finding about everyone past to send them? If they end it now on us with only 13 episodes I will feel so trolled. And since it’s certainly what will happen –> hence my first paragraph about it being rushed. There’s so much material they can choose from now, hell they even have a motive to do TK background for all the TK fans now right? They should do one episode for everyone. And it seems next week will be about Yui’s past ,I like her, being dumb and voiced by Kitamura Eri but it’s not an eroge right? Or is it?(the op looks like it) Why they won’t do an episode about the past of a GUY lol.Except Naoi who got a flashback but it doesn’t count as he’s gay for Otonashi.To summarize the guys get only 5 minutes flashbacks in an unrelated episode like with Hinata, And the girls (like Iwasawa) get a full episode for flashback.

  6. Oh man. They caught me off guard with this one. I guess because it isn’t so horrifying it hits home a lot harder than Yuri’s past. Yuri with Angel powers as a final boss maybe? Rawr.

  7. Eeek !!!!! will they kill 3 sss members per chapter? that sure will stink because it will be the shorter back story ever for each one. Also Yuri will discover Otonashi’s treason; she’s too smart. This can go so many different ways yet. Go for 50 episodes argh!!!!

    Island Esper
      1. Indeed! I was itchin to learn more about Yui’s energetic nature as well as her past. However, judging her tone in the preview, my emotional shields might take a few hits XD

  8. A very superb episode. Otonashi sets a perfect example on what it takes to be leader. He did an excellent job in helping everyone avoid the panic and/or Chaos that would usually occur in human behavior in that kind of situation. I had the ‘man that just sucks look’ when he passed away right as the rescue crew came in, but I guess his abilities are needed elsewhere =)

    I can’t wait to see how Otonashi/Kanade’s plan to try to make Yuri overcome her past regrets. Her past was a bloody and horrific, it is going to get some creative thinking to make Yuri overcome that.

  9. I wonder how will otonashi approach the others in finding their regret.
    its possible some will stay even if they get over their regret like what happened to otonashi(hoping that hinata stays) so maybe a few of the remaining SSS will be with kanade and yuzuru.

    sad that otonashi didnt make it but he did save everyone and he is also with his friends so it might not be so sad.

  10. I love Angel Beats!. Although i do feel that the series is not consistent because they spent around 8 episodes doing fillers, have to admit they were funny, and then they take the last 4 episodes to do what should actually take 19 episodes!!! How are they going to do that!! I feel that this should have at least been episode 4… or that the series was actually longer like 24-26 episodes…. Yet i can’t say that i’m not obsessed with Angel Beats because i love it!

    I think that Otonashi might disappear after “The Final Boss” (Yuri), because i think that he specifically shouted out that he wanted her to move on… as well as the rest of the SSS members.

    1. He circled every single option for both brain dead and actual death (stoppage of the heart):
      1.) Brain dead: internal organs, lungs, liver, kidneys, pancreas, small intestine, eyeballs, “other”
      2.) Actual death: kidneys, pancreas, eyeballs, “other”

      The third option was for choosing not to donate, which he made sure to cross out.

  11. This leaves a potential plothole.

    As was stated last episode, the SSS could’ve crippled Angel and deleted all her abilities back in episode 3 when they hacked her computer. This episode shows that Christ indeed can do that. If so, why didn’t they do that?

    Why didn’t they cripple Angel’s abilities when they had the chance? Then they wouldn’t have had to live in fear of her. They’re thinking “Hey why don’t we just analyze her data and look for a way to counter them instead of disabling them”. It’s like someone trying to figure out how to fight a nuke instead of just disabling it from working when the control panel is right in front of them.

    1. Naoi and Yuri were talking about how deleting her entire program and changing the log in password would only cut off her abilities temporarily, as it would be automatically rebuilt on another computer with other software (somehow).

      As for the English manual, that’s what the two guys behind Takeyama were brought in for. The others even took a shot at TK by saying he was of no help with it.

