「Change the World」

If anyone was anticipating a Shinda Sekai Sensen wide passing, you weren’t too far off the mark, though it’s unlikely anything like you were expecting. Leading up to that, I had my own suspicions upon seeing a shadow manifest itself from Naoi, namely choosing to linger around in this afterworld after given the means to pass on causes them to appear. As the episode progressed on, it turned out that I was right about that except that the shadows start manifesting themselves regardless of whether one should have moved or not yet. In other words, it’s almost like time limit on how long any soul can remain in this world before being force to move on one way or another, similar to how a game might start filling the play field with invincible enemies to kill you off for taking too long. That’s the way Yuri put it anyway, but the added twist is that you’re almost given a fate worse than death by having your soul taken away and becoming a mindless NPC like what happened to Takematsu here. It was shockingly clear that was the case before Yuri suggested it shortly after, whereas the fact that she’s been well aware of what Otonashi’s been up to is less so if you took notice of her suspicion back episode nine.

Admittedly, I was surprised to see Yuri gather all the SSS members and have Otonashi explain to them the true meaning of moving on and how it’s not something to fight against, which was the only other viable option in the face of the shadows’ ability to multiply themselves to countless numbers. Naturally, there were plenty of objections and lack of trust in what Otonashi had to tell everyone, but I it was nice to see Naoi join up with his efforts early on in the episode. I still like to joke around about Naoi being Otonashi’s butt-buddy ever since he acknowledged his existence and gave him a manly tear-filled hug, but whatever the true reason is, his addition here trying to help hide how Kanade is working in cahoots with Otonashi from Yuri was absolutely hilarious. In hindsight, Yuri was already aware of that fact from the very beginning, but watching him seemingly fool her at the time was idiocy at its comedic finest. That was an awesome follow-up to trying to hypnotize Hinata into thinking that he’s a worthless piece of toilet paper that gets used and flushed away.

In all honesty, nobody was going to fool Yuri when Kanade gave her and Takeyama access to her computer to see if the shadows might be a bug in her abilities. The revelation that she did have a new angel wings one (for show) was rather cool when we actually got to see it, but further gave away how Otonashi told her she needs feathers to look more angelic-like. However, that became a quick afterthought when SSS showed off an awesome display of of combat ability against a horde of shadows, with Naoi going for the dual pistol approach and Kanade cutting through them with ease using dual handsonic version 5s. Because of that, it was kind of weird how the mood suddenly became somber once Yuri gave everyone a chance to decide whether to try and move on or remain in this world fighting the shadows and risk getting their souls consumed. The early cut in of “Brave Song” while everyone was seen contemplating what to do actually got me a bit teary-eyed, simply because it felt like they were all going to part ways and never see each other again. The one that actually took me back the most was seeing Takeyama write one last dairy entry into his computer about the weather and hoping tomorrow will be sunny as well. Metaphorically-speaking, it spoke volumes to me and improved my opinion of him.

The one upside and “facepalm moment” during that however was the realization that Kanade isn’t their enemy anymore and a human just like the rest of them. I say facepalm moment though because like Otonashi and Hinata, Yuri was the last person I wanted to have say that so nonchalantly like she knew from the very beginning. It already sucks to learn that you’ve been fighting a fruitless cause against one girl who isn’t even your enemy, but to have your brave and fearless leader tell you that long after the fact burst some brain cells in my head. In contrast, it was very leader-like of her to go off checking up on some more shadow stuff and refuse everyone’s help so that they have proper time to make a decision for themselves. The sight of one NPC student transforming into a shadow right in front of her earlier was enough for her to suspect that someone might still be pulling the strings from the shadows (har har) using a massive network of computers.

