「学校見学会で眼鏡うさぎ」 (Gakkou Kengakukai de Gankyou Usagi)
“A Glasses Bunny at The School Tour”

The outcome of last episode’s cliffhanger was anticlimactic to say the least, as Misaki didn’t even fall asleep thanks to all the sweet talking from Takumi. To her, it was just his perverted idiocy that kept her up though, which I wasn’t the least bit surprised to hear. In retrospect, I was probably fooling myself thinking that something more would’ve come from this incident, so I wasn’t terribly disappointed when it wrapped up quickly at the beginning of this episode before moving on to Soutarou’s punishment. While I saw his bunny hood get-up coming thanks to the preview last time, I really wasn’t expecting things to focus around his character as much as they did. Not only did this episode depict him slowly opening up to the idea of being around girls, it also revealed the cause behind his dislike of them being his tough guy, ex-pro wrestler father. No, Soutarou doesn’t swing the opposite way and prefer guys or anything. He simply has a complex where he sees girls as weak, fluffy, frail, and most of all fleeting existences that cause him pain after his mother fell out of love with his father and left them both.

It probably wouldn’t have been a traumatic experience if his father had just told him the truth instead of having him believe she just died on him, but that’s what resulted in the Soutarou we have today. Childhood scars evidently run deep, as he’s still this way even though he learned the truth long ago. I can’t really say I’m sympathetic to Soutarou’s recent actions after learning about his past, but I am more understanding towards them. Most of this episode entailed Misaki actively promoting Seika during a school tour for middle school students considering attending it, with female students being a big priority of hers. During it all, Soutarou’s punishment was helping set up and run the cafeteria rest area so that the girls will have a place to socialize with the other female students, which his attempts to get out of couldn’t escape Misaki’s watchful gaze no matter how much he tried. It wasn’t anything overly hilarious, but I did get a chuckle out of how Misaki would appear out of nowhere and be everywhere at the same time, leaving Soutarou wondering if she can clone herself.

Likewise, it was pretty amusing to see Takumi sent away because he’s a distraction to the girls and fed to the rabid pack of sports clubs hungry for new members. The slight downside of that was that Misaki escaped the always enjoyable teasing from Takumi while he was busy helping promote all the clubs one after another by looking cool in everything. I can only imagine the faces of the new students who actually end up enrolling at Seika and joining a club only to find out that Takumi’s not even a member, but watching him get literally passed around from club to club was somewhat funny to see. In reality, it only served to give Misaki an opportunity to figure out why Soutarou doesn’t like girls so much. It didn’t seem like she knew what the actual cause was, but it really didn’t matter when she was able to accurately pinpoint that he was simply afraid of girls dying on him. As his view on the opposite sex slowly changed over the course of this episode — so much that he actually used his hypnosis to help a middle school girl overcome her fear of men — I couldn’t help but get some Soutarou x Sakura vibes that led up to his drastic change in character.

Seeing as Misaki’s words had a big part in helping him overcome his fear, I can somewhat see him becoming one of the regulars in the series much like Naoya, Ryuunosuke, and Ikuto, who got the full maid treatment along with the kitchen staff during Misa-chan’s absence. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing a hypnotist around in future episodes, since I have reason to believe they lead to fun times. Whatever the case, the best part of this episode had to be when Takumi got fed up with helping everyone out and took Misaki into his own hands to get a sincere showing of gratitude from her, which led to another head rub. After Takumi got a feel for how nice those are in her drunken stupor, I’m starting to think that he’s developed a soft spot for them. It’s pretty cute how Misaki does it fairly reluctantly too. Anyway, as nicely as everything turned out here, I’m looking forward to the next episode when Maid Latte hits up the beach and we’re introduced to Satsuki’s younger sister, Nagisa. It’s about time we had a beach episode!




  1. Nice episode. I love how closely they follow the manga in each episode, though the chapters aren’t all in order. I was hoping they’d get around to the beach episode soon~

      1. True that!

        Things that come up to mind are Special A’s and certain aspects that FMA: Brotherhood changed or left out. They can’t adapt everything, and they’re panning to a wider audience.

        Sora no Kaze
  2. i’ve yet to read the manga, although i’ve already ordered all 5 volumes that have been currently released, but i enjoyed this episode. Maybe i might find it abit lacking once i do read the manga but the direction and pacing they have done so far for this anime series is excellent. I was at least kept entertained throughout~

    Gotta love the head-rub Misaki gave Takumi @ the end :P. That was so cute hehe~

    And I agree with Divine, there certainly seems some potential for a Soutarou x Sakura. Maybe he just might be the guy Sakura is finally waiting for XD

  3. hmmm I re-watched the hypnotism part and when Soutarou is doing it he says “bokuwa” could he have done a double hypnosis? I even dare say that he always uses the eyes of the person so having the girl closing her eyes it was more for him than for her. Anyway Misa let Uaui carry her and I didn’t hear any complains 🙂 <3 and took her to a secluded spot I was どき どき all over the place need more of this !!!!!

    Island Esper
  4. https://randomc.net/image/Kaichou%20wa%20Maid-sama!/Kaichou%20wa%20Maid-sama!%20-%2015%20-%20Large%2038.jpg
    Misa-chan kawaii~ Takumi really does have a way of pushing her right buttons. Takumi lumping her over his shoulder prior to that scene was cute as well.

    Wonder how many of those new sports club members will end up being disappointed, especially after seeing how impressive Takumi was. “Hey, I didn’t sign up for this!” lol

    Misaki managing to clone herself everywhere and keeping a watchful eye on Kanou was funny like hell.

    And finally, Yukimura once again stands in as trap of the week in Aoi’s absence. Speaking of Aoi, he’ll be back next week once again. Rejoice, trap fans.

    Kinny Riddle
  5. Aww,what a lovely Episode…i hope the ‘bunny guy’ steaks around..
    Also,Awww,..@ the ending..Misaki X Unsi… ‘CAn i Violate u’..Wow!..can’t wait 4 next Ep ^___^

  6. Seeing Usui in Kendo-club gear was delightful. >///< But I enjoyed his getting hooked on Misaki's head pats even more. <3

    I can't wait to own this series. Hope it gets a dub, though I get the feeling I'll buy it regardless. <3 <3 <3

  7. I want a wallpaper of Usui carrying Misaki… >.<

    That said… I still would have liked to see her to fall under the hypnosis. It would have been fun to see Usui to chase her *more* than he does now. Or for the hypnosis to go horribly wrong and somehow make her show her true feelings for Takumi… but that would probably move the story too fast…


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