「Escape from the DEAD」

With hype this big, how could the second episode even top the first one? With hype this big, how could any anime episode top the first one (joking of course)? Easily done of course, since there really shouldn’t be any hype to begin with. I’ve looked around the net and HOTD’s been hyped up to ridiculous expectations, with beliefs that HOTD will become “2010’s Anime of the Year.” It’s not within the realms of impossibility, but let’s just say HOTD becoming anime of the year is a stretch. With a supposed 12/13 episode only cap, a screwed up ending might be the killing force making that lasting memory become very bitter. But hey, if it succeeds, I will be pleasantly surprised.

As the last episode did not introduce all the characters of what the audience will soon learn to be the main cast, this episode continues to play that role, with the addition of Marikawa Shizuka (Fukui Yukari), a nurse. She takes her place as the typical archetype of a big boobed ditz. Although she’s in the group as the “adult” character, and helps out with things “highschoolers” can’t do, I just see her as useless otherwise. As you can tell, I’m not rather fond of her character. As shown in this episode, she doesn’t even deserve to be alive, as it was only stupid luck that got her this far (she didn’t even know her savior’s name! lol). Although in retrospect, you do always have one of these “lucky” characters in zombie flicks as well. The other character that didn’t get much spotlight last episode was Hirano Kota (Hiyama Nobuyuki), a gun otaku who just so conveniently joins the group as the weapons master. You may be familiar with Hirano’s seiyuu, as he voiced Viral from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. I thought this would make things epic, but he hasn’t used his epic voice yet. Perhaps in the future.

Madhouse is doing very well to keep up the atmosphere of a zombie ridden school, with scenes of people being dragged off and eaten as the story weaves in and out to each small group of characters. The cinematography continues to be very dynamic, which I’ve come to recognize as the leading reason why this series stands out against other action anime. When the action gets going, they really know how to make your blood pump (the drill scene). The animation itself is still surprisingly consistent, but Madhouse isn’t one to slack off either (Usually?).

Story-wise, the scenes were switched around a bit compared to the manga, but I didn’t feel like it changed anything. The episode was like a mini version of a Quentin Tarantino movie, where a bunch of almost unrelated characters meet up in the end and clash in the climax. To better understand “them”, Takagi throws wet towels at a zombie which reveals that the zombies react to sound and not physical reactions, similar to your classic Romero zombies. They’re also slow as hell, so you can pretty much walk past them like the characters in the first “Night of the Living Dead” did near the end of the movie. For some, these zombies are better, for others, crazy fast ones are better. The way I see it, fast zombies are fast usually because of a virus (which often induces rage and adrenaline). Classic zombies are slow because, well, their muscles are dead. HOTD has never explained what the cause of the outbreak was, so I don’t have a basis to work on, but Madhouse may make up their own reason by the end of season. Only 35 pages of the second chapter were covered this episode, leaving 22 not animated. However, considering the third chapter is only 30 pages, I’m hoping they’ll continue where they left off.

Apparently there were censored areas in the last episode, but they weren’t as obvious to me until this episode. I assume the drilling scene was censored, as half the screen was black while it happened. As much as I want to say I don’t mind, the gore curiosity in me begs to see what was animated. As for those who were complaining about ecchi the first round, there was much less of it this time. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t appear again, as like I said, ecchi is just a part of what makes this series. If you can’t humor that there’s going to be some panty shots in a zombie story, then this series just isn’t for you. As for the rest of the still undecided folk, it’s only going to get better from here on out (at least, until Madhouse decides to rip us a new ending).

Note: Surprisingly, there’s a new ED this week, even though the background animation is still the same. I didn’t even notice until Divine mentioned it. I’m not sure why they changed the song or if they’ll continue doing it every episode, but I guess it’s for some added value and more singles to sell.


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「color me dark」 by 黒崎真音 (Kurosaki Maon)
Watch the 2nd ED!: Download, Streaming ▼



  1. Warning: Do not Watch Horriblesubs version. It is censored. Wait for CoalGuys as they use ATX broadcast.

    P.S. the pink one wears glasses….GLASSES!!! zombie moe overload…

      1. There are from 3 t 4 different versions of episode.

        1. DVD Version – totally uncensored.
        2. AT-X – versin. Only the actual “headhits”, wounds and more grotesque stuff censored by black shadows.
        3. “Normal” Version (The version that you watched and the one HorribleSubs is using) – Black Shadows censor various stuff, fade-outs, etc.
        4. “Friendly” version that airs latter in the week – Panties, fanservice, gore, etc, censored completely.

