Out of all the guys, Baremoto is unquestionably the one I have the most gripes with. I would’ve thought that the fire incident back in Shonan was enough to turn his character around, but someone still has to teach him “bros before hoes” it seems. Literally. I don’t mind how he developed a thing for the prostitute he slept with back in episode seventeen, but getting money out of his friends by using their unspoken trust is a completely different story. What’s more, Suppon wasn’t even mad about how Baremoto tricked him into lending him money by inviting him over for dinner and using some rosy story about trying to become a lawyer, only to find out from his twin brothers Kazuo and Tatsuo that he’s been using all the money he can scam from people and steal from their mother to “visit” Eri (Kawakami Maiko), yet Baremoto has the nerve to lash out at him about not understanding his situation because he doesn’t have a family or a woman.

If I were in Suppon’s shoes, I would’ve given Baremoto a mouthful (and then some) for throwing away their friendship and using his own family for his unrequited love with a prostitute, especially with the way he hit a sore spot of Suppon’s by bringing up the fact that he has no family. I was speechless at the sound of that and wanted to punch Baremoto myself for being such an inconsiderate and self-centered bastard. It’s one thing to be blinded by love and doing a few stupid things, but Baremoto gotten to the point that he’s willing to betray everyone. Quite frankly, he looks like a lost cause that’s not even worth saving at this point. Compared to Joe’s decision to break off ties in his pursuit of a singing career, Baremoto’s one to use his friends’ trust in him to scam money out of them is far worse since it actually drags down everyone with him.

In retrospect, Joe’s was hurtful in the sense that he wanted to end his friendship with the other guys, but Baremoto’s is downright backstabbing betrayal no matter how you look at it. Stuff like that just doesn’t sit well with me, so I won’t deny that I was very pleased to see Heitai try to beat some sense into him. More so than the actual money Heitai lent him, it was pretty clear that he was pissed about how stupid Baremoto had become and how he had chosen a prostitute above everything else, including the friends he’s been through thick and thin with over the years. It’s still pretty unbelievable that Baremoto was still adamant about his decision even in the face of Mario, Suppon, and Heitai, which further reiterated to me how far he had fallen. From the looks of the preview, he’s not going to learn anything from the well-warranted beating that Heitai gave him either, meaning he’s going to try and run away with Eri.

Judging from his interactions with her earlier, I’m still skeptical about how sincere Eri was about running away with him in the first place. All that I am sure of is that when Baremoto stumbles in life yet again, his friends will be there to pick him up. Suppon looks like he’ll be the first one there too, despite being the one who was hurt the most by Baremoto’s actions. I swear though, this better be the last time he screws up because I don’t know if I’d be able to forgive someone for a second betrayal let alone a third one. What epic fail.




  1. It feels like Eri’s just going get a few thugs or something to stop their little “eloping”. <_< and gahh, Turtle's just so… y'know. And the fact that he has Edward's voice makes his character that much more manly.

    But yeah, I hope THIS finally opens Scam's eyes on where his priorities should be.

  2. I’m not going to spoil anything major from the manga but this is the last time Baremoto does something stupid.

    Rest of the series from this point, he’s more of a strategist/investigator than pulling stupid shit like this.

  3. I forgive the part where he falls for the prostitute (because it reflects what happened to his mother after his father died), but stealing money from your mother even after realizing all of this? Fail.

    oh, you misspelled Heitai btw I think.

  4. Females the downfall of man… Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, Marie Antoinette, Eve… the list can go on and on. I don’t agree with what Scam is doing but I know from were his coming. I have witness how friends can get blind, really blind for a woman. I don’t blame Eri she told him to stop seeing her. She also told her sad back story (I hope isn’t a lie). Spending money in fast women is fun. I have thrown away a thousand in one crazy night (including bail :D); but it was my money, stealing from your friends… but stealing from your mom that is doing her best that was too evil.

    I don’t mind the beating he got from Heitai (Soldier) but I really hope that his statement about having sex with Eri was a bluff to test Baremoto’s love for her. He will have to take that from other persons if he (Baremoto) ends with her at all. If Julia Roberts strike rich in Pretty Woman why can’t Eri? But this is Rainbow, not Cinderella can’t wait to see how this ends. In fantasy world Baremoto should be able to get the girl and keep his friends. But we don’t get happy ending here; most of them so far are bitter sweet…

    Island Esper
  5. “Spending money in fast women is fun. I have thrown away a thousand in one crazy night”

    Really now. That’s not something to brag about, is it?

