「少女たちの最終決戦」 (Shoujo-tachi no Saishuu Kessen)
“The Girls’ Final Battle”

Despite how this series has been all over the map in recent episodes as it tries to tie up loose-ends as quickly as it keeps introducing new subplots, it still handles the actual screenplay fairly well. At least, that was my impression of seeing Lily stand up to Eiko’s corruption and calling her out for killing her own father before attacking her head-on even in the face of Junko and her Iga ninjas. In addition, the rather unimportant introduction CIMO8’s Rubber to the series did make for a nice entrance by Michie to save the day and allowed her to team up with Fujiko to eventually take him out. On the more climactic side of things, Lily unleashing her ultimate technique on Two V’s puppet body and Junko declaring that she’s going to be true to her heart and drawing the Sword of Sohaya to take it to Eiko were exciting moments. Basically any time they bust out a background track such as the remixed version of the opening theme REALIFE:REALOVE, I’ve felt that the series has delivered well in terms of providing a gratifying end result. Some are very cliché and predictable, but objectively speaking I find they’re done well.

The only problem (and it’s a big one) is how the build-up towards these scenes are generally very brief or simply poorly done. Because of that, it really sours the overall impression of the various subplots all together, even if the way they were wrapped up was kind of cool. I went on a bit about how the introduction of the Hattori family treasure last time came off as something new just thrown in our faces, yet here it ended up being one of the highlights of the episode. Granted, it kind of sucked to see Korone step in and save Eiko’s butt in the end and let her off easy with the reappearance of her father in his new Terminator-like body, but everything leading up to her getting the ass-kicking she deserves was exactly what I wanted to see. In a way, I even considered it good fan-service, though obviously not of the ecchi variety. However, as soon I recall the sudden insertion of the Sword of Sohaya last episode as a plot device towards what I just saw, it all comes off feeling rather “cheap”. Frankly, that’s been the main qualm I’ve had with this series, which is a shame because I do feel that all the other ingredients needed to make it a good one are present. A somewhat unusual premise, large cast of characters with distinct personalities, plenty of foreshadowing early on for the main character, above average production values, and a nice balance of action to round things out.

At this point, I don’t really have any expectations anymore going into each of the remaining episodes, but I am curious to see if they’ll make good on the main plot at the very least. The brief glimpse of how the blond version of Keena used to be the demon lord’s lover of sorts and how it was the reason that caused Bouichirou to act like he is now did help pave the way towards the ultimate showdown. Furthermore, Hiroshi’s decision to side with Bouichirou so that he can keep his powers as Brave to rescue Yuuko was pretty believable, even though the abrupt way he decided to do so while trying to protect the school’s chairman was less so. The biggest revelation towards the main overarching plot was Peterhausen explaining that the demon lord is human but appears in the gods’ system every hundred years or so. Hearing that gave me Matrix vibes from how the demon lord is like a round-off error in the system that perpetually surfaces to wreck havoc and try to take it down, but at least it’s good story for that very reason. With the girls out of the picture now, it looks like things will come down to Akuto, Bouichirou, and the gods’ system in the end, but Hiroshi’s still around to throw a wrench in things. For what it’s worth, if they can reach some sort of closure in that regard, it will help redeem the series a bit in my eyes.

* The eyecatch with Lily was a bit too unflattering with her bust size in my opinion. She’s not as flat as a boy in every other scene.



  1. Looks the like they used the formula of Entourage. So many things going on, you don’t realize the same things are happening again and again.

    Anyways, that was a pretty surprising way to start the episode :P. Although it was definitely a possibility(and somewhat heavily foreshadowed) I didn’t exactly see that one coming. Also the revelation from Peterhausen was pretty crazy too. It does make sense though, since it was explained earlier that those who have found favor with the gods receive large amounts of mana. But probably the craziest thing was Lily being in Eiko’s house when she killed her father. I don’t even know what to say about that o_O. Overall though, I enjoyed the episode despite some flaws

    P.S Bouichirou did a crappy job designing that suit. Sure, amazing firepower with mind-blowingly powerful weapons are alright, but an all blue overall? Now that’s a fashion don’t guuuuurrlllllfriend.

