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While I’ve found time to watch all my shows, my coverage of them will slip a bit this week due to a change of projects at my job and me spending time on various miscellaneous tasks on the site, such as the new playlist for the sidebar Flash player. To help tide things over in the meantime, I figured it was worthwhile getting a quick post out about the To Aru Majutsu no Index II promotional video that was shown at the end of this week’s episode of Ookami-san on AT-X. I won’t get into any detail about this sequel now, but will say that I’ll definitely be watching it.

For those who have been wondering, yes, a Fall Preview is in the works. However, I’m in no rush to get it out since there will be more promotional material available as we get closer to the start of the new season. Not to mention, another big part of the season preview here at RC involves the broadcast schedules, which haven’t been announced for all the new shows yet. Originally, I was hoping to get the post out mid-September (roughly two weeks from now), but it’s looking like it’ll be closer to the last week of this month as I’ll be fairly busy in the upcoming weeks.

Fall is also one of the most jam-packed seasons, with over thirty new series airing this year. Even after limiting the preview to the usual criteria, I still have 27 or so I wish to provide proper previews for, which means PVs and everything. I’d also like to add some information on OVAs this time around, even if it’s just a list of the ones that will be released over the course of the season. Clearly, it’s not something I can get done in one sitting, even if there were forty hours in a day. So for now, consider this Index II PV a taste of things to come.


  1. Already one of my favorite shows featuring some of the best voice actors, I’ve had this in my “To Watch” list since I heard it was green lit. Now all I have to do is wait for the release, as I definitely will be watching it.

    1. Hahaha! It’s awesome, BiriBiri love AGAIN…for 24 weeks? YES!!!
      It’s going to be a treat seeing EVERYONE (even some appearances/cameo from Railgun)! I’m beyond excited! So excited that my gf couldn’t slap my joy away this morning! Thank you, D! You again made my day! (my gf told me to thank you for the slap too).

  2. I watched this in front of friends the other day and there was so much more jiggling and other stuff more than S1 I was like @.@;; don’t think weirdly of meeeee as they wondered what in the world I was watching. and that nun in high heels, oh dear I really hope they don’t think I’m weird LOLLLLLLL.
    Can’t wait though seriously and the PSP game early next year. I WANT TO BE A BIRIBIRI!!

    1. OMG wow that was brave of you I could only do that to some of my real close friends who are understanding of culture but ye when ever the thought of friends and them watching anime comes to mind I just close my eyes, would be so awkward.

  3. Touma’s favorite was “First I’ll kill that delusion of yours” hahaha and I was wondering if they would show the battle between Accelerator and Kekine for transcendence to level 6.

    Spoiler ALERT
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Nyan ko
    1. Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Maaan… and here I thought Accelerator would turn into a trsundere dude on the right side T_T I haven’t seen the novels, just didn’t have a chance yet.
        So what are we in for in the second season?

  4. The one of the most waited anime for me. but i wont rush because the anime this season are funny and interesting. its better to see what is given than to rather than predicting and gets destroyed by your own delusion.

  5. I’m more of a railgun person but I’ve heard so many good things about what happens after Index S1 that I’m already hyped about this. More biribiri and kuroko (DAT VOICE) is always welcome too even if they’re not the main characters.

  6. From the looks of the trailer, it looks like this season will cover way more ground than the first season.

    Perhaps JC Staff learned their lesson and would cut down on too much Touma preaching, alternatively, they might go the extreme opposite and rush the whole thing through after being criticized for taking things too slowly last season.

    Was a bit disappointed with the first season, truth be told, but Railgun had redeemed the franchise somewhat. I see Uiharu is in the trailer as well, since she appears in the novel, all that’s left is for Saten-san to make a cameo and I’ll be glad.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. at the 1:11 minute mark there one that looks like Saten. However is so brief like a second and the flap on her uniform looks green instead of blue. So I could be wrong. However if Uiharu is around Saten should be very to close check if she is wearing her pantsu as always 🙂

      Island Esper
      1. Are you talking about Himegami? They do have similar hairstyles but they’re different people.

        Saten doesn’t appear in Volume 8, so the most she would be is a cameo. There’s a followup to Misaka’s arc and Accelerator’s miniarc that features Kuroko VS. Awaki (red-haired pigtail girl).

  7. Index!!!! lots of railgun faces and new ones… but anyone noticed so many “nuns” around? With all that action hopefully Touma won’t be talking so much this time around and will kick some level 5 around. Was that accelerator at the end ? huhuhuhu fu fu fu like HOTD: Nureru !