  12. I got to say I loved this episode and what a change of pace! Otonashi is turning to a be a greater and kinder character than I expected him to be. I hope Otonashi “graduates” together with Tenshi.

  13. Oh man, I cringed when Otonashi was giving CPR to that dead guy. ;__;

    Otonashi’s mysterious as always. Gah, with Tenshi and Naoi being president and vice president again, what’s gonna go down? xD

    ahhh, I love the feel of Angel Beats. :]

  14. I’ve got no problem with them all disappearing if that’s the end. After all, isn’t that the goal of this world? It isn’t as if it’s a sad end. They are already dead. If it really is going to end in 4 episodes and there isn’t going to be another season then I can’t see them doing a background story for everyone, at least not an in-depth one.

    @Rockmanshii It’s 3 to 2 in favor of the guys for the characters backgrounds. We’ve seen Otonashi’s, Hinata’s and Naoi’s. We’ve only seen Yuri’s and Iwasawa’s on the girls side.

    I still don’t know what to make of Tenshi/Kanade.

  15. OTONASHI ;_; Now THIS is more of Maeda Jun’s style, it leaves much more of an impact than just showing short parts of a person’s death. Otonashi is such a kind person, I hope he’s always remembered as a hero in the real world…

    I’m also very interested in Yui’s past. From the preview it sounds like something’s gonna go wrong with GirlDeMo…

    1. Now that I’ve thought about it, there’s just one thing that doesn’t make sense. How did Otonashi wake up with amnesia when he died from internal bleeding? I don’t have any medical knowledge but I’m pretty sure the two are unrelated…unless Otonashi also died of head injuries, but his memories were intact when he survived the initial crash…

      I still think this is an excellent episode though.

      1. Back in the very first episode, Yuri said that it’s a common occurrence of people to wake up in this afterworld with amnesia, but it was never implied that it had to do with head trauma leading up to their death. That’s just what some people were speculating. If anything, it’s just the shock of dying that causes their memory loss.

  16. Very good episode and a very exciting turn of events now that Otonashi moved to Kanade’s side betraying the SSS. And given how many times the creators turned things upside down up until now, I’m almost sure that this was not the last one and more surprises are awating us in the remaining episodes. After all, it would be boring to see everyone disappearing one by one with Yurippe standing last, wouldn’t it? 😉

  17. Otonashi’s past was really sad, he was this close to being rescued with the sun rays glowing on him as his eyes fade out. Damn!D: Anyway, does anybody else think that Otonashi will become God? Cause his kinda being a saint now

    1. Like Shephard, Otonashi finds himself being thrust into a leadership role even when he never asked for it, willing himself to make sure these people never give up hope.

      Kinny Riddle
  18. Episode 9:

    Tenshi/Kanade is fine. That’s what you all wanted to know most right? LOL.

    In other news, we also learn more of Otonashi and what really happened… and how till his very last breath he gave hope for others to live. He dies just before the rescue team arrives and saves those he had saved and given hope to.

    The most interesting thing about this episode is that otonashi did not vanish even AFTER he resolved his past, and Kanade explains to him how things work.

    In summary, we learn a new secret of this world they are in… what its intent is, and resolving one’s past is indeed actually the factor in vanishing… but we also learn that not having any more reason or attachments to stay on after that was the main factor and the means to counter it was simply have a purpose to remain in the current world (In Otonashi’s case, it’s because he wants to stay by Kanade’s side, as well as everyone in the SSS). The reason hinata didn’t vanish was because Yui stopped him indirectly and through Kanade, Otonashi learns that building bonds and living a normal life in this world was the way to avoid vanishing, but neither he or Kanade know what will happen if the entire sss resolve their pasts and do not vanish and how it’ll affect things from then on. Otonashi wonders what will happen to everyone if they ‘graduate’. Kanade is also unsure as things have never happened that way yet either and Otonashi was the first one to not vanish and REALIZE it. (The first to not Vanish was Hinata, next was Naoi, whose attachment to remain in this world was because he wants to stay with Otonashi.)

