OP2 Sequence

OP2: 「わが名は小学生」 (Waga Na wa Shougakusei) by 高垣彩陽, 明坂聡美, 戸松遥 (Takagaki Ayahi, Akesaka Satomi, Tomatsu Haruka)
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「丸井家、もう一杯!」 (Marui-ke, Mou Ippai!)
“The Marui House is Full!”

When you say Mitsudomoe, THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! An upbeat opening sequence, random jokes at everyone else’s expense other than yours, and Hitoha busting out her evil eye. Everything that I expected from the first episode, except times ten. For some reason, I couldn’t help but feel that this sequel seems to focus on certain points more than before – like Mitsuba and her weight. I can honestly say that I didn’t enjoy all the jokes about her being fat. After the first episode’s belly fat attack, I don’t need to see Hitoha grabbing her belly all the time! Still, the random situations that Mitsuba ends up in because she tries to take shortcuts when losing weight still strike home. Right, Futaba-horse?

Everything except one hilarious skit felt like “just” Mitsudomoe funny. Sakiko and her occult madness made me chuckle, Mitsuba and her endless struggle to find quick ways to get slim had me snickering, and learning just how dirty Yoshioka really is made me giggle, but the funniest skit by far had to be watching Satoshi have the worst Christmas Eve of his entire life. After getting nearly mummified by Kuriyama-sensei and her impressive bandage flinging skills, he gets rejected after asking to go to Yoshioka’s Christmas party because he’s too old. So what’s a man to do after being rejected by every single female he knows? Have his own solo Christmas party!

Unfortunately, I still don’t understand how I should feel about Satoshi’s Christmas preperations. Sitting alone in his apartment while wearing a Santa outfit with a mannequin with glasses wearing a female Santa outfit in front of him, I felt conflicted for feeling bad for Satoshi while laughing at his misery. It only got worse as he started rocking out to the Gachi Ranger’s theme song with a tambourine in hand. The last straw had to be watching his beloved mannequin fall face first onto his Christmas cake and then catch on fire — I literally fell out of my seat from laughing so hard. Just as I thought Satoshi’s couldn’t get any more pathetic, I was proven wrong. After becoming Sanata for Futaba when Soujirou is running late, Satoshi manages to get his Santa suit ripped off of him just as Soujirou walks in. After cunningly hiding under the kotatsu before Soujirou could find him, I could only imagine the terror Satoshi felt running through his bones.

After eventually getting caught by Soujirou and getting the crap beat out of him, I felt really sad for Satoshi as he walked home in the freezing snow in nothing but a santa hat and his boxers. As the episode came to a close, I was glad that the humor from the first season had transitioned nicely – giving me all the Marui goodness I wanted.


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「ランドセリング☆」 (Raenzeling ☆) by のみこ (nomico)
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  1. 8 eps isn’t enough Takaii. 🙁 ANYWAY~~ Yaaay more of the triplets! And maso-mom too! And Yabechi get’s owned again.. Ah Mitsudomoe. Makes you wonder how ghosts would end up with someone into a relationship haha…

  2. i really didnt laugh for this episode that much. -_- but the doll thing was awesome(adding the misery word made me laugh again. im not joking). i really wished that Satou joined the king game then slipped to making things misunderstanding again that he is a perv (╯︵╰,).
    lastly the last thing was somehow predictable(well not fully) that i only chuckled. hope next week mitsu would give me a big PFTTTTTTTHAHAHahahA laugh.
    (+ points for the misery word from me XD)

  3. Am I the only one who simply adored the opening sequence? The recorder blowing, the dancing and especially, the sequence of the three girls’ catchphrases at the beginning? While the first opening was amazing, this one was awesome!

    1. i’ma REPLY to my own comment!! “sad i know ,lol” BUT TIME OUT!!!!! at the Christmas party there was supposed to be 6 girls and 6 boys…….I COUNTED 7 boys!!! who snuck in???

      BROOKLYN otaku

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