It’s good to know that I wasn’t the only one discontent with Minato’s sudden decision, as Kushina was pretty much on the same page as me. She more or less brought up every point that was bugging me last chapter, so it was like music to my ears hearing (reading) about her disapproval. In the back of my mind, I was all, “Oh hell yeah, you tell him Kushina!” Even though the outcome didn’t change with Minato taking half of the Nine-Tails’ chakra with him in death and sealing the remaining half in Naruto, I’m happy that the story didn’t gloss over the rational train of thought that I and many others had. I still feel there could have been a better way about it, and I really wish Kushina didn’t let Minato win this argument of all things, but her questions on how he can place a huge burden on their son to maintain the balance of the tailed beasts and how he can sacrifice himself for her sake were relieving in a way. She took the words right out of my mouth, as they were the exact same questions that I wanted answers from Minato from. I probably wouldn’t have been so critical about his quick decision last time if they came up before he used the Demon Seal technique.

Even now, I’m not too fond of how he sugarcoated his argument by saying he can’t substitute for Kushina as Naruto’s mother, suggesting that a few minutes with her is better than a lifetime with him. Call me crazy, but I strongly feel a single father is better than no parents at all. Hands down, no contest. Naruto would have absolutely loved Minato too, since he’d be the “coolest dad in the world” to him growing up and probably would have taught him a lot of amazing things — both about life and ninjutsu. In any case, I’m much more okay with the tragic outcome after knowing that there was some protesting from Kushina, and even got a bit teary-eyed in the scenes where she tried to give him as much motherly advice as possible in her and Minato’s final moments. The emotions there only really hit me when she tearfully added that she wanted to stay with Naruto and expressed the desire to live. With the way that all the characters have remained cool to the end with their valiant sacrifices, it’s good to see someone speak up about not wanting to die for a change.

While Naruto is still a very emotion-driven guy, he’s been through so much now that he’s a lot stronger mentality than he gives off. As such, it was very much like him to thank Kushina for giving him this life, before adding some sappy words about how her and Minato filled him with love before making him a Jinchuuriki. It’s hard to believe that saying only came up six chapters ago, but has already come back to make the impact that it did when Naruto said it to his mother. Evidently, Naruto’s good at bringing out emotions in other people as well, and this was probably the most profound one in the series thus far. Now that Naruto has learned the truth behind his past and fully accepted everything that’s happened thus far, his mental fortitude looks like it’s gone up just as much as his powers have with the Nine-Tails’ demonic chakra under his control. I dare even say he’s the “complete ninja” that Minato was banking on him becoming. Time to Hokage him up as the “Rokudaime”!


  1. That’s one package of hope that was gambled and luckily went well. And I agree with that, a single parent is better then nothing. I just wonder what would have been done with all that chakra if he didn’t do so.

    Sora no Kaze
  2. I almost cried dudes, dudettes. I can relate somehow, I was a premature baby and me and my mom almost died to the point my relatives were to choose who is to live. Well thank God we both survived. Anyways Kishi sensei is on a roll right now, go go go! (NaruSaku hint) :3

  3. Hmm, I agree with Divine.

    Even though I enjoyed this arc very much, I felt that Minato had loads more to offer, considering he may be the strongest shinobi to exist in Naruto.

    Also, did anyone notice an error here. In the first ever Naruto episode, at the beginning, Minato does the Dead Demon Soul technique while standing on top of Gamagunta (Frog Boss or whatever his name is) while the Fox is in the distance.

    This is completely different from this scene where him and Kushina gets impaled by the fox. And there’s no sign of the Frog Boss.

    I guess Kishimoto never really planned out the full event of this arc at the start. I also doubt he planned Uchiha Madara as the primary antagonist at the start too. He probably had set Orochimaru first.

    1. That scene was never in the manga. Anime =/= canon, as could be seen by one of the most recent Naruto episodes and all those fillers… Kishi hasn’t made any mistakes regarding this incident.

    2. Key word being anime Eamon. That scene does not exist in the manga at all. The manga only shows a bit of the kyuubi in the flashbacks. This flashback is accurate down to even showing why baby Naruto had blood on him in Chapter 1 (seriously, go look).

      Anime is full of little things like that they added that’s contradicted. Its why the manga is canon and the anime isn’t.

  4. Geez, that was a truly tragic scene :0.

    It’ll be cool to see how they do it in the anime. With the right music and voice acting, it could be truly heartwrenching :0

  5. Naruto’s life isn’t so bad after all comparing to Sasuke’s. Now it’s his turn. I wonder if Sasuke would play a role in the death to defeat the nine-tails thing once it comes.

    1. Well, there’s not much he could do. He tried to black out information surrounding Naruto being the Kyuubi’s Jinchuuriki from the younger generation so that Naruto would have a chance to make friends, but it’s not like the older villagers could forget what happened and simply like Naruto because the Third wanted them to.