    He was also extremely shocked to learn that Kanade originally wanted all those who came to this world to have a 2nd chance at a happy life and remain if they WANTED. So leading a normal life in the afterlife is possible, as long as they desired to stay! After realizing this he and Kanade ally with each other and he sets in motion a plan to help everyone in the SSS resolve their past. He apologizes to Kanade and asks her to resume her old role of passive ‘enemy’ to give the remaining sss a reason to stay on. He sets the 1st phase of his plan by getting her back to being the Student Council President by convincing the NPC Teachers it was all sabotage by his group that she failed (back at the exams). His next goal is to learn of and save the sss members around him from their pasts, and give them a sense of purpose to want to stay in their new life. He also notes Yuri’s past is going to be the hardest to fix, its not something you want to remember forever.

    The realization:
    Otonashi: …everyone… staying together in this world and having a new life, isn’t such a bad thing… right?
    Kanade: Isn’t it?
    Otonashi: ..yea…
    Otonashi: …
    Otonashi: huh? Wait a sec! Is this feeling what you wanted to let everyone else realize?
    Kanade: You didn’t know?
    *Big epic moment of realization by Otonashi*
    Otonashi: Of course NOT! You suddenly skewered me when we first met!?

    The reason why yuri might be a major hurdle is simple, Otonashi had a sad life, but was satisfied he had left hope behind on his last breath, Yuri however, watched her siblings murdered, and it was likely she did not have a very satisfying death. So Otonashi needs to find a way to help her overcome her hatred, and also prevent her from vanishing if she gets over it. If ever, and to give her a reason to remain with everyone.

    Getting VERY interesting. Oh and we learn how to write Otonashi’s Yuzuru. Look’s like everyone was wrong. LOL.

    Next week we learn Yui’s past it seems?

    Oh and Otonashi isn’t betraying the SSS, he’s trying to figure out how to get everyone to get over their pasts while keeping them in the current world p they get a chance at living happily. The major question is that he nor Kanade know what will happen when they eventually succeed in graduating in the school of this world.

    Silverwolf X
  19. what and Epic Episode at least Otonashi’s life isnt worthless that he did something good and inspire a lot of people that when in times of danger all must cooperate to survive and if not for his Internal Bleeding Otonashi will still be alive

    BTW from the sound of the preview looks like Yui’s Past will be next and from the sounds
    of it we may find the reason why she is always Hyper and Happy because theres a high possibility that her life’s always sad and scary

    “All Happiness was taken away from me” – Yui

  20. I’m gonna use up my bragging rights now for calling in my episode 07 comment that there was the possibility he survived the train wreck (w00t for lucky guesses). I had no idea it’d end so quickly for him in such a tear jerker though. On that note I wonder if they’ll eventually discuss the rest of Yuri’s life and death.

    In any case this was a pretty amazing turn of events, although I’m eager to find out what Kanade is exactly. Still I’m not 100% sure I can agree with how Otonashi and Angel have planned to move people on… couldn’t you just tell them? Obviously Yuri won’t accept it but there are a few reasonable people in SSS, right?(on second thought maybe not). In either case Otonashi although he’s working for what the viewer now sees is a potentially good purposes is pretty much going to sabotage the group from now on from their perspective… the series deserves credit for presenting such a dilemma with no real easy way out I can think of off hand.

  21. Otonashi can’t be the antagonist as you said Divine as he is the main character and therefore the Protagonist. Whether he is going against the group or with the group, the story is centered around him, anyone who is facing him is the antagonist.

    On topic, this is definitely a heartwrenching episode. It reminded me of Clannad greatly. I am not sure how happy I am everyone disappearing as I like the group scenes and want everyone to stay together. I don’t want Otonashi to fall back into what deputy student council president was doing by making the students ascend without their consent. I would hope that they also feel the need to stay after feeling enlightenment like Otonashi. I don’t want Kanade to be alone in the end with everyone gone.

