「婚グ言葉」 (Kunagu Kotonoha)
“Marrying into the Family”

“Flame Sekirei GET!” is probably what Minato is thinking again with the way he’s snagging Sekirei like they’re Pokemon. For his most recent catch, I could probably joke all day about how Homura was the first one he initiated the kiss on and its implications of his sexual preference after he was flashed with the “goods”, but I’ll abstain from doing so for the sake of not spoiling Minato’s heartwarming gesture. We are talking about a Sekirei who had lost all hope in getting revenge on Minaka for giving him such a twisted body and was considering suicide, so I do have some sympathy towards Homura’s situation. In fact, I like how he never once went to anyone for support and tried to deal with his burden alone as a Guardian, rather than sulking about it and feeling sorry for himself. It was a refreshing change to see a Sekirei driven by anger and a thirst for revenge, so his decision to go out in a blaze of glory instead of being a pawn in Minaka’s game warrants some respect as well. At this point, I’m still not entirely sure if his body has completely stabilized as its female counterpart, though the scene following his winging seemed to suggest that might be the case. All Homura’s monologue indicated was that his powers and body have stabilized, so unless someone’s planning to take a peek down his pants to confirm, I’ll assume he’s still some hybrid-gender for now.

For a free-for-all hunt, the sudden departure of Hayato, Mutsu, and Akitsu upon the arrival of Kakizaki and a couple of Higa Izumi’s Sekirei from the East was a bit disappointing to see. Just when I thought there was going to be a four-way clash between the dominant Ashikabi from each region, one leaves and another doesn’t join in. However, I am curious about the other Sekirei looking on that Mutsu took notice of before retreating, and whether they were all Izumi’s or some of Sanada Nishi‘s (Taniyama Kishou) while he was getting a taste of Yukari’s fury. I’d like to believe that we’re not down to a handful of Sekirei already if there were 108 to start with, even with the killing sprees that Karasuba’s been on, so I’m hoping it’s the former just for variety sake. Of the ones that actually do get any sort of introduction, they seem to get written off quickly enough as is. No. 86 Katsuragi was a prime example of that at the hands of Musubi’s Bear Punch, which is a bit of a shame because I would’ve liked to hear Kanemoto Hisako a bit more since her lead role as Sorami Kanata in So-Ra-No-Wo-To. Incidentally, this does mark Musubi’s second registered kill, after she took out Yomi in season one. In light of characters coming and going too soon, I was actually relieved to see No. 101 Oriha (Iguchi Yuka) live to fight another day even in the face of Tsukiumi’s “Yamata no Orochi” (i.e. Eight-Forked Serpent of Japanese mythology).

While I understand the need to have some characters killed off to progress the story, the lack of screen time really diminishes any sort of impact their death may have had. Now if we’re talking about one of the Disciplinary Force members, that would definitely have some “oomph”. As for where things stand now, Minato’s harem should be complete with the addition of Homura and marks the shift to the third stage of the Sekirei Project. Miya is finally showing indication that she has hopes for Minato as well, which coincides with the revelation of Takehito’s face for the very first time. I never quite understood the need to wrap him up in so much mystery, but apparently now’s a good time to show his eyes. Before things continue on though, it looks like we’re taking a trip down memory lane to learn a bit more about the first generation Disciplinary Force from Matsu’s perspective. As interested as I am in that, it sure feels like we’re overlooking Uzume’s situation a bit too much. Miya, Matsu, and Kazehana are well aware of it, so uh… someone help Uzume now…?

* lol at Minato saying the Sekirei trademark line “ikuhisashiku” (forever) to Homura after being told to take responsibility.




  1. sigh, i also thought it would be a 4-way royal rumble aswell. LOL,so Homura is a futanari now?
    next episode is a trip down memory lane then,seems like the part where Show Spoiler ▼

    is a bit far yet or maybe they won’t animate that part.Still even with Takehito being brought to light I’m somewhat getting this gut feeling that Miya is also gonna be included into Minato’s ranks.

    1. Yeah, the anime makes it a bit clearer that she isn’t exactly neutral, but rather firmly in camp Minato even now. But what would happen to his personal life then? Miya is already the one that manages his harem, so what will happen when she joins it? Will she keep herself out of Minato’s bed? 🙂

      1. Minato is probably the strongest Ashikabi in all 4 areas of the city.At his current disposal,with Homura’s addition he has now a total of 4 single-digits and 2 of them are from the 1st generation disciplinary squad,a powerful melee with the soul of the former leader of the 2nd generation disciplinary squad plus a loli who controls plant life.also he has a few people helping/supporting him (the 1st generation leader,his mother,the guy who was twin sekireis.)but at this point he can’t get anymore since Homura was the last unwinged one.If he does manages to wing Miya somehow though, all I can say is that the other “3 kings” might start praying for their very lives the moment he decided to go all out against them.with the exception of Karasuba,there isn’t a Sekirei known who can fight Miya on equal terms.

