「The Sword and the DEAD」

Before I get started on this embarrassing episode, I’d like to point out that the events occurred in this episode is canon, and it is taken from a later chapter. The choice to put it in now must be to give Saeko a little more “depth” before ending the season. In perspective, there’s really no difference in having this escapade arc of theirs now or later, but purists might have some complaints I suppose. Regardless, who’s going to agree that this episode wins the awkward award of the year? Don’t? Allow me to explain in excruciating detail.

Saeko and Takashi have now split from the group and are on their way to Takagi’s mansion. They try to avoid the zombies until needed, and soon find a shop that contains an all terrain vehicle. Driving around, they attempt to avoid the zombies in the river. On a little island, the two make small talk and Takashi suddenly questions Saeko whether or not there was anyone she liked. A rather random question, Saeko blushes and looks off into the distance and says, “Yes, there was one I liked.” Awkward moment #1.

The zombies disappear, and they make their move to a plaza of some sorts. Takashi lands the vehicle into the fountain and lets it run in circles to attract the zombies. Saeko proceeds to jump off and obliterate the zombies, but soon runs into children. Frozen, Takashi comes behind and blasts their face off (not shown of course, but it was in the manga). As night approaches, they happen upon a shrine to camp in until the next day. At this point, Saeko is pretty freaked out, and apparently feels the need to explain to Takashi her “true” self. Yadda, yadda, she basically just listed the symptoms of being a psychotic sadist. She recoils with tenderness at her wound now in the open, but Takashi, being the MAN he is, quickly makes his move and enters the land of Valhalla. Awkward moment #2.

Now, I’m sure this will be discussed till the end of time, but Madhouse apparently decided to imply that Saeko and Takashi proceeded to do the baby making. With the fading to black, then the adjusting of her underwear in the morning (which just so happens to be conveniently covered by his “gun”), how is it not possible he tapped that bushido ass? However, apparently the sexing didn’t satisfy her, as she was still hesitant on continuing to fight. Takashi, knowing damn well what the woman needs, gets behind her (quick as hell, mind you) and places his arm over her chest to grab her left breast. With a clenching hand, hard enough so that the breast leaks from the gaps in his fingers, Saeko lets out squeals from being empowered by a man. Takashi proclaims his admiration, and Madhouse thought it was a good idea to zoom up to his hand, just to show how serious he was. The more serious he got, the harder he squeezed, and boy, was he serious! Awkward moment #3.

Lo and behold, the manliness completely won her over in true sexist fashion. With new found acceptance and finally embracing her inner psychotic without guilt, Saeko shamelessly enjoys her fetish with the zombies. Suddenly, she informs us that she is now “wet”, with the Japanese for “wet” plastered over the screen. This is where I pretty much lost it. Looking away from the screen, almost “wet” myself, I asked my monitor, “LOL DID THAT REALLY JUST HAPPEN RIGHT NOW?”(I didn’t get a response btw) Awkward moment #4.

As the fight subsides, Saeko asks him to “take responsibility”. Wow, where have I heard that line a million times before? Seriously Japan, I swear you have a list of “commonly said sentences to be used in a certain genre” posted on the walls of your studio offices. Besides that fact, the irony in all of this is that Takashi then narrates that he basically just accepted her for his own survival. What a manipulative dog! He must have planned this from the beginning, noticing that this was his chance to trap himself with Saeko. He cornered the girl, got laid, then completely empowered her to be on his side (sounds like he “broke” the girl for those familiar with the term).

Anyway, they finally reach Takagi’s house. I think I finally know the true intention of this apocalypse. It’s all just as planned of course. Takashi’s using it to get into the pants of all the girls. The man is a genius. One down, four to go (yes, I counted Alice because loljapan). The next couple episodes will deal with lolpolitics and lolrightwingactivists, and more “forced” morale problems. I started getting annoyed of HOTD during this arc, as the weakness of the author’s writing becomes as blindingly obvious as Takagi’s lust for Takashi’s babies.

