「おおかみさんと赤ずきんちゃん、ついでに亮士くん」 (Ookami-san to Akazukin-chan, Tsuide ni Ryoushi-kun)
“The Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood, and also Ryoushi-kun”

It’s the Tachibana Junichi approach! If confessing once doesn’t work, keep doing it until she can’t deny your love any longer! In Ryoushi’s case, this actually marks his third attempt, which looks like it made more of a dent in Ryouko’s tough exterior but still isn’t enough to bring her around. In all honesty, I’m actually starting to feel a bit sorry for him, as the most recent two weren’t half-assed wussy ones like the first one yet still failed to provide the desired result. Clearly, this is no omnibus series were relationships will kick into high gear after a mere two episodes, so I can’t say I’m too displeased with the lack of progress when Ryoushi’s actively trying to further things along. It came as a sudden development at the very end too, with the majority of the episode focusing on our three main protagonists and how they got to where they are now. That’s right, it’s a trip down memory lane, centering around Ryouko’s traumatic past caused by Hitsujikai Shirou. (That bastard…)

As our narrator tells us, this episode was more or less to explain the sudden flashbacks seen last time and starts off with Ryoushi asking Ringo about what happened between them. Being the good friend that she is, despite what the romantic novel teasing will have us believe, Ringo suggests he ask Ryouko directly about it, adding that she’d probably tell him if she trusts him enough. That in turn prompts flashbacks from three different perspectives, with Ringo and Ryouko’s being the most noteworthy ones. The actual incident between Shirou and Ryouko still wasn’t entirely spelled out for us, but they did make it a lot more obvious that she liked him during their middle school years and that Shirou assaulted Ryouko in some way. From the look of it, he probably just got some cheap feels in and tore up her clothes a bit, but I’d imagine that’s enough to make any girl feel violated if she didn’t consent to it. However, the most traumatizing aspect was that no one believed her, which the added dialogue from the other female classmates made clear this time around. The rest of their respective flashbacks showed how Ringo befriended Ryouko after becoming interested in what she overheard her mumbling in her sleep.

In reality, it wasn’t too different from their current relationship, where Ryouko’s not sure how to deal with Ringo’s overbearing nature, but it was eye-opening to see how she finally reached out to her as someone she could trust. More than anything, it was the significant change in Ryouko’s character following the incident that caught my attention. It’s kind of hard to believe that she was so feminine once, but seeing her then makes me feel bad about how she’s tried to cope with her trauma. Don’t get me wrong, the current Ryouko is pretty badass, but it’s a very forced exterior that doesn’t reflect the frail and innocent girl that she actually is. In a way, it kind of makes her the ultimate tsundere, because the brash side of her personality is completely forced and not her true self. In light of that, Ryoushi probably deserves a lot of credit for seeing right through her and falling for the girl within who is desperately trying to become strong so that she’ll never experience the same sort of trauma again. Granted, his stalking skills helped him figure that part out, but he still deserves some credit (…for not getting caught). If I wanted to put a really cheesy and cliché spin on it, I would say that Ryoushi sees Ryouko’s inner beauty and has fallen in love with it. I guess that wouldn’t be too inappropriate in this fairy tale series though, plus Ringo said pretty much the same thing back in episode one.

Overall, this was a much more touching showing than a comedic one, ending off on Ryoushi’s most recent confession. He didn’t sound as cool as he did on the phone with Ringo, but his abruptness and declaration to become a strong man worthy of her looks like it hit the right chords. Somehow, I don’t think another confession alone will be enough to totally win Ryouko over, unless it’s followed up by another big act of heroics on Ryoushi’s part. It’s safe to say he’s close, given how happy Ryouko was afterward even though she wouldn’t admit it. Once the girl can’t get you off her mind, it’s only a matter of time!




  1. I really like Ryoushi’s persistence. Which is probably the most manly quality out there. Just stupid persistence till she says yes is pretty much how most guys get to marry out of their league so it’s kind nice to see a protagonist finally exhibiting that. I hope he goes to beat the snot out of his girl’s EX, cause that would be tearing a page out of the How-To-Man-Up book of awsome.

    1. Sorry, minor mistake on my part. It wasn’t actually implied that they were going out. Hitsujikai either turned down or dumped Ryouko and the girls accused her of making up the rape story out of spite. The verb “furareru” 「振られる」 can mean either and doesn’t really indicate the state of their relationship.

  2. A surprisingly good episode this week.

    It’s nice to know how Ryouko and Ringo met, and of how our beautiful wolf opened her heart to little red riding hood. Hopefully her trauma story will be cleared soon because seeing pre-trauma Ryouko and how she developed her current tough exterior, you can’t help but wonder what exactly she went through.

