「みつごは続くよどこまでも」 (Mitsugo wa Tsuzukuyo Doko Mademo)
“These Three Girls will keep going on and on”

I can’t believe such a great show is done already! Only after eight episodes, seven if you don’t consider the Gachi Rangers special, I have to live without my weekly dose of Hitoha, Futaba, and Mitsuba?! All in all, while I don’t want this show to end, I must admit that this final episode managed to wrap things up nicely — full of the funny gags I love which had me laughing until the final heart melting scene.

Starting strong with Yabecchi, I’m glad that this whole Gachi Rangers misunderstanding has finally been cleared up. I’ve felt so bad for Yabecchi since no one except Hitoha seemed to share his love for the Gachi Rangers. But after episode and episode of misunderstandings between the two, I was amazed when Hitoha finally cleared everything up. From that point on, I think the realization that the person who ridiculed him the most about the Gachi Rangers actually being their biggest fan probably broke something in Yabecchi’s mind.

I’m not sure what it was, but the class relay skit had me cracking up pretty hard. Whether it was Yoshioka’s epic face, Chiba’s fake love letter to Satou, or Mitsuba’s running sound effects, something about strategically using everyone’s unique traits was pure genius (I tip my hat to you Chiba). But something besides the humor caught my attention — Mitsuba and Sugisaki almost admitting to be friends. After fighting against each other for so long, it’s pretty obvious that they’d probably make really good friends — which is why I’ve been hoping that the two would give up trying to one up each other and just become friends already. Even though they were pretty embarrassed after they realized it, I thought it was pretty cute to see both of them act so innocent.

But the best skit had to be the final one. While I was expecting something close to last season’s, where there’d be some kind of heartwarming scene between our trio and Soujirou, I wasn’t expecting a heart attacking inducing, cuteness overloaded flashback. Little Hito, Fuu, and Micchan were too much for me to handle. Matching outfits, cute hair styles, no snarky Mitsuba, innocent Hitoha, extra cute Futaba — I was on the verge of passing out. To make it even better they even included Soujirou in his prime, looking like a super hunk. With the episode coming to a close while mimicking the past, except with Futaba carrying Soujirou, I was so happy to watch the show have a happy ending — to be truthfully honest, I was half expecting a police officer to ruin the whole scene.


Bonus Episode Preview

Final Impressions:

Seeing how next week’s episode is supposed to be a “secret” episode from season one, I’ll do the final impressions now. First off, what’s with the horribly low view rate on these posts? I feel the need to go and throw episodes of Mitsudomoe into people’s computers. Personally I don’t know where the argument about the art style deferring people away falls — we’re dealing with sixth graders aren’t we? Plus if you wanted realism, Futaba’s drawings are pretty good.

Seriously though, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this second season of Mitsudomoe. I personally thought that the first episode was pretty awesome, especially since I’ve always wanted to see what a whole episode of the Gachi Rangers would be like. Seeing how there were only seven more episodes after that, I’m close to saying that it’s probably the perfect amount for the show. I vaguely remember that during the first season, I felt that some of the episodes were really weak. While some of the episodes during this season weren’t particularly funny, I can’t recall one that stuck out horribly.

While I’m sad that Mitsudmoe is coming to an end, I’m happy in the fact that we even got a second season. While this show might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I’d honestly recommend this show just to about anyone. From the humor and heartwarming scenes to the dirty and really dirty jokes, I think anyone would be able to appreciate Mitsudomoe for what it’s for. With such a cast of clashing personalities, it always feels like something new is coming when different characters are grouped together. From Yoshioka’s awesome eyebrows to Matsuoka’s occult madness, every single character brings something unique to the table. Plus, you can’t forget about the silent cast — Forehead Girl and Mouse Boy being the ones I can remember clearly. Now, if only a surprise third season would be released..

P.S. Bridge, are you listening? My only wish if another season or OVA is released, is for Soujirou to blow up with anger on a police officer for doing absolutely nothing wrong — and not get arrested.


    1. I know, but what was the reason for stopping it so short? I mean I find it weird that a whole sequel is merely 8 episode, I mean shouldnt it be at least 12 ep? or 13 ep. Why 8? It’s way too short.

  1. Now I understand why they didn’t use the gachi misunderstanding with Yabechi… They cleared it up officially. Sadness that it’s over… It was still a great run for a series! Thanks for blogging!

  2. I’m so sad this is the last episode. Still awesome, nonetheless. Though, I’d still to know what happened to their father. From a lean guy to the person you see now. What happened? Glad to know I wasn’t the only one thinking when a police officer will arrive at the end.

  3. Tis a shame that it comes to an end. 8 episodes seem to be a somewhat odd number to end it at, but at least we are getting one more. Also, when Soujirou and his triplets were walking off into the sunset, I was just waiting for a cop to come out of nowhere and start screaming at him, but I am glad that it didnt happen.

    All in all, funny show that delivered plenty of laughs. Hope for even more somewhere down the line.

    1. I did. It is not the first time they used that gag; it was in a few other series as well where Kikuko Inoue was a seiyu. This scene had the best opportunity though; after all, it is her catchphrase…

  4. I’ll be honest, I feel the horrible view rate with these posts has a bit to do with the fact this series can be so easily misinterpreted by seeing the wrong screenshot out of context. A few examples:


    This is a great series, but, just like in the episodes themselves, everything can be so easily misinterpreted in this series without the proper context. Hopefully your blog posts will convince others to give the series a chance as they did me.

  5. Can’t believe this is over! Definitely one of the most underrated series out there
    Personally, I find the character designs and voice acting superb, and I’m very surprised it doesn’t appeal to a wider audience
    Can’t wait for the bonus episode and definitely adding the dvd box set to my collection 😀

  6. This episode was amazing! From Hitoha’s long-awaited confession to the Marui family having yet another heartwarming gathering, this show will be deeply missed! Yes, please let there be a surprise third season! >.<

  7. I have to agree with you therr takaii on your comment. This had to be the one the best comdey based show of all time. I never laughed so much in my life. Even the repeated gags where to die for. I too wish for another season or ova

  8. This Hitoha centered finale surely ended on a good note but it’s depressing that I had just lost the show that ends every week with a bang. Well, I guess I’ll do my part in the Mitsudomoe indoctrination campaign. XD

    1. If you check out my final impressions, the preview mentioned how next week’s episode is more of a bonus rather than something that continues the storyline. They even went as far as saying that it’s something that was supposed to be aired during season 1.

      But, I’m happy that we get one more (:

  9. The flashback was overwhelmingly adorable 🙂
    It was also cool to see Yabecchi and Hitoha nerding out on the Gachi Rangers (although the misunderstandings will be missed).
    Sad to see it go so soon; Mitsudomoe was truly an awesome, side splitting laugh out loud funny show.
    8 episodes is a rather short run, but at least we get a bonus episode to hold us over.
    As always, thanks to Takaii for your reviews 😀

  10. I’m watching.. and reading.. but not posting comments. I do feel like most people are not watching such a funny show. If you’ve haven’t watch this show, you don’t know what you’re missing!


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