(A?! Omae wa Asa no Ichigo Pantsu! / Fudeoroshi ga Hayaru Kamo Shiren / Minna no Bun made Watashi ga Tataku!)
“Ah!? You’re The Strawberry Underwear Girl From This Morning! / First Time Sex Might Become Popular / I’ll Fight For Everyone!”

Hymen tearing, 3D rendered breasts, and ball gags. Those were what helped pushed the envelope this episode, but Kotomi busting out the “pedophilia” word in front of Suzu had to be right up there from an anime perspective. I just love how Suzu had to interject and say Tsuda has a lolita complex instead, to save face for both herself and anime as a whole. When it comes to anime, I’ll always approach that topic without too many serious implications; however, that’s not the case with a lot of people so it was probably wise of them to sidestep that land mine. While it didn’t save them from the other bomb that went off subsequently, Suzu’s flailing arms is much easier to take than some moral campaign out with the censorship stick. On that note, it’s amazing how many co-ed sports festival ideas that Shino and Aria were throwing out in the beginning, as there was nothing of the sort in the manga itself. If you saw any translations of the massive censoring, they were likely due to the fansub group taking some liberties with their own “creative” nature.

As usual, there are a lot of wordplay type of jokes that may go over the unsuspecting viewer’s head, such as Shino suggesting the guys to masturbate to their limits the night before the festival to even out the physical disparity between genders. The picture of a solar-powered house in the background is in reference to the literal meaning of 「自家発電」 (jika hatsuden), whereas “self-powered” colloquially refers to what one can do with their own hands in private (preferably). Compared to that, all the talk about hymens that Aria kept bringing up had to be the most eyebrow raising, since I’m not all that familiar with the medical terminology behind it even in English. The brevity of the the joke didn’t take away from the impact either, as I was left wondering if I heard her right for many moments longer after the fact. Surprisingly, the introduction of the public morals president Igarashi Kaede (Katou Emiri) served as a much more acceptable source of comedy due to her fear of men. It helps that she doesn’t think dirty thoughts all the time and is highly susceptible to the student council’s talks about getting raped rather than raping. From the looks of it, Kaede’s more innocent than Tsuda, so I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing more of her mind victimized by Shino and Aria’s, just to switch things up.

With Kaede scared off and no long seeking Shino’s dismissal, Ranko got off pretty easily for passing on the photos she took during the student council outing. That’s what it looked like on the surface anyway, when in reality the newspaper club alone probably holds the power to bring the perverted student council to its knees. For the judo practice match that Mitsuba arranged with another school, it would’ve been nice to see more of the girls in action and all the interesting positions Ranko was there to take pictures of. Instead, we got the “boys love” variation that Shino based her pinning technique on, which I could have easily done without. I am curious as to how athletic Shino will be at the actual sports festival next time though, seeing as she filled in for an injured judo member pretty well — in the Taishou (General) anchor position too.




  1. The Kotomi/Suzu scene had me dying. While Suzu has much less of an overall presence with the constant antics of Shino and Aria, when she shines its always the show stealer for me!

  2. nice to see u back Divine !!!

    Gesh if they had those games in my field days in school I wouldn’t skip them at all! It was weird using the hymen as proof of chastity for the school morals. When is a fact that it can tear by riding a horse or extreme gym slits. Aria took a daring chance there. Finally nothing like BL to get your blood boiling and defend to avoid the bottom. There’s a runing joke that I really like and is when they show Suzu’s name on screen pointing down, yeah she is down there somewhere 😀

    Island Esper
  3. This was probably the funniest episode they’ve had in a while. I was laughing almost literally the whole time. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with the pedophilia thing either. I thought it was really funny that she used lolicon as a defense. Funny ass ep!

    Aara D
  4. I was being told that BL scene was a fanservice to the girls watching the series…
    And that means there are girls out there in RL who think like girls of SYD.
    I have slain dragons, demons and tentacled horrors, but I am scared now.

    1. There ARE a lot more pervert girls than you think although they are harder to find because many of them don’t talk openly about it. It’s kinda the culture thing, and people tend to be harder on girls are open about being dirty mind. I am one myself, and when I talked with my friend, some of the jokes that we made are pretty darn similar to the ones used in SYD. While girls have the disadvantage of risking to be viewed as indecent or even slut from talking dirty, we have the advantage of being able to used some risky jokes that guys can’t use without seeming like a rapist creep.

  5. LOL at Kotomi mixing up the pronounciation of the English word “cleaning” with “cunnilingus”. How on earth did she manage to mix such an easy word with an even more “complex” word when English isn’t even her first language? 🙂

    Seeing Suzu trying to convince Kotomi she’s a lolicon victim rather than a pedo victim was so darn funny. XD

    Takatoshi should feel lucky that Kaede’s fear of men doesn’t include beating them up with deadly brutal force like a certain androphobic waitress from Hokkaido. 🙂

    Kinny Riddle
  6. One of the best episodes yet! I’m so glad the fansubbers took liberties with the censored words on the white board. It made a hilarious scene that much funnier. 😀

    Also, I love it when the photographer shows up. She has the greatest voice actress. 😛

  7. I must agree with Knillinux that Arai Satomi’s voice is pretty damn funny, especially when she is being a smartass with a straight face.

    One has to give it up to her in Ookami-san as well, for the way she apologizes for the small-busted heroines just ruins the scene in such an awesome way.

    And of course, we can’t forget her as Kuroko in Railgun. Hooray for Satomi!

  8. Probably one of the most perverted student council out there, this series is a surprise find among the summer line up. If I will ranked the animes I watch this season, it would probably like this:

    1. Shiki – love the mystery and supernatural stuff
    2. Seitokai Yakuindomo – perverted thoughts minus the usual panty shots and boobies flying everywhere is refreshing
    3. Occukt Academy – again mystery stuff
    4. Ookamisan – made by JC staff (romance+comdedy=win)
    5. HoTD – you can’t go wrong with the undead
    6. Amagami SS – romance and older looking anime gurls!


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