  3. Okami-san’s past life, the day she met Ringo after the depression, and met Morino, until Morino follow Ryoko wherever she goes… and confess his love to Ryoko without hesitation

    1. Lol.. I dunno I guess. I mean if you look closely enough in that picture, you can still see the small curve out. Plus look at image 13… it’s enough proof that she ain’t a surfboard >_>…

      Sora no Kaze
  4. I have mixed feelings about Ringo deciding not to interfere here. I mean, it’s the right call as a friend, but with Ryouko and Ryoushi, by the time he decides to ask or she decides to tell him it’d probably be too late to save Ryouko, if this wasn’t anime. She’s probably never even considered telling him, and he’s never gonna have enough confidence to ask, so Ringo deciding to stay out of it for good even with Sheep-Head looming over them just seems irresponsible. Hopefully when push comes to shove the President and Alice will figure it out and tell Ryoushi, cause there’s no way Ryouko’s gonna say it.

    1. I dunno, if Ringo did tell him, I feel like Ringo is betraying Ryouko trust. Especially since they rely on each other so much. Especially if Ryouko didn’t want anyone to know in the first place. Ryoushi should be the one asking Ryouko, not told by Ringo. It’s not like Ringo didn’t tell him not to ask her. If anything, this is a problem that only Ryouko can solve her self by trusting people. This is one of the best ways. Atleast I think so.

      Sora no Kaze
      1. Yeah, I mean, I agree with all that, I just have a feeling we’re gonna end up with a situation where Ringo’s gonna end up telling Ryoushi AFTER Ryouko gets kidnapped or something. The way they built up Ryoushi and Ryouko’s relationship, I can’t see her telling him anything any time soon. And if Ryoushi’s not gonna hear it from Ryouko anyways, I’d rather have it happen soon rather then later.

        I hope I’m wrong, but I feel like we’re heading towards that cliche.

      1. Yeah but Ryouko called him a pansy for not being able to come out of hiding when she was in trouble even though he said he loved her. He could use the slingshot even while hidden, so in his mind it didn’t really count as helping. It wasn’t “manly” enough.

      2. Ah, that is true… Ryoushi needs to give himself more credit though. Bah, at least he’ll be more manly after this. Btw I found it hilarious that he becomes badass on the phone. Perfect cover for any agent

        Sora no Kaze
    1. It should be about a third-year Jizou Ami, who’s the class president of Usami’s class. She’s a beautiful, pale-skinned, black-haired girl modeled after the Kasajizou fairy tale. She’s also an honors student and the youngest of six sisters. Very good with house chores, but not so much with younger guys (e.g. Ryoushi).

      The story itself is about a poor old man who put hats on Jizou statues on a snowy day near New Years after he couldn’t sell any. The Jizous later returned and presented him and his poor wife money and various gifts (e.g. food) for his kindness.

  5. Wow I have to say this has been the best anime this year, only to the fact is has such a story to it and doesn’t overbear the comedy too much. I highly enjoyed this episode, really showed how much those two are close. Ringo is such a good girl and I can see how she wants Ryoushi to keep fighting until Ryouko gives in (you can tell she’s caving in haha).

    Jason Isenberg
  6. Divine how did you read the novel? Did you read it in japanese or is there an english version? coz I really want to read it. Baka-tsuki doesnt have it yet, so you probably read it in japanese right?

    1. I haven’t read it actually. I just read bits and pieces about it when I was doing research for the season preview. When I know of relevant stuff to supplement what’s been shown in the anime, I just bring it up. 🙂

  7. Well, this was a very heartwarming episode. Watching Ringo and Ookami’s past together was interesting and insightful. It seemed to fit right in given the events that happened last episode and helps us understand the dynamic relationship between Ryouko and Ringo and why they are so close. I always wanted to know why Ryouko was cold to everyone besides Ringo, and I got my answer I suppose.

    In Ryouko’s monologue she said that they talked about their pasts with each other, and I’m wondering if we’ll find out Ringo’s own past in the anime and why she is living on her own? It might also help us understand why she felt so fascinated by Ryouko’s determination.

    As for Ryoushi, once again he showed his more manly side this episode. I chuckled when Ringo said that he actually sounded like a man over the phone, which he did. His bold confession at the end solidified that, and I’m hoping we get to see more of that side to him from here on, even though I don’t have that much of a problem with his current personality.

    And that delinquent president really seems like a creep. I hope that Ryoushi gives him a good one in the end. :/

  8. @Divine

    Divine, what fairy tale character is Ookami’s boxing trainer based on. I just wanted to know if it had any relevant idea or reason as to why in the past where Ringo and Ookami first met, he had his eye patch in the right eye while in the present, he had his eye patch on the left eye.

    1. No specific fairy tale as far as I’m aware. He’s supposed to look like a bear, hence his name Kumada. (“Kuma” is bear in Japanese.) Apparently he looks like some character out of a boxing manga, hence why he gets mad if people don’t call him “Oyassan”.

  9. Not to hijack, but the ending song seems to be pertaining to Ringo instead of Ookami, saying be careful of the wolf(ookami), little red riding hood(ringo), and something to give him her heart. So the song is pertaining to who? could someone explain it to me. Thanks!

      1. Wow, thank you so much. You’re right, not to delve in deeper with the lyrics. Weird though I was having ToRaDoRa vibes with this show Kushieda(Ringo), Ookami(Taiga); so I was having thoughts with the song like Ringo having feelings for Ryoushi. Thanks again! Cha-la, head-cha-la! Retro all the way lol.


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