What better way to hide an illegal alien in the country than stuffing him in a big bear suit with a big jar of honey that doubles as a gun in disguise! Credit goes to Sister for disguising himself like that, even though the sight of a huge bear roaming around the riverbed on two feet is as equally suspicious as a man in a nun’s habit. Oddly, no precautionary measures were taken for Sonchou or Hoshi, while Shiro continues to be the most deceptive out of the bunch at taking on an authority role to dismiss the construction workers contracted by Riku’s father, Seki. All of this of course is in preparation for the big turn of events that this adaptation will likely conclude on — Riku taking on his father head-on. If it were up to him, Riku would’ve gone for the indirect approach sneaking in an alternate project for the Arakawa riverbed from his “Goes” company, but that obviously wasn’t going to happen with Shinozaki assigned to observe him around the clock.

Incidentally, that led to some pretty hilarious moments, such as the reappearance of Takai who’s been eagerly waiting for Kou to call upon him for his services, particularly the fatherly kind. With Kou away from Arakawa for a week to handle the business venture to circumvent the Ichinomiya Group’s one, the appearance of his lookalike construction worker and the punishment he had to endure at the hands of Nino and the others was amusing in the sense that they more or less killed him. We can all thank Stella and her contribution to the hazing for that. What I actually found funnier though was how Nino really forgot Riku’s face after only a few days without seeing him, so much that she struggled over a doodle of him and ended up hugging Takai when Riku finally returned. So yeah, it looks like Nino wasn’t joking when she said she’d forget about him if he wasn’t around everyday back in episode one. Hearing everyone’s selfish requests of changes to Riku’s public park development plan also resulted in some good laughs, mainly due to Sister’s concern about how exposed they are to an attack by the water.

Sister has always been one of the funnier characters to me, so it was hilarious how he actually got around to setting up traps this time around, only to end up chasing off Riku’s contracted construction workers. Plus, his line about how Riku’s father is scarier than nukes when Riku resorted to calling his father directly for the first time ever was so unassuming but funny given how nonchalantly it was slipped in. As for the call itself, I can’t say I’m surprised that Riku’s scared to death about calling his father after being told he better have a good reason and right to take up his time; however, that proved to add to the hilarity when the number Riku had didn’t even go through. Anyway, we should have two more episodes to go to wrap up this series in some way, which I imagine would get even better if Riku and Seki come face to face.




  1. I can’t imagine this show ending. It needs to go on and on. There is still so much left. Love stuff, background of them weird brothers, more farm girl abuse. MORE EVERYTHING.

  2. if stella’s transformation made her impenetrable to swords, why did was she stopped by maria in ep 9?
    I also like sisters part and trap in this, he is my fave char in arakawa under the bridge.

  3. Wait…didn’t Riku just tell Sister to disguise and Sister willingly..and for some reason…picked the bear costume?

    Anyways this series is too damn funny.

    How long is the series supposed to be?

    And Stellas more like Mao- right? @ Suppa Tenko

  4. Nino for president! She can get all the bribes from corrupt people and will forget them in an instant. lol that was brutal. Also she was so serious until the “add a launch pad” line 🙂

    Island Esper

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