    Island Esper
  8. Saw this trailer a week or two ago when people at Comiket videotaped this. As a reader of the light novels (currently translated at baka-tsuki.org) and as one who lurks around forums for spoilers I can safely say that the second season will be much better than the first and it’s gonna be awesome. 😛

    From the looks of it, they’re backtracking to the Arrow of Azusa arc in volume 5 and ending at volume 14, even though just volumes 7-13 would be ideal and a great place to stop. I pray that J.C. Staff won’t cram everything in there and pace things reasonably.

    YEAH MORE BADASS ACCELERATOR! BEAT KIHARA AMATA TO A PULP! Oh, I am so looking forward to this.

    As a side, note, Touma’s parents are there at 1:10 and Touma’s dad is staring at Oriana’s boobs while Touma’s mom is giving off a deadly aura…

  9. HELL YA! I can’t friggin wait for fall. I was hoping the Railgun girls would be in this and there’s more of Accelerator/Touma asskicking. Did I see and older Misaka towards the middle…?

  10. Saw this a couple weeks ago as well when the cam rip first came out. I love the Index novels so I’m glad that they will be animating when the story starts to get more serious. Btw this season will cover volumes 7-13 of the novels. Having read the novels, here’s my prediction of the episode break down per-novel:

    Show Spoiler ▼

      1. I’m pretty sure they’re just going to have cameos. It also looked like those shots of Aqua and Terra were from the OP. Besides, it’s impossible for them to get to vol 16 in 24 episodes unless J.C.Staff pulls some Zero no Tsukaima level of adaptation decay fail, which I don’t think this director is going to allow since he said in an interview he wanted to keep the anime as close to the source material as possible. Furthermore, it’s already been confirmed that Index II will cover up to vol 13.

        That said, I’m expecting J.C.Staff to take a break from full Index and Railgun anime next fall season to produce Shana Third, but I think in the meantime they will adapt the first SS novel of Index into a series of OVAs, kind of like what they did with Shana S.

    1. This IS Index. It’s not focused on Misaka anymore, and the events that will take place during season two will be much better than season one. At least watch a few episodes before making a judgment.

      Unless you were talking about the fanservice in the PV, in which case Index has always had fanservice here and there. They just upped it a bit with Fukiyose and Oriana.

    2. If you’re referring to Mikoto, Kuroko, and Uiharu being in the PV that is because

      Show Spoiler ▼

      If it’s the fanservice that seems to be more pronounced than the first season, that’s because Seiri, Oriana, and Ursula are being introduced this season. Naturally there will be more boob jiggling with them in.

    1. Speaking of that, the OP will be titled “No Buts!” by Kawada Mami and the ED will be titled “Magic∞World” by Kurosaki Maon. From the Project Index site.

      Personally I’m happy that Kawada is doing the OP again since I’ve liked all of her pieces in Index and Shana so far (PSI-Missing, Masterpiece, Hishoku no Sora, Joint, etc). As for Kurosaki, she’s still pretty new on the scene but I’ve liked most of what she’s done. For anyone who doesn’t know, Kurosaki Maon performs all of the EDs for HOTD, so if you like them you have her to look forward to in Index II.


    Just some guy
  12. This is going to be a more 1:1 manga-to-anime adaptation than A Certain Scientific Railgun, right? I was fairly dissapointed with A Certain Scientific Railgun when the anime creator deviates quite a bit from the original source, yet the ending was pretty okay though.

    1. They’re adapting form the light novels, not the manga, as they are the source material. Furthermore, Railgun anime didn’t really stray too much from the manga until after episode 13 when and entirely new script was written by Kamachi Kazuma, who is the author of Index and Railgun so it can be considered as canon anyway. They couldn’t go into the SISTER’s arc because it’s not even completed yet in the manga.

  13. I too was wondering about that. So does anyone know exactly how many women have flocked to him so far in the light novels? From what I’ve been hearing, all Touma has to do is look at them with his ‘serious face’ and they go all weak in the knees.

    Smell The Coffee!
  14. I may wait until the season is half way through before I start watching. Though I liked this particular series, it always annoyed the crap out of me how Touma seems to consistently forget that his Imagine Breaker can cancel out most (if not all) non-natural abilities and, to an extent, their effect (ie the force and velocity of the concrete golem’s punch, the heat from the fire hulk…etc…)

    But looking forward to the series! Definitely!

  15. Any idea on what show/anime will To Aru Majutsu no Index II replace?

    Hope we can get the heads-up on who will voice the new characters…especially Itsuwa. Speaking of whom, are we going to see…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    And another thing, will Aisa Himegami remain demoted to extra this season? Whatever the answers, I’m definitely staying tuned.

    P.S.: More Biribiri, Kuroko and even Uiharu?! I say…*glasses pull*…YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!


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