「棚町薫編 第一章 アクユウ」 (Tanamachi Kaoru-hen Dai Isshou – Akuyuu)
“Tanamachi Kaoru Chapter 1 – Bad Company”

The story may have reset and started off very similarly for Tanamachi Kaoru’s route, but it’s like a whole new ball game with the spunky attitude she brings along. She isn’t nicknamed “Kibitou’s Nuke” for no reason, and goes on to show how much fun her outgoing personality is. Voiced by Satou Rina, Kaoru has that older sisterly feel to her presence, but is so easygoing to the point that she’s like one of the guys. On top of her wavy hair that sets her apart from the other girls, she also happens to know Junichi from back in middle school, which leads to her husband/wife teasing and melodramatic sarcasm — both of which I absolutely fell in love with here. She’s not quite the same kind of tease that Haruka was, as her misleading acts of fawning over Junichi more or less stems from the fact that she’s very playful and doesn’t feel that he sees her in any romantic sort of way. She’s more or less the close female friend that most guys have, whom they’ll hang out with but don’t see as anything more than a friend.

As this is an anime, it’s pretty hard to gauge exactly who’s considered really attractive since all the girls are designed to look pretty. Haruka was a given since she was the touted high school idol, so all the signs she gave Junichi during her arc came off as a huge tease. In Kaoru’s case, she looks equally as attractive to us and would easily have any guy considering her as a girlfriend with the way she nibbles on Junichi’s ears just to tease him, but his lack of initial interest in her suggests she’s not quite at Haruka’s level story-wise. I find that’s the shallow truth as to why real life isn’t more like all these high school anime, so assuming Kaoru is of only so-so looking, Junichi’s disinterest in her doesn’t seem all that unbelievable. She is known as a troublemaker of sorts after all, even though she means well, and is a tsundere to boot with the way she’s quick to lash out.

Now call me crazy, but the idea of a clingy tsundere just totally blows my mind away. It’s not something I see every day that’s for sure, so it totally crept up on me and caught me off guard. After seeing her try to cast off knocking out Junichi and sending him to the nurse’s office as his own fault for tripping and falling, only to wind up apologizing afterward when it was clearly a lie, I became an instant fan of her character. The delusions that Junichi had about her calling him out to the flower garden after school for a confession served to up her appeal more, and left me wondering if my feelings are actually that fleeting towards anime characters. I mean, Haruka did make a brief sleepy appearance in this episode, but I was entirely in “Kaoru Mode” and didn’t even care. It looks like I’m going with the “flavor of the month” at the four-episode pacing set forth for each of these girls’ arcs.

Anyway, the best part of Kaoru’s character is how quickly she was turned into a love-struck girl when Junichi nonchalantly mentioned that he thought she was going to confess to him. It’s almost as if Kaoru had already secretly liked him on some level yet had no expectations from it — which would explain her overly friendly behavior around him — and this opened the door to the idea that he actually sees her as a potential girlfriend. It was a pretty nice follow-up to his disappointment over being asked to serve as a representative for all the male students, where he actually gave some good advice to Tanaka Keiko (Kadowaki Mai about a month old confession she gave a guy but has yet to receive a proper response from. It looked like Junichi took Kaoru a bit by surprise on how dependable he can be, which snowballed into a very flustered waitress when Junichi decided to go to the family restaurant she works at to return the teasing favor.

While Haruka had the back of the knee as her charm point for Junichi, Kaoru appears to be countering very quickly with “Absolute Territory”, a.k.a. zettai ryouiki. I’m completely sold on it already, plus Kaoru’s character ending theme song for her arc. Originally, I was thinking this series would have worked better if it remained one continuous story, but have to say that the omnibus format does allow each of the girls to get much more focus. At the end of this series, I imagine I’ll be hard-pressed deciding which route and girl I enjoyed the most, as it looks like all of them are going to turn out pretty well. Needless to say, Amagami SS is definitely turning out to be the romance drama I’ve been looking for for the past while. I can’t wait to see more of Kaoru and then the other four girls remaining!

* Trivia: Amagami SS takes place at Kibitou High School 「輝日東高校」, which is intended to mirror KimiKiss’ Kibina High School 「輝日南高校」. i.e. East rather than South.