Oh, and don’t forget, if you want to win a girl’s heart, the LEFT breast is the key! Just form a death grip on that thing and don’t let go. Squeeze harder for maximum damage!


ED9 Sequence

ED9: 「宝石のスパイ」 (Houseki no Spy) by 黒崎真音 (Kurosaki Maon)
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    1. I don’t particularly see the plot holes. Yes, they got the ATV and sword early, but that is just to make up for the series probably ending early. I think they just capitalized on the Saeko love, so they wanted to insert this episode into this season. Only other plot hole was them entering Takagi’s house through the “back” gates, which is quite stupid seeing as how strictly guarded the complex is.

      Everything else pretty much went by the manga. I really do prefer the implied sexy time from the temple fade out scene rather than the quick cut in the manga though. Saeko is sooooooo much sexier than Rei (less angst too, sadist side is perfectly fine).

  1. Meh… I never watched this show (or read the manga for that matter) because it had an awesome and innovative plot structure or storyline. When I watch it I shut my brain off and just enjoy chicks with beyond ridiculously large breasts killing zombies. The writer wrote hentai before this, so of course there are going to be plot holes and awful cliches.

    Despite all that, I still <3 Saeko with an undying passion. Get it? Undying? Hahaha-ha-ha…?

  2. The ‘wet’ thing kinda had me going “errr” into awkward moment. In terms of visual fanserve there was a bit less compared to the previous episodes, which was good. However, to balance that it got concentrated in z0mglolwut-scenes that had me raise my eyebrow a few time sin a cynical way.
    Still, I did like how Saeko totally went into a sort of bloodlust mode.

  3. Kiiragi, just curious, I watched the episode with gg subs which like you said that Takashi basically manipulated Saeko in order to protect himself, but is it possible that he meant that he likes/accepts her even with her flaws? I don’t know any Japanese so have to rely on subs which sometimes might interpret things a little differently.
    It’ll really piss me off if Takashi screws around with Saeko just to protect himself, and end up with Rei in the end.

    1. Yeah, it’s possible. I was half joking throughout the post, but if you were to give Takashi the benefit of the doubt, I’d say he just meant he likes her enough to ignore her flaws but that her future protection played a huge part in that decision. I mean, in that situation, I’m pretty sure any calculating guy wouldn’t just up and leave her or piss her off, especially considering her volatile personality. This might still piss you off though lol.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply. Heh, manipulative/calculating/self-serving Takashi will annoy me lol, but if Takashi ends up with Rei (which will most likely happen) that’ll piss me off. I just don’t like Rei I guess.

      2. Well, that’s Takashi alright. He’s maturing slowly every step of the way to ensure that everyone makes it out alive.He’s thinking like a good leader should,accepting his comrades for whom whatever or whomever they are.Still I don’t like the Takashi x Rei pairing. I mean come on, Rei dated Hisashi just because Takashi didn’t pay so much attention to her in her eyes when all along he cared for her just that he was not that good with expressing his feelings openly,then Rei comes along accusing him of jealousy when he killed Hisashi out of respect for him.And when he was about to go at it alone she comes up with this waterworks scene which kinda made her look like a hypocrite.Man, Takashi should just take her only as a close friend and love someone else other than her with all that given.But then again like some of the folks her speculated the production is definitely gunning for their pairing.One more thing, if Hisashi and Rei did “it” as well then it’s just right for Takashi and Saeko to have one intimate night with each other.Like some sort of payback.

      3. That last line really pissed me off. There was no reason to put that in, since it definitely wasn’t in the manga. You watch those two through the series and you can see that Takashi more then likely thinks of Saeko as a little more then a friend, so while the kiss would be a little shocking, it isn’t out of nowhere. Then when he grabs her the stuff he yells is pretty believable, even if he lays it on a tiny bit thick. Then he narrates that line at the end and it sounds like he’s saying he took advantage of her just to keep her stable and keep himself alive. That’s never been the kinda guy he is, he always thinks of others first. I really don’t know what they were going for with that line, but it didn’t sound right…

      4. I must agree with the pack. Definitely wasn’t down with the last line of the episode.
        I haven’t read the manga but since the start of the show Takashi had given off a less sinister aura. It’s out of character for him and if the manga plays out with him actually having romantic relations with Saeko and none of this evil mess. I really like the idea of him staying with Saeko and Rei getting crazy jealous. Takagi should just stay in her own delirious bubble.

