「棚町薫編 第二章 トマドイ」 (Tanamachi Kaoru-hen Dai Nishou – Tomadoi)
“Tanamachi Kaoru Chapter 2 – Confusion”

Holy crap is this a kissing fetish anime or what? The back of Haruka’s knee was some kinky role-play, but it pales in comparison to Kaoru offering her navel to Junichi’s lips. While much more alluring in my books, this one admittedly didn’t have as much impact as Haruka’s one, mainly because the latter “mentally prepared” me for this kind of stuff. There are still a lot of erogenous zones to go, so I’m curious which girl’s going to offer up her lower back, armpit, neck, or collarbone (…to name a few). The possibilities are endless! For that, kudos to the producers/creators for finding interesting ways of providing fan-service outside the overused cleavage and “accidental” groping. The funny thing is, they still try to lead us into thinking that way, before pulling a quick one where it’s actually nothing of the sort. More so than Junichi’s lips actually landing on Kaoru’s body, it was the lead-up to it where she teased him a bit about how he would act if she either refused or was all for it that made it exciting. Well that, and the way she got Junichi to kneel down before untucked her shirt and opening the way to the “promised land”. giku~

In the face of all these sexual situations, Junichi does deserve some credit for going with his manly desires rather than backing down, though the girls sure help him a hell of a lot along the way. As soon as he hesitates or is wishy-washy about going through with something he suggested, they’re right there to encourage him to do it. And to think, this was his way of getting back at Kaoru for teasing him earlier on and accidentally bumping lips with him, resulting in what was technically their first kisses. So um, middle-school friend is in the bath and comes to the stark realization that she’s starting to see a guy as more than a friend, takes it upon herself to mess with him by making it seem like she’s going to kiss him, actually does so by accident, then makes up for it by letting him kiss her in the belly button? What kind of school is this and why wasn’t I enrolled here!?

I’m jesting of course, as it’s only in 2-D land that girls are this playful and “friendly” to the average Joe, which is a shame yet a relief at the same time. I mean, can you imagine how unproductive school would have been if life there was like this? Granted, high school was more or less a breeze and these “extra-curricular activities” would have helped pass the time a lot faster, but I can’t see it boding well for society with the sex-crazed teenagers we’d get out of the education system. That’s the rational side of me speaking though, as I wouldn’t be opposed to giving this fictional world a whirl after having gone through the much tamer real one. I will say that as an escape from reality, energetic girls like Kaoru who’ll climb on top of guy in a skirt to retrieve some kids’ birdie make for some pretty good entertainment. If Junichi and Kaoru were actually going out already, I’d be kind of jealous of the relationship too, since their interactions would be much more plausible in that case.

In light of the greatness that is Kaoru this episode, I’m honestly left wondering if the plan is to try and have every subsequent girl’s arc try to eclipse the previous one. If that’s the case, Tsukasa fans can probably rejoice about her being the last girl and all the kinky type of role-play that might come from the diligent class president. They say the quietest ones are generally the wildest behind closed doors, so we might be in for one hell of a ride with her (pun only intended if you have a dirty mind). Surprisingly, this episode wasn’t solely about Kaoru being a lot of “fun”, as it started off with her giving the guy Keiko likes a piece of her mind for laughing at the letter she put a lot of thought into writing. It also ended off with Kaoru catching sight of her mother meeting up with some guy, which she’s not the least bit happy about even though her father’s no longer around (for yet to be explained reasons). The family drama aspect wasn’t one I was expecting, so it’ll be interesting to see what comes from it. The next episode is titled “Betrayal”, which I’m inclined to believe is in regard to Kaoru’s mother and not Junichi.

– Another support character, Itou Kanae (Matsuoka Yuki), made a brief appearance here as Rihoko’s friend.
– I didn’t mention it last time, but the opening sequence changed slightly at the start of this arc, with Kaoru as the last girl shown near the end instead than Haruka. This is likely going to happen with each girl’s arc.