    1. TrollGuys sub sucks.

      If I wanted to watch a show where “Koizumi and Japanese Gvernment” is translated as Jack and HighSchoolers, I’d watch a bad dub.

      CoalGuys suck at translations. Heck I doubt that they even translate.

      Ill wait for tmd and commie versin

      1. Coalguy doesn’t suck at translations, he just purposely trolls his subs because he’s an ass.

        Commie actually doesn’t translate, they pull everything from simulcasts and or other subs and rewrite the scripts.

        They’re both a bunch of faggots, really.

      2. “Commie actually doesn’t translate”

        Wow.. That’s new… Didn’t know that. Anyway I remembered commie releasing an episode of RAINBOW and it was huge… About 400-700mb.. As if the thing was a friggin bluray rip.

        Since then I blacklisted them. Will never pick up anything from that group. Them and HorribleSubs.

      1. Wow who should I look for then?! Dx AT-X is the best by the looks of it but have they already released a sub? If not, I can wait. The show deserves it. Especially with all the hype and whatnot.

  2. Holy crap. Hirano, one of the best characters, gets one of the best voice actors. Also, I definitely heard some epic Viral voice in the scene where they busted out of the shop room with the nailgun of death. Hirano was getting pretty pumped in that scene. I may or not already be hooked on this show.

    Also, ho boy. Takagi is a meganekko. This keeps getting better and better. ヽ(´▽`)/

  3. “With a supposed 12/13 episode only cap, a screwed up ending might be the killing force making that lasting memory become very bitter. But hey, if it succeeds, I will be pleasantly surprised.”

    Must not…. Remember… show from… last season……….
    I will not give a name though some of you pretty much know what I’m talking about.

    Anywho…. Coalguys just released it just as I was about to post. Hope it’s as awesome as the first episode.

    Though I still hate this girl. No crying will change that… for now… I think..

    1. Coal Guys?

      I guess Ill wait till SOME REAL SUBBERS release them.

      won’t download that coallguy shit ever again, considering the trolling and inaccuracy f his subs.

      1. Sure they do mess with the subs(not an inaccuracy but rather just to play around) but actually you get the point as to what they are saying. As for inaccuracies well.. Pretty much every translation has that, but the difference is how efficient they word it. For me Coalguy’s passes and they’re quick to release so yea… I’ll be sticking with them for now.

        So I frankly don’t mind much since the choice is them or HorribleSubs(Which I am trying to avoid)… Devil or the sea… I’ll just go with the devils… They’re passable at least.

        That’s why I’m saddened by the fact that I watched HorribleSubs’ Occult Academy release. I watched their crappy encode…

    2. I thought Divine mentioned it was going to be 24+ episodes?
      As far as fansubs go, I will watch the one that is close of being uncensored til someone point out where I can download a great and uncensored subbed version. I get the Coalguys version simply because they also release K-On!! Is there another better subs for that too?

      1. Well for now.. ANN lists it as 13 episodes.

        But who knows they may extend it’s a possibility since I dunno if there are any confirmations yet.

        Now that I’ve watched it..

        I hate pinky as well… Whatever her name is, I don’t care since I hate her attitude. This episode was ok, not epic like how it started. Seriously.. Whenever pinky gets a scene I feel so blank…

    3. Show Spoiler ▼

  4. The fatty and the medic were both irritating in the first half. At least the fatty’s got some skills and isn’t completely stupid. I get the feeling that the medic is being portrayed this way to make people irritated with her so she can “shine” later.

  5. I’ve only read some of the manga, and don’t even plan to catch the anime, but I never really liked the main chick (the childhood friend) and personally preferred the bushido lass.

    The manga itself isn’t anything special (though still probably better than the anime) and the only character that entertains me is the main protagonist, mainly due to his “narration” of the events and his own personal growth.

    1. Lithium, I did the same. Read a bit and left it until the anime came out. Tbh, I did see all these characters develop to a certain extent (the series is not finished yet, just on hiatus) so I’d think it would be worthwhile catching up to the rest of the manga. I like all the girls (Saeko, Takagi and Rei) and don’t care for the nurse (hell, I don’t even remember her name most of the time). It’s going to be fun watching IF they do push the series to be more than 13 episodes.

      1. Still hope that the AT-X broadcast of the Show Spoiler ▼

        will be uncensored though. 😀
        The best thing about the nurse is her seiyuu, Yukari “Nia” Fukui. Yeah, another Gurren Lagann character. 🙂 Any idea about Ganaix’s next (anime series) project? Maybe she’ll also have a role in it.