        Oh great Piss. I shall see thee soon.

    2. one could interpret it as “i accepted her flaws because said flaws are now beneficial to our survival, so they’re not really flaws anymore and should be embraced by everyone.” of course it’s problematic to have a sadistic violent streak in normal society, but now that she has a seemingly endless supply of the undead to lay waste to, she can let that out while simultaneously benefitting those around her instead of being a threat to them.

      diet otaku
      1. Yeah, I could see it meaning that. To be honest I think the line was just poorly worded and he really meant what you said, or something along the lines of “if I can accept her darkness, she can accept it herself, and I can accept the darkness inside of me. We can rely on and support each other”. Like I said, probably just horribly worded.

  4. Unfortunately for the sake of fanservice many situations in the manga Madhouse has taken to the extreme, like the bullet time and this scene where Saeko is greabbed, in the manga Takashi just sort of hugs her from behind but here is taken to the next level and is becoming annoying, these “little” deviations from the manga.

    1. The problem with this amount of fan service is that its in effect all kid’s stuff. If i really wanted to watch big boobs in action i would be watching Discipline or similar.

      Fanservice implies that its there as a side show, not as the main attraction -> which would be hentai anime’s niche. Currently its threatening to ursup that position, interfering with the story (eg any effect of Alice’s dad getting killed + Fatty’s “stand up and be a man” moment is very quickly negated by bouncing boobs in the next scene)

      Zaku Fan
  5. completely agree with the awkwardness of the story shown… they are really doing things all over the place…. The pacing deviated rather far from the manga and now it kinda makes little sense to the events that occurred.

    differences in the story from the manga…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    and lastly, considering that she is using a SWORD…. and they are up against the walking dead… u would think that them zombies would need some severe damage to fully incapacitate them… and by that i mean decapitations of heads, limbs, wadeva…. Instead, we’re treated to flesh wounds and blood spurts??? And they go down with just that????? They are freaking undead! It completely defies the entire logic of how zombies work that they can “die” from flesh wounds….

      1. yeah, i went back to take a look and there are indeed a few. Rushed through though. The main action juz involved slashing. Maybe i expected more considering the whole context of it. After all, it was not too long ago that Takashi and Hirano were firing guns off and it was clearly shown that they needed full on headshots or a shotgun to take em down.

  6. This is where I pretty much lost it.Looking away from the screen, almost “wet” myself, I asked my monitor, “LOL DID THAT REALLY JUST HAPPEN RIGHT NOW?”(I didn’t get a response btw)

    Pretty much my reaction..I had to actually rewind it check if I had read wrongly.
    I checked the chapter for this in the manga though, and I didn’t see that whole epilogue about Takashi using Saeko for his survival, unless its mentioned later on or I can’t read.

    The fanservice in the ep was not as cringeworthy, at least at the start. It wasn’t shoved into your face for absolutely no reason…then came the strangling of the breast. The agony…

    I liked this episode in terms of laughing at awkward moments and clasping my head in complete confusion… which is fun and all…but in terms of the characters Psycho Saeko lost it for me at this point:
    I don’t mind her being a sadist really, but the craycray part kills what I liked about her. Yeah yeah I get it “character development”.

    And Takashi is converting to being the regular man!slut and/or ass c:

    @bga oh really? maybe I need to read the manga properly..the parts that I have I do realize that its actually more reasonable in the ecchi…like they have more of a point and we don’t get unrealistically jiggling breasts.