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「きっと明日は…」 (Kitto Ashita wa…) by 佐藤利奈 (Satou Rina)
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    1. I think not, but i would not be expecting it if i were u.
      the director of this thing as divine said in the first episode of this series, is the anime Working!!! which first aired months ago and is known for its humor.

    2. Same people who did Kimikiss. Anyways, there companies not known to do School days kind of stuff. And fundamentally, the moral of that story was not to mess around with many girls. Junichi believes in one girl relationship anyways.

      Sora no Kaze
  1. I’m thinking they will always start a new arc w/ junichi being stood up on Christmas eve and then meeting up with the main girl as he goes home.
    Also -if someone has already posted in the earlier episodes- the sequence of the girls shown at the first part of the opening song seems to show w/c arc is next.

  2. “In Kaoru’s case, she looks equally as attractive to us and would easily have any guy considering her as a girlfriend with the way she nibbles on Junichi’s ears just to tease him”

    Soft words there.

      1. I know what you mean. I, too, occasionally bring out the entire family after a day of fun and ice cream to bask beneath my 13 inch monitor at the beauty of your every word.

  3. I like this arc better already. Haruka always rubbed me the wrong way. Her whole character felt like the writers wanted to make her indulge as much fetishes as possible to titillate the viewer. It felt really distracting and I basically could not understand the “romance” with Junichi.

    At least I can buy Kaoru as a character and love interest. Sadly the character arcs I want to see will be at the end of the series.

  4. So far I’m liking Kaoru’s route more than Haruka’s, as I expected. The dynamic between Junichi and Kaoru is far more equal footed than the one between Junichi and Haruka which makes for far better interactions and mutual development between the characters. I felt like Haruka’s feelings for Junichi were really rushed in and not developed that well, but I can see why Kaoru started showing signs of liking Junichi. It also looks like we won’t have to go through two episodes of him trying to get her to accept, or at least entertain, his confession either, if next episode preview is any indication. Hopefully Junichi will go for somewhere a little more daring than the back knee this time around. :p

    1. Agreed. I really enjoyed this episode a whole lot more than Haruka’s first. More grounded and Kaoru feels more real to me. Also, I can’t help myself liking her too when she said she is working to help her mother. Seems like she has quite a maturity and responsability level over Haruka. I’d definitely could fall for someone like that.
      Makes me look forward not only to the rest of this arc but to the upcoming ones too. Amagami sure is fun to follow. =)

  5. I <3'd SexHair as soon as I saw her character design art. Then when I realized she was going to be the flirty/playful best friend character, I was completely won over.

    Screw every other chick in this series… SexHair is where it's at.

  6. i’m sorry. i can’t see the hair but i can see the electricity flying around. LOL JK. This arc is gonna be more win than the last one. i have a feeling…

    and, Kaoru’s zettai ryouiki is a lot more…..ordinary (if its ordinary at all) than Haruka’s back-of-the-knee stuff. When i saw that, i was like WTF?!

    All in all, I watch Amagami for the PLOT. Do YOU?

  7. I’m definitely feeling this arc more than I was feeling the Haruka arc. Maybe I’m just more of a fan of the friend relationship. I also feel that Kaoru is more real, or it just seems that way because we get to see more of her reactions to stuff on her own. Good episode.

  8. Watching those two together is almost painful. They’re friggen made for each other. Kaoru is a lot more sensible and has more common sense then Haruka, so that’s better to watch instead of all the false signals that Haruka unknowingly threw everywhere at the beginning. Plus right now Kaoru seems to be more “dere” and less “tsun”, and you can really see the attraction between the two that they both just kinda ignored before. I’m really looking forward to more! That uniform is win…

  9. Another awesome episode of Amagami SS, I swear, every episode seems to be getting better and better 🙂

    “But I was entirely in Kaoru mode and I didn’t even care,” YES DIVINE YES, that was exactly the same way that I felt when I saw Haruka too. I’ve got to say Kaoru’s story arc really has a different feel and character interaction from Haruka’s arc. I was half expecting the reset of the story to play out like Haruka’s but, I am glad that wasn’t the case at all. My worries on how AIC was going to go about the reset have been put to rest.

    Junichi and Kaoru’s interactions in this episode reminded me of Tomoya and Kyou’s interactions in the first half of Kyou’s story arc in the visual novel of Clannad.