    My only problem with this episode is that things felt a bit sudden. We didn’t get a single hint about this happening before it did. I felt like it was all a bit out of the blue.
    Maybe there’s nothing “wrong” with the narrative/dramaturgy here, of course a lot of things happen off-screen, which you just have to assume as a viewer. But I would have preferred it had they shown us at least something hinting towards this. It felt a bit too sudden for it to
    feel utterly convincing, and for it to make a real impact. My first impression, anyway.

    And by “it” I’m referring to Baremoto’s current apparant state of mind.

    Commenter still in search for a fitting screen name
  6. i want to ask someone whose read the manga,what happens to suppon in this episode when he says he ‘didnt realise he was that tired’ .
    is it a bit of foreshadowing for things to come? i hope not, since suppon is the best character
    i hope you know what i mean. even if its a spoiler i dont mind, i really would appretiate it if someone can tell me if im reading too much into it and put my mind at ease hehe 🙂

      1. ahh i see! thank you for telling me
        strangely enough i thought so, since all we seem to know about him is that his family was destroyed by an atom bomb
        its good that he gets through and lives to be happy with everything
        im really sorry i dont know how to put a spolier tag on, so im trying to be careful with what i say
        thanks again anithin, i hope its not too much of a sad arc!

      2. You’re welcome!

        I’d say Suppon’s arc isn’t really sad, but it did make me fear that something worse would come. lol I quite love him and would hate to see anything bad happen to him (more than they had already happened). He’s a great character, a small man with a big heart.

      3. yes i agree!
        he seems to be the one so far that has the most spirit and has helped all of them so much
        thats why im glad to hear it isnt all that serious an illness and he comes through fine afterwards 🙂
        i would also be sad to see anything bad happen
        it will be good to see them all being there for him since he has been the one persistently there for all the other
        thanks to you at least i can be prepared for whats coming now that i know, lol!

  7. Like it has been said for the others at one time or the other “XXXX is lucky to have such friends”. It truly is amazing and sad a person has to fall to the bottom of the barrel to realize what he/she had been (dis)missing all along. Baremoto is such a person, you can’t really blame him for falling in love. It is shitty he has to backstabbed his friends but as the title say, love does blind lots of us.
    Knowing also they’re young, the series does a great feat on the character’s growth. I see Baremoto eventually returning and thanking his friends. They stood through so much, this is just another tough experience for them. In the end of each episode, I still love every single minute of Rainbow.
    Suppon is really becoming my favorite character along with Joe and Mario. Gentle, loyal and kind at heart. Having a friend like that in real life would be a blessing. I would now like to see what more development they’ll bring on Heitai.
    All in all, each of them are all lucky to have each other.

  8. While it is a detestable thing that Baremoto is doing, more so because of how he was forgiven despite the rough start back in the Correction Facility, its also very human.

    A lot of people I know make the similar mistake of throwing everything for a girl or woman they’re madly into. Its just reflecting reality in Baremoto, a somewhat sheltered guy in terms of love and women.

    Although at the end, what he did is detestable, its also pretty common, and I know his friends will be there to forgive him and help him out, because that’s what friends are. The bonds and friendship between the five is very strong, and I doubt they’re gonna abandon him.

  9. mmmmhh Yeah like I said before I was pretty sure Baremoto would end in trouble because of a woman, it was even foreshadowed, even if he’s probably the smartest among them he thinks too much with his dick, remember how he always asked them to introduce him to women back then?

  10. is anyone else getting sick of mario. he’z got about as much personality as a dead fish and for some1 reason all the characters have a special connection with him and hez in every bloody episode. if anything i reckon turtle’s the one whose friends with everyone and they should have had less mario screen time and expanded on cabbage and soldier

  11. I understand how strongly he feels about it since his own mother prostituted herself to allow them to support her family. And that he really sees through the profession and embraces the person behind it. But seriously. Bros before hoes. It’s beyond stupid to give up years of friendship for a woman you’ll never have a relationship anywhere as close as the ones who stayed by your side along the way. Friends will remain there, women won’t.

    Still, he went way over the top with scamming his own friends and his own mother. Guess he’ll need to learn the hard way when reality comes crashing down. Pretty sure the woman (Eri) resigned herself to send goons after him. She has family to protect (assuming it’s true) and she can’t afford to have a compulsive guy like him going for her and putting everything in danger.


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