「はい、脱ぐと凄いんです」 (Hai, Nugu to Sugoin desu.)
“Yes, you won’t believe what’s under this”

I can honestly say that this episode was full of surprising moments — from Yuu having to deal with her past, Sera contemplating the moral issues of killing a friend, Dai-sensei blowing stuff up, all the way to Tomonori spawning something pretty scary from inside her. Personally I thought it was a bit too much to cram into one episode. Then again, after I watched the whole episode I felt strangely satisfied at the end.

While the plot was flying around like a madman, I still found a few interesting things this episode. The whole aspect of a vampire ninja and their code was something that I thought was pretty dumb. In an age where free will is king, I was surprised that people who try to live by outdated ideals (Vampire Ninjas) still exist. But after watching Ayumu show off his manly yell, I’m glad that he was able to get Sera to reveal her true feelings about strictly following her “code”. At that point, I almost thought that Ayumu had finally befriended her; it felt like the perfect situation for Sera to finally stop insulting him. If you think about it, what if her insults stem from her true feelings for him? Because if she does like him, and they kiss, then they would have to marry — but if she disregarded her code it means she wouldn’t have to keep pushing him away! But to my amazement, I couldn’t believe she started ramping up the insults and even started making faces!

But Ayumu doesn’t stop there, and extends his manliness toward saving Tomonori. Watching him take hit after hit isn’t anything new, but the way he approached her and soothed her trouble heart was pretty smooth – going as far as calling her Yuki (her proper name) and embracing her even though a gigantic bomb was about to go off. I can bet he won major points in Tomonori’s heart!

Besides the two scenes full of emotion, I’m not sure what to make of the rest of the episode. With Dai-sensei appearing at the worst times, it’s hard to decide if she’s actually a villain or not. Combined with her terribly overpowered abilities, I can’t imagine she has nothing better to do than just watch Ayumu. Doesn’t she have about 10,000 other students to worry about? With the other zombie, or “King of the Night”, nearly nothing was revealed about what his true goals are. And, what the hell was that thing that came out of Tomonori anyways? I mean, it looks like it was triggered because she was in danger, but why would something that’s supposed to protect her try to kill her?

As I sit here hoping that things get explained in detail with the few episodes we have left, I hope I’m not the only one who saw straight through Yuu’s plan. Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching too much Kimi ni Todoke, but these over-careful girls need to learn that running away from their loved ones only causes more problems!




    1. Theres something on it in the japanese wiki.
      Yuki had a brush with death once, the weapon “Villiers” was put into her and she lived but became a masou-weapon.
      When Yuki loses consciousness the weapon activates.

  1. Why do they always think that running away will solve their problems? I hope they find Yuu soon and put her leftovers to waste.
    “Ayumu! Never, never, natto!” 😀 <-(I have no idea why she'd mistake that for "Gibbu up". So cute. ♥)

    Didn't really get what happened to Tomonori. So if she's severely hurt, this monstrosity activates? …that’s cool.
    Wonder if Sera has something like that! 8D Also, since that machine is broken (the one that made her amazing miso soup) how does she fight? I can’t imagine her pulling out that every time.

    Y’know.. the ending gets 10x more funnier after seeing why Ayumu avoids sunlight at all costs.

  2. At first the Tonomori going batshit out of control on everyone seemed extremely random.
    And after realizing I was watching Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka I just let it slide.
    Story wise this episode had its ups(Dai Sensei and the Antagonists OP abilities) and downs(randomness of Tonomori’s Berserking), but after wathcing this shows for weeks I have to say I never get tired of seeing Ayumu transforming to a Masou Shoujo. Althoug I expected Yuu to some waht feel responsible for the megalo attacks so I wasnt really that surprised when she left.And in the end I kinda feel sorry for Ayumu for making that half assed wish.

    ~Moral of This weeks story BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR
    ~sobs sobs for Ayumu DX

  3. Yuu’s pen/scythe is pure win 🙂
    Ayumu should learn from the king of night for the thunder summoning and other overpowered attacks…
    Sera finally addresses Ayumu by his first name! major advance on her part 🙂
    and +1 to that running away from loved ones cause more trouble :3
    Hopefully Ayumu would do something about the situation

      1. Nah… I’ve already made it this far. Might aswell just finish it till the end. besides Im still hoping they’re gonna do a good job next week, and the week after that.

    1. I agree. Too many animation quality drop which makes cliche lines look even worse. Cliche lines are not necessarily bad, the can been awesome if used properly with the right scene. I am no longer watching this show to get some expectations or surprise from it but just to give it a finish to this storyline.

  4. I thought Yuki was gonna go Unilimited Blade Works on them.

    Dai-sensei is such a flake; I’m sure she could have vaporized King of the Night with a thought. Stupid finger-snapping bastard.

  5. Whoa, that Manticore thing seemed really random. Does anyone know what exactly it is and why it came out of Yuki? It’s like “Suck my blood!” then BAM random ass Masou Shoujo super weapon. It was pretty cool though, and I’m a big fan of magic chants. XD

    Still, Dai-sensei is such a lazy bastard. I’m sure she coulda solved everything with a flick of her wrist, but she wants to watch Ayumu do it since it’s more interesting for her. -_-;

  6. I felt that there were a lot of things going on in a single episode. I wonder if all of this actually happens in the Novel as it is shown in the Anime. Still it was a good epsiode and I hope that things get their explanation (Yuki’s thing) and that they show Dai-sensei fighting with the with the other zombie.

  7. awww I got pretty emotional over yuu leaving, maybe coz i’m steaming drunk but I don’t think I can cope without Yuu’s cute hmmms. I love this anime, hope it gets even better

  8. The Kappa doll is very cute, especially when it stroke haruna a bit like a pet, though someone should explain to it that sitting on her is not a good idea.