    P.P.S The Lily eyecatch was pretty cruel to her bust :P. She’s not that flat compared to other shots =/

  2. “but Hiroshi’s still around to through a wrench into things”

    You mean “but Hiroshi’s still around to throw a wrench into things” right?

    Anyway, looking forward to catching up to this episode.

  3. i liked this episode, but that was mostly because Lily got the most scene time shes had in the whole series and pretty much ran the show. I’m not really following this plot wise anymore, as long as Lily, Korone and Junko are on ill watch.

  4. Man soo many random things appearing from these last three episodes. Quite true Divine, I second you on that the show does have a lot of elements present that would make it really great, but in my opinion it just lacks the time to execute those elements, subplots, and any surprises since after all we spend so much time in half of the series just introducing Akuto and his harem then we only had remaining 3 episodes to show the climax to the end. Kinda sucks since this show would’ve been a lot awesome had it run until 22-26 episodes.

    I wonder why most of the anime series nowadays dont even last that long anymore? I mean it is the same as Angel Beats, whom I really though deserve that much amount of time as well. While we get series that can run through 3 seasons that just doesnt deserve that much time for their plots.

    1. I really do agree with this point. I’m sure if they had taken their time and spread the randomness over 24 episodes, it would have all come together a lot better. Hell, I’m willing to say that even over 18 episodes.

      For the most part this show, I’ve felt like we’re chasing rabbits. We get tossed around so much, it’s hard to predict where we’ll land next. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the whole show. I just wish they had slowed down and made it either a 24 episode show or split it in two seasons with the first season’s finale being the uncovering of Peterhausen. Anyone with a sense of imagination really could’ve managed to spread those 5 episodes to 12.

      Why doesn’t anyone call me about this kind of stuff?

      1. You’re going under the thinking that the studio has the budget for 24eps to begin with, which I doubt they do. Everyone and their mother is going to a 12-13ep format for things, keeping costs down and making the money back quicker from DVD/BD sales and so on. Besides, ichiban only has 9 light novels out atm, there’s not enough for a 24ep series without dragging it out and ending up boring people with a snails pace.

        I for one don’t think it’s moving fast at all, the anime will end with novel 5.

  5. When Akuto didn’t reappear at the beginning (and saw the tittle of the episode) of the epidose I immediately figured they were gonna pull a DBZ Goku on us by having Akuto incapitated ’till the end of the episode or ’till the beginning of the next episode.

    1. I don’t think it’s rushed, they’re doing 5 light novels (which are short) into 12eps, it’s doable. People are probably thinking this will cover everything, but it’s not, it’s only going to the end of novel 5, there’s 9 total atm. Case in point, the Fujiko brother bit we got is, iirc, novels 1-3. Seriously guys, there’s NOT enough story for 24eps unless you want random fanservice filler with no plot development till around episode 18.

      1. Another way to burst your bubble… How many novels are in the Suzumiya Haruhi series? How many have been animated? If I recall correctly, everything up until the 5th or 6th light novels has been animated. So 24 episodes PLUS Disappearance/Vanishment which is a 2 hour movie.

        So please don’t give me that “there’s only 9 novels out” excuse because I’m not buying it. Like I said, if they really are creative, they’ll figure something out. (and yes, I do feel Endless 8 was KyoAni’s sick, twisted way of experimenting with limited material)

      2. that reasoning really doesn’t hold water
        no one is saying they need to add more storyline to fill a 24 episode series
        people are saying they need 24 episodes to fill out THIS storyline

        they can keep this current plot and not add more storylines. IT IS THIS STORYLINE IN AND OF ITSELF THAT NEEDED MORE DEVELOPMENT

        how you can claim its not rushed is hard to understand
        the second half of what was shown in the series was pretty much just a rush of events with no actual development whatsoever

        this wasn’t carefully developed storytelling
        it devolved into bulletpoint storytelling

        it really isn’t that hard to believe that they could have easily at least hit the 18-20 (if not filled a full 24) episode mark just by actually developing the story instead of just hopscotching from event to event.

