「天網恢恢」 (Tenmou Kaikai)
“Heaven’s Vengeance”

At first, I couldn’t even remember how this show worked. After such a long break, I felt the memories of Celty being a transporter and Shizuo collecting debt money for Tom slowly started to rush back to me. For some reason, I can’t really think of too much to say about this one. Unlike episode 25, I didn’t get a lot of satisfaction from watching this special. Sure it was full of bad English and an interesting comparison between the story and aliens, but the main characters just didn’t have that special feel to them.

On the other hand, the story itself was quite fun in itself. The one thing that Durarara manages to pull off amazingly is how it can connect one main story while having everyone else’s side story play out. I remember when the episode started that I had no idea where things were going to go. With random scenes and characters from Baccano walking around, it felt like nothing made any sense. But once everyone’s take on the situation started to gain some momentum, I became fully engrossed. As the pieces of the episode started to fall into place, I remember literally falling off of my seat when the UFOs from the beginning were actually thugs flying after a punch from Shizuo.

All in all, I would say that episode 12.5 is worth watching. I know that it’s been out for a while now, so for those of you who didn’t watch it just yet, do it now! I also want to clearly state that while I haven’t watched Baccano yet, I’ve heard that those two mysterious characters are supposed to be really funny if I knew what they were supposed to represent. Kind of makes me want to go marathon Baccano now.


「天下泰平」 (Tenka Taihei)
“Peace and Tranquility”

Oh my god, Durarara. After being given the opportunity to watch Shizuo and Izaya’s love for each other grow, the only thing missing would be some younger sister yuri action. Oh wait!

After watching episode 12.5 a while back, I was pretty disappointed with what we were given. Sure, it was nice to watch the episode from a different perspective every few minutes, but what I really wanted was something that would be able to quench my Durarara thirst, which is exactly what episode 25 was. From here, I’m going to attack this post from two sides — the things that I thought was perfect for a series like Durarara and something that Divine pointed out to me.

For me, Izaya and Shizuo stole the show. Sure Celty had her moments, and I couldn’t stop laughing when Shinra tried breaking down Hanejima Yuuhei’s name to get Heiwajima Kasuka, and you can’t forget when Anri busted out Saika just as quickly as she hid it when all hell was about to break loose, but something about Izaya and Shizuo kept them on top. Watching Izaya play the same old tricks on Shizuo will never grow old and you can bet that I’ll never get sick of watching Shizuo throw anything from street signs, traffic lights, or vehicles at Izaya. The thing is, I’ve always wondered how the people of Ikebukuro never noticed Shizuo’s blatant destruction of just about anything around him when Izaya is around. I was surprised and had a pretty good laugh watching Yuuhei act as a commentator on live television as they filmed our “best friends” rampaging throughout the city.

Now what I didn’t expect nor even knew about, were Izaya’s twin sisters — Mairu (Kitamura Eri) and Kururi (Kanemoto Hisako). The first thing I noticed was that Kitamura and Ika Musume’s Kanemoto’s voice happened to be coming out of these new girls. The second thing I noticed was that these girls were probably not as innocent as they looked (they’re Izaya’s sisters!). The third and final thing was that I never expected to see two sisters kissing in my Durarara. While I don’t object to any of this, I just had to put in a small mention of it after Divine pointed it out to me.

Before Durarara ended, I remember reading that there is still a ton of more material to cover. After watching episode 25, I can safely say that my passion for Durarara came flooding back to me. Who else hopes that a second season will be announced?


    1. According to some intense wikipedia research, the new kid at the end wasn’t just a random character to show how Mikato has changed, but actually a new character that shows up at the start of the next book after the ones that are covered in the show.

      This screams “We are already working on the next season”

      1. Yeah, I had pretty much the same reaction. I totally took episode 25 and the fact that it introduces 3 new characters as a basic announcement that the second season is coming.

        Jack Spicer
      2. Personally, neither me nor my friends believe that last extra character is the person to be named in the continuing volumes where they fully introduce the twins. That character was already living in Ikebukuro, he didn’t come from the countryside. But should they ever decide to give us what we want (oh second season you would be full of win), you’ll understand what I mean then.

  1. personally I like 12.5 a bit better than 25 because of the plot is more present in that one. I like the shifting perspectives.
    though 25 has more shinning moments, such as the rapid mode shift by Anri, Shizuo biting the knife and broke it, and some awesome, kicking ass twin sister moments (yes, action and kissing)… fearsome sisters… too bad Nisemonogatari and our fire sisters won’t make it on anime, so this will have to be the most epic twin sister scene for a while.
    +100 to a season 2 announcement!!

