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Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu! – 09 (Extra)

“Lots of Boobs Perky Mama”

I guess you could say this episode was full of boobs (and blood). But before any of that, this was also one of the funniest episodes ever.

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Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu! – 08 (END)

「みつごは続くよどこまでも」 (Mitsugo wa Tsuzukuyo Doko Mademo)
“These Three Girls will keep going on and on”

I can’t believe such a great show is done already! Only after eight episodes, seven if you don’t consider the Gachi Rangers special, I have to live without my weekly dose of Hitoha, Futaba, and Mitsuba?! All in all, while I don’t want this show to end, I must admit that this final episode managed to wrap things up nicely — full of the funny gags I love which had me laughing until the final heart melting scene.

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Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu! – 07

「みそじもえ?」 (Misoji Moe?)
“Sexy Thirty?”

I doubt the handful of questions I have, like just how the timeline of this series works, will ever be answered by the time the series finishes next week. But I’m sure glad that the second to last episode has been one of the better ones. Finally giving Chiba some redemption in my eyes, I would have never expected his ass would be the most fearsome thing I’ve seen this season.

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Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu! – 06

「トイレがあいてないなら雪の上にすればいいじゃない」 (Toire ga Aitenai nara Yuki no Ueni Sureba Iijyanai)
“If the Bathroom is Locked, Use the Snow”

Finally! An episode that’s full of my three favorite things — Yabecchi, Papa Marui, and my favorite triplets in stupidly funny situations.

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Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu! – 05

「沈黙の教室」 (Chinmoku no Kyoushitsu)
“The Silent Classroom”

It never ceases to amaze me how interesting and different school is in Japan. Besides sixth grade being considered part of elementary school, I totally envy just how much fun those school health days, Valentine’s Day chocolate, and parent introduction days must be. Something that kids in Japan consider normal just looks so interesting to those outside the culture.

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Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu! – 04

「ビューティフルドラウマー」 (Beautiful Drama)
“Beautiful Drama”

With last week’s jokes feeling a little a weak, I was pleasantly surprised as I found myself laughing a lot more than last week. Normally I don’t enjoy Sugisaki and her Mitsuba stalking lifestyle, but for some reason everything just felt so right.

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Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu! – 03

「変態ざかりの君たちへ」 (Hentaizakari no Kimitachi e)
“At the Height of your Perversion”

The never-ending jokes that come at Shinya’s expense will never grow old. It’s a shame that his easy going personality lets him get into such suggestive situations — usually letting Futaba’s personality just engulf the situation ending up with Shinya just coming along for the ride.

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Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu! – 02

「丸井家、もう一杯!」 (Marui-ke, Mou Ippai!)
“The Marui House is Full!”

When you say Mitsudomoe, THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! A upbeat opening sequence, random jokes at everyone else’s expense other than yours, and Hitoha busting out her evil eye. Everything that I expected from the first episode, except times ten.

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Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu! – 01

「狙われた子供たち!日本滅亡カウントダウン!」 (Nerawareta Kodomo-tachi! Nihon Metsubou Kauntodaun!)
“The Targeted Children! Countdown to Japan’s Destruction!”

A series that needs no introduction, we are finally graced with the second season of everyone’s favorite comedy, Mitsudomoe (Zouryouchuu)! After a whole season without Hitoha’s evil look, Futaba’s ridiculous love for boobs, and Mitsuba’s stuck up attitude, I was so excited to finally be reunited with my favorite trio of siblings. But instead of giving me a triple dose of Marui madness, I get a full episode of the Gachi Rangers!

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Mitsudomoe – 13 (END)

「丸井さんの家庭の日常」 (Marui-san no Katei no Nichijou)
“Everyday Life at the Marui House”

There’s a second season coming in the near future, but Mitsudomoe concludes its first run with an incredibly strong showing that had me laughing helplessly on one particular skit.

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Mitsudomoe – 12

「君に届かない」 (Kimi ni Todokanai)
“It Doesn’t Reach You”

Oh my… did the Gachi Ranger misunderstandings just come to a stop? That was the pinnacle of humor surrounding Hitoha, so saying it’s a bit of a downer would be the understatement of the year.

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Mitsudomoe – 11

「マジで変する5秒前」 (Maji de Hen Suru 5 Byou Mae)
“Things Get Seriously Weird 5 Seconds Before”

Holy crap a masochistic mother played by Inoue Kikuko! I always knew she had a knack for taking her innocent Belldandy voice to questionable levels, but it still doesn’t make it any less wrong when it’s Miku’s mother Marina asking Mitsuba to verbally and physically abuse her.

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Mitsudomoe – 10

「ⅹⅹⅹになる」 (xxx ni Naru)
“Become A ***”

Given how Mitsuba will lie out her ass like there’s no tomorrow just to save herself some embarrassment, the tool shed behind her house could probably be considered her second home. This time, it’s not about forgetting her underwear, but teaching naive first-graders that being a sex addict is a prestigious thing.

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Mitsudomoe – 09

「変人はサンタクロース」 (Henjin wa Santa Kuroosu)
“The Oddball is Santa Claus”

Gachi Ranger misunderstandings will never grow old at this rate, as Chiba falls victim to Hitoha’s inability to share her love for them with anyone.

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Mitsudomoe – 08


All it took was a game of cops and robbers to establish that Mitsuba can ditch her conscience in a heartbeat.

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