…Science wins! Or at least that’s how I plan to interpret Guy’s Hirutora technique, which doesn’t use chakra but some ridiculous amount of built-up pressure he creates with his fists. Modern day martial artists put out candles with their quick hands, but Guy’s parting oceans and creating tsunamis with his. We’re probably going to have to overlook how his technique takes the form of an impeccable looking tiger in the process though, unless chakra is somehow involved in shaping its appearance. In the grand scheme of things, Guy’s taijutsu is still pretty ridiculous even if its destructive power is explained through physics. However, the concept of air pressure generated from swift punches isn’t nearly as foreign and intangible to me as chakra, which can do anything and everything. Because of that, I was all smiles ear-to-ear when Kisame was overconfident about his chakra absorbing technique and wound up on the losing end of his exchange with Guy. Part of me felt Guy should be exclaiming the Japanese equivalent of, “This ain’t chakra bitch, it’s youth!”, but that’s evidently not too appropriate for the target audience. Well warranted, but not appropriate (…unfortunately).

The rest of the chapter that went into a flashback on Kisame’s days in Kirigakure (i.e. The Village of Mist) reeked of a death flag, but surprisingly developed into something more when it was shown how Madara recruited him into Akatsuki. For the most part, the talk about his personal aspirations of a world without lies and deceit still has me thinking this was intended to give his character some depth before he kicks the bucket though. My only real interest from probing his brain for information was Madara’s face, which presumably isn’t like the one we’ve seen during his confrontations with the First Hokage and the Senju back in the day. There’s still a lot of mystery surrounding exactly who Kabuto/Orochimaru had in the last casket he showed Madara, with the latter’s original body being a possibility given his reaction, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if Madara used some forbidden technique like Orochimaru’s to switch bodies and extend his life.

From a broader perspective, exactly what Madara looks like now or whether or not he took over someone’s body doesn’t really matter all that much. He’s more or less made his objective clear on reviving the ten-tailed beast and casting a genjutsu of lunar proportions on the world, so putting a stop to his plan is a given regardless of what or who he is. Still, I thought it was pretty sly of them to cut off the “big reveal” by having Kisame bite out his own tongue, because Madara’s appearance may have provided some clues as to how he’s still alive and maybe even how to counter his space-time techniques. Given how suicidal Kisame seems to be at the moment to prevent any further information from being leaked, and how he’s surrounded by Naruto, Bee, Guy, and Yamato, it’s looking like that death flag will be made good on the very next chapter. Between that and him somehow escaping, I’d much rather see him die here since him living to fight another day would take away from that flashback of his we just saw.


  1. Dude Kisame is screwed!! He has so many ppl to fight..his tongue is bit off..He’s out of power and his whole body is burnt..man my bull bout to die! Oh and Why isn’t Guy even alittle hurt or something after using the seventh gate?!?

  2. Do you think the person in the casket would be the 4th Hokage? I remember the 3rd Hokage not wanting orochimaru to bring out one of the caskets when they were fighting in konoha.

    1. Dude I have been saying that since chapter 501, KEEP UP! I also said that I was wondering if Naruto will have to face his fathers’ corpse in the future if Kabuto decides to summon more of the dead. That is a fight I would love to see.

      Otaku ESA
      1. What diaz meant was the summoning of that third casket that the 3rd stopped, that was anime only material as the manga only had Orochimaru summon two caskets of the 1st and 2nd.

      2. And what I AM SAYING is on chapter 117, page 19 the Third did mention he stopped the third casket from appearing. That was not just anime only, unless translators of the online manga I was reading is wrong then I will apologize, but for now what I am reading says A THIRD CASKET WAS STOPPED!

        Otaku ESA
    2. I don’t think it could. I thought that edo tensei(or whatever the name of the technique Kabutorochi used to summon the dead) cannot be used on anyone whose soul was trapped by the Shiki Fuiin(death god) technique. Least that’s what some people were saying on a different forum.

  3. And in the end Kisame ended up being less interesting than a door. It’s time this overpowered no one be gone. Seriously, I always felt this guy was just a character resource to get in the way of things and make the plot progression slower. I’ve never seen a bit of real personality besides “I’m an overpowered fish-man with a cool smile”. Bye bye and never come back again, please.

  4. With the Mizukage with Mandara behind him … um .. so if Mandara can control a kage level Jinchuriki, then why didnt he just sneak into the villages and have the Jinchuriki follow him through his ocular powers? it seems like he could have completed his plan before the time skip that way instead of making a big commotion by having his akatsuki die try doing it, knowone would have been the wiser (correct me if i read this chapter wrong)

    1. Madara could control the 3 tails Jinchuriki with his ocular powers.
      That doesn’t meen he could control them all.
      The more tails they have the stonger the tailed beast is.
      Kinda why Naruto is the strongest Jinchuriki, and Bee is the second.

      1. No, Madara did control the Nine-Tails Fox during Minato’s Death just a few chapters ago. I will assume that you meant that he could not control all the Tailed Beast hosts unless he was always near them. Distance is probably the limiting factor here which makes sense. This is probably why Madara is doing his Moon Eye Plan. Distance will no longer be a problem.

      2. I agree with the distance being a factor, but I did mean that Madara couldn’t use his ocular powers to control all of the Jinchuriki. Ya he could control the tailed beasts, but shouldn’t the Jinchuriki’s be alot stronger then the beasts by them selves?
        I don’t think if Madara walked up to Naruto 30 chapters ago he could have just used his ocular powers to make Naruto walk him home.

  5. For a moment there in this chapter I seriously thought Kisame had a love interest there. And kudos to Kishi for teasing me yet again on Madara’s face. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on you twice.

    1. considering that the three-tail was already captured a while back and removing a tailed beast from their container is seen as death of the container, the mizukage would be dead. Or there is a character who did that life-transfer technique on him the same way as they did to save gaara from death and all.

  6. Hey wait a minute, wasn’t the 3 tailed Bijuu the only one without a jinchuriki? Cuz I remember there was a small part in a chapter where 2 of the Akatsuki went and “got it” or whatever and said it was the only one with no jinchuriki… it was a 3tailed turtle.

  7. Also I thought they had explained Madara’s still being alive by saying he cast a genjutsu on reality or himself or death or something… basically his existence is an illusion. That’s what I thought they had said anyway when they realized Tobi was Madara

  8. Tobi = Madara
    The body summoned by Kabuto was the real Madara, explaining why that surprises “Madara” so much.
    Nobody is inmortal, even Rikudoh Sennin, the creator of the ninja modern world died naturaly, the sharingan, magenkyou sharingan or godly sharingan can save anybody from the death (only Jashin can do that obviously) the original Madara can be alive…

    Another strange idea… I dunno… if the first Hokage stole the sharingan from Madara in their batlle and now is turned into a devil character who whishes the destruction of the world?

    1. um the first, second, third, fourth, kushina, my mom, dad, sister, brother, unborn child, cousin twice removed are all trapped in that Shinigami thing’s stomach or something like that. So this Madara can’t be the first it can only be Obito, Kakashi’s childhood friend.I wonder who else will have a flashback and beast, so far Naruto saw his parent’s sacrifice and became the KyuubiSage. Kisame had his flashback and looks like he is about to rage too.


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