GOAAALLL!!! God damn, I felt the manly tears coming out even though the game was far from being over. After all the struggles and criticism ETU’s endured, it’s about time they proved to everyone that Tatsumi wasn’t all talk when he said he’d make this league interesting again. Take that you non-believers! Anyway, it turns out that Tatsumi was banking on the moment that Nagoya would make an offense push and bring the always dangerous Carlos into the mix, leaving a crack in their midfield defense. The opening was brief and there was really only one chance to capitalize on it, but watching Kiyokawa cut off Carlos’ pass to Pepe and send Gino flying down the other end of the field was utterly awesome as everyone rose to their feet in anticipation. With Akasaki breaking down the side and looking like he was going to put it away, only for Sera to miss the follow-up opportunity as well, the thought of Tsubaki blazing in out of nowhere like he’s been all game filled my mind well before he actually did just that. However, therein lie the beauty of it all as it was an “ask and you shall receive” moment that left everyone speechless before ETU members and fans exploded into an uproar of jubilation. Oh hell yeah!

Even Tatsumi wasn’t expecting Tsubaki to come in for the third chance and shut Fuwa’s arrogant ass up, but this was the best possible outcome and the one I was hoping for from the very beginning of this match. It’ll be interesting to see if ETU can hold onto this one goal lead for the remaining fifteen minutes or so in the second half now that Itagaki is all intent on taking matters in his own hands following Carlos’ decision to pass to Pepe instead of him when he was open. I wouldn’t rule out Tsubaki coming in yet again to steal this game for ETU however, as he’s slowly inheriting the spirit of the team that Tatsumi embodied when wearing the number seven. Overall, this episode absolutely rocked and I still get chills watching Tsubaki’s goal even now. At twenty-six episodes, this series can evidently spare a good three to four episodes for a single match and a lot flashbacks and recycled scenes for emphasis, but I can’t help but feel they could have easily achieved the same effect without so much of the latter. It’s easy to enjoy this while we’re caught in the moment of all, but this also means there will be at least one less episode for things later on when they’ll undoubtedly get even more exciting. For now though, it sure doesn’t hurt to live in the moment! Tsubaki!




  1. It’s this better than cross game? I didn’t really like baseball Until i watched One Outs and Specially cross game, so i was wondering if i could find some thrill on GIANT KILLING, even if i,, don’t like soccer so much

    Thanks in advance Divine

    Joseph Edward
    1. Well, I personally loved cross game, and I’m indifferent towards baseball, I do, however, love futbol.

      Cross game had a ‘humane’ (to call it something) story going on and used baseball to tell it, giant killing is different, its pretty much focused on the sport, so, you won’t get romances or deep character development here (up to the current episode, that is). My point is, don’t expect cross game for soccer here, but its still exciting though.

      1. I second selo’s opinion. Cross Game is for your slice of life fix, whereas Giant Killing is for your sports anime fix. Can’t really compare the two.

        I personally LOVE cross game, being a slice-of-life fan and all. Was my fave anime last year.

  2. after a full weekend of world cup soccer, specially Itali vs new Zeland follow by Brazil vs Costa de Marfil, what can you do? Logon and watch more soccer ETu vs Nagoya!!! and

    Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolll!!! 🙂

    I was excited because we got the scene I was waiting for Tatsumi doing his job!!! explaining the strategy and game plan to his team!!! Up to now the viewer was missing that scene. He was one step ahead all the time and Tsubaki delivered. Now to hold that lead ….

    Island Esper
    1. lol I guess that’s what I was waiting to read. xD It’s exciting enough to continue the monumental excitement of the currently ongoing games. 😀 I might pick this up then.

  3. I’m quite sure it’s not going to stay at 1-0 with all these hints on Itagaki’s play. He’s gonna equalize, probably very quickly, so ETU will have to rise from a deeper breakdown in the very last minutes. But they’ll do it :] Ike, Tsubaki!!!

  4. I wouldn’t so much say that this is a story about under dogs and routing for them, but more about how having the right people in the right places at the right time and getting to watch all that happen when it takes shape.

    Remember, its not like the team doesn’t have any talent. Every player we’ve been introduced to has the skills to be a successful play in the JFL. Murokoshi, Dori, Akasaki, Prince, Tsubaki and others all have the talent, and we’re finally seeing it.

    Though I agree with you Divine. The flashbacks weren’t really a good idea for the episode, but at the same time, you can’t really drag it out. I think they sorta realized that and just added this in as, for lack of a better word, filler.

    Considering the preview, Tsubaki’s likely going to get a two goal game. Though, I think we’ll still end up with draw as the result of the match.

    1. Yeah, the fact that they have talent is what makes things interesting. ETU is one of weakest teams from the league’s perspective however, so in that sense I consider it an underdog story. i.e. They’re not a team that’s expected to win.

      1. You know the more I think about it, I think the reason why I can’t think of it as an underdog story (but to the Giant Killing world it sure is) is simply because we actually see that the team has talent. It has the people in place to win games. Its just been the mentality of things that have gone the wrong way and now with the best coach for them, they can actually succeed.

  5. Lol, your excitement over this series catches my interest. Ty for the review. But, wow I’m amazed at the pace you’re keeping, with all these posts one after another!

  6. I just about cried manly tears, too, and I’m not even a man! 😀 This is such an exhilarating episode to watch. I kind of regret putting schoolwork before it, but I’ll just take it as a reward. Tatsumi is truly an amazing character to be able to analyze the opposing team and predict their movements. And that glorious goal… Way to go, Tsubaki!

    Hmm. I predict Itagaki and Tsubaki will each mess up miss their chance, and Prince’ll PWN them both with an elegant kick and take the cake. 😉 The thing with Gino that intrigues me is that, while he’s always in the background, he’s everywhere. Gotta love a guy who excels in mind games. I’m pretty sure he’ll save the day, and I’m confident ETU will win this time around. (Mostly because they have to because, sheesh, it’s been 12 episodes already, dammit!)


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