SEKIREI ~Pure Engagement~ – 00

「閑話弐題(鶺鴒診断/鶺鴒余暇(りぞーと))」 (Kanwa Ni Dai (Sekirei Shindan / Sekirei Yoka (Rizooto)))
“Two Small Talks (Sekirei Diagnosis / Sekirei Leisure (Resort))”

In the first half of this mini prequel to the series, all the Sekirei get called in for a routine physical check-up where fighting is prohibited. All this really means though is that we get to see them strip down and get their measurements taken. Being a DVD/BD bonus episode, everything was completely uncensored as well.

WARNING: Nudity ahead. NSFW.

SEKIREI ~Pure Engagement~ – 08

「草ノ遊戯」 (Kusa no Yuugi)
“Playing in the Grass”

After one episode of flashbacks, this most recent one was almost entirely invested in setting up the Sekirei Project under Minaka’s new rule. In short, it was his way of saying go out there and kill some other Sekirei or the M.B.I and its Disciplinary Force will come by to kill yours.

SEKIREI ~Pure Engagement~ – 07

「遠イ物語」 (Tooi Monogatari)
“Distant Story”

Gather around, it’s story time! A lot of it wasn’t really new story as far as the anime is concerned though, seeing as the discovery of the crashed spaceship on Kamikura Island after it mysteriously appeared in the Sea of Japan was mentioned back in episode seven of the first season.