  6. GP This is why I suggested go with two 12 episode seasons. This way you get the open ending (Finding Peterhausen) and if it makes enough back for a second season, they already have the plot down.

    If it doesn’t, then it stays open ended as Akuto becoming a Demon Lord. At least it wouldn’t be jumping all over the place. I mean, just look at what they’ve done in the past with limited material (case in point: K-On!, Kanon 2006) Just because you don’t think there’s much material there doesn’t mean someone can’t come up with something.

    1. Well, ending with finding Peterhausen would present somewhat of a cheap ending, and I feel that they covered that section actually pretty well(however that’s entirely MY OPINION =P). Also in terms of K-On! and Kanon, K-On! had around 30 chapters of the manga out I think, which is more than enough to produce 12-13 separate plots for each episode, while Kanon was a THICK (and exceedingly popular) visual novel produced by Key, which made a them enough profit to produce 13 and 24 episode adaptations which aired in different years. Also Shotaro Mizuki isn’t as established as authors like Ryohgo Narita(Baccano! and Durarara!) or Nagaru Tanigawa(author of Haruhi fandom). Because of that, the budget will be generally low, and not enough to cover 24 episodes. I also agree with GP that novels 1-3 won’t present as much of a storyline to cover 24(or even 12 episodes). Heck, I’m even wondering if 5 can cover 24 or a 2 season 12 episode run. Anyways, that’s just my opinion, which apparently is another giant chunk of text xD.

  7. Well, this series has had its up and downs… pretty much I guess I’ll just go with the flow and try to enjoy it to its end. It had a good voice cast, decent animation, fanservice, interesting subplots, an idea that is slightly more original than some ideas out there, and good looking characters. For an anime that isn’t supposed to be exceedingly deep it’s been quite enjoyable.

    1. How do you know? Yeah, it does look VERY bad to look at, but maybe she just uses padding =0\. Hell, she could actually be a boy dressed as a girl(if BakaTest is to be any indication (>.>))

  8. well im kinda sad that the series probably won’t continue the way their writing it it seems that most of the story will get concluded. It would be nice for them to do another 13 episodes but at this stage its only wishful thinking.

  9. eto….

    1. Who reactivated Korone or did she rebooted ? yet another glitch
    2. So the father used Orochimaru’s resurrection jutsu into another body ?!!!!
    3. What wrong with Lily’s DFC ? down with uber boober girls; sizes for the tastes 😛 lol

    Seriously the girls are nice and the pantsu was great but taking the series as a whole is less than average. Some other studio should remake everything.

    Island Esper
  10. I hope he didn’t pick Keena over the rest, out of the five girls she my least favorite. Acting like a idiot but could actually be very smart or no problem getting naked just to get away and invade other ppl’s room without permission, she just rub me off the wrong way.

    1. he really did

      i’m not sure if it was even his concept by itself or just how it was handled.
      his power escalation was so unbelievable it made him difficult to empathize with in any way, and that coupled with how his role in the series proportionately escalated with his power until he was getting more air time than the girls

      yea, he really was one of things that really killed the end of the series

      Hiroshi went from the comedic follower to “we need to turn him into a demon lord rival quick” so fast he just felt cheap

      for christ’s sake he’s basically been just like “i need to defeat these monsters. let me use my ‘kill all monsters in 1 easy application’ beam. i need to defeat the legendary demon lord. handy this suit just happens to have a ‘kill demon lord’ button. just like that.”

      Hiroshi’s Brave power escalation makes Yugioh seem like a snail crawl.

  11. From what i can tell Keena and her past incarnations seem to have a single mind hidden under the bubbly one we know. It seems like Bouichirou was in love with someone probably the blond Keena at the start of the episode the thing is she isn’t the one there now nor is her other personality- it think what we have heere is the usual situation of a guy going after the girl who don’t like him.

  12. Well it really depends on the amount of plot condensed into each volume… even with Zero no tsukaima’s heavy plots, the first season took 4 volumes, the second season took 4 and the third season took 3. If anyone has read Sword Art Online, they would know that it would probably take at least 6 episodes for just volume 1… but ya… its an epic ending


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