「なぜか!?の決戦前夜。種島の恩返し」 (Naze ka!? no Kessen Zenya. Taneshima no Ongaeshi)
“Somehow!? A Decisive Previous Night. Taneshima’s Repayment”

After the tragic loss of the Magic Hand to the “Mahirunator” last time, Souta comes back prepared with not only Magic Hand #2, but #3 as well thanks to a promotion they had going on. Even at 3,980 yen a pop, it’s a small price to pay when he gets the living daylights beaten out of him multiple times a day. I thought Mahiru’s androphobia was improving thanks to her new-found love for Souta, but I’d hardly consider it progress when she still hits him up to five times each work shift. Souta should really start looking for some Magic Shield or some Magic Armor while he’s at it, because there’s absolutely no time to react once Mahiru gets the jump on him. It sure must suck having to check around every corner before rounding it, even when you’re going at a walking pace. Hilariously enough, that proved to be the least of Souta’s worries here.

Out of embarrassment over Kozue’s drunken behavior, Souta silences Aoi from speaking of it to Popura, only for the latter to wind up at his house to return his student ID card and train pass and stumble upon that fact herself. I wasn’t sure what was more amusing leading up to that though — Kazue hugging Popura out of the blue and apologizing or Souta choosing to rush off to buy some cheap soy sauce over walking home with Mahiru. In any case, with the secret out and Popura having Souta’s family of giant sisters to worship now, her subsequent depression and frustration over feeling untrustworthy led to some hilarious results when “information broker” Souma Hiroomi decided to meddle in things for his personal enjoyment. I’m actually surprised Popura chose to ask Souta to go on a date with Mahiru over getting him to cross-dress as Kotori-chan again, but leave it up to Hiroomi to suggest skipping the compromises and putting the two together. Why choose when you can have your cake and eat it too?

Incidentally, Popura somehow figured it’d be a good idea to keep Mahiru’s arms restrained so that a date with non-cross-dressing Souta could happen, leading us to some serious borderline bondage play results. Just prior, I got a pretty good laugh at how Mahiru was stuck dwelling on the word “forever” when Popura asked her if she’d be with “hitting Souta forever”, as well as Jun and Hiroomi still refusing to get too close to her even when she was all tied up shortly afterward. However, things got even funnier when Jun called Popura foolish and told her they’re using cooking chopsticks that are much longer than normal ones before prodding her in the head with one. Aoi feeling left out and demanding the same abusive treatment from Hiroomi wasn’t too bad either, but I was laughing my ass off when Souta bluntly said he already considered tying up Mahiru in the past before.

Mahiru’s reaction to that statement was priceless, as was witnessing first-hand why restraining her hands isn’t a good idea. I couldn’t stop laughing when Souta added how the risk of getting bitten is another reason he decided against tying Mahiru up. Ever since Mahiru’s realized that she likes Souta and started trying not to kill him, the senseless beatings that Souta has to endure have become a lot funnier than before. Of course, Nazuna’s misunderstanding that her brother’s a huge masochist is an ongoing gag that’s all in good fun too. For the series finale next week, it looks like things will focus on Souta and Mahiru’s first date together, which judging from the preview might even have Maya involved as well. Better late than never I guess, but I’m more curious to see how Souta’s going to literally survive this outing. He already thinks he might die, so it should be some good times for me if not him.




      1. 8D

        I over-read(heard) your reply about people and their questionable times of posting as soon as you make a new post. lol I had to give it a try so I staked out in my bed with my iPod. (Refreshing every 5 minutes. lulz) Plus I’ve got work in an hour so instead of getting some sleep, I decided to stay up. C:

        Haha, I’ll comment again when I watch the episode. ^^; By the looks of the screenshots, the rope method was fail. Great, hilarious idea.. but fail. xD

        [p.s. Your pretty quick, Divine. Thanks for the post~!!]

  1. 1 more episode to go </3. I'm gonna miss this series and the laughs that came with it =/. Its kinda sad though that they're finally giving Maya some screen time besides cameos at the finale :<

  2. So sad that there is only one more episode to go. It is rare to have such a funny series that doesnt rely on fan service these days. Must have second season please O’ anime gods.

    And a 3rd season of Hayate no Gotoku while you are at it…

  3. best comedy of the season, and without inch of fanservice – take this kissXsis!
    poplar getting hugged by the Souta’s big sister = priceless
    we need Mahiru hogtied!

  4. I found the last two screenshots really pretty and quite different from the usual sense of things. It looks like really awwww!!! Moment and I really hope that mahiru will be able to achieve her happiness.

  5. How odd, I was just reading a hentai Working doujinshi with Mahiru in bondage the other day so that she and Souta can “get their act together”. I can see where the inspiration for that scenario came from. 🙂

    First part of the episode focused on Popura-chan, and boy did she make the most of it to show how she’s still so kawaii~. Kazue instinctively hugging her just adds to the laughs. The minicon runs throughout the Takanashi family.

    Oh and just for the curious here, this niconico video chronicles the elusive Maya’s total screen time from episode 1 up to episode 10, which adds up to less than 2 minutes. lol


    With the last episode next week focusing on Souta and Mahiru’s date, looks like there won’t be time for some more Jun x Yachiyo development this series. Here’s looking forward to a sequel.

    (Is it too much to ask for a Hiroomi x Aoi pairing as well? )

    Kinny Riddle
    1. Ahaha that is so awesome! That fits very well with the K-on characters! I was thinking the march of the Poplars would be replaced by Yui looking at all the Azusas marching.

  6. Wait, is this a 24 episode o a 13 episode show? I thought it was going to end next week, but judging by the date situation (damn that’s gonna be FUN to watch!) it seems like it’s going on longer . . . well, more WORKING!! is always a good thing. 🙂

    Kit Kat
  7. Inami for dominatrix of the year !!! Even tied she delivers the killing kick 😛
    I’ll poke Aoi anytime she needs it. Too bad the end is coming. I see an open ending to teas us for another season that isn’t schedule yet:( nooo give me more pain… wait that Souta line

    Island Esper
  8. I’m crossing my fingers for a good finale. A date between Souta and Mahiru is a pretty good setup, too.

    Also, being a small n’ cute-ophile running in the Takanashi family put a giant smile on my face.

  9. I want more Souma antics!! xD He’s so funny. And I’ll miss Yamada’s innocent meddling too. Dx Why’s it have to be only this many episodes!? Hmm.. I wonder if they even have enough material to make another season? I mean, they can think up more situations, right? D:

    1. Uhm I don’t know if it’s just my computer but do the Xbox 360 ads slow down anyone else’s computer when they’re on screen? For some reason, this page would freeze up for a minute when those ads were displaying. D: Just thought I’d mention it.

  10. aww… i hope the date pushes through. it looks like inami-chan was crying coz takanashi never showed up coz yamada poured water all over him. can’t wait for the next ep. hope there’s a second season as well.

  11. I love when Jun poked Popura with the chopstick. XD I agree with her, Kotori-chan needs to make a comeback!

    Is that the mysterious waitress or a black-haired Kotori-chan in the preview?


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