All it took was a game of cops and robbers to establish that Mitsuba can ditch her conscience in a heartbeat. It wasn’t all that surprising seeing as she is a sadist and all, but Hitoha was able to trick her into desperately trying to get out of the storage room by feigning illness, plus got her to weep a pool of tears for buying the act — neither of which I’d expect from someone who doesn’t care at some level. That’s only the nicer part of me speaking though, because I absolutely loved seeing Mitsuba get burned in return for selling out Hitoha earlier on. In all honesty, it probably wasn’t enough to make up for being thrown face first into the ground, but the pool of tears was a good indication of emotional damage at least. Incidentally, being victimized turned out to be a theme of sorts this episode, and not a bad one either with Hitoha at the center of most of it. The misunderstanding over Chikubi loving Futaba more prompted a pretty good misunderstanding on Satoshi’s part too. It’s a bit of a shame that the latter didn’t get much further than that, but I really have no idea how Satoshi would have dug himself out of that whole with the principal and other teachers if it did. It was odd, but I was actually relieved that the principal believed his story right away and we didn’t have to venture down a path of trying to clear up the misunderstanding over getting Hitoha to smell his feet.

However, if I had to choose between Satoshi’s feet and a cramped apartment swarming with cockroaches, I dare say I would actually choose the former. I’m pretty impressed that Hitoha’s love for Gachi Rangers gave her enough courage to step foot into his place just for a chance to watch their DVD, because I would have refused even if someone paid me to do so. Despite the pest problem, I was still amused by the misunderstanding over Hitoha’s love for the colorful superheroes and how Satoshi thinks she’s out to belittle him as a human being for loving them. At this point, I can’t help but wonder if those two will ever see eye to eye about Gachi Rangers. While all that was going on, I wouldn’t have minded seeing more of Futaba squashing roaches with her bare hands and pinning them to the wall by throwing nails, since there seems to be no end to what our muscle girl is capable of physically. This includes going on a random run throughout town with a boy who got separated from his mother, which was apparently so epic that it warranted its own insert song about breasts. I did appreciate the change-up to a more touching note when Futaba drew a picture of the boy’s mother, but I somehow couldn’t see things ending on such a sweet note. This is Mitsudomoe after all, so Futaba’s obsession with breasts pulled through for us at the very end. Ah, all’s well that ends well.




  1. eek!!!! roaches I have a invasion of them at home and got poisoned by spreading to much bug insecticide! I feel your pain Hitoha God bless benadryl and the ranger to kill them all

    Island Esper
  2. Even thou I ADORE Hitoha-chan and love Futaba-chan, I would have loved to see a bit more of Mitsuba. The series up to now has not developped her as much as her younger siblings.
    Poor Satoshi and his infestation, I really do feel for the poor guy. Getting helped by Hitoha and Futaba made him cry at the end LOL.
    I felt this episode to show a softer side to Mitsuba (seen it a bit before but you could see she did care for her little sister) and I found Futaba with that little boy absolutely cute and huggable. Hitoha-chan is still the best for me. Tomatsu keeps on doing a wonderful job.
    Imho, Mitsudomoe IS the comedy show of the season.

  3. When Futaba first drew the boy’s mother, I was shocked to see no breasts. I really should have known better. Poor Hitoha, always getting misinterpreted by everyone. This show may be crude but its bloody hilarious!


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