    2. I would also disagree. On top of what Suzuku said, he was tolerant of Naruto’s antics as a kids and was one of the only people that was genuinely kind to him. That alone was a lot more than what someone like Gaara got during his childhood.

  6. This is probably the closest I have come to crying while reading Naruto. No, seriously, I almost cried. From pages 8-17 Kishi just really outdid himself. I already knew it was going to happen, that Kushina and Minato were going to die, but the way Kishi presented it was just beautiful. The two of them taking Kyuubi’s claw in the gut together to save Naruto and then Kushina rambling on all the things she wanted to teach to Naruto, and then Naruto telling her that they filled him with love and that look he had on the last page when Kushina disappeared… just… T.T

    That aside, I’m glad Kishi had Kushina bring up all the arguments against Minato sacrificing himself as well, as to avoid potential PIS accusations (…although it’s still a bit suspect). Even though these last few chapters have been really touching and revealing (that sounded wrong) I’m glad we can get back to the main plot and see how Naruto puts that Kyuubi chakra to use!

  7. Minato’s so stereotypical xD ‘Do as your mother says!’
    Still, it was really sweet. Kishi outdid himself with these chapters.

    Now, I feel that after this, we might finally have romance: Naruto now knows what truly love is, after all Kushina told him. It is up to him to go and realize who loves him the most and who he does love in the way his mother loved his dad and his dad loved his mom.

  8. I think we already know I don’t agree with the thought that what Minato was being irrational. But what he said in the chapter is what I figured. He looked at the situation as a dad and as a Hokage. The hokage in him knows that they must keep the kyuubi to maintain power, the father in him wants his kid to be safe. He feels that he can do both of those in one move. Yea Naruto’s life will be hard but he thinks his son can handle it (I mean come on look at his badass parents, kid was destined to be hardcore).

    I don’t know, as a dad myself I can understand a bit. You’ll sacrifice yourself for what you think is best for your kid. It often seems irrational, and sometimes it is, but its that burning passion for your offspring.

    And it looks like it paidoff. They haven’t confirmed it, but I think Naruto may have been the first one to totally subdue the fox and master its chakra. (They never give the impression that Kushina made it that far, only that her unique chakra was key to kicking the fox’s ass)

    Either way I’m looking forward to seeing what the next arc has in store. Theres so many plot threads out there right! Will killer bee and Naruto team up? When will Kisami pop up? WTF IS ZETSU! Whats Madara and Kabuto up to? What new things will Sasuke get from Itachi’s eyes? WTF happened to Jugo and Sugestu? Will Karin switch sides?

    Naruto as a manga is only getting better!

  9. Wow wow… after actually reading it. It was beautiful. So sad… man T_T… you dang parents, you sacrificed so much.

    On another note, I find it funny how Kushina tells him find a women like her.

    Sora no Kaze
      1. Haha, first shot fired. >.<

        Seriously though, the amount of Kushina=Sakura vibes I got through Naruto's entire interactions with Kushina is kind of scary. I mean, even Minato being the first to compliment Kushina on her hair and Naruto being the first to compliment Sakura on her forehead (even though she thinks it was Sasuke). I'm not too keen on pairings since Kishi likes to troll a lot with them, but I'd like to see Naruto get the girl he wants at least. :]

      2. Oh god damn it, you had to fire the first shot. >_<

        Yeah, there a sign for SakuraxNaruto. I don't know how you would refute, other then Hinata confession. Though people tend to rebel against what their parents suggest, when your parents agree with your choice basically (as in if Kushina was still alive today, she probably would approve of Sakura) then you can't really go wrong with your decision.

        But yeah… I need to find a back exit… I'm not into pairing wars for Naruto… there to many hits and misses let alone I like both SakuraxNaruto and HinataxNaruto. Unfortunately as like Kishi… I would do exactly the same thing with pairing if I was writing a Manga. At least for one of the many ideas I still think off today I would.

        Gambete Naruto! Kishi will finally settle a pairing for you eventually.

        Sora no Kaze
  10. Minato + Kushina = perfect parents for a shinobi family. You can’t have it all, but gotta make damn sure that every second is as full of life and love as possible. :]

  11. so… it doesn’t look like Naruto will be picking up any of his father’s, or mother’s ninja skills in the next training ark. Who is there to teach him?
    I was kinda hoping Kishin would be around after telling their story long enough to show him a how to do seals… but no.
    Looks like all there is is Bee to show him how to use the fox’s chakura in a fight.

  12. well if you really think minato would been a cool dad, but his teacher is jiraya and his teacher sarutobi and only one who wasnt a pervert was minato probally had kushina from the start, but… if he was a single dad i mean common! Naruto is pervert itself. what u think the single dad would of came out!? Soul Eater Maka Father look at him….

    1. On a side note and totally off topic… but I have to ask

      Divine, will you blog Break Blade? Not the manga the show that recently (and finally) came out a couple of days ago?