  7. the manga’s reason for saeko/takashi separating from the group made their situation more believable compared to…this. still, i’ll ignore every plothole as long as i can, to coin your words, watch that “bushido ass” in action 😀

  8. What I don’t get is how in the manga, they don’t show Takashi and Saeko kiss and later on have sex(subliminal) but, they showed it in anime??

    By the looks of it, they seem to follow the manga but, they are changing the plot direction and character development to different perspective.

    I don’t know about you guys but I want the anime to follow manga… and putting less exaggeration on “fanservice” 😛

  9. I would rather see him with psycho Saeko then Rei. The fact that she is kinda enjoying ganking zombies isn’t that bad a thing. If she starts letting the wind out of alive people then you got a different problem.

    Looks like the red haired glasses girl was pissed off at the end too. Looks like she gonna have to settle for the chubby dude with glasses. He still stepped up and helped save them many times and is kind to Alice (so he good with kids). She could do worse.

  10. “I’m a woman, you know?”
    “I am a woman after all.”
    “I’m a woman I’m a woman I’m a woman”

    We get it, Saeko, but apparently Madhouse decided to devote a whole episode to proving this already known fact in as many creepy ways as possible. Its too bad, because she was the only tolerable girl left. D:

  11. I thought the whole grab-your-breast thing was really funny. It didn’t make too much sense in my mind, but what do I know? I’m not a woman. They did censor it, though, where I watched it, which seemed weird to me because from what I gather there was no nipple or anything poking out. The ending was great to me, though, where he said he was just doing it to survive. Manipulative? Perhaps. Genius? Hell yeah

    1. Didn’t make any sense to me either and I am a woman. I still loled because HOTD has conditioned me to not take their “fanservice” too seriously like its needs to have a point. I think I would of had the opposite reaction to Saeko though…

    2. It made a bit more sense in the manga when Takashi was already behind Saeko and he grabbed her to keep her from running off to her death (cause it looked like she had given up). It looked a lore more accidental in the manga, where here it looked like he was aiming for her chest.

    3. I think the whole breast grabbing was to recreate something similar to what she encountered with the rapist. I am sure the rapist was doing some minor touching before she whooped his butt. Still it was the time where she found out that she loved that feeling to dish out the hurt. That’s my two cents.

  12. I just dont remember Takashi being THAT close to Saeko in the manga. Few liberties I think from what I’ve remembered from the manga. Wanted to check again but then, I didn’t really care that much. Maybe my senses got completely dulled but even with more Saeko, I didn’t enjoy this episode as much as the others. Oh well, I’ll keep on watching and enjoying this show as much as I can (without any special hopes and expectations).

  13. Now I’m more than halfway through the series, I’m surprised I haven’t dropped this series after numerous rage-induced scenes. I can accept the occasional fanservice but after pushing multiple envelops, it’s becoming tiring. I like how this gradual frustration was also demonstrated in Kiiragi’s writings as every new episode, where the focus of analyzing parts of an anarchy society has now became braking down cheesy plotpoint after plotpoint. I don’t blame Kiiragi for this because I would of succumbed to it a long time ago.

  14. Takashi’s not that SOB to just get laid with Saeko just for his own survival, at least having in mind that he has been the party leader. I belive that his last phrase is a typical case of lost-in-translation as it can be translated to “I did it to survive”, which implifies both Takashi’s and Saeko’s survival. The manga’s last chapter is another implication of this (no spoilers here, people).
    As for Saeko’s acceptance of him, she’s old-school “trust your life to a true MAN”.

  15. Ah crap… You’re post entertained me to no end. Freakin’ hilarious! You might recall a week or two ago I was pretty defensive about this show and felt the fan service was taking its course smoothly. But man… Awkward moments #3 and #4 was beyond my fan service limit. And man, I’ve got a big fan service threshold…

    Especially the uncalled for boob wrenching…


    1. First there must be a zombie apocalypse. Then you have to be in Japan. Then the girl must be a zombie-killing sadist. Finally, everyone involved must be insane. That should make it work. Good luck!