    (I am left wondering whether this is the only place for teens that died troublesome deaths as the world is a big place and many people die every day. Would that mean multiple schools each equiped with their own ‘Angels’? )

    1. I was merely implying that our protagonist could be seen as the one causing problems later on, literal definition of the term notwithstanding. One could always choose to see the story with Yuri as the protagonist if they wanted, which is more or less what I was alluding to.

  22. With a title of “Goodbye days” and focused on a character called Yui? Is Yui going to be stuck not going out into the sunlight when she was alive? :p

    Poor Yuri, her new opponent is someone who is as smart as her and wants to help her. It’ll turn pretty ugly when she confronts Otonashi feeling betrayed.
    Kanade admitting she’s not too nimble in the brain department is a nice touch 🙂

    On the part of Tenshi’s onversation with Otonashi, is it a translation thing? Because i understand it to be Otonashi saying that they should leave this world together (current dead world) and start another life (ala reincarnation) before that part on whether it was what Kanade wanted everyone to realize

    Zaku Fan
    1. No, that’s correct. Otonashi talks about bidding farewell to this world and moving on to another life (reincarnation). That’s what Kanade wants people to realize too. Staying in this world indefinitely is not its purpose in this fictional cycle of life.

  23. Now Otonashi looks too much like Jizoo bodhisattva to me, being the guardian of kids who died before their parents and vowing to forgo buddhahood until everyone is delivered from hell.

  24. The Kanade X Yuzuru (Tenshi X Otonashi) pairing is OFFICIAL! WOOT! LOVED THIS EPISODE! Love how Kanade was stroking Yuzuru’s hair and how she was comforting him, with her hand on his face! Definitely an awesome moment for the two!

    This is what I had wanted from the very beginning! That Yuzuru will team up with Kanade, although I have now grown fond of SSS, so I hoped that they wont all disappear (the others can, those who arent really major characters lol, so long as Hinata, Yui, Yuri, and Shiina doesn’t disappear, it would still be ok) Though for comedy purposes and perhaps the BEST HAPPY ENDING EVER, I hoped that they all remember and overcome their regrets like Yuzuru, having able to accept their unfair life in the past. I believe that either Yuzuru has overcome his regrets OR as Kanade said that wasn’t his true regret (which I am now just guessing at this point was the regret of being unable to save his sister).

    LOL at the preview, it seems like Otonashi is already busted, which I am sure wouldnt take long at all especially since we all know that NPC doesnt really have their own personalities, so I’m guessing Yuri already figured out that it was one of them who exposed it all. Plus Yuri knows that only Ooyama, Hinata, Otonashi, Takeyama (Christ), and the muscle guy is the only ones involved in the operation. Ooyama is too much of a coward to do something like that, Takeyama obediently follows all of Yuri’s command, Muscle Guy and Hinata are both idiots and both cant disobey or resist Yuri. So by process of elimination, I’m sure Yuri will already figured out that it has to be Otonashi especially since he’s becoming close to Kanade and she already knew that even Kanade will listen to him.

    I am also curious about Yui’s past. IMO Yui is more like a Dorodere (The kind that is always happy and energetic but has a tragic past she’s concealing) rather than a Tsundere.

    Also I dont get what some people are saying, is there such a thing as Angel Beats 2014? Is that some sort of possible sequel to it? Or is this pure guesswork? I couldve sworn the only media for this show is a light novel, mangas, and this anime. I’ve also seen the novel and manga’s and they are both prequels to this show. So what is this Angel Beats 2014 about?

    1. Angel Beats 2014 would be the expanded remake to the current Angel Beats. It’s like how Kanon, another Key series, was first adapted into an anime in 2002 with just 13 episodes. Later, in 2006, it was adapted into a 24 episode series AND was animated by KyoAni. Since everyone feels that Angel Beats is rushed and could definitely be expanded upon, fans are hopeful for a remake… Imagine the MOE overload with KyoAni behind it!