  1. Can’t wait to watch this~ Dx

    It’s funny how I was so against the new arcs but now I’m all engrossed and whatnot. xD Kaoru is pretty hot. I’m started to like her character more than Haruka. :]

  2. A few days ago, I realized a connection between the order of the girl’s story arcs and how each of the girls address or will address Junichi.

    Haruka: Tachibana-kun

    Kaoru: Junichi

    Sae: Senpai or Tachibana-senpai

    Ai: Senpai or Tachibana-senpai

    Rihoko: Junichi

    Tsukasa: Tachibana-kun

    Just a thought that I found interesting regarding the order.

      1. Yes I have. The only courses I’ve actually taken are the introductory ones back in high school though (about a year and a half’s worth). The rest I picked up from self-study.

        As mentioned in the About page, I watch a lot of my anime raw nowadays. It’s what allows me to get posts out quickly without having to wait for subs.

      2. I see, me too, I’m currently studying nihongo in nippon, it’s really muzukashii man but it’s fun at same time although my nihongo is still weak, but ganbarimasu. 漢字を読めますか?

      3. I can, but it’s not even close to the level I’d like it to be. The more common kanji are fine, but I honestly haven’t devoted as much time as I would’ve liked into learning all 2000 or so everyday ones. I have quite a few books here I haven’t gone through yet though.

        My listening comprehension is miles ahead of my reading, so watching anime comes fairly easily.

  3. God, this anime has some of the best and craziest character interaction I’ve ever seen in a romance.

    It really does look like this kissing in weird places thing is going to become a running gag, but at least this time it was in a more sexual place than the back knee. And just like I thought, since Kaoru is not an admirable senpai like Haruka the dynamic between her and Junichi causes the show to focus more on her feelings than Junichi’s, which make for a lot better development for the female counterpart while not neglecting Junichi too much.

    Speaking of Junichi, I know I keep saying this but this Kaoru-arc Junichi is so much better than the Haruka-arc counterpart, where he was basically a following dog. I really likes how he actually talks to Kaoru like they’re on the same level and jokes around with her in a more free manor, as compared to the previous Junichi. He’s also not going through his annoying depressed and angsty funk in this route which makes him all the more enjoyable earlier on.

    In any case, with Kaoru’s developing familial problems, hopefully not only will we get the more loose, relaxed Junichi this arc but the Hero Junichi as well. 😀

    Oh and Divine, you should use the meme “Prepared my body” :p

      1. Oh course, Tsukasa’s arc is going to be the best. Why do you think AIC is saving her story for last. Its going to be awesome.

        I agree about everything you said about Kaoru and Junichi, it gives you something to think about when you compare and contrast between the two different arcs. Though, I don’t know about the kissing being a running gag. Its hard to tell.

        This anime does indeed have some of the best character interactions in a romance anime.

      2. Surely you jest, Ai Nanasaki is a the best one

        Jk, lets not get into any wars now XP. As much as I love Ai Nanasaki, Tsukasa should be a good last arc. I can’t say best unfortunately since I would be lying to myself and all of you, but I would like to see how they fit it into omnibus episodes after reading the manga. I just hope Junichi isn’t pushed around as much. Oh who am I kidding, he probably will be pushed around, but it may be for the best lol.

        Sora no Kaze
      3. So what’s wrong with showing enthusiasm towards Tsukasa’s upcoming story arc. Its no different from what you are doing with Ai Nanasaki. Its hard to not be excited over Tsukasa’s arc when the manga series that stars her, Amagami Precious Diary, is now up to 13 chapters as of today.

        To be honestly, I didn’t have any real expectations for Kaoru’s arc but, after the previous episode the began her story. To simply put it, I was completely blow out of the water. I really want that same feeling of being completely impressed to happen for all of the story routes, Ai and Tsukasa included.

