I always thought that Minato’s Hiraishin no Jutsu, a.k.a. “Flying Thunder God Technique”, was more akin to Goku’s Shunkan Idou (Instant Transmission), so I was surprised to learn that he needs to place a seal of sorts at the places he wishes to teleport to. I guess that goes to show how overpowered Goku’s ability was in comparison, but I do appreciate how Minato’s one requires more tactical prowess to make effective use of. For the few Naruto fans out there that watched Senkou no Night Raid, you’ll probably recall that the same disparity was seen in Kazura’s teleportation ability compared to Kuze’s in episode six. The key difference there is that Kazura has a limited amount of times he can use it in a given period, whereas Goku could always have a field day with his.

Anyway, it might have just been me, but I went through this chapter at blistering speed because events just snowballed after Minato saved Naruto from the explosive tags. I was pretty surprised I was at the end of it when Minato threw on his “Yondaime Hokage” coat, because I was looking forward to seeing him take on Madara and the newly freed Kyuubi that’s under his influence. After hearing about how that night went down for years now (our time, not the story’s), I’m really looking forward to seeing exactly how Minato’s battle against Madara and the tailed beast unfolded. I gather Kushina doesn’t have much time left after having the demon fox forcibly removed from her body, but I get the feeling that she’ll stick around long enough to put her mark on Naruto’s seal after Minato sacrifices himself to perform the Shiki Fuujin (Dead Demon Consuming Seal).

For a final shot in this chapter, it was pretty ominous seeing Itachi holding a baby Sasuke, as their fates would be intertwined in the ongoing Senju/Uchiha struggle that persists to this very day. A lot of the details on this night haven’t been divulged yet, but we do know where things stand between Naruto and Sasuke now. It’s a repeat of history with Sasuke out to destroy Konoha, though his hatred seems to stem more from Itachi being used to eradicate his clan. Sasuke may not see it as such, but it still comes down to the Uchiha clan having a beef with the Senju.


  1. his mom lol, man those marks under each of his eyes that he should not have had at that age should have let you know it was Itachi.

    hurry it with the flash back.

  2. I thought it was already known that Minato required seals for his technique. It was interesting to see that he has them placed around the village, as I was under the impression that he only took them out during battle. Having the entire area covered in seals, integrated into the architecture and environment, would be pretty awesome and give him a huge home field advantage.

    As for the character holding Sasuke, it didn’t look like Sasuke’s mother. I thought it was his grandma or some other older female family member. But now that you mention it, it does make more sense being Itachi….

    1. OH yes you’re right… that’s probably why Minato gave Kakashi that Kunai in the Kakashi Gaiden arc. He said throwing that kunai would notify him, but it might have actually been one of the teleportation seals so that he could come save them.

  3. Indeed Minato’s special teleportation tecnique needs a seal to be placed where he wants to teleport himself but in this chapter we see that he still has an amazing speed when he catches baby Naruto.

      1. yup.. he gave it to kakashi as a gift… what a cheap bastard eh? or maybe the kunai w/ seals weren’t in mass production yet unlike in this chapter. anyway, what a bad gift considering you could pick one up at the warzone..

    1. This arc isn’t that bad…
      Probably because this is THE arc we’ve Bern waiting for.

      THE ENDING IS SO FUCKING CLOSE. (Well, closer than before…)
      IF I (or kishi for that matter) DIE(s) BEFORE THIS THING ENDS ILL BE SO PISSED.

    2. I personally think Kishi has been on a roll for sometime now. He Really come into his own and matured as a writer these last 2 years. I never took Naruto that seriously before, it was just a bit of light hearted fun. But lately I can’t help but enjoy it. I’m surprised so many people still criticise it.

      1. any anime dubbed sucks. i would never any judge an any anime on thats on cartoon network. i would watch it in japanese first then judge it.

        anyway i loved naruto since the beginning.

  4. It would be awesome if Naruto picked up some of his parents techniques after all this.. those chains are pretty cool.. but seeing Naruto use some consecutive teleportations in his hand to hand combat would play EPIC in the anime..
    Think kinda like Nightcrawler..

  5. Minato requiring seals was covered in Kakashi Gaiden. It’s supposedly similar to a reverse summon, and can reserve summon himself to anywhere that there is a seal. This is of course different than Madara’s space-time jutsu.

