「最後ノ一羽」 (Saigo no Ichiwa)
“The Last Bird”

While I don’t follow the SEKIREI manga, it’s probably worth noting that this sequel is adhering pretty close to the source material and quickly approaching the extent of what’s been released. There have been ten volumes published to date, and this episode makes headway into the beginning of the seventh one. With three volumes to go, there should be sufficient material to adapt into another eight episodes and sum up a twelve episode run like the first season, but I’m curious as to whether things will be left open for a third season or if we’ll have an anime original ending this time around. Naturally, I’m all for the former even if it means waiting another two years, so hopefully that’s the route the producers go with. At the same time, I’m not terribly fond of the idea that things will be open-ended and the series will have to wait for the manga to release enough volumes to warrant a third season, after being reminded of how a lot was left to be desired at the end of season one. In the end, a potentially unsatisfying end in the near future while leaving the door open for more later on is still my preferred option.

As for this episode itself, the focus was on the last unwinged Sekirei in the northern region of the capital city Shintou, where Minato currently resides as the kingpin Ashikabi even though he isn’t aware of it. Similarly, he isn’t aware that Kagari/Homura is the Sekirei of interest since he doesn’t even know he is one. Well with the way it’s remained that way for the longest time thanks to Matsu choosing to keep her mouth shut so she doesn’t get cremated alive, it’s nice to see some background story finally flesh out now that Kagari’s body is reacting uncontrollably to Minato’s presence. This episode also marks the first time we actually hear anything from deceased M.B.I researcher and former husband of Miya, Asama Takehito (Chiba Susumu), who’s been wrapped up in mystery all this time. While Takehito’s true impact on the overall story remains to be seen, the revelation that Homura was created as some sort of experimental hermaphrodite for Hiroto’s entertainment did answer a lingering question I’ve had for some time. It looks like it’ll serve as the focus of the next bit as well, with Homura out to try and kill Hiroto for giving him — and only him — such a twisted body.

Admittedly, I was expecting Homura to get winged this very episode, but it looks like that will be saved for a much more crucial moment. Given how Takehito alluded to his body only truly stabilizing as one sex if he finds an Ashikabi it reacts to, Homura does look poised to become Minato’s female Flame Sekirei in the not too distant future. I gather that “she” will allow herself to be winged once she realizes that she’s unable to control her powers properly otherwise, making killing Hiroto even harder than Miya already suggested that it is. For now, it’s going to become a free-for-all Ashikabi fray to try and make the Flame Sekirei theirs, after Hiroto decided to stir things up by mass e-mailing everyone about the last unwinged Sekirei. I still don’t see it as quite the same as Kuu’s situation from season one, but that’s how it’s being made out to be to get the Sekirei fighting one another again. I agree it’s been peaceful for far too long, so it’ll be interesting to see things pick up with Mikogami Hayato (Fukuyama Jun) taking the initiative by sending Akitsu (Kobayashi Yuu) in first, while Seo Kaoru (Konishi Katsuyuki) continues to waste away fawning over Hikari and Hibiki (Kaida Yuuko and Neya Michiko) like he always does.

The difference this time around is the addition of a new Ashikabi and his Sekirei joining the mix, as well as Higa Izumi (cast change to Suwabe Junichi) potentially bringing his own along. There’s still Uzume being extorted by Izumi through Kakizaki, so I’m keeping my eye on her appearance now that she’s left Izumo Inn. Anyway, the stage looks set for the next phase, so I’m looking forward to things picking up on the action side of things soon.

* I got a good laugh out of Tsukiumi thinking Minato swings the other way after hearing how he felt up Kagari’s chest. Also, the censoring was pretty blatant in the bath scenes this episode, so there’s evidently a lot saved for the DVD/BD release already.