  6. HOTD? The best anime of 2010?
    Wait till october when code geass and the world god only knows premiere…

    Anyways, This series is getting a little irritating. 1 chapter per episode? We all know the manga is a little slow but 1 chapter per episode and it’s 13 episodes?!
    There’s gotta be a 2nd season!!!

    Eitherway, it’s a good episode although full of stills…but still a good episode.

  7. it’s pretty good.
    I mean what else is there to watch this season.(i am also joking of course)
    HOTD is not by any means the best series of the year but you gotta admit it’s a good series to pass the summer with.

  8. I have to say, I really don’t understand all of the Rei hate. She is a pretty useless character in the beginning, but she gets better throughout the rest of the manga. Saeko on the other hand, with all her cliche sadistic tendencies, just comes off as a poor-man’s Revy to me since she’s not nearly as sexy or badass.

  9. The nurse-boobs character is unbelievably stupid … how did she ever pass med school? Lots of paizuri I’m guessing. The pink-haired girl and the kendo girl are both awesome tho, and I love the fat gun geek. The censorship was really blatant this episode with the drill scene … it killed the entire impact of her first (very bloody and violent) kill. I’m betting they head for a military base like they always do in zombie apocalypses, and in all likelihood said base will be run by a maniacal would-be dictator who decides all women are now his breeding stock or some such. But after they inevitably beat him down/feed him to zombies I’m sure they’ll get quite the stockpile of weapons …

    As usual, not reading the manga, I’ve just seen/read this zombie story quite a few times. 😛 So no spoiler tags, don’t blame me if I guess right …

  10. Also, does anyone else find it weird having Ikkaku/Gurren Leghan guy’s voice coming out of a pudgy, unassuming geek w glasses? Especially when his voice goes all battle-roar while he’s nailing zombies left and right.

  11. I agree with you, Kiiragi. Hiyama’s probably going to enter epic mode as the story progresses. I can think of at least 2 or 3 points in the manga where Hiyama is likely to delve into the voice he is very well known for.

  12. Saya is now my favourite character.

    I like how they added in the background of said elementary school in the background. Makes for a much deeper impact when you see undead kids limping around with their schoolbags…things don’t bode well for the main character’s mother I would guess….

  13. I dont have a problem with ecchi but it just always feels “shoehorned in” which takes away from the action.. If you are gonna do it make it flow with the events that are going on..
    I.E. the first ep.. the chick with the makeshift spear Kumuro is fighting a zombie and then get slammed.. and then everything pauses for 4-5 sec just so we can stare at her panties.. WTH is that?
    I just hate being sucked out of the anime when Im gettin into it for unnecessary fan service.. the only service i require is a compelling story.

  14. This series would be a hell of a lot better if it had 28 Days/Dawn of the Dead/ Left 4 Dead style sprinting zombies. They add so much more suspense and, well, scariness. At the same time, I doubt a bunch of high school kids could handle a horde coming full sprint at them (but how AWESOME would that be). Also, it would be hilarious to see some L4D special infected. I wonder how these kids would handle a hunter, smoker, charger, or best of all, a TANK!

    1. No.

      Its liek saying that “Dracula would have been so much better if it had S.Meyer’s twilight vampires”.

      Running dead are NOT zombies. they are a heresy an abominatin of genre.


    1. as I said before:

      1. DVD Version – totally uncensored.
      2. AT-X – versin. Only the actual “headhits”, wounds and more grotesque stuff censored by black shadows.
      3. “Normal” Version (The version that you watched and the one HorribleSubs is using) – Black Shadows censor various stuff, fade-outs, etc.
      4. “Friendly” version that airs latter in the week – Panties, fanservice, gore, etc, censored completely.

      Whatever the versin the crappy theanimenetwork uses ITS NOT THE VERSION1. AT THE BEST ITS VERSION2 WHICH IS THE SAME AS MOST OF SUB RELEASES.

    2. 1) I wish it was completely uncensored. and I have to agree with UnkownVoice, they will save the complete uncensored version for the DvD releases, that way people have a reason to go out and buy them. Which also probably means a certain scene to come will be censored with steam or something to make you go buy the DvD.

      2) Yeah… The Anime Network is streaming it. And they couldnt even come up with their own player for videos, they had to use Jwplayer which sucks. They also have bad connection issues which make the episodes impossible to watch at times. The player also has issues going full screen in HD and will start to jump, at least for me. Also, it will no longer be available for free starting on episode 3, it will only be available to subscribers from there after and the free version a week later. I already pay for Crunchyroll, there is no way I am going to pay for another site that offers a shitty player.