      4. Oh I wouldn’t be surprise if it’s 5-6 episode, considering she’s the main heroine that was first advertise when the game came out. Let a lone the complexity of it is a bit more then the other. Yay for more omnibus episodes?

        Sora no Kaze
      5. I think that you are very excited, just not for Tsukasa. Ai Nanasaki is a whole different story with your talk of turning everyone into Ai fans. It kind of makes you out as a villain, just kidding, lol.

        I wasn’t thinking of starting a war with you because I don’t disagree with you on Ai. She is very pretty, and that voice of hers is very cute. I don’t actually have a specific favorite girl like you because I want to like all of them and so far I really am. Each one of them offer something different to the story as well as being able to star as the love interest in every reset is what makes Amagami SS really special to me.

        Its seems that Tsukasa is the main girl mainly because in the opening I noticed that when they show the still images of each girl and Tsukasa’s is the only one that is animated. Whether she or any of the other girls is the main girl though is pointless because as I said, I consider them all to be the main girl. Its all a matter of opinion.

        Given how complex Tsukasa’s story arc is in the Amagami Precious Diary or know as the Shinonome Amagami manga, I do think that there should be 5 or 6 episodes for her arc. Is there any evidence of this online, the Amagami website, etc. at all? That would be 25 or 26 episodes total that were the case and sure hope that is true because more Amagami SS is always a good thing.

        The Kimikiss anime now needs to be redone into this omnibus format.

      6. Lol, did you know that after I watched the Kimikiss anime. A few days later, I couldn’t remember what the story was even about at all. Talk about sad, but you know what, I am actually glad that happened because I would rather not remember what a mess that anime really was.

  4. Miya’s reaction to seeing Kaoru and Junichi’s “kiss” was just great. Kaoru is just too awesome. I love how she suddenly became in control of Junichi taking revenge on her, and her smacking around that guy in the beginning was great. For being “bad friends”, she and Junichi really go together perfectly. Looks like next time we get to see her even softer side. Can’t wait for more!

    Sidenote: was there ANY point at all to Haruka and Hibiki’s scene? That was random.

    1. Nah, just showing you how things change depending on which girl Junichi chooses. It’s quite interesting for me actually, since it’s basically the idea of multi-verses.

      Sora no Kaze
      1. I suppose that would include the upcoming girl Sae because in these last two episodes I have seen more of her. I am really curious about her story arc because just like Kaoru’s arc right now, I wonder what it will be like. Considering that Sae and Ai, the next two girls, are both underclassmen.

      2. Well that’s true, they can’t just forget Haruka exists now that her arc is over. Her and Tsukasa are really the most isolated of the heroines, so I guess scenes with just them doing their own things aren’t really random. Everyone else already had some sort of day-to-day interaction with Junichi, even if it was just through Miya like Sae and Ai, and even Tsuakasa is in his class, so they’re easy to fit into each arc, but Haruka’s just kinda out there with Hibiki unless Junichi hunted her down.

  5. I was also guessing, since the start of this arc, that the order they show the girls in in the very beginning of the OP is the order the arcs are going to go as it goes; Haruka, Kaoru, Sae, Ai, Rihoko, and Tsukasa and, as said, depending on who’s arc it currently is, that girl will be shown last near the end of the OP too.

    Anyway, I’m loving Kaoru more and more each episode.

  6. Lol… looks like my plague is slowly converting everyone into Ai Nanasaki lovers muahahahahaha.

    Anyways, after finally watching this episode… This is truly interesting as it is a very plausible way a couple forms up. They don’t realize it, but suddenly feel attracted to each other. Lol at the almost kiss, followed by the belly button kiss. My god, they jumped a couple of steps, especially after seeing Leonardo Da Vinci Anatomy if I’m correct. Kaoru surprisingly more daring then I expected lol.