      1. this reminds me of that girl in negima -manga-who is a boob maniac

        also yes there seem to be an abundance of large breasts around this guy-also with this many girls he’s going to have to establish a pecking order

  1. Hmm, its sadly likely that they will make something up. They did for the first season with a radicly changed last episode. It took 3 episodes of this season to get things on track again after that. Most of the things that happened so far this eason was supposed to happen before or during the bridge escape. Kazehana was winged there, Minato got hurt etc. The good news is that they have plugged the holes they made in the story so things can progress according to the manga now. But its anyones guess what they will do to get an ending for this season as there is realy no good place for an end in the manga that I can see. Ofcourse, they can always end it with a massive fanservice episode, that might leave the fans happy in a diffrent way 🙂

      1. Yupp. They worked real hard to fit in the bits they had skipped while not adding anything that didnt seem too much out of place. The mini-Kazehana arc wasnt that serious as the kidnapping was more funny then anything else. The ending of season 1 was more out of place as the battle was too flashy as the entire Sekirei thing is still a secret to the general public.

  2. I wish Seo win the sekirei contest lol!!!! go for the bold underdog always. The Uzume story arc has me worried, I like her a lot. Actually right now there isn’t a character to hate. Even the disciplinary squad is fun to watch and they are doing their work. hmmm on second thought we do got the evil villan: Yukari scoring yet another destroyed crotch !!!!!
    Need to pre order this series can’t live with all the opportunistic light :(((

    Island Esper
  3. Sekirei manga is already about 8 chapters into Vol 11. It’s about the same amount ahead as the manga was when Season 1 started to air. They will probably change the last episode to wrap up the season like they did for season 1 (Minato wings Kazehana during the bridge fighting, and goes to the hospital at the end of bridge battle for example) and then fix the continuity in 3rd Season.

  4. YYYYYES! At last, we’re moving into full throttle Homrua action! I absolutely love this character, and I want to cosplay him/her so badly.

    Thanks so much for covering this series. I don’t know what I’d do without you! <3

  5. Well, seems poor Homura is genderbending into a girl under awesome pimp powers of Minato. I dont know for who of the pair feel more sorry…
    Jokes like that aside seems there will be a battle royale for poor Homura’s winging, and I fully expect Minato to “win”.
    Also Minato being unknowingly kingpin Ashikabi is hilarious, and to add insult to injury he controls most of the single digit Sekirei (which were modified to be stronger originally to defend the Sekirei island from invasion by international armies).
    Lets look – he has 03 (Kazehana) and 04 (Matsu), Homura is AFAIK 05, Tsukiumi is 09 and last but not least there is 08 lurking within Musubi. Add to this the most powerful one, 01 aka Scary Landlady , though retired is training his flock in the martial arts…
    If there would be bets on Sekirei plan winner, I’d bet my last penny on Minato. Even without knowing he’s story protagonist.

    1. Matsu is actualy #2. #4 is Karasuba, the katanawielding nut in discipline squad with the hots for Musubi’s inner self. Homura is #6. #5 is Mutsu, the one seen causing an earthquake in the flashback and is now with the guy messing with Uzume. Uzume (#10) and Shiina (#107) will most likely end up allied with Minato someday btw.

      I agree that Minato has an amazing set of Sekirei and is second to none in quality. We can expect some hilarity when they finaly meet up with Yukari again. I dont expect her to look at niisan in the same way ever again 😉

      1. Well, thanks for correction… also I wonder what happens to Sekirei whose Ashikabi dies? I am specifically thinking of Uzume. I think Izumi will eventually kill her Ashikabi off once she stops being useful anymore.
        Also I wonder what is the deal with “rejected” Sekirei like Akitsu?

      2. Show Spoiler ▼

  6. Ha, I was waiting for this arc to be animated. In the manga the difference between Kagari before and after the sex change isn’t that apparent but coupled with the voice changing pitch and the anime boob physics, you can really see the women in Kagari come out. I’m not sure which pronoun to use anymore though. :p

    1. Agreed, its alot more subtle and gradual as well in the manga. Its too obvious in the anime to the point that I cant see how anyone could mistake Humura for a normal guy anymore. Its like an A-cup in the manga and a C-cup in the anime. ‘He’ actual had to take of his shirt for Minato to notice the boobs in the manga.


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