  2. Durarara doesnt need a second season it screams in pain how it needs a freaking second season, after i saw that kiss i jumped of my chair and started dancing. This show is just to interesting not to continue.

  3. How many roadsigns are there in Ikebukuro? I’m still surprised at how the city is able to stock up on all the roadsigns Shizuo plucks out on his daily rages.

    Season is needed, the traffic police barely had any appearance despite having a character panel dedicated to him in the Opening and Closings.

  4. Izaya must have ninja blood or something with the acrobatics and knife throwing. That or he trained at a circus. That family must have had some history.

    Also, Erika had some spot on commentary of IzayaxShizu BL-ness.

  5. *hands up for 2nd season* There’s 9 light volumes, surely they can make a second season with that much material!

    I liked more 12.5 than 25. In fact, I dislike 25 probably because I felt that it was more for shizaya fans than anything else, and I dislike this couple simply because they are EVERYWHERE, which irritates me (Sorry for my mini-rant). 25 also had moments of art fail https://randomc.net/image/Durarara!!/Durarara!!%20-%2025%20-%20Large%2004.jpg What is wrong with Kadota’s face?? Stuff I liked: Shinra’s monologue, Kida, Namie’s glass of water, Shizuo and twins’ scene and MikadoxAnri being incredibly cute. I wish there were van-gang action, but at least there were some Celty action.

  6. Second Season FTW!!! God I missed DRRRRRRR!!! I cant believe that I almost forgot that it had an amazing OP theme… *Goes to loop “Complication”*

    I wonder how much of a change DRRRR will be if Izaya’s sister was there from the beginning… It would have made quite an impression. Hell, anything related to Izaya is AWESOME!

  7. You have to marathon Baccano now! Dont be fooled by the 1st ep of Baccano like I was.

    I spoiled myself reading about a blog about this episode lst year but it was still fun watching and I suddenly missed Durarara. I thought Shizuo outshined Izaya on ths ep. 🙂

    2nd season indeed! Although Celty really looses her spot on being the main character of the next arcs. And I want Baccano 2nd season too. Need to see some Graham Spector action.

  8. Bisexual twin sisters FTW! But seriously when Izaya is your older brother having incestuous lesbian feelings for your twin sister seems to be the only natural result.

    Der Fur Shur
  9. I absolutely loved ep.25! Shizuchan and Izaya were awesome as usual and their fight brought back the love!
    It was good to see the twins, Ruri and Kasuka. (This is so obviously a pre-episode for season 2)
    DRRR!!x2 is sure to be coming some time. Can’t wait for the announcement!

  10. I’d rather have a second season of Baccano!, but I am certainly not adverse to a second season of DRRR!!
    As for the episode, Shizuo is my favorite character and I was laughing throughout his fight scene with I-ZAY-YA. I only paused to gape in awe when he caught the knife with his teeth and broke it.
    Watching Ryugamine desperately trying to explain his relationship with Anri was cringe- and chuckle-worthy.
    Yuuhei is a little creepy since he seems to have no emotions, yet is still a scary good actor. Doesn’t make his show any less hilarious.

    Bio D
  11. Celty and her reactions to the fake ufo is hilarious!

    Hopefully, we’ll see a 2nd season soon. the 4th,5th,6th vol of the light novels are just or more crazy!! I can’t imagine how they are going to fit all the characters name cards in the opening animation, each vol brings more characters

  12. This just fills me to bursting with so much happiness and hope.

    “Who else hopes that a second season will be announced?” you ask? Me, for one. Like nobody’s business do I want another season of this insane, over-the-top, engaging and side-splittingly hilarious anime.

    I’ve heard only good things about what happens next in terms of the novels’ chronology, so I am DYING to experience it animated.

  13. Yeah, totally watch Baccano!, after Durarara!! finished I did a marathon on every Baccano! episode and my mind got broken.It can never recover again.I haven’t seen episode 12.5 yet, but man episode 25…”we have a guy defying gravity!” One of my favorite moments of this episode was when the random fight broke out and that guy punched whose sister loves him punched one of those yellow scarves, it was hilarious.

  14. Natsume 3rd season is going to be aired some time this year. Since the production team of both shows is exactly the same, I’m afraid to say even if Durarara does have the 2nd season, it could very well be the next year at earliest.

    U Doh
  15. Miri and Isaac, lol… still walking around in modern Durarara!! era. how would r those two at this point? 300 years old now?

    i’m surprised they still haven’t figured out they’re immortals.

    1. Well, there’s still a ton of material (or at least enough for a second season) for Baccano from what I gave too, but just because it’s there doesn’t mean it’s going to happen, unfortunately. 🙁

      Pure LionHeart

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