As such, I’ll admit I found it rather befitting for her to run into a teacher in the library computer room played by Shibata Hidekatsu (Wrath in Fullmetal Alchemist) while looking into it, but it turns out that he was only setting up new machines to replace the ones that were stolen. The big cliffhanger here is that Yuri discovers a secret shaft where the computers were stolen from, which leads right back into the Guild. Could this mean that it’s been the Guild leader Char all along!? *insert dramatic music*



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    1. lol that thought came across me too xD perhaps all the NPC used to be real people…
      who knows really? (at least for now anyways)

      and asdffff I’m going to miss that megane abs too. ;__;

  1. I thought Brave Song to be always linked to Kanade-chan but now, after seeing Yuri and everyone else contemplate on where to go next, I believe it to be tied to anyone in Battlefront (Especially Yuri). I have to say Takematsu’s transformation into a NPC and losing is soul took me by surprise.
    Another thing I enjoyed was Yuri. Since Kanade.chan came out to be a protag more than an antag, she had ticked me off for being a bully. Seeing her in today’s episode somehow redeemed her in my eyes.
    btw, do we really know if ALL Battlefront members died or could they have gone into a coma? The world where they are could just be a place before their consciousness/soul return to their real life bodies?

  2. This show has been an interesting mix of slice of life (sort of), comedy, and intense emotional waves. I’m eager to see where the ending will go (please please please don’t let it be a bad ending…although there’s a lot of wrapping up that needs to be done…)!

    1. Nice guess, i was actually thinking the same thing….however based on the preview…i wonder if everyone notice that’s a line “you have done well to reach here” – that’s the line which final boss usually use~i can’t recognize whose voice is it but look like it’s not 5dan guy.

      1. It’s Ishida Akira. Very famous seiyuu, so it’s no wonder you recognize him. It will propably be a new character, since there is no character atm who is played by Ishida Akira.

  3. I finally saw some yuriXhinata moments near the ending of this ep though it would be more dramatic/romantic if she called him hinachi

    since she’s going back to guild, the others would probably follow her
    and awesome fight against the shadows

  4. whats the name of that song that was played when Otonashi was explaining to the SSS members about his plan? It really fits the scene! I love the part where Naoi hypnotized Hinata into thinking that he`s a toilet paper!

  5. Yuripe had dark vibes all over the episode. specially when thinking on her own name. Also I didn’t knew there were so many sss people at school; like 25 to 35 looking at them in the gym. So incoming mass disappears 🙁
    Two to go, to find out

    Island Esper
  6. I should have notice from the start that those shadows also disperse binary code.

    Can see the SSS members still sided with Yuri, but no longer fear getting disappear. More like “We’ll stay in this world for awhile, and move on after we satisfied”

    Next week, expect epic battle between SSS VS Guild.

  7. Hah,my prediction weren’t far off from the story(From the Episode 10), why does it have to end this way i want to know all their Past and moved on one by one but from the looks of it the possibility of that is Slim with only 2 Episodes left,I think the enemy is one of the SSS we just have to think who it is they may even act that their fighting even though their the cause of it.

  8. Heh this episode was surprisingly good. I thought adding some random shadow things out of nowhere would be a stupid move, but the way they lead into it has some reason to it. It’s already been established previously that the world they are in can be affected by one’s memories and computer programing. So it’s not an unreasonable development to assume that someone could take that into their own hands. There’s a motive established too. I’ll be looking forward to the last eps.

  9. I think Yuri only realized from the episode where Kanade’s Mapo Tofu ticket was blown away. Hinata not realizing it would be expected but Otonashi should have picked up on all this.

    One possible hint though. COuld Kanade be staying because she was waiting for her friend who left and never came back (similar to Hinata/Otonashi saying that they would wait for Yuri)

    About the shadows, its seems its like “You want to stay, then stay… forever!” sort of thing. Would be interesting to find out who is running it.

    And it was great to see the action parts where the few SSS members involved showed off their combat skills plus Naoi’s ridiculous attempts to cover it up (“my intestines were coming out this morning, but it looks like she’s in a good mood now” 😛 )

    Also seeing Hinata reference Track 0 was a nice touch

    Zaku Fan
    1. Oh yah, Yuri is a big liar. I’m guessing some who never look at her personality and regrets will take her “I won’t protect you and i’ll do what i want” sentence seriously. Does this mean though, that she wants the SSS to take Otonashi’s choice?