    1. Kaoru is very cute in the scenes in the end. I think Junichi’s imagination is absolutely hilarious. I figured that Kaoru was going to be set the feel back into place. I thought it was kinda awesome how they play with the story scene such that becasue Junich went in the infirmary for a different reason he didn’t see Haruka on the side.

      Bah with all the things that go between the two, I’m surprise they haven’t realize how much closer they could get XP. Surprise Surprise we take things for granted to easily.

      They better not muck of Ai’s route though XP.

      Sora no Kaze
      1. You know, I just realized this but there are some scenes from the first episode of Haruka’s arc that I remember. Such as the road from the school that Kaoru and Junichi are walking on as well as the spot behind the school that they are talking about that confession with that friend of Kaoru’s. All of the sudden, it feels like a long time since that first episode and quite frankly Haruka’s arc all together. What do you think Sora?

        I am confused, what do you mean by “They better not muck of Ai’s route though”?

      2. That’s why I’m liking this omnibus format. It basically really puts emphasis on how small choices change the future. I’m assuming that we can take this as episode 2 of Haruka, except it’s all on Kaoru.

        It was a response to your AIC comment lol.

        Sora no Kaze
      3. I am so loving this omnibus format as well. I am really enjoying the emphasis on small choices as well. It gives you something to really think about, like the comment that I wrote above yours about how I noticed some scenes that were in the first episode of Haruka’s arc.

        Can you share with me the differences that you noticed?

        When I watched this first episode of Kaoru’s story, I felt like there was way more progress done here than in the first episode of Haruka’s story.

      4. Um… let me think, ah first one was obvious, the fact that he ended up in the infirmary for a different reason. Haruka was there, but the interaction was a bit different. He wasn’t tired that day lol. Miya and co. sees Junichi outside of school rather then at school. He bumps into Rihoko instead of Haruka at school. From the preview, (basically the next day or 2nd half of episode 2) He does meet Haruka in the library, but he spends time with Kaoru instead. Also, from the preview, after school, rather then going to the swimming club, he heads straight to the library. I’m not so sure how it fits the 1st episode, since it was more like an introductory to everyone rather then just Haruka… It kinda make sense now why there seems to be a lack of development. They should have devoted a first day episode by itself lol.

        A lot of areas were the same, but probably didn’t occur on the same day. So it’s hard to tell. For example, the flower area was where they talked about the confession, which by coincidence is also the same place where he confessed to Haruka. The streets are distinctly similar to last episodes I think. All the girls seem to have supported him in some shape or form during the time of his depression of being stood up. (though thats only two girls so far).

        Sora no Kaze
  10. I’m not too sure about this arc as of yet, will probably give it time to see how it shapes up. Cos the Haruka arc wasn’t too bad in how things flow in 4episodes. But then again, Kaoru has a stronger base being friends and all. (can’t wait for Rihoko)

  11. I guess I’m from the old school of thought…I gave this omnibus format a chance but I can’t feel the love. I agree that this format gives a better chance to highlight each girl. But I miss the interaction between each girl and the fight for her love. The vibe I received is like a void the only one that really counts is the girl of the month and the others don’t even care about him. Yikes even his sister didn’t care for him and gave him the shoulder for an ice cream. Looking from a parallel universe point of view it was nice and lovely episode. However looking at it as a whole I feel dirty betraying the “chosen” girl of the previous month for the next one. will record the series and watch it in chucks of 4 episodes on dark rainy days when drunk and on my period on full moon nights. Glad other enjoy it but it only leaves me sad and confused with my emotions which isn’t good with the little voices in my head.

    Island Esper
      1. Abandon all ships!All head to the nice boats…
        Sorry got carried away. And there is a reason why the girls were separeted into arcs. Also I think the guy is lucky to have even 1 of them interested, anything more is cosmicallly unprobable.

      1. Please, unless the story has something to do with a lesson such as School days or meant to be a tragic end… I don’t want another School Days.

        We don’t need a nice boat for such a happy anime. Leave that aside for HotD pls if you want, but not this one.

        Sora no Kaze
    1. I think the problem with this format is once again pacing. I personally like this format more than having to wait 7+ episode just because of the protagonist indecisiveness, but I also have to agree that the pacing in Haruka’s arc is too rushed(can’t feel the change from ordinary kouhai-lover from haruka’s perspective all that well.) Can’t comment on the new arc yet since it’s just the first episode, but the hurdle seems less higher since they are not stranger.

