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This post has been sitting in my drafts for some time now, so I figured it’s about time to get it out. Not to mention, the PV for May’n’s latest single has been out for almost two months now on Victor Entertainment’s flying DOG YouTube channel, prior to the actual premiere of Ookami-san. In addition, the single itself came out on July 28th, so everyone who’s wanted to hear the full version of “Ready Go” probably has by now. What hasn’t been so readily available though is her live performance of the song on Music Japan’s anime song special back on August 1st. I say live performance, but in reality this looks like a prerecorded lip-synced one where May’n gets part of the lyrics and dance messed up at the 2:24 mark and recovers with the help of a quick camera change. Regardless, I love watching live performances of songs prerecorded or otherwise, so this Music Japan special was pretty cool to see. There were several other artists performing as well, some of which I may post performances of later on. For now, enjoy the latest from May’n if you haven’t seen it already. The PV in particular looks like it could be used for an iPod advertisement.


[flv:May’n_Ready_Go_Music_Japan.mp4 550 310]


    1. There seems to be two different sets; one with Yukarin, Makino Yui and GRANRODEO (among others) and one with Fripside, May’n and Angela (among others). If this is like any of the other Anisong specials on Music Japan, there could be a rebroadcast that is longer/or different.

  1. I love May’n regardless of her screw up with the lip syncing. Countless singers do lip syncing at live performances, many so they don’t run out of breath in mid-dance. This is a sad fact about show business.

    May’n has a tendency to wear hot pants and boots to show off her legs. Practically all her PVs have her like this. *drool*

  2. divine, that Anime Song Special, it didn’t happen to include performances of Mizuki Nana, Jam Project, ELISA, Horie Yui, Kalafina, Yousei Teikoku among others?

    I was at a Japanese restaurant in town earlier today, and they always play some recordings of Japanese television in the background. While I was there eating they happened to show some Anime Song Special where the artists/bands above performed. Quite a coincidence if it was the same one. 🙂

  3. Not the best song by May’n and pretty forgettable too. I can still remember when I first hear the songs in Macross Frontier (May’n is the singing voice of Sheryl Nome) sang by her(particularly the two songs “Shinkū no Diamond Crevasse” and “Northern Cross”). I was literally blown away by her beautiful voice.

    1. It’s an ongoing thing that I haven’t had much time to work on. Getting it out later isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, since more promo videos will be available and the broadcast schedules will be finalized.

  4. All this talking about music made me think about Animelo.It’s this weekend right?Damn I want to go there so badly.
    I also like the 08th MS team’op and Kannazuki no Miko ED too.

    1. Animelo Summer Live 2010 was yesterday and today in fact (Japan time).

      On a separate note, I’m thinking of making a general place where people can just comment about anything or leave guest book type messages (about the sidebar music for example), so I’m leaning towards adding a chat/shout box to the site in the future.

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