      Sora no Kaze
  13. Who could of imagined after many years later that Naruto would end up being the “cool” character and Sasuke end up being the “annoying bitch”. Not that I think Naruto is very cool but compared to Sasuke he definitly is baller.

      1. Cool. I think there going to be another season to it since the manga isn’t finish yet similar to the Tales of Symphonia set up (though the game was finish then, but they did a 4 part episode, and then another 4 part). Each part is suppose to represent one volume (though the first one has parts of the second one at the end). It’s a very enjoyable read in the very least. Some people said that it falls a little bit in volume 6, but my friend said it picks right up on volume 7 again. It still on going, so yeah.

        Even if you don’t blog it, it’s worth while to see after I just finished watching it.

        Sora no Kaze
      2. I actually watched Break Blade due to boredom and was impressed by it. I’m not a big mecha watcher (hell, I don’t remember the last time I did watch a full mecha series) but got to say, Break Blade got me wanting for the next episode.
        Back to Naruto. Emotionally charged episode (I’d even put it on par with Hinata’s confession) and man, this is becoming a real interesting read. I’d prefer the HinataxNaruto but I also do see a SakuraxNaruto (except Naruto’d be playing rebound from Sasuke as far as Sakura’s heart goes).

  14. I’m not gonna lie: this chapter brought out the waterworks :'( I was sniffling so much at Kushina’s final words and how she doesn’t want to die, it just struck me to the core. Sappy stuff like this just gets me
    *gets tissue*

  15. Wow, the part where Kushina starts giving baby Naruto advice and teaching him stuff was near CLANNAD material. Just amazing, I’m so looking forward to what Kishi’s gonna do once Naruto ends.

  16. Wow… Double episode of Naruto filler today actually went back to pre-Chuunin final exam stuff… and they used the freaking awesome older soundtrack!!! I missed those spunky tunes like crazy. Shippuuden is full of depressing melodramatic music.

  17. I’m still pretty iffy on Minato’s decision, but it seems like this whole chapter was just to get to that final page where Kushina says, “You were right, Minato. This was worth it.” That made it a little better, I think.

  18. Well.. I have a question… What exactly did minato think she HAD to tell him. I mean I do understand the significance of the flash back but aside from that I was expecting her to reveal some deep Jinchuriki family secret. I mean ya, I was touched by the scene but I guess i’m just not buying it. I feel that no matter what good tip they gave him in the few minutes they had with him, how much more skilled would he be, not only in ninjitsu but as well as mental stability, if his dad the greatest genius ever born to the strongest ninja city in the world was around to teach him. I almost wish Madara had killed him or at least mortally wounded him to solidify the subject. This feels a little to wishy-washy.

  19. Man…Kushina sure made Minato look like an idiot. Also the comment about “the first argument he ever won” (and I daresay he did not win, he just didn’t leave Kushina any other choice) pretty much confirms that they had the same relationship like Shikamaru’s parents with Kushina calling all of the shots. Really, the last two chapters brought down Naruto’s father by A LOT and showed that his mother was way more awesome. I really wished that Kishi had found a better way to go about it than making Minato look like an idiot!

  20. I like how they’re filling all the blanks in the story and at the same time developing Naruto more as a 3 dimensional character.. He is growing up and becoming stronger physically and mentally.. and this is gonna pay off so much more when everything culminates at the end..
    I have very high hopes for the ending of this series.. Im hoping/predicting that its gonna be more that just the generic shounen ending where “I beat you in a fight so im right.”
    Naruto is facing his inner demons.. (emotional & literal lol) and ridding himself of the baggage to become that lofty hero that the series is building him up to be.. Naruto HAS TO do this to truly save that walking mass of emo that he calls a friend.

  21. minato probably had no idea that naruto was going to be treated like dirt. he probably thought naruto would grow up, basking in the sunlight as the sun of hokage who sealed up the 9 tail to save inside himself to save the village. judging from that stance, its pretty logical to think that minato would think the entire village would help raise naruto as the wonder boy.

  22. I admit that I got teary-eyed from reading this. Somehow the whole scene made me remember Clannad. As Minato, he’s an idiot. As you said Divine, growing with one parent is worse that with no parents at all. Maybe he thought Naruto would be treated in good way but come on, as seen how Kushina grew up, he should have thinked it twice. But really can’t blame him, he was in a desperate situation and had to think quickly.

  23. Such a stupid flashback. It was so much better the original way the situation was sold, like the 9 tails was too much and he had no choice but to sacrifice himself. The Fourth was a much better and interesting character because to willingly die for no good reason just ruined his character for me and shows that while he was a genius ninja, as a person he’s just a dumbass who runs on emotion and doesnt think things through. Like father like son I guess.

    I liked him a lot better when he was mere symbol. Another character Kishi has dragged through the crapper to sale Naruto as “the one”.

  24. This was a really good chapter. I never thought that I could start crying from a manga. I can’t wait watching this getting animeted, if I began crying from this I can’t imagen have much I’m going to cry when I see it animeted.


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