「三つ子がとまらない」 (Mitsugo ga Tomaranai)
“The Triplets Don’t Stop”

Oh man, there’s nasty and then there’s jet stream of snot and swimming in urine nasty, the latter of which Mitsudomoe dives into head first. It may be unsanitary as hell and downright disgusting, but that doesn’t stop it from being absolutely hilarious either! First off, I must reiterate that this show completely rocks in bringing the laughs. All that’s needed sometimes are stupid people doing stupid things and it’s more then enough to make viewers laugh until it hurts. I bet some people were turned away by the goofy character designs and thought I was crazy when I said I found the manga a riot in the Summer 2010 Preview. Well it’s safe to say that I’m the one laughing now, not because I’m gloating or anything, but because the Marui triplets are even more hilarious animated. Bridge is doing some pretty dandy work here with the delivery of the humor, which includes their creative camera shots, multiple angle replays, slow motion scenes for added emphasis, and just plain good use of music to bring out the melodrama. The content itself has been straight out of the gag manga, but their presentation is what makes it work really well as an anime.

Much like the first episode, this second one maintains the multiple mini chapter format, which changes things up swiftly and keeps the slapstick laughs coming before I can even recover from the ones before. To that end, Hitoha provided some awesome intimidation-type humor during her weekend visits to Satoshi’s apartment to see Chikubi. With everything from her self-made duplicate key to being very blunt about his porn magazines, I was left almost floored by the scene where she recorded his line about always watching her and played it back for him. The comedic pause there was brilliant, since Hitoha set him up to say that when she pointed out how she’s been visiting every week and he simply hasn’t noticed her all this time. In terms of the use of music to bring out the melodrama like I mentioned, a terrific example of that was when she came back the next day and Satoshi was panicking like crazy because Chikubi was nowhere to be found. I loved the setup with the sound of her footsteps (along with an obligatory Aniplex and MBS parody cameo), followed by her shaking the chain on his door. Great, great, stuff.

As hilarious as Tomatsu Haruka proved to be in her portrayal of Hitohi, Takagaki Ayahi and Akesaka Satomi slayed me the rest of the time as Mitsuba and Futaba respectively. It all started with Futaba sneezing on her and causing another pool of blood to gush out from her forehead, which later led to her collapsing backwards onto Mitsuba’s desk. Seeing Futaba’s reaction to the string of snot she shot across the room and stuck onto Satoshi was hilarious enough already, but Mitsuba’s one was just as priceless. The nurse’s office scenes where Aiko’s airheadedness made a mess of the urine samples and sprayed everyone was so gross, but so funny for that very reason. Her mistakenly using a sample as an antiseptic on Mitsuba’s forehead added to the disgusting hilarity, as did her putting some in her coffee thinking it’s cream and eyes thinking they’re eye drops. Incidentally, Mitsuba and Futaba’s rock-paper-scissors punishment game with helmet and aluminum baseball bats that got them there turned out to be one of the funniest moments for me, right up there along with Futaba clearing a path for Aiko to bring the next bag of urine samples across the room, where Hitoha happened to be sleeping.

Sadly for Mitsuba, she didn’t even get any payback in the final chapter when they were catching cicadas and she was hoping to kill one before Futaba’s eyes and relish in her dismay. Sold out to catch crawfish, Mitsuba couldn’t even bear to crush a cicada to save her own neck leaving her bruised and battered after hanging there for an entire day. To add insult to injury, she also had her panties inadvertently checked out by the boys, who labeled her as a five to six year-old but did try to help her before getting kicked away. Anyway, this episode taught me that Futaba is indeed a wolf in sheep’s clothing, as she had me laughing like crazy when she kept smashing Mitsuba’s head against the tree limb by jumping up and down. “Yamen ka!?!?” Did I every say how much I love this series? Not only don’t the girls stop, the laughs don’t seem to either.




  1. While I wasn’t too enthralled by the first episode(which was only really funny at some parts), I thought this was one was frickin hilarious, especially when Mitsuba gets totally owned xD

  2. Easily–EASILY–the funniest show of the year, and we’re only 2 episodes in. It’s little things, is why… The music while Hitoha is coming up the stairs, Yabecchi’s giant stack of porn, the slo-mo during the helmet game, and the expressions–oh, God, the expressions… Comedy fricking genius…

    On a different note, am I the only one who thinks that the boobie doodle chick in Futaba’s notebook looks a whole hell of a lot like a more well-endowed Yamada from B Gata H Kei? Or that Nipples has got to be a less-sentient shout-out to Ebichu?

  3. so much fun it must be a sin. I’m still not fond of the open flaps ear design; but the jokes are nice. Sukumizu next week yay!!!! oh btw the stair scene was superb! I was scared too!!! that background music was perfectly selected kudos!

    Island Esper

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