      And to island esper:

      I think it will be better to enjoy each arc like a new story just like I do rather than thing the whole six arc as a big series. Just think you watch 6 different series with only 4 episode each and some cameo from other series 😛

    2. There is no lack of harem setups in anime so its easy to find those if that is your cup of tea. But harem stories does require a wishy-washy male lead and girls who are fine with that. Obviously so would it have caused trouble with the Haruka arc as it was the fact that he didn’t give up and confessed a second time that turned her around. There are other girls who would be even more of problem with a harem setup too.

      But you may get some of what you want from this arc, as it seems the male has already delivered the knockout punch without knowing it. We actualy got to see some of this story from the girls perspective this time around, wich is a bit rare for a VN story. It seems like we will get to see her try and capture the guy this time around as she recognised her feelings already. It might be a bit painful considering her personality.

    3. Times are changing. I’m not trying to say that the omnibus format is bad or good. This is the first time I experience it and is not clicking well with me. Humans are beings of routine and customs. If more companies pick this format up. Most probably I’ll be forced to change and “learn” to enjoy it as the industry changes or die and fade away like the dinosaurs.
      I know most harems end bad or open ended; but that’s the way I “learn” to like them. Even when playing erotic games, I pick a girl and continue her path until the end; because she is my goal. Then for replay “value” I back track and pick another of my less favorite girl and follow her path; but just for curiosity’s sake. Here the “reset” is so hardcore that’s just bugs me.
      The best explanation so far is the one from aiueo123, force myself to think there are 6 short stories within one big anime name. But for the “reset” to kick in for me I can’t watch them back to back. Need something else besides the seven days to totally forget about Haruka’s back of knee kiss and be able to fully enjoy Kaoru’s zettai ryouiki (btw she DOES look nice) is not enough.
      Thanks for the fun and informative thread!

      Island Esper
      1. I was taught math, but after doing math for the past 15 years of my life, I have come to hate it. I am not sure how you and aiueo123 can enjoy such boring formats for god knows how long but I am sure it might take times to get used to. More harem anime should be like this.

      2. Times are indeed changing Island Esper, I agree with Inu that there now needs to be more romance anime like this one and there probably will definitely be more too. That is if this anime is successful, which will most likely be the case. I don’t understand people like you who demand a continuous story all of the time. How hard is it to just think, “ok that story line is over with and now it is resetting with a new girl as the love interest”. When you think about it, its a very simple thing.

        In my opinion, all of the story arc’s in this anime are all canon to me. There is no one story line that is the true one because they are all the true one.

        There are plenty of anime out there that fit your “Continuous Story” needs out there, I suggest that you go watch those instead of this one. If you have, then go watch them again and again.

  12. That was the first time I have ever seen a anime character bite a character’s ear but, then again the kiss on the back of the knee two episodes back was a first as well. So many first’s!!! I am but a young soul in life. I wonder what’s next? 🙂

    Hey Divine, is this the first time you have seen a character bite someone’s ear in a anime because I don’t know if you did or didn’t state that up above in your review.

      1. Nvm… if you look below at 0927123 post, you’ll see it. I figured it out now… Bakemonogatari was where I saw it… though for some reason, I thought there was another romance anime that did the same thing as well >_<

        Sora no Kaze
    1. I see so its Bakemonogatari that has a ear bite. For some reason I don’t remember that scene at all. HMMM…however, I definitely prefer Kaoru’s ear bites over any others that a anime out there might have.

  13. Kaoru was a classic, but very nice story. I love her antics a lot as well as Junichi’s train of thoughts. Classic gold, in me talking back again >_<. I like how they show how the different choices that happen might cause you to miss certain things, like Haruka sleeping in the same room. However… is what I saw in the previews what I think he's going for. Kaoru you're so daring! I figured most people would feel better with this arc, considering Haruka is the woah… what the lol.

    And duh you're going to find the shallow truth. It's cause anime is anime. Though on occasion they intertwine, it not very close.

    Sora no Kaze
  14. Man, just 1 episode and I believe I already love Kaoru more than Haruka. It didn’t even feel as weird as I thought it would with everything being “reset”, even with the extremely minor Haruka cameo here. It just felt so natural with how Kaoru is now in the spotlight and I hope it’s the same for the other girls too. I guess it also helps that the girls still interact with Junichi on some level, even when it’s not their arc, like how he and Kaoru had that little paper-ball fight in class when he was down about Haruka halfway through.