  6. Well there you go. They finally explained why naruto can have every bone in his body broken… twice, then have his skin burned off just to get back up again and say “I wont lose.” That whole uzumaki longevity thing comes with the added bonus of being extra tough. Ha it’s like a much less OP hereditary trait. do you want
    a.) super glowy eyes and everyone will think your a genius and u can shoot laser beams and illusions from.
    b.) get your ass beat to a pulp but never die and eventually beat your opponents who are to tired to fight any more.
    hmm… he got bum deal on that one.

  7. “I always thought that Minato’s Hiraishin no Jutsu, a.k.a. “Flying Thunder God Technique”, was more akin to Goku’s Shunkan Idou (Instant Transmission), so I was surprised to learn that he needs to place a seal of sorts at the places he wishes to teleport to.”

    Really? lol I can’t believe you didn’t know that, someone doesn’t pay attention. J/k, but it was pretty blatantly shown in Kakashi Gaiden that it works like that. IIRC, it was stated somewhere that the principle of the jutsu is similar to Kuchiyose in that you’re summoning someone from one spot to another nearly instantaneously through the use of a seal.

    Regarding the chapter itself, I felt it was a little slow. I was expecting a lot more info than we got and like you I was surprised when I got to the last page, because so little happened. I think Kishi wasted a bit too much time on those Hiraishin panels lol. I’m starting to think that Itachi played a role in the Kyuubi’s sealing, or at least witnessed it. I don’t think Kishi would show him in the last page otherwise, and Itachi did know that Madara summoned the Kyuubi in his fight against Sasuke.

    Anyway, I’m hoping that this flashback doesn’t last more than two more chapters. Seeing how everything went down is great, but I’m itching to see Naruto’s new powers and how they will help him learn that mysterious jutsu we’ve been hearing about since part 2 began.

    1. You have to consider when I read that though, and how I dropped Naruto altogether for the longest time. I’ll admit that remembering all things about the Naruto universe is not very high on my priority list. 😛

  8. Well, that concludes it, Mandara is not Obito. Otherwise the fourth would probably recognize him even with the mask. Kushina is saved, good, but from what’s going on, it seems she needs to die. It’s so sad. I can see why the fox hates Mandara so much, I’m sure NAruto can make a deal with him since they both hate Mandara.

    code fanboy
  9. I think Sasuke has the other half of the foxs charka because they both have a dark charka in them and Naruto Said that the next time they met they both died or something like that

  10. I really liked how powerful that panel with a dying Kushina finally getting her chance to get close to her newborn baby, along with Minato realizing that his hope for a new loving family was a lost cause.

    Kishi did a great job pulling that emotion through.

  11. Goku still had to have a ki signature to lock on to to do Instant Transmission. It just so happens Goku was really good at sensing ki. Both techniques are pretty much the same. Just different ways of locking on to a target.

    1. When I watched DBZ like 10+ years ago, it was the “awesome” anime back then. It only got horribly crappy when it got dubbed and little kids started running around the street kamehame’ing your dog and that car passing by, oh and when kids were fighting, they would “power up” lol.

      Dubs ruin anime. Its like an unspoken rule, although there have been a few anime that went ok, such as Cowboy Bebop. I loved the English dub.

    2. Come on man…. Kishi is a huge fan of akira toriyama and I just try to read old school manga like DBZ recently, Now I know Why DBZ is so popular in early 90’s because the story so Epic and awesome….. But Too bad Hollywood-Crap ruining it

  12. Hiraishin no Jutsu reminds me of the movie “Jumper”. He had to see and know where he is going to jump to before he can do it, and it was like going through a gate or a wormhole to that place.

    The seals make sense, and don’t make it too powerful, but I was really surprised that the kunai’s were everywhere. It was pretty cool to spread them out in critical spots, I thought he only used them in combat.

    I just wonder how does he appear right next to it? What if he gets teleported into the wall and have half of his body melted in and stuck to the wall or roof lol. What if baby naruto was playing with the kunai and he threw it under the bed, would minato be part of the bed then? I liked in Jumper how he had to see the place with his own eyes to know where he is going. Same goes with that guy in X-Men, remember?

  13. I just realized something and I want to hear some feed back about this. A long while ago Orochimaru attempted to summon the 3 previous hokages to fight the third, but was only able to summon 2. And now that Kabuto has some of Orochimaru’s power and jutsu he can also summon the dead. I am wondering if Naruto will have to face his fathers’ corpse in the future if Kabuto decides to summon more of the dead.

    Otaku ESA
  14. Actually, Goku needs something to use his technique too. He needs to sense a Ki. If he wants to teleport to Mars, he cant unless there’s someone with a strong enough Ki there for him to sense so he can teleport to the location where that person is. 😛

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