      1. Developing a web player core is more complicated than you make it sound. Most streaming sites use licensed infrastructure in their players so it’s not really any better than just flat out using something like JW Player, it just makes them look more “professional.”

  15. Hope this goes back to Ep01 style: faster tempo, better music, more chaos, more blood… MOAR PANTSU!

    Laugh all you want, but what everyone loved so about Ep01 was that it was refined pure 100% adrenalin. Also, it was refreshing to have a main character (Takashi) who wasn’t your mediocre average confused/smiling Japanese loser kid. This guy’s got guts, goals, charisma, and major presence.

  16. i hate spring zombies all they do is startle these more realistic zombies are a far bigger threat. One of the many things i hate are the zombie mutants this series is good because the zombies are the same its just that the situations they get it make it more interesting

  17. the show is epic – even the references
    1. Episode Music theme from 28 Days
    2. This Episode: Hirano Kota – does the name Hirano Kohta ring a bell?

    also hooray for gravity – that nurse…well she has a more important role in the later story


  18. I agree with megalith about Rei. She’s not doing too well in my books in both the anime and the manga, but she was more tolerable this episode. What I didn’t like was how Rei seemed to get along with Takashi very well in this episode as opposed to the manga. To me it will just make a certain scene in the next episode have less imapact.

    As for Takagi, I like her a lot more. Not only is she pretty smart at some points, but she acts like a girl would when s**t hits the fan. I feel that her character is pretty strong although she’ll break down at some points which is pretty realistic. An added bonus is that Kitamura Eri voices her so we get some Kawashima Ami attitude in there as well.


    I KNEW I recognized that voice from somewhere. Looking forward to more of Hirano’s epic moments. He looked badass (in an otaku-ish way) when he was assembling the gun.

    You can just FEEL the entire world breaking down around them when Takagi loses it. I hope everyone (well, except that nurse. IT WAS HER FAULT THAT OTHER GUY DIED.) makes it out alive.

  20. The main reason I have doubts about this being more than 13 episodes is, as I said with episode 1, the manga doesn’t look anywhere near finished. Only way I could see it done to 24 episodes is if they REALLY drag out what there is of the manga so far like they’ve done already by only showing about half of Chapter 2 this episode. Mostly in it just to watch Saeko animated, lol. (Though Rei and Saya aren’t bad either. Saya with glasses is certainly nice.)

    As for Shizuka-sensei, she’ll probably either (whether later in the anime or manga)…

    A.) Sacrifice herself to save everyone else and let them escape.


    B.) Do something that’ll save a main character(s) life. (Either sustaining a life-threatening injury or even, by some miracle, find some cure for whatever the hell is going on ala Arukawa in Elfen Lied.)

    1. A power drill.

      I never had high hopes for this series. I read the manga, and it was okay, not amazing like people were making it out to be. Anime of 2010? I doubt it. I can easily see this being 13 episodes. It’ll probably just end near Saya’s house, and leave it open for Season 2.

      Freezer Burn
  21. Too many beach balls! Ah, wait…this ain’t the beach!

    Damn, Shizuka’s gainaxing itself was more than enough, thank you very much…but adding sound effects to that boobie bounce? Well, I guess it’s a good counterpoint to the crapsack situation the survivors are in…

    HIKARI NI NARE!! *does some headshots with MacGyver’d nailgun rifle*

    Apparently, Kota Hirano doesn’t need Cardio at the moment…he already knows Double Tap! Can’t wait ’till he gets a hold of some real guns…and maybe that’s where we’ll hear more of Noboyuki Hiyama’s signature hot-blooded voice. (Hot-blooded gun otaku? Why not?)

  22. Its kinda hard to keep the suspense with all the retarded fan-service they keep showing. Also the characters so far are very single-minded and stereotypical and the storyline is looking unoriginal. Still, I guess if your into anime you have to be used to those things so I’ll let them off for now 😛

    At least the art style/animation are decent.

  23. I thought this ep was better than the 1st. Glad they toned down the fanservice stuff.
    Much easier to enjoy the story rather than getting annoyed because the too-many panty shots like in the first ep.
    I’ve never watched ecchi before coz I dont really like it but I’m gonna try & stick with this one coz the story sorta looks promising…

  24. Was anyone else getting annoyed by Takagi shouting “I’m a genuis!” and snobbish attitude during the episode?

    Overall great episode, I loved the gun Hirano made….also viral voice actor ftw.

    David Herbert
    1. yeah she is kinda annoying at first. And the series has some cliches thrown here and there.
      But it gets better on as we progress by chapters. Although not significant, there are some character developments and they become more organized as a group


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