    I get the feeling that they are trying to redeem daisensei who’s initial appearence in kyoko’s episode got changed from the manga from protecting kyoko due to kyoko’s fakery to being someone who ignores non-masou shoujo lives.

    Zaku Fan
  9. After being busy and tired with assessments and the likes, when I first saw the King of the Night guy get stabbed by Eu, I thought that she had stabbed Ayumu instead. They look similar and I thought that some sort of alternate dimension/timeline theory would come up and that the King of the Night guy would say ‘Eu’ instead of ‘Eucliwood’ to verify my theory. 🙁

    Then I scrapped that when he said that he looked shifty but still manages to do a good job. Unless he likes insulting himself indirectly.

  10. This particular pen IS mightier than sword!
    Sera,Yuki and their code… will they learn that code should be used rather as a guidelines than strict law? 😛
    Ayumu has mastered power of friendship disarming move. Yes it can disarm ticking bomb too…
    I really wonder what is real power of Dai-sensei…

  11. Haha, zero plot and yet somehow there’s plot advancement…. very interesting….
    Oh well, Zombie’s still entertaining even without the plot (as long as nothing worse than this comes out. Like, if mister Yoru no Ou turns into a Masou Shoujou. Please no.)

  12. Indeed weird episode, even yuu’s reaction of the beginning and later worries about Ayumu and the gang made Yuu a weird character because she definitely should not do that, and at the end a real cry drop. wow we saw to many emotions on one episode, the world is gonna end, and that weird crap thing robot, monster, devil whatever out of yuki only resembles a bad story line not from the real manga autor, but from the no idea DEEN group.

  13. Wait if I’m right… wasn’t Yuki actually the package that Dai-Sensei was going to send to Ayumu. The glasses was suppose to help him see that thing inside her hence, he would know. THe final weapon of the Masuo Shoujo.

    Sora no Kaze
  14. Dai sensei called Ayumu to give him something and it has to keep as a secret from Haruna. This refers to ‘Yuki’ but not the weird glasses. The glasses belongs to Sera, she need it to read the secret mission letter as the words are invisible without it. ‘Yuki’ is a Masou Weapon created by Dai sensei in order to save her friend’s daughter. She is not helping during the fight because she want to entrust the Ultimate Weapon to Ayumu same as she addressed Haruna to him. Although she not even helping till the very last second of countdown……

    1. That actually makes a lot of sense.

      Is this explanation official or is it your own hypothesis. Either way, I want to see this happen.

      Oh, now that I think about it, maybe this is the reason Yuki is still referred to as “She is a … XXX” in the opening rather than as a Vampire Ninja like Sera. The XXX being her real identity.

    2. All of that does make sense. I was wondering the connection with Yuki and Dai-sensei since Yuki is a vampire ninja. This show almost has as many wtf moments as Madoka! But definitely not as good as some parts of that show!

    3. This actually makes a lot of sense. If this came from your own thoughts, I’m impressed.
      If this was actually from reading the light novels, I’m still impressed how there isn’t anything horribly spoilerish here.

      Takaii approves.

    4. Ah… guys, not to sound rude or anything… but they definitely quickly mentioned it in all that chaos this episode. I guess noname and I caught that really quickly. And seeing that now, ah, so it was Sera’s friend that gave him the glasses. I misread the sub that time and thought the oh he’s missing that as the glasses, rather then Myseltan. But yes, she is package that Ayumu was suppose to look after. The little interaction between the King of the Night and Dai Sensei says it all.

      Sora no Kaze
  15. I’m surprised no one has really been amazed about Yuu’s smile being what killed Ayumu. Using that logic, next episode is going to be interesting seeing as it left us with her crying.

    1. Would it help if i told you that the manga’s treatment of daisensei’s first appearence in kyoko’s segment was like that?

      Ayumu: Got to end her and her evil
      Just arrived Daisensei: What’s going on?
      Haruna: Daisensi, Ayumu’s an idiot but its not what it seems!
      Ayumu: Please believe us daisensei
      Kyoko: I’m innocent! Help sensei!
      Daisensei: Kyoko’s a good girl and i don’t have enough information to believe you (draws katanas)
      Ayumu thinking further talk is useless: Sera, Haruna, Yu, get to a safe distance
      Haruna: You… You can’t be thinking of fighting sensei?!? Are you crazy?!?
      Ayumu internal thinking: If i could, i don’t want to fight daisensei. If i target Kyoko directly and avoid daisensei, that could work. Have to do this in 1 shot…
      Ayumu percentage rising
      Daisensei: You’re all so interesting, now my desire to have you for research is coming out!
      Ayumu zigzags behind daisensei to hack Kyoko
      Daisensei shunpos in front of Kyoko and does a double blade block
      Kyoko in Night King mode blasts daisensei from behind, catching them both

      Seriously, i think the anime screwed up big big time. Now daisensei looks like Kyubei. The manga method would have prevented that.

      Zaku Fan
  16. I’ve always thought the original novels are being kinda random and all over the places on storytelling the Yuki and Yuu’s ran away plot lines, but apparently this episode has pushed it to the next level…

    Another thing I found it awkward is that why did they bring up that Ramen machine when they aren’t even going to follow the novels on the subsequent storyline that revolves around it? I just feel that it’s totally random and unnecessary.

  17. Most emotional episode yet. Too bad Ayumu got a kick in the guts after saving Yuki.. It could’ve been much better.
    That’s also my thought on this whole episode. It was kinda incomplete. They could’ve done much more with this episode. Everytime you think some epic moment is coming on it gets cut off.
    Anyway, it’s still my favourite anime and i can’t wait till the next episode.


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