      1. “It” refers to this series, Amagami SS.
        Sorry for misleading. 😛
        Please note that there was a huge blank between the beginning and the Christmas Eve in Haruka arc. I just wonder if the production team descrube other characters in this blank.

      2. Yeah, ok so why do you hope for Amagami SS to be a continuous story when this episode clearly showed that isn’t the case here. Get with the program or find some other show to watch.

        The other part of your comment doesn’t make sense, a huge blank?

      3. ep1,2-beginning of the academic term
        ep3-Christmas was approaching
        ep4-Christmas & ten years later

        what happened between ep1 and ep3?
        To be honest,there was no paradox amid haruka arc and Kaoru arc.
        It’s really dull if they reset, reset and reset per 4 eps since the subsequent plot is foreseeable.
        ……or foreseeable plot is so exciting.

      4. Where does it say that the academic term starting in episode 1. I clearly remember characters in the first episode talking about it being November as well as talking about Chrismas. Now, if we can assume that the first episode was at end of November then there wouldn’t be any *huge blank* in the story.

        If you are really that confused over Haruka’s story arc then I recommend that you rewatch it.

        Why does there need to be a paradox in Haruka’s and Kaoru arc or is it that you want one in order to justify the reset? Unforunately, the production team plans to reset the story another four times before the series ends. Let me tell you that them resetting the story is far from dull, in fact its very exciting and I have no idea what is going to happen next in the story. I can’t wait for Thursday!!!

      5. A bad ending huh. I highly doubt that, especially after how the production team ended Haruka’s arc. The ending song is merely a representation of her personality and how she feels inside. Just like Haruka’s ending song.

  15. *still getting over the fact that Tsukasa goes last*

    Oh well. Kaoru is still pretty awesome, especially her reactions to Junichi’s teasing.
    Even though it’s still pretty early to call it, I’m liking her arc more than Haruka’s probably because of the whole “close friend who always hits me but never noticed that she was pretty and was girlfriend material” card. Anyway, I’m definitely excited to how things will go from here.

    1. You are not the only one because I too am having a hard time accepting that Tsukasa is last. Just think of it this way, that they are saving the best love interest for last.

  16. If I read the wiki page right, does this mean each story arc will be its own self-standing storyline and hence give each girl a chance at a romance with Junichi? Never seen this in an anime apart from a few OVA’s, but I’m glad cos as much as I liked the first story-arc (only just watched all 4 in succession this week as my dislike of Kimikiss made me decided to wait-and-see on this series whilst following it here). I had thought it would be interesting to watch the series despite knowing who Junichi ended up with early on, but I too have fallen for Kaoru’s charm and want to see her “happy ending”.

  17. lol,1st hinagiku arc now biri-biri arc.from what official sites states then next one is kogami akira arc,then C.C. arc and the last 2 arcs are the Milfeulle Sakuraba arc/Nunnally arc…,this show definitely has powerful casts in terms of seiyuus involve.

  18. I have no idea who Nunnally is, but if she is a psycho tsundere/kuudere like Ayatsuji then you are right.

    Also, you can get a glimpse on Ayatsuki’s personality in here too.

    Just pay special attention on Ayatsuji’s eyes when she interrupts Kaoru before the smile and after.

    I do not know if Divine noticed such rather subtle hint or not, but you can see that Ayatsuji’s eyes look bit freaky/scary and then they become normal after she smiles.

    1. Nunnally is a character from Code Geass and she is no psycho tsudere. I think that fluidity is referring to the the voice actress that voices Nunnally who happens to also voice Ayatsuji Tsukasa.

      I looked at that part that you referred to and I didn’t see what you saw in that scene. Her eyes look pretty normal. I did however get a glimpse of her personality back in the first episode which I mentioned in a previous blog of Amagami SS.

      I can’t wait for Tsukasa’s arc because she really interests me, not because she a psycho or anything like that but, because she has a personality that I can’t wait to see in action when she interacts with Junichi.

  19. nah it’s not character related,the references i mean.it’s the seiyuu’s who are voicing the 6 girls,the references stated are one of their famous voice over roles each respectively.