      2. There might be something more to the S-plan then we know right now too. It may be that a powerful Ashikabi is needed for some reason. And that is why this promoted conflict is taking place, to force a strong winner to appear.
        Show Spoiler ▼

    2. Yeah. It would be good to see a bit more of Miya’s abilities. As far as the fans know she is a very powerful swords-woman and by common sense holds the rank of Sekirei Number One(in case no one has taken a hint yet). That is far from seeing as how Show Spoiler ▼

      So i guess for the time being we can only wait and see. Hopefully is they -do- plan on continuing the anime to follow the manga they do so as acording to the manga’s story and not spin off with some wired crap like at the end of season one(https://randomc.net/image/SEKIREI/SEKIREI%20-%2011%20-%20Large%2024.jpg).

  2. Hmm, that flashing is a change to the story. I hope we still get a little chat between Homura and Minato about genders.

    Its funny to see how even Musubi can get jealous sometimes as they do a jealousy powered level up there 🙂

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

      Its less of a problem with not reaching a good end spot this season if they already know that they will be able to do another season as then some cliff hangers might even be good. It’s a bit how this manga is built as well. There is alot of long term plots going on. For example so did the Homura story start with hints as far as the start of the manga/anime and is only now getting resolved. All of Minato’s current Sekirei actualy showed up in the first chapter of the manga!

      1. Personally,i think the anime is catching up to the manga.Some chapters were concluded in one episode.But judging from the storyline,im certain there will be a 3rd season(hopefully).The series getting better by the day.Ooooo,I cant wait for the latest chapter of the manga!!!

      2. Nah, there is a lot left before the anime catches up to the manga. It may not seem like it as there is a lot of seemingly unimportant battles and little progress with the main story for a while that is between where the anime is at and where the manga is.

  3. It was nice to see Homura get some time in the spotlight, as she’s been my favorite character since season 1. I was under the impression that she was female from the start (because of the look and the voice acting), and it was just Minato+harem that thought he was a guy, so the gender thing was… surprising. There is a clear difference in the interaction between the adults (single digits) and the teens (the harem) on this show, and Homura kind of fell in between. She demanded respect and admiration for her strength from everyone below her. But people like Kazehana and Miya, who saw how troubled she was deep down, treated her like a child that needs to be nudged in the right direction.

    I’m also confused about a couple of things. Do Miya and Matsu genuinely like Minato, or are they just using him to break free from the game? Also, what’s with the power levels in this show? It seems like Akitsu was able to dominate Homura, a single digit, and Uzume who is #10. Homura might have lost because she was unstable, but still, the rankings seem to be a bit off.

    Didn’t screencap the awkward ikuhisashiku moment! >_<

    1. Miya and Matsu definitely have high hopes for Minato Show Spoiler ▼

      . As for the part where Homura get owned,yeah she’s definitely unstable and can’t wield flames properly as for Akitsu though Show Spoiler ▼


  4. The memory lane in the manga :
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Yes we need a third season !!!!
    In the manga I got the feeling that they stress out more the importance of saving a friend rather than worrying about his gender . In here they touch it but I didn’t felt it that deep. Show Spoiler ▼

    So Minato going for Homura’s lips felt natural and sweet (in manga) rather than a: “what he just did” moment (anime). Maybe I’m to used to traps 😀
    Seo is king using his sekirei to get food. That was priceless.

    Island Esper
  5. well, it seems not all defeated Sekirei die outright, and all are taken by MBI for unknown reasons – maybe some of them are revived? do they stop being Sekirei and turn ordinary human?
    lol-ed how Mutsu disobeyed Hayato and organised tactical withdrawal in the face of Higa’s numbers.
    I wonder if the scooby gang from Izumi Inn can save Uzume’s Ashikabi?
    Kazehana, as I expected wasnt going to let Minaka killed… yet. She also is most concerned with Uzume (along with Miya). I am growing to like her, she seems carefree drunkard, yet inside has caring heart.
    As expected Tsukiumi gave cold shower (literally) to immolating Homura. I love her tsundere way of showing feelings!
    Musubi gets bear paw attack, yay! It’s a pity Katsuragi was knocked out, since peson with that name deserves better…
    I bet a squad of Elite Yaoi Fangirls somewhere in the world is organising expedition to remove Homura’s pant and check the… inside.
    I’d love in the next episode to hear more about origins of the Sekirei, Matsu, you hear me?
    Homura gets Admiral Ackbar Award for the trap of the season…

    1. Hmm, correct. I misheard what Mutsu said. I originally thought he said, “it doesn’t seem like this is the last unwinged Sekirei”, when he actually said, “it seems like the last unwinged Sekirei is out of the question” (in light of all the other Sekirei around).

      Hayato told him to kick all their asses, and Mutsu was saying how that’s easier said than done and things might be different if he brought two or three more Sekirei along.

    1. MBI picks them up, but what happens after that we don’t know. We do know that Sekirei that lose the crest can’t ever come back to their Ashikabi. But why or how it works is a mystery still.


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