Lag’s a bit too happy about having Gauche as his dingo for the day.

「おかえりなさい」 (Okaerinasai)
“Welcome Home”

This was mostly a heartwarming follow-up to the long-awaited reunion last time; however, the unsettling feeling that Gauche may still be Noir that I got from the preview last time prevented me getting too absorbed into the emotional outpouring from Lag and Sylvette. All it took was the scene with Gauche lying in his bed after going out on a delivery with Lag to make me wary that he’s not truly back to his normal self. Word from Dr. Thunderland Jr. that he may be simply using his memories of Gauche Suede to deceive everyone made it even more apparent, considering that Gauche was gone the next morning. I was skeptical about the story revolving around Gauche concluding completely, so I can’t say I’m too surprised that he’s gone all of a sudden again. I do feel bad for Sylvette though, who was finally reunited with her brother after all these years, especially when he was presumed dead for the longest time.

Anyway, if Gauche is still Noir from Reverse, I’m curious as to how the memories he’s recovered will affect his decisions going forward. Lawrence already thinks he’s a lost cause and have ordered Garrard and Valentine to get rid of him, so it’s not exactly like he has an anti-government organization to return to. This of course leaves me wondering where Roda’s loyalties lie now that she’s come searching for Noir. The next episode shows her wandering around the streets like a homeless girl, suggesting that she’s waiting for her master to come get her. Personally, I like Roda’s character a fair bit (partially due to some Horie Yui favoritism), which is why I’m hoping that she won’t remain Lag’s enemy forever. Ultimately, it looks like whether or not that will happen rests on what Gauche does from here on.


Some interesting flashbacks from Gauche’s memories, including the commander of the Progres airship on the Day of Flicker, Balor.

We already saw a heartfelt reunion, but this one is special since it’s in their own home.

It’s probably not worth trying to explain to Niche why Lag and Sylvette are bawling their eyes out, so kudos to Aria for simply saying it’s not because they’re hurt.

Gauche, the man with the iron stomach.

It was only two episodes ago that I was joking about Aria not having tried Sylvette’s soup and voila, we get her priceless reaction this very week.

Roda’s in human form, yet she reminds me a lot of Darwin when he was waiting for Elena’s return.

Gauche or Noir?

I still consider it progress now that Gauche isn’t hanging around these guys.


Sylvette is in tears and Niche clashes with Roda. There’s no Gauche in sight though.


  1. Haha. Aria’s priceless reaction indeed. It would be pretty sad to see Gauche making use of his memories just to deceive Lag and Sylvette. Let’s hope some of it is genuine at least.

  2. I’m really hopping Gauche/Noir doesn’t do something stupid. I hope he’s not as doomed as I think he is. What the chief said about what happened to make Gauche lose his heart in the first place is really intriguing.

    Also, is it bad that I’m liking the idea of Gauche x Roda? I mean, she is part dog or something, right?

  3. Looks like an anime ending, but possibly be similar to what the mangaka intended as the manga is following this route as well. It’s nice that in this episode we had mentions of Lag’s mother so I hope that becomes the focus near the end and find out what Lag is.

  4. I’m starting to be like Lag – always crying over those moments. I was so calling out to Gauche in my mind when Lag did too. Gauche left to protect them from Reverse is what I hope so.


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