      Zaku Fan
  10. *sigh

    There is just too many things going on this 13 episode anime…. why cant just make up their mind. I was fine with Yuri being the FINAL BOSS or anything…looks like we have another another final boss to deal with

  11. I feel like gaining a lot of respect towards Yuri after watching this. She is pretty much a good leader, AND a pretty good thinker too. And and awesome fighter.
    What confuses me is the fact that Otonashi didn’t realize all this time that Kanade is not Tenshi. I thought it was clear??
    Love YuriXHinata more than OtonashiXKanade anyway 😀

  12. As soon as the image preview is out we’ll know who’s the villain.I hope they turn back Takamatsu to normal and that Takeyama comes back from his training in the mountains with super powers or something.

    1. There does seem to be an awful lot of Social Link’ing going on. Otonashi Summons Kanade of the Justice Persona! Kanade attacks with Hand Sonic 5. Victory is yours! (plays SMT:Persona 4 battle victory music. TK dances in the background.) hehe.

  13. If I recall correctly, Matsushita 5-dan is out on some training retreat (previous episode when Otonashi approaches TK for the soccer scramble against Yui.)

    My speculations:

    (1) Matsushita 5-dan will return from his training retreat in time for a momentary save-the-day scene.

    (2) Kanade has a very similar backstory to Otonashi’s sister, allowing him to feel that his work is complete after being able to help her come to terms with it.

    (3) Yuri will manage to protect her comrades (whom she starts to see as equals to her ‘siblings’) against whatever-it-is, maybe accept their separation as well, and insodoing, she is the last to ‘disappear’ with contentment.

    (4) Everyone is in a damned coma IRL. This was what I thought since many episodes ago, and I still think it’s gonna happen. Maybe ‘becoming a NPC’ means getting into a vegetative state or some cognitive impairment. We get our happy ending when everyone wakes up. Jun Maeda style.

    1. no coma at least for Otonashi. He didn’t just pass out when the rescuer finally reach them. He was suffering form internal bleeding a entire week before the rescue. Nobody survive something like that.

  14. 13 episodes only is definitely a waste of potential for a story as grand as Angel Beats, with its ensemble of characters, too many characters’ backstories get left out.

    While I do feel kinda sad that Takematsu has met a fate that can be called “worse than death”, I’m frustrated by the fact that I hardly even know much about him besides his abs. Same for the other SSS characters at the ED scene contemplating whether to move on or join Yuri and risk becoming like Takematsu, they all have potential to be interesting characters, but there just isn’t enough time to delve into their backstories.

    Characters that could have been fleshed out more if there were more episodes, or even a second season, include:

    The remaining GDM girls Hisako, Irie and Sekine, plus SSS radio-coordinator Yusa, the blond twin-pigtailed girl.
    ttp://randomc.net/image/Angel%20Beats!/Angel%20Beats!%20-%2011%20-%20Large%2035.jpg (I intentionally

    Shiina with her obsession with cute stuff.

    And then there’s Ooyama and of course everyone’s favourite – TK.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. Shoot, hit the submit button before I finished typing up everything.

      Anyway, I have intentionally removed the letter “h” in front of the http link, as I noticed my messages will pop up at once rather than having to go through the trouble of needing Divine’s approval before it can appear.

      Kinny Riddle
  15. OK, here’s my second post, as my ramble about lack of episodes took too long.

    The episode begins with Hinata and Naoi both fighting over who gets to win Otonashi’s love. (Hinata! How can you do such a thing just after you’ve offered to marry Yui? Have you no shame? XD )

    While Divine may be praising computer geek Takeyama, could it be a bit far-fetched for me to suspect him as the culprit alongisde the Guild leader Char? Takeyama knows his computer stuff, has seen the Angel Player User Manuel, and hence could create his own programmes according to his will. Matsushita 5-dan, who has been conveniently absent for some time, might also be his accomplice in help stealing loads of heavy computer equipment down to their Guild hideout.

