「デビューと焦り」 (Debut to Aseri)
“Debut and Impatience”

Something about Hattori makes me smile every time I see him. After watching how hard our duo has tried to create a successful manga, I think Hattori has been the key to all their growth. It’s really easy to see how most of his actions flow from his heart rather than his head. When I compare his actions with Yujiro’s, I get this feeling that Hattori can compassionately understand where our duo is coming from. I suppose you could almost compare it to a healthy father-son relationship. Hattori, who already understands that battle manga isn’t our duo’s strong point, still goes along and strives to help them create the best battle manga possible. Instead of going with his head and trying to persuade them to change their minds, he goes off of faith and believes that our duo’s dedication will pull them through.

Besides Hattori’s influence, another character might end up being just as important for our duo to succeed. Besides his exuberant personality, crazy style of speaking, and lack of common sense, I think Nizuma Eiji may end up being the key to unlocking our duo’s potential. Besides already being their rival, I think his random spouts of advice may be exactly what our duo needs to push forward. Plus, his presence just makes everything more fun. With the past few episodes being extra serious and explanation heavy, it’s nice to watch him be his crazy self from time to time. After learning that he is a really good person inside, it makes all his quirks on the outside enjoyable to watch.

After getting a full dose of Hattori and Nizuma, I was so happy to see Azuki finally return! While Kaya has stolen a small place in my heart with her brash attitude, I think that Azuki’s quiet nature and innocent behavior will always hold a small spot in my heart. After having an almost mirror like experience as Mashiro about learning how to cope with her doubts about her dreams, I was surprised with how fast she landed a role as a seiyuu. After gaining the resolve to push forward no matter what and two short flashbacks, I was slightly dumbfounded at how quickly it happened — what took our duo a whole season took Azuki one episode!

All joking aside, I was surprised at how Mashiro handled the whole thing. What boyfriend wouldn’t feel a little disappointed watching his girlfriend speed past him in success, wondering about what would happen if she reached her goal before he reaches his? But almost as if on cue, Azuki sends a text message that probably had the same effect as being slapped in the face. Something along the lines of “This doesn’t sound like you at all! You already know my answer! If you do this again, I won’t respond!! ;)”. I thought it was the perfect way for Mashiro to get some sense knocked back into him, plus it made me think of what Azuki would sound like if she were pouting (I want to hear it now). Now, if I could figure out if Mashiro was more masochistic or narcissistic then I would understand everything!




  1. “You are not M, instead you are N…” very interesting line 🙂
    Hope to see the duo’s battle manga soon, though their previous work was also very interesting like Nizuma pointed out.
    Azuki is cute as ever… but I can’t say the same thing about her mom… 🙁

  2. Kaya looks ultra sexy in the preview. Azuki may be cute but she’s no Kaya. <3

    Hattori needs some background check. I would love to know how he got his job working for Shounen "Jack". It almost seems like he was an artist himself. Or a failed Gambler er something that wants to see to other artists' success.

  3. We just don’t happen to see the trials that Azuki goes through to realize her dream since the focus is on the Mashiro and Takagi, although she landed a role the reasons for it weren’t the best, it’s how things work in the real, sex sells and what not. Just a small rebuttal.

  4. awww this episode was cute lol i like the development for azuki watching her made me smile and she’s not that far ahead of mashiro when you look at it just like takagi said there kind of at the same place right not i wonder whose going to make the next move up first
    and when nizuma talked bout how he drew that felt really deep and important not something i would have expected from his kinda character actually made start to like him a little bit =]

  5. Hattori was really awesome there. I mean there’s these 2 cheeky kids going against his opinion despite him having much more experience in manga publishing. And he still lets them to what they want and even help out with making a battle manga right away. They are lucky to have such a cool editor.

  6. So we are one year into the story. That kind of explains Kaya’s growing boobs as well as she is at the right age for that after all.

    Miho does have a huge advantage in her career that the magaka duo does not have, being young is an advantage as a seiyuu, rather then the other way around. So it’s not strange that she has an easier time getting started. It wouldn’t even be strange if her career takes off and ends before theirs get to the point of having an anime.

  7. Its been a while since I read this chapter of the manga so I may have forgotten but the scenes with Azuki were mostly anime only right? I liked how there’s more developement on her in the anime since the manga tended to just focus on Ashirogi Muto and always left out Azuki’s hard work. Pacing-wise I don’t personally think it’s that slow since story changing developements occur every episode (now something like Bleach…on the other hand…).


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