      1. Oh thanks for clearing that up! I wouldn’t mind a remake at all! I wont even mind even if its the same studio (I dont care about what critics point out about the minor inconsistencies of the show), I love the animation quality as it is.

        Though I always have a high regard towards KyoAni, I’m kinda not sure if it would be better since the animation quality IMO is already awesome as it is. I loved that KyoAni remade Kanon, because the old one was just horrible quality.

        BUT this show is already awesome as it is though, I dont know if a remake would be better, IMO I would prefer a sequel from the same studio instead or some sort of continuation, since I feel that there might not be a proper closure for this series especially since we still have so much unexplored characters and plot with only so very little episodes left.

  25. By creating attachments with the SSS, Otonashi is able to come to terms with his death AND remain in this world. Though he knows it’s not supposed to be like that, so he now sees it as an opportunity for him to help the other SSS members come to terms with their past as he has. (Though Yuri will probably interpret this as Otonashi selling out and becoming a double agent for Kanade.)

    Otonashi’s altruism is largely influenced by his sister’s passing away, leading him to care more for others before himself, even when everyone is in despair, the little things he does like signing his donor registration card and inspiring them to do the same, making them believe that at the very least, their “imminent deaths” will not be in vain, giving them hope even to the very end.

    BTW, I never knew everyone in Japan carried an organ-donor registration card with them at all times. How come they never do that where I live?

    Last but not least, Kanade continues to be so kawaii~ Could Otonashi’s intimate attachment to her allow them to remain together even after moving on? I especially like the part where she caresses Otonashi’s face, she has really opened herself up to him a lot.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. yeah the only real one though is yuzuruXkanade, the others are yaoi ones:hinataXotonashi(but claims not to be gay), naoiXotonashi(so obvious, he doesnt even mention it) another might be yuiXhinata but is one sided.
      in the novels(so far from what ive read):hinataXyuri

  26. Good episode. I don’t really get the reason for her to be the student council president again though. Hopefully we’ll find out in the next few episodes.

    Still, I find it hard to believe that two trains could collide and it would take a whole week for the people to get help. A few hours maybe, at the most a day but a whole week?

    1. This is actually common for underground accidents. If you follow Hollywood style then you get rescued in about a few hours. However in RL (reference the mining incidents in the world), once the rescue team hits the area, a cordon and command post is set up. They will then look at the entire structure, try to pin point the accident ground 0 and evaluate from there.

      Most cases they have no idea whether there are any survivors at all so they will have to try and check where are the survivors and they have to ensure anything they do will not bring down further collapses that will kill them.

      Eg. Blowing up the rock seems like a nice idea until you realize that the rescue team can only blow up the rock near the entrances that were sealed and that the explosion may very will bring down the entire roof on top Otonashi.

      If the entire area is destabilzed, only slow and very careful drilling is possible.

      Zaku Fan
    2. the wreckage did not look like it was only from a train collision. it looks like the tunnel itself collapsed, derailing the train and trapping everyone inside.

  27. Also kinda offtopic but how much better would it be if the organ donor system was opt-out instead of opt-in? I know some countries do use it.

    I really don’t see the argument in favor of opt-in over opt-out.

    1. The main reasons for opt in are likely three fold
      First its the religious factor. Some religions mandate burials while others put emphasis on a complete body. In some cases, a person is thought to go to the next world without whatever he is missing when he dies

      The second is the public education factor. A opt out system requires you to be aware of said system to NOT have your organs missing. The opt in system caters to the lowest denominator in terms of the awareness of a campaign

      The third is the surviving family factor. They may not be too happy with having a casket with the deceased obvious sewen up or missing pieces. The combined outcry from the public would not be easy to handle politically. The opt in system makes the wishes of the deceased clear and as such all of the family will honor the deceased wishes.