    After being confirmed as a human, I’m further of the belief Kanade, like Takeyama, is also a computer geek, and a StarCraft player to boot. 🙂

    ttp://www.atalude.net/2010/05/18/the-starcraft-champion-that-never-was/ (add the letter h in front of link)

    Speaking of Kanade, she’s been so docile and cooperative that Yurippe doesn’t even need to investigate to guess she’s on Otonashi’s side. Now from antagonist, she’s become the guardian of the remaining SSS members.

    And she just looked so cute when Otonashi patted her on her head without even thinking.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. I know exactly what you mean. Kanade can save us all…I mean save them all.
      I’m having a Kanade meltdown. So adorable and although the Moe force is strong with her, I loved who she slashed those shadows on the field. Awesome.

  16. Just listened to the new GDM single Little Braver, and as expected of GDM, all three songs rock. Especially like the second song Shine Days, though some of the tunes sounded a bit like the Little Busters theme song (both are sang by LiSA).

    If you’re too lazy to obtain all three GDM singles, there’ll be a GDM compilation album out on June 30th, though their early songs sang by marina will now be sung by LiSA (To keep the spirit of Yui succeeding Iwasawa in the anime itself). To spice things up, early limited editions even comes with an Official Band Score.


    It’s hard to rank which are my favourite GDM songs, as they’re all too top-notch. For the marina (Iwasawa) songs, I’d go for Alchemy and Crow Song for the LiSA (Yui) songs – Rain Song, Shine Days and Thousand Enemies.

    If this compilation album sells well, Maeda Jun should seriously consider forming and managing a real life Girls Dead Monster. 🙂

    Kinny Riddle
    1. Yeah, Rita and LiSa are different people. If I remember correctly, nobody knew who LiSa was until her debut in Angel Beats!, whereas Rita has been singing for games for quite a while.

      All of GirlDeMo’s songs are excellent. My absolute favorites would be Little Braver, Thousand Enemies, Shine Days, Alchemy, and Crow Song out of all of them.

  17. Is this the “calm before the storm” episode? I’ve had those vibes since the ending. A sad Shiina makes me sad too, but the two guitars sitting next to each other was sadder.

  18. I don’t like the whole “shadow-and-programmed-by-someone-who-plays-god” story. It doesn’t fit. I’d rather like to see team Otoniashi vs team Yuri and the struggle between their views on what to do in this world.
    But, oh well… I mean if a dork like Kanada can become an angel by using a PC (not offensive, I love her, too) then anyone could be “god”. And where the hell did she get the book to teach her stuff like this? They might as well outplay “god” with their own programm.

  19. I really hope that they don’t decide to introduce new character for these few final episodes.
    If it’s from anyone that we know, it might be TK (I just don’t get the reason why that character is there.. comic relief?)
    Could also be Takeyama, that last scene with him could just be there to mislead us.
    Could also be Ooyama, though highly unlikely.

    Matsushida 5 dan is still in the mountain lol…

    1. Maybe its Takamatsu him being an NPC was all an act
      Or Matsushita, him going to train in the mountains is highly coincidental…
      Or Noda as him being an idiot is all an act and soon it will only be him and Yuri
      Or it could be Kanade, who’s clones actually took over and executed a new plan to turn everyone into NPCs
      Or it could be the principal whose office they took away and he quietly plotted revenge
      Or it could Yusa, finally finding the way she could run the world from Kanade’s PC
      LOts of possibilities, some improbable but still all plausible

      Zaku Fan
  20. Ah, this is turning out to be a very interesting plot twist. I wonder how long some of the people have been in this world. How many NPC’s were once humans? Where do people go after passing on? Does the soul go somewhere after being consumed by a shadow? What is Kanade’s past? Key~ is amazing at making a beautiful animes that can make almost anyone shed tears. I look forward to see how this series will turn out in the end. Hopefully there will be a happy ending. Air, Kanon, Clannad, and now Angel Beats… what does the future hold?

  21. Just from the beginning i thought there is anything wrong with that guild geezer. I mean – he was the only adult so far and now after all the only adult who is no NPC. But maybe I am wrong an “God” ist a someone else.
    And if Kanade can alter her abilitys per computer, the whole SSS can do as well. Just imagine that crazy and powerfull army they can form in the case *_*

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