    2. OMG! what the hell did i just see? A flag of Saeko X Takash? Well I am for the GO!

      Did they just had sex inside the holy shrine? O.o?

      Anyway, I am starting to wonder the need of the zombies and the whole scenarios for HOTD.

  16. This wasn’t a bad episode I think the fighting scenes were pretty cool than that bloody bullet time thing, although I think he actually did sleep with her as if you see in one of the screen caps as they leave the shrine Saeko does appear to be clipping her skirt and the little bit towards the end of the episode made me further wonder but I gotta say he can’t just kill his childhood friends boyfriend, confess his love for her then run off with Saeko and then expect to just go back to her.
    Damn thinking along that path just puts me back to school days, main character trying to get with as many girls as he can before he bites it.

  17. This is by far the most awkward episode I have ever seen and I don’t even know why MadHouse bothered doing it


      1. Please can you hold some restraint I understand what you mean however people view anime online because they cannot see it on television as with the case with this show however I live in the UK and we presently do not show anime on any of our television networks and our shops anime shelves are dated and only have mainstream shows, how else would I be able to see any anime show if not online, although I won’t say i’m a pirate completely on the account that I do buy Mangas wherever possible.

      2. lol, its mika-troll again. FYI he can say whatever he wants about HoTD he has a point and FYI #2 its not just available illegally, there is also legal streams of it simulcast in USA so until he tells you how he watches it really you need to shut your trap.

      3. I would have to disagree with the idea of pirates being unconsidered as a factor or a part of the fanbase of a specific anime.

        For example, I am quite sure that there are pirates out there buying anime figurines. I’d say they are still part of the market.

  18. That kiss was a welcome add-on to the original material!! XD Loved the whole episode, but the only akward part was how Takashi wasn’t already standing behind Saeko for the confession-grabby-thingy, so that scene felt really awkward. Otherwise, this was based on my favorite chapter, so I love it all!! More Saeko is never a bad thing!!!!

  19. After encountering the bullet and boobs matrix, Takashi comes to a conclusion of grabbing boobs and sleeping with Saeko for the stamp of the survival in the mass zombie hunt.

    Likewise, Saeko gets wet while chopping and slashing zombies and ask to take responsibility.

    This looks like a new fate of destiny proven even by the gods as they can have sex in the holy shrine.

  20. the fanservice was distracting a bit and a touch odd but im just happy a nifty zombie anime is out. what caught my attention is the zombies looking up when lights shined on them entering that park on the atv, when they are supposed to not respond to visual cues just sound. and also when the zombies come all the way up to the shrine in the morning, unless he was a human jackhammer during the hinted sex scene it shouldnt have been loud enough to draw them. they fell down a hill chasing the atv and yet they didnt try to even set foot in the river or whatever it is attempting to follow. even takashi said it wasnt enough sound to draw them to the shrine, hmm maybe they smelled the sex and came looking for a piece i dont know… but are they evolving to make use of diff senses or something?

    1. Isn’t it possible for the ATV to makes sounds while entering the park and that’s what they were reacting in that general direction? Also, if they really did have sex, Saeko must’ve been a screamer.

  21. It wasn’t a terrible episode, but some parts simply didn’t make sense even for time and development purposes. IIRC it was Takashi who froze at the zombie kids in the manga, the breast grab really did nothing to advance the plot at all and was completely out of place (seriously they could have put that next to her shirt getting soaked and it would have fit much better), the off screen kiss could be a problem if later on in the manga he has his first kiss or something* and her signature ‘wet’ call simply sounded like it was rushed when I always pictured it as aggressive and sexy. Points go to the author for Saeko’s mental problems and the VA for giving a good job of Saeko on the edge, but I think the animators need to realize that adding in even more fanservice when it doesn’t even pad for time simply gets to be a turn off.
    And next episode we get left wing brain dead morons and a right wing ubermensch. I’m really looking forward to when we get to the mall.