  20. anyone thinks the creator for Amagami SS has a leg fetish?

    first the back of the knee
    now the all mighty “absolute territory”

    what will they add next? toe kissing????

  21. Am I the only one that prefers Haruka over Kaoru? D:
    Sure Kaoru’s storyline is better so far, but I love how Haruka is very open yet very closed at the same time. It’s to cute >:D

    1. Of course not, there are still alot of people on Haruka-sama’s ship

      Do NOT give in to peer-pressure. Believe in what you think is best cause all I see here are enemies of our senpai dreadnought!!!

  22. One effect of this omnibus format is that when the later arcs come up so will we already know and identify with the new girls. I guess this may also be the reason for the order somewhat. Kauro had a fairly decent impact even in the first arc with her physical attention. The later girls have a more subdued role so far so need more time to build up.

  23. 6 girls in this show,the fans are gonna get divide for sure on who’s their favorite.polls in RC anyone?i won’t take a pick yet ’till the show is either half-way or almost finished,but i’m very curious to how Yukana ( C.C. seiyuu )will voice Ai after Kaoru’s arc given that her screentime isn’t satisfactory atm.

      1. You know Sora, I don’t think I will ever get tired of your enthusiasm for Ai Nanasaki. I am curious, what will you be saying after we all see Ai’s story arc?

      2. Yukana’s voice is definitely amongst the sultriest,so i was really eager to find out how she would sound voicing Ai given that most of her famous roles are that of a immortal sexy witch ( C.C.),a squeeky teenage submarine captain ( Teletha Testarosa) and an easy-going,hhnnnggg-inducing, booze-lover (Kazehana).

      3. Well I don’t know about Nanasaki Ai’s voice actress but, I do know that I too love Ai as well. She is so cute and I have to thank Sora for introducing me to the manga that features Ai. Why can’t more episodes of this show be released faster.

        So when you say that you want to hear Ai voice actress play as Ai, do you mean something like this…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljuMMCkfC-g

      4. Hmm, be sad for a while, we watch the episodes… get whacked by my girl for my over enthusiasm, have to fix that problem, then continue on with Amagami SS. Notice every detail of Ai appearances, and slowly plagued post with Ai Nanasaki post to the point where someone will tell me to get over it lol.

        Who knows, whatever happens happens lol.

        Sora no Kaze
      5. Sora, I can’t wait for your next post about Ai Nanasaki. Don’t be sad because after episode 6 there is only 6 more episodes to go before we get to Ai’s story arc. It will be here before you know it.

        Its going to be great, I know it will.

  24. We have entered an endless recursion of time…


    So begins the “Sex Hair” arc…and the first episode is a knockout… If that’s any indication, Kaoru’s arc promises to be just as fun to watch as Haruka’s arc, if not more… Hot damn!

    For some reason though, whenever I see those wind turbines in this show, I can’t help but think, “Are we still in Academy City?”
    IIRC, the first shot in Kaoru’s image song is that of a wind turbine… Actor allusion?

    1. (>_<)V thumb's up…nyaa im expecting this to be hotter than the first too *drools* oops…
      Speaking of academy city…when is TO ARU MAJ**** season 2 coming out?
      nyaaa :3

      Nyan ko
  25. Picked up the series late, but find it interesting, similar possibly to KimiKiss. while the characters are somewhat standard so far (aloof school idol, tomboyish genki girl, with class rep, sporty girl and childhood friend waiting to come), they have enough own quirks and personality to make them likeable.

  26. divine, divine, I agree with you in most of your opinions, and i disagree with others, Indeed, i though at first it could have been better if it was a single story plot line with everyone involved.
    But after i saw this episode i totally changed my mind,
    At first i thought, This new girl isnt’s goin to do better than haruka, but i was wrong!. i totally fell in love with her, and as you say, when haruka appeard in the nurse room, i was like bleh I don’t care.
    I’m really excited to see what each route will be like.

    Normally when a new anime season starts I pretty much love the first episodes of some series and grudually i stop liking them as much as i did at the beggening, but seems like this will not be the case with amagami SS

    Joseph Edward
  27. First post since seeing this site two years ago…anyway, loved the episode, and guess there’s gonna be some fun in Kaoru trying to get her feelings out to Junichi, who doesn’t seem that interested.

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