「乳と白パンツと小生」 (Chichi to Shiro Pantsu to Shousei)
“Breasts, White Panties, and I”

Anyone who needs a funny comedy this season and hasn’t checked out Mitsudomoe yet should do just that, as it continues to deliver good laughs week after week. Every time I suggest it to someone, I always have to insist that they look past the goofy round-headed character designs just so that they give it a chance, after which most become an instant fan. Despite the relatively simplistic premise, there are plenty of laughs to go around after all, thanks to the Marui triplets’ unique personalities. What’s more, Bridge studio’s animation work in their first series has been really consistent and at what I’d consider at pretty high production levels too (…for a comedy anyway). Naturally, you have to be okay with slightly lewd jokes to have any chance of laughing till it hurts, but that doesn’t seem to be a hard requirement to fill in this day and age. As with any fictional anime series, one only needs to suspend their disbelief that such quirky six graders can exist then sit back and enjoy the ride to get a lot of good fun from this one.

For everyone else already on board from the past few weeks, Futaba not only showcases her obsession with breasts this episode, but also her uncanny ability to give it shape with her artistry, which even Principal Toda (Takaoka Binbin) can’t help but take notice to. He may just be a breast man, but her sketch of the perfect F-cup moved him enough to give it an award and put it on display. I wasn’t sure what was funnier in that opening skit though. Satoshi’s shock in seeing Futaba’s real life portrait of him or Mitsuba easing her into the idea that she’ll get used to having everyone looking at her breasts. The first one had more immediate impact, but Mitsuba’s crafty masochistic training was as eye-opening as it was strangely mesmerizing. Clearly, the eldest daughter is fairly experienced in the ways of a sadistic queen and making playthings of people, and it’s scenes like that with misleading lines full of sexual connotations that continue to provide the subtler type of humor. To help keep comments such as Satoshi’s one about liking Futaba’s breasts in check, we then have Aiko around to follow up by calling everyone perverts and make it all work. On a separate note, it probably goes without saying that it’s so sensible to use Nipples the hamster as censors for actual nipples, yet I still consider it somewhat clever at the same time. Thumbtacks aren’t too shabby either it would seem, at least according to Futaba.

Interestingly enough, the next part with Futaba breaking Mitsuba’s pencil case and feeling bad about it to the point that she cut up her own karate gi to make a set of replacements gave a more touching side to the triplets’ relationship. That is, until Satoshi’s remark about who the hell the angelic girl from their flashback is and Hitoha ruining the mood by saying she doesn’t want one took the series back to its comedic roots in a heartbeat. As amusing as that setup was, Shinya and Yuudai were the highlight of this episode with the latter’s hunt for “the precious” in the triplets’ bedroom (à la Gollum in The Lord of the Rings). The fact that Shinya isn’t a pervert but quickly gets misunderstood as one had me laughing to no end, especially when he dug his own grave by getting caught up in a game of Hacky Sack with Mitsuba’s underwear. The end result of him getting carried away with his fancy footwork was absolutely priceless, along with his “Saiaku da!” outburst at the end. The literal translation is “the worst”, but in that situation it more or less warranted the “oh f*ck me” meaning and is exactly what I interpreted it as.

Somehow, I’m not the least bit surprised that Yuudai comes off scot-free from what was supposed to be a group project at the Marui household, but it was pretty funny to see him go on to help a naive Futaba tarnish Shinya’s image more. If Shinya wasn’t an honors student, he’d probably be in heaven with a future female doujinshi artist giving him all of her sister’s underwear. Of course, that wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining for me when I’m starting to get some Shinya x Mitsuba vibes from their ongoing misunderstandings, so his earnest self definitely puts a much better spin on things. In fact, Shinya is quickly proving to be another victimized character for comic relief — possibly even topping Satoshi since he’s the same age as the triplets — so I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more of him in future episodes. Seriously, that “Saiaku da!” killed me. Sanpei Yuuko is awesome.

* Crunchyroll added Mitsudomoe to their line-up of simulcasts this season today. I can only imagine the faces of unsuspecting viewers who think this series is anything like Hanamaru Youchien. Mwahaha.




  1. Mitsudomoe has to be the most disturbingly entertaining anime series around and I think they’ve covered just about everything when it comes to perversion
    Crunchyroll is in for a shock with this anime series LOL!!!!

  2. …. Is it me? or does that portrait that Futaba first drew look like Aunt Haruka from the Love Hina series? well, obscure references aside this show is absolutely the highlight of this season. cant get enough of it. 😛

  3. I personally have no problems with the shape of the character’s heads, it’s acutally quite adorable (and what brought my attention to the series, originality is a good thing right?). Besides that, I love the LOL’s! Hitoha’s ‘demon eyes’ crack me up every time. XD

  4. Oh god, I almost busted a gut laughing at this episode. The two moments that stood out most for me was when Futaba made those new cases out of her ougi and they had that heart felt moment, and then Hitoha just says dryly “I don’t want one”. It’s so small and subtle and yet I ended up falling off my bed from laughing at it.

    The second was, obviously, when Satou and his friend was kicking around a pair of panties so casually, like they were playing soccer, only to have them land right on Satou’s head right when the twins came in. The face Satou had was priceless.

  5. I don’t remember when was the last time I laughed so hard. this is one of the best series of the year.

    Mexico will have all the petroleum of British Petroleum, but none of the of anime of Crunchyroll. So sad

  6. Crunchyroll’s viewers are going to be in for a real surprise with Mitsudomoe.
    Again, priceless moments (Hitoha’s one liner after the sacrifice Futaba made, the expression on Micchan’s face when she caught Shinya removing the panties from Futaba, etc…) make this series a must see. For all their twists and unique characters, I find the triplet to be adorable.
    Misunderstandings had never been that funny in anime! Viva Mitsudomoe!

  7. I wonder what all those unsuspecting Crunchyroll members think when they see the ‘Mature Content’ warning when they click to watch it. I have a Crunchyroll membership, but I already had been watching this series since it started airing. Nice treat for me when they announced it but the first thing that happens when you click on an episode you get that warning. I wonder how many people will skip that warning without thinking and be in for a shocker lol

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