It seems Ace is the one that mostly gave Luffy’s ideas of living his life, with the whole “living without regrets” motto. So basically, most of Luffy’s behavior is a strong influence of Ace, who has Roger’s blood. This explains why everyone who meets Luffy think of Roger…

Don’t know what was up with Dragon being in Zoro’s hometown, it’s probably just a coincidence, and to show some Zoro fanservice (yeah.. weird idea of fanservice).

The montage throughout the rest of the chapter with the rapid movement through their lives was very awesome, as you knew the flashback was closing up. Funny how those two created their own “countries”, and Luffy even kept building his after Ace left.

Because of Sabo’s words that people turn into a noble when they’re 18, Ace and Luffy decide to leave when they are 17, as a sort of an honor to Sabo. Seeing Ace and Luffy finally grow up was really great, with that shot of Ace in his traditional attire being very nostalgic. They didn’t explain the hat though. Oda including the after effects of Luffy’s punch to that sea dragon which occurred way back in the first chapter was pretty cool. With this chapter, the past of Luffy is finally sealed and complete, which I feel ends the “old and past” to begin the “new” adventure in the New World.

On a final note, this was the first Luffy’s ever negatively thought of himself as incompetent enough to be the Pirate King.


  1. in my opinion, this is the chapter that gave me the chills, but at the same time, it made me feel really sad… im really excited for the next arcs… hopefully it would really top the epic marineford/war arc. =) yosh!!!

  2. When Dragon’s boat was docked at Zoro’s Dojo, it was indicated that Dragon was late because he carried someone who’s injured, which led to the “those wounds, it look serious! Quick, someone tend to his injuries!”. It wasn’t really reflected in the speed scans though, which caused the initial confusion of “what is this scene doing here?” That scene alone, other than some pretty blatant Zoro/Kuina fanservice, caused some to speculate that the person that Dragon managed to rescue could turn out to be someone that we know…Sabo could be still alive on board Dragon’s boat.

    1. Mind=Blown after you said that. Also this is what makes One Piece different and better than other manga is the character moments and when Luffy finally admitted to himself that he isn’t the strongest gave me the chills.

  3. that was devastating to read.. this was the first and second time (when sabo then ace died) I saw luffy lost his sense of being powerful.. he even admited to being so powerless… that’s not luffy anymore T_T

  4. Besides, Dragons “gang” is saying, that the dojo helped them restock their supplies.
    Sooo…is Zorros master helping them?^^
    Maybe someday he will be reveiled as another member/ex-member of Dragons revolutionaires

  5. I really enjoyed this flashback, and i personally dont get the beef people have had with it… I think the final image of luffy saying he is weak was great and one of the reasons that onepiece stand aboves all other shounen stuff. Go oda!

  6. yeah i was surprised to see Luffy say he was weak.. thats def a 1st. Jimbei is gonna act as luffy’s sensei and teach him how to harness his Haki..
    But, that was pretty obvious. I called it as soon as i saw that Jimbei was gonna stay with Luffy on the Amazon island weeks ago.
    also im glad they are done with the flashback.. IMO it ran on a bit long..(like a lot of OP arcs) i know it serves a purpose but im over the whole Ace & Luffy crap. I want to see ADULT Zoro & Sanji.. hell i’ll even take Sogeking.

  7. I think a time skip is coming up soon, which will give everyone a chance to improve (and get closer to reaching Sabaody Archipelago) without me having to read the tedious training chapters.

  8. @jaysus
    …lol, its those tedious training arc, and pointlessly dawn out events, plot points, and developments that let one piece last so absurdly long without it even being close to over yet , but its ok, because its one piece. So its good…

    1. They just seem to be making a big deal about age over this past arc, so I think we’re going to skip ahead a little bit to Luffy age 18. I’m not talking about a Naruto type timeskip, just a few months.

  9. LUFFY WAS 17 ?!?!? I didnt think he was that freaking old, though he was 14-15…….OKAY AGE ROLL CALL!!!! LUFFY=17-18 ,ZORO=18? ,USOPP=17? ,CHOPPER=10? ,NAMI=16-17-18??? ,SANJI=18?
    BROOK=like 80…right? ROBIN=28-29 “pretty sure about this one” FRANKY=gotta be pushing 30 something.

    BROOKLYN otaku

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