    But seriously… what kind of girl says that they were doing a kiss for a joke. Damn it Junichi you shouldn’t have let her gotten away with that. Heck, if high school had girls like that, boy the life I would have taken. Perhaps only in Asian schools, it’s a bit easier to get away with getting out of class and having more free time after all. Let alone did I mention the fact that everyone still shocked at the multiple base jumps. Miya described my face perfectly. That suppose to be for the bedroom.. not the school library! Let alone the preview already aludes to more belly button

    I was thinking this before, but if Kaoru didn’t hang out with Junichi, she wouldn’t have bumped into her mother. Oh man, that’s going to be interesting. I also do wonder that the fact that she’s mad her mother got with somebody affects her view on relationships as well. Oh well, it’s either that, or she finds kissing belly button and joke kissing on the friendship level… a step from bad friend to… better friends with more kissing? Well hopefully we have a confession coming soon. After all, here the classic lesson of don’t take things for granted. Kaoru, Junichi OPEN YOUR EYES and embrace each other before the rest of us starts wishing we had friends that allowed us to do this (btw, I’m joking, but it’d be funny/interesting to have one… though I’m sure most of us would have pushed into a relationship by then)

    Anyone wonder what Miya would have done if she saw Junichi kiss Haruka legs. I kinda do, seeing how she wasn’t as shocked as I would have thought she would be.

    Sora no Kaze
    1. Oh I should have clarify something here. Yes Miya’s face described my face perfectly, cause I wasn’t as shocked that happen. I was actually more shocked that Miya wasn’t as shocked as she should be. Well I guess the preview answers that when she smacks him with a pillow later. Why am I not as shocked… well

      It’s been awkward enough that I’ve walked into a public bathroom with a girl and a guy probably getting ready to sex it up 2 days ago… I wish I made it more awkward for them, but too late for that. Yeah… so I think that minimized any shock I would have had in the first place.

      Sora no Kaze
    2. If I remember clearly, when Miya saw Junichi with Haruka (during Haruka’s arc), she seemed kinda jealous and avoided to even talk to Haruka. With Kaoru however, Miya looked pretty okay with it. Considering that both Junichi and Kaoru are middle-school friends. So if, Miya happened to witness Junichi kissing Haruka’s legs, she would have raged. Lol.

      +1 more vote for collarbone kiss, pwetty please!

    1. The word “amagami” 「甘噛み」 does mean “play-biting”. Kaoru biting Junichi’s ear last episode was an example of it and was a focus of the PV. The word is a combination of “amai” 「甘い」 which means “soft, easy-going”, and “kamu” 「噛む」 which means “to bite”.

      1. i see,but the title is in katakana right?the title seems to quite fit the anime in terms of ear-biting,behind-the-knee-kisses and now navel smooching…,now im really wondering what Junichi will do next in the succeeding arc,wrist/ankle fetish?O.O

  7. Ashiteru Ai-chan zutto zutto <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 (without more words)

    Rihoko-chan extremely CUTTE!!!!

    Kaoru-chan Tomboy CUTTE!!,she have personality and strong person ,i really like x10000000 PUNCH the face that boy (zutto zutto)

  8. I swear…In the next life, I just want to born in Japan…2d style 😛
    On a more serious note, I agree with blueskydreams. I liked Haruka and I do like Kaoru…I love the look of Ai (for the same reasons I enjoyed the arc with Dobashi in Hatsukoi) but man, I can see myself liking each girls for their different behavior and all. Amagami is a sweet show and I’m glad not to have notice any let down in the graphic dept. Maybe I’m too absorbed with my enjoyment of the whole thing.
    I’m sure even Japanese guys are going “where can I find a school with girls like that?”. Divine or anyone know how the series is received in Japan?

  9. I really hated the fact that this anime was going to show the girls in 4 arch episodes but, honestly its been going pretty well. Haruka feels much more…well “right”. When he went for the belly button though, I was like “Wow, So soon?” but did find it very kinky ha. I like he always puts his tongue action in there though.

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