    1. Breast grab possibly serves 3 purposes.

      One is to make her feel “wanted” (even if it’s just sexually) by a guy despite all her darkness.

      Second, in the anime it seemed that Saeko’s first assaulter was attempting rape and it was that moment where she realized and became ashamed of her crazy side. Takashi probably wanted to reawaken her memories from that time but instead of making her feel ashamed, he encouraged her instead. Changing the meaning of a past shameful event to a new one.

      And for the third, he’s a healthy teenage boy and Saeko’s got a great pair.

      1. I’m sorry but the third one is the only one that’s plausible. I can stand it if people accuse me of being a canon-Nazi* but he did just fine in the manga without that. Heck there he got her considering him as a love interest without a kiss, breast grab or implied one night stand (though that might be HOW he got her to consider him).

        * See Godwin’s Law for details.

    2. I respect your opinion although I am of a different view.

      I’m the type who believes that a piece of work, even if it’s an adaptation, is to be judged on its own (separate from the canon). The fact that they changed the character interactions means this work already took on a life of its own because of the different story that it tells (Hisashi was a best friend in the anime which makes Takashi’s character different, they actually kissed and possibly had sex in the shrine).

      Comparisons can be made to the source material of course but that’s what they are, comparisons and not absolute rules. At this point, let’s just say to each his own. It’s an enjoyable story either way.

      1. Your view is fine except that they did not change the entire thing. For example, if he was really the manipulative sort, why would he save a useless little girl?

        He should have been more like the teacher in personality if he’s really into mind games but they never changed that part so now it seems like he’s suddenly either changed personality or he woke up to the “as long as i survive, to hell wth it” idea. Neither really works.

        The former is awkward, the latter doesn’t have any visible catalyst for his change

        Zaku Fan
  22. I read this scene in the manga (and this scene only) to see what sort of differences there were and I don’t know why madhouse felt they had to imply they had sex. She was still “adjusting” he skirt but everything before that was not blatantly implying they did anything (if they did anything at all).

    Anyway, I watch this show for the plot.

  23. Eh, it looks like most aren’t watching the anime seriously anymore but wth; What the ep was trying to portray with Saeko (IMHO) is not that she’s psychotic or a murderer, but that she had personally wanted to strike out against bad things in society (like the guy who wanted to molest her). Tempting such an encounter isn’t a good thing but I think anyone would be exhilarated to have the opportunity and power to strike down someone “evil”. Saeko just takes it a little farther and seems to get turned on by doing so… hehe.

    Normally such a vigilante would be a deviant and considered a criminal as well. However in Zombie World such thinking no longer applies, and people like Saeko and Kohta are free from lofty morals in this “man eat man” environment.

    As far as Takashi and Saeko having sex, I don’t believe it. I expect Takashi would still be a bit too timid. The breast grabbing was just really odd, my only guess at something rational; he was trying to snap her out of her awful mood with a painful wake up call (why he didn’t just pinch / slap her or something is beyond me…).

    Takashi’s line at the end did NOT mean he used her to save himself. I took it more as “For the good of everyone I can accept her as she is”. So basically Saeko gets to kick zombie ass and *enjoy* it now, without any guilt or remorse because she enjoys it, knowing that Takashi accepts her.

  24. It is an Aimpoint red dot sight on the shotgun, not a scope. For a shotgun it’s perfectly ok to with one of those. It’s also the same sight on Rei’s M1A. Later on though… Show Spoiler ▼

  25. LOL at blogger when he mention that the quote “take responsibility” is used over and over again :p I think I understand now why they have every single genre by now to be related with high school lifestyle….

  26. I still think they did not do the deed, it just logically thinking when you inside an unsecured temple house with zombie surrounding you, sex is probably one of the least thing on my mind being alert and taking turn to keep watch would be more logical. I wouldn’t wanna get sneak up by a zombie when I am being careless you know.

