Suffice to say, that was a pretty monumental chapter. Although most of it wasn’t anything amazing or new (c’mon, I saw the nakama plot device coming 6 chapters ago), it was a movement in the plot that we’ve all been waiting for. With the end of the flashback as well as the center stage finally shifting focus to getting the Strawhat Crew back together, the story is finally moving forward (and in a way, backwards) again.

Well shit, the above paragraph pretty much summed up what I really wanted to say about the chapter… but that makes this post too short. I laughed pretty hard at the fact that Garp made his Marine HQ on Windmill Village, perhaps a decision he made to avoid the WG right now (which I’m pretty sure he’s majorly pissed at). The first sign of the flashback making use of itself is the appearance of Dadan again, tackling Garp down to the ground for not doing anything about Ace’s death. Surprisingly, a pretty strong scene, again thanks to the flashback for the development. The focus then shifts to Shanks and Marco, in front of the graves of Whitebeard and Ace. The graves were epic, though I’m pointlessly wondering about how long Ace’s hat will stay on the grave with no anchor. I’m also a bit curious as to where these guys are buried, but that is one HUGE funeral ceremony.

The two words that were screaming in my head after finishing this chapter? CREW.. REASSEMBLE!


  1. i cant wait til this chapter is animated.. I doubt a former Shichibukai is gonna answer to Luffy as captain..
    Jinbei is gonna teach Luffy to be stronger..
    Im hoping that they show a lil bit of that Haki training cuz they havent really explained whats really going on with that..

  2. well Luffy has got his senses back, that’s good. I hope Boa wouldn’t see in a poor state. Luffy might be surprised to see Sanji in his transformed okama state. Say, everyone do you think Luffy or anyone else would recognize Sanji in his transformed state. I’m sure people like Nami, Usopp, and Chopper might be surpised. Zoro would probaly mock Sanji for loosing his sanity so easily.

    code fanboy
  3. alright….we will be seeing some increase on luffy’s bounty sometime soon… not sure bout his crewmates bounties. the government probably thinks that they’re dead

  4. i hate to say this but one piece manga is really making me cry, well, not that much, but still, it makes me really sad everytime i read a new chapter. but i guess its a good thing, huh? it just proves that one piece is one heck of an epic story. sugoi! =)

  5. that was both sad and happy moment for luffy. but the problem now is, how do the others get back? some aren’t even on GL (they could cross the calm belt, but that would require a seastoned ship).. before luffy leaves i do hope he learns a little control of haki, more power to protect his crew!

  6. the first sentence of the second paragraph made me laugh. 😀

    I didn’t think much of One Piece at first but after seeing your posts about the manga on randomc, it really caught my attention. Ty Kiiragi for spreading the fandom. 8D
    But dang, 590 chapters are a lot to catch up on U-U….

  7. Fabulous One Piece chapter this week, and we’re back to this and the story really starts to walk and move on. Enough of mourning, sadness and regret, it’s time to continue the journey. This is the feeling that Oda goes to show certain elements of the chapter. Now made a little more sense mini-arc of the past was the way found so that readers also had their moment of grief over the death of Ace, at the same time that important information would be passed.

    And we can not say that this chapter opens a new saga, in fact he still tying some tips resulting from the war Marinford. I liked the reaction of Dadan seeing Garp and the exchange of words between the characters. Good to see that Garp suffer, despite being going forward, partly agree with Dadan, Garp could have done much more in Marinford and did not. I still think that the sense of justice of the character one time or another will be shaken by the feelings he has for his family. Dadan’s reaction was great, and the sadness of Makino was emotional. Alias interesting that after all Garp back to the little town of Luffy and put that huge placona to ward off pirates – because the seas are dangerous now. He is protecting a sense, what Luffy can not do at the moment, it would also reassure those who created the little pirate, that at least he is not officially dead.

    The appearance of the tomb of Ace and Whitebeard is also important to be closed once this dark period in the series and the characters and readers also departing for another. It was pretty much the table below. Shanks’ words by saying that it’s okay to cry and Luffy to grow as a man, defeats are needed. It was a beautiful message, which also serves to put an end to all this deprê that was the last chapters in this series. And I liked the mention of Roger.
    That done, time to return to the small “Mugiwara,” even if martyring, suffering, and seeing no more meaning in life. I admit that I found clumsy way that despite all the pain and shock that the character has taken, at no time until now he has thought of his companions. Jinbo must give a shove to Ruffy for him to play that still got something to get up and pursue. He thought of becoming the Pirate King in Chapter ago, but not the same thought on the journey from here in Nakama lost? Pow Luffy!

    These last pages of the chapter were rolled through, but had to be that way to put an end to this time that Luffy has stalled. Still found it amusing that in spite of everything, the personality of the little there is still, when he takes a bite at Jinbo. It’s a joke of the chapter, but serves to show the old Ruffy, clueless and acts without thinking. The last double-page picture of the chapter gave me a huge nostalgia. And now? Let’s go after the lost companions? Without a kind of training to get stronger?

    The fact that all have a meeting does not mean that everyone will arrive at the same time. And now? As Oda will solve this issue? Some characters seem easier to reach the meeting point, as Nami, Sanji and Robin, but the Chopper and Usopp, for example, have no idea how they will leave the islands where they are. It also has the problem in time. Have you spent days (or weeks would be?) Since the separation of the group and Oda has yet to show exactly how time has passed to the crew. I still have my doubts whether it will be like a bow or simply showing it is quickly explained when all come together. I still think the reunion will be related to the Dragon.

    But I’m glad that these darkest period of One Piece is finally happening. Ball forward, there are still some things worth fighting and in which to live. The goal of being the Pirate King may still be hazy and even uncertain, but it does not matter, there are other more important things right now. Get stronger and find Nakama has to be priority number one in the manga again. The saga served as ripening and to turn the universe of the series in a much broader than a simple naviozinho at sea, were now epic dimensions. But one thing at a time and my consolation is that I know that Oda can do it very well. Can you trust.

    Mr. TAC

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