      There may be factors that are locale/culture dependent as well

  28. I also got teary eyed at the scene where they all signed for organ donation.

    Btw, how could the characters see each other in the tunnel without any light? Should have been pitch black when the flashlight was off. But then the characters would have had a hard time interacting with each other so I guess it’s like this for convenience.

    1. when otonashi asked the kid for a pen, the kid asked what he was doing, and otonashi explained that he was signing his organ donor card. the other people overheard him, they didn’t necessarily see him.

      diet otaku
  29. Great episode

    I wonder about Kanade. Is she really an angel? Or is she a female Otonashi who wants to save people? If it’s the former Yuri will be the last boss like you said, but if it’s the latter Kanade should be the last one Otonashi has to help pass on.

    Here’s my guess for the end of the series. We’ll have Kanade, Otonashi and Yuri reborn either as parent and children or siblings or a combination of the two.

  30. I totally LOVED this episode. The insight into Otonashi’s past, Tenshi’s behaviour towards him and his decision to mend everyone’s regret from their lives.
    I personally think that there is more to it then overcoming their problem (as mentioned before: Naoi and Otonashi didn’t disappear) like to agree to move on. Just a guess though but it could also explain why Iwasawa disappeared, becouse she seemed like she wanted to end it (move on). She was down when her request to play the song was denied adn seemed pretty melancholic as well…
    It’s not like she was surprised or maybe she even new what would happen and played it because she WANTED it to happen (seeing as how she looked very relieved right before vanishing)
    Also, when Hinata was trying to catch the ball, he knew what was going to happen but he wanted it nonetheless.
    So I don’t think that Otonashi can make them disappear even after overcoming their problems if they don’t want to. Just curious who of the SSS WANTS to disappesr and who not =).

    1. From what was shown in the episode, if you have bonds from your time in the world, you will stay on even if you resolve your life’s regrets.

      For Otonashi, it is both the bonds of friendship (as shown in the episode he was hypnotised) and the desire to be there for Kanade. For Iwasawa, it would seem to be her realization that her music made a difference and that her bandmates might very well meetup again in the next life. Alternatively, you might believe the 4-koma version that she owes 500 million yen to the rest of the band and thus could not disappear. For Naoi, it might be that he has another regret (he was not shown to die) or that he treasures the friendship with Otonashi strong enough to not leave.

    1. Yuzuru 結弦 – Literally “the tying of a string on a musical instrument” (like a guitar or violin)

      His sister is Hatsune 初音 – Literally “first voice”

      Their surname is Otonashi 音無 – “Soundless”

      Coincidentally, Kanade’s 奏 name is literally “the playing of a musical instrument”.

      In other words, Yuzuru is the instrument which enables Kanade to play their Music of Redemption and Salvation.

      Kinny Riddle
  31. Wild guess for the last 4 episodes

    Clearing up everybody in the SSS upper management quickly (ie the named fellas), they find out that some have already resolved their regrets and the only thing holding them back would be each other. In essence they would all be actually waiting for Yuri, Hinata, Yui and perhaps a few others. It could form the catalyst for Yuri to finally accept moving on especially since she takes anything bad that happens to the SSS very personally (as shown at the beginning of this episode).

    She then stays on to get the many unnamed SSS to move on and to release Kanade to move on with Otonashi and the others.

    Flash forward to a reborn Otonashi sitting in class when a strange transfer girl states she wants to meet aliens, espers and time travellers 😛

  32. hmm, I wonder if Yuri’s past has to do with anything force related (i.e. police, SWAT, military). ‘Cause it seems like everything they know and learn, while they were living, is carried on into their afterlife, like Yuri’s amazing ability to fight. It would since because her siblings died and Yuri felt she could stop crime from happening.

    Other than that, this was a great episode.