  27. I didn’t think much of the saeko sequence in the manga and I still didn’t like it in the show. Just something about her, secret, the drama of the her confession seemed forced. I remember reading the manga and during her confession the thought that literally popped into my head was ‘so what.’ I could go into great lengths on why I had those thoughts but I won’t. I think there could have been better ways for the writer to flesh out this character but I know plenty of individuals are going to disagree with me. What I did like was the showing of the little them, too often the world in which zombies populate are without children, except the occasional survivor, and the addition of child zombies always make the concept, more, chilling.

  28. Lol so they really did do “it”,i wasn’t so sure at that part,and yes the part where she started screaming that she’s wet wasn’t really needed,i was like haaa,what’s rong with ya girl?:))) anyways nice commenting on the episode,i even loughed at some parts ^^

  29. Okay, I believe it might be a good idea to read ch.16-17 for everyone who said “this” and “that” is different from the manga. Of course their is going to be some changes when they made the jump from ch.9 to ch.16. Such as where they got their vehicle and Saeko’s sword. However a lot of the things people mentioned that didn’t happen in the manga..did! Such as her random personality changes, the breast grabbing (while not as forceful), and even the wet comment.. it was all in the manga! Even her adjusting of her skirt was in the manga, though I agree the events in the anime hint at them doing the dirty deed. Still I find it hard to imagine that they did unless they’re aiming for that pairing, which would be awesome.. but I don’t see it happening. At least for now, its too early. The main problem was the skip and trying to incorporate that chapter into the anime without the previous chapters before it getting animated. Which gives you more of Saekos character and makes this part easier to swallow. (sigh) I’m still wondering if they’re going to go with a second season or pull an original ending out of their ass. Hopefully they go to a second season cause if they don’t it will be rushed, thats a guarantee.

    1. A part of me thinks it’s just going to end with this series when Show Spoiler ▼

      That’s the only way I can see this series ending okay. I do think this episode being pushed earlier kinda make Saeko’s character development harder to accept without the previous chapters featuring her fights. It just had this weird flow to it. But I do agree with the dirty deed moment though. After all the things Takashi said (while grabbing her boob), it seems like he remotely cares about her far more than just a friend. So it makes sense. I rather see a Takashi and Saeko pairing than one with Rei. Rei is way too annoying and bitchy IMO. He’s better off without her.

  30. The sexing it up scene was implied in the manga but it was a lot more ambiguous. The whole “Take responsibility” line is apparently a play at “Take responsibility as the father of my child” whenever there’s sexual tension. Odd but it’s worth noting.

  31. divine….i usually just “speed read” the summary’s…but i READ THE WHOLE THING, nice and slow. my dude! u made ur summary more interesting than the ep..and it was A GOOD EP!!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  32. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! NOT DIVIVE!?!?!? DIVINE -10 points “for not being here”
    LOL KIIRAGI +20 “everything i said…uh, just put it on you”!!!!
    BROOKLYN otaku -9000 points for supposed “Nice and slow” reading .

    BROOKLYN otaku
  33. the review really made my day!! Hahahaha I LOLed so hard!!
    Only one thing, why all the girls here really seem to like being naked?? and adjust their clothes in front of men?
    One more: I love SaekoxTakashi pairing! Much better than Rei!!

  34. haha, I enjoyed the Review. 😀 …”Oh, and don’t forget, if you want to win a girl’s heart, the LEFT breast is the key! Just form a death grip on that thing and don’t let go. Squeeze harder for maximum damage!”, that sentence made me LOL so hard…that i got wet. o.o

    In fact it was a funny review. It actually covered allot of the plot, also it covered some stuff i didnt think off (not that i where trying too).

  35. Still thinks this is bullshit compared to the manga. When I read this in the manga a long time ago I kinda went “FUCK YEAH”. Now it just feels like a ploy for more fanservice. And sure, the manga has its fair share of it, but when I watched last episode…..jesus.

