“Lots of Boobs Perky Mama”

I guess you could say this episode was full of boobs (and blood). But before any of that, this was also one of the funniest episodes ever. It’s a damn shame that all of Zouryouchuu wasn’t this good. Taking a perfect blend of my favorite triplets, their friends, and Yabecchi — and you have a recipe for success!

Something that I didn’t think would ever happen again would be another running joke. But who would have thought that boobs would end up being the catalyst for some of the funniest jokes I’ve ever seen? While I don’t personally get turned on by pimples in the shape of boob on a prepubescent girl’s face, I’ll reserve judgment on sixth grade boys whose minds were probably blown by seeing a replica. For Hitoha, I don’t understand why she’d put up with everyone touching her face to start with. It’s no wonder she got that pimple in the first place!

Yabecchi on the other hand gets no pity from me. It would have been so simple for him to lie about not being such an innocent man! On the other hand, his honesty is probably what got Hitoha to target him with her “moving” boob. If I could, I would tell Yabecchi to be a little more modest about how much he cares about his students — especially since it might get him falcon punched straight into a wall. I didn’t even see it coming when Futaba told him to touch her “moving” boob. But as soon as he went straight past her cheek and down to her chest, I was trying to prepare myself for the worst. Poor Yabecchi 🙁

Now it’s time for a quick sushi lesson. For a lame person like me, I’ve only been to regular sushi restaurants — the type where you either sit at the bar or at a table near the bar and order your sushi. While it’s not popular here, there are lots of places that have sushi on conveyor belts/rotating sushi or 回転寿司 (Kaiten Zushi). At a rotating sushi resturant, the sushi is placed on different colored plates, the color representing the quality of fish you’re getting.

While I’m not an expert, I’ve always had this idea that rotating sushi wouldn’t taste as good as sushi straight from a regular restaurant. I also would probably act just like Sugisaki if I had the chance to go to a real rotating sushi restaurant. Getting back on topic, it was pretty fun to watch Sugisaki dream up some crazy ideas about sushi — I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone brave enough to mess with a sushi chef while they were working. It’s amazing how vague Japanese can be at times, isn’t it?

From start to finish, I’m glad that Mitsudomoe went out with a bang. I know that this episode isn’t technically from this season, but the timeline suggests it might be (Sugisaki’s new laptop). If this had been the first episode instead of the Gachi Rangers, I personally think that a lot more people would have been drawn in. The thing is, now that the series is actually over, I wish it wasn’t!


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