  33. I am nervous with the direction this series is heading. Regardless of the outcome, I think this series will remain in our hearts for a really long period of time…

    And the very last picture, with Yuri in the center, its if as her eyes are looking at Otonashi’s direction, already suspecting him for ratting them out; Scaaaaary…

  34. the ultimate goal is going to be getting yuri to accept the irrationality of life itself, that things don’t always work out the way they should. terrible things happen, and there may not be a reason for it, but hanging around in purgatory forever won’t change anything. the only way to get a second shot at life is to accept the hand you were dealt the first time around and move on to be reincarnated.

    diet otaku
  35. So my prediction of Kanade being “saved” by Yuzuru wasn’t so far off :D. What surprised me was how sad was Otonashi’s death, I mean he just passed away a few minutes before the rescue brigade arrived. That was so sad T_T. Yuri is going to be a tought final boss indeed. She might be already suspecting him, judging for how close is he with Kanade. I smell jealousy of her part. Maybe Yuzuru can use Naoi somehow? He adores him and he’s got no evident reason to stay in the SSS except for Otonashi. Besides, his hypnosis could be a handy skill.

  36. My first comment for this anime, I just wanted to post my thoughts so everyone can have an idea of a possible outcome. First of all I don’t believe Yui will disappear in the next episode because there are two songs left to sing. And when Yui does disappear it will be right after the song Highest life hence the title and lyrics of the song. I believe either otonashi, kanade or both will stay behind to help other new souls move on and Yuri will be the last of the SSS to go. Divine if you can give me your thoughts on my comment I will be grateful. I’m just posting my opinion on what might happen.

  37. We’ll this was an good episode though and didn’t feel emotion to this episode but hey it has an lot of good development for Otonashi and with TK along the way. I think it’s going to be an struggle between the SSS around Tenshi behind the scenes maybe changing peoples lives and accepting the afterlife.

    It reminds an great book called “The Five People you meet in Heaven” by Mitch Albom, good writer by the way. But with Bleach in the essence. I think Otonashi will make something happened for this world and for Yurippe’s sake she may go to hell, because she wont move on but she’ll go darkside, kill Otonashi possibly the next episode. I really hope an sequel can be in the works after this season.

    Don’t forget the other TK (VA, Michael Rivas who came from Funimation)will play as the angel and will take Yuri to hell, If she kills Tenshi. I know he’s the Dark Horse in all of this.

  38. Maeda just HAD to make sure that there would be a follow up to the train accident, huh? 😀 Is Maeda able to create stories where the main characters actually DON’T face major tragedies? 😉
    Don’t get me wrong. The episode was really heart-wrenching, but I got the impression that Maeda overdid it with Otonoashi dying just before the rescue team arrived.

  39. It was really a touching episode. However, I too feel like this story is just going the wrong way with Otonashi helping ( maybe forcing is a better word) everyone to pass on. It’s just doesn’t feel right. He’s even going against his word about telling Kanade that everyone is not going to disapear. (Sigh) I feel like this isn’t going to be easy to handle seeing Otonashi as one of the main bad guys. I was really hoping for Kanade-chan to join the team, but …… oh well.

    code fanboy
  40. Crap, I REALLY do not like the idea of them all just disappearing.. What if, they’re given a second chance if they achieve happiness and have no regrets, perhaps to make their life better or something? That would be a hel of a lot better than just disappearing after all theyve been through together. Aslo, the possibility of not meeting each other is very scary and saddening.

    And though this might not be necessary, where is the ROMANCE?!! I mean come on Maeda Jun, Every single one of your stories has romance in it!! What is going on? 😛

    Im STILL all for Yuri x Otonashi btw! ^_^

  41. The SSS are pretty dumb…
    I mean they already found out aeons ago that Angel only joined the student council to ensure no one causes any havoc, so how come NONE of them realize they don’t have any reason to fight them anyway?
    Even if the evil Angel clones took over, they’re most likely to go on a killing spree before actually rejoining the student council again…

  42. Wow, what a beautiful episode… I had tears in my eyes watching a decent duration of this. It’s amazing how this story is so dynamic and beautiful. This is truly an amazing work.


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