  36. Whatever differences this episode had with the manga, for better or for worse, I still LOVE THIS PAIRING A HELL OF A LOT BETTER THAN WITH REI! Dammit Rei is truly the MANIPULATIVE ONE YOU PEOPLE! NOT TAKASHI! This will be obvious the next episode when Show Spoiler ▼

    She dumps him cuz he wasnt good at expressing his feelings and went out with his bestfriend, now that the said bf is gone, she clings on to him for survival and now gets all jealous that he can express more feelings and concern towards Saeko. Though I’m a huge fan of Saeko X Takashi, I’m a bigger hater of Rei X Takashi, and so if the Saeko X Takashi pairing wouldnt work out (oh man i hope not), then ANY straight pairing with Takashi will do so long as it is NOT with Rei! Hell he could go with the loli Alice for all I care so long as it is not with Rei!

  37. 1. Why would they be so loud if they were having sex, knowing full well that sound attracts THEM? Takashi and Saeko are not so stupid as to do that.

    The Zombies, like In EVERY Zombie franchise, are just wandering around and happened to chance on some poor souls. Same case here.

    2. If you’d read the manga, you’d know that what Saeko meant when she said “Takashi. Take responsibility…do it for me, okay?”

    She’s asking him to keep her in check; so she doesn’t go psycho murderer.

    Do you REALLY think they want to bring a BABY into this chaotic world? What good would Saeko be if she can’t fight the way she does now once she’s 7 or 8 months pregnant?

    A baby’s screams and having to take the time to feed it, change it, etc. will make their situation MUCH better.

    3. She was fixing her skirt because it got all wrinkled from SLEEPING ON THE TEMPLE FLOOR.

    Not only did they not have sex in the manga, but they also didn’t kiss. TakashixSaeko fans should be thankful for what fan service they got – Show Spoiler ▼

    – and not run amok with wild delusions of them having sex.

    1. realistic thinker, thinks realistically …. but this is anime, some of those points become invalid in a drawn world

      tho point 3. is based in manga facts so thats valid aslong as they didnt feel like changing it.

      The rustling of leaves doesnt seem like it would have drawn them to this specific spot .. if its windy wouldnt all the trees be making noise? but yes while it does seem unlikely … the world may never know (just like how many licks it takes to ge to the center of a tootsie-pop)

  38. Like many here, I could care less what the manga has to offer. I’m interested in the anime adaptation. It needs to sink or swim on its own. And while it wasn’t perfectly executed, it had some effective character development which should make future episodes better.

    If we can forget about the manga for a moment, (and I know some can’t but…) then of course they had sex. But… it’s possible for a show to be manipulative in such a way… Show Spoiler ▼

    But if there is any honesty in the show, they had sex.

    I wouldn’t be surprised that if there is enough time left in the season, he’ll bag the other two as well. Obviously in order to survive. There might not be enough time for Takagi though (without taking away from the rest of the story). I don’t see how they can give her a whole episode like Saeko got here, and they haven’t really developed a current relationship between them. One of the problems of a short season. There might be some false obstacles as well.

    I don’t think he’s any more manipulative than anyone else. Actually, he’s probably less so — that’s a piece of his moral dilemma. Does he have what it takes to lead the rest? Can he find a way to lead them while remaining true to what he believes of himself?

    If he was manipulative, he would probably have demonstrated it earlier. As a manipulator, he’s a failure. He could take lessons from Rei or Shidou.

    So regarding his final comment, I think that he acted on basic enough desires. Our nature drives us to do what we desire and then justify it after the fact. Note that our desires are complex and often conflicting, so it’s not as simple as just pursuing bushido ass.

    Awkward moments 1 and 2 were okay by me. Both of these characters have their issues so I expect awkwardness. But moments 3 and 4 were poorly and clumsily done.

    p.s. FWIW, I don’t think I’ve seen the ‘take responsibility’ part in another show. Most anime characters can go years without kissing the person they love, no matter how opportune the situation might be, no matter they’re drunk, no matter how their friends and family push them together. And for some shows, the whole point of them seems to be to provide new situations for nothing to happen. So I don’t know when anyone would have done anything to actually take responsibility for.


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