「魔人の子孫! リトルオーズJr.驀進!」 (Majin no Shison! Ritoru Ōzu Junia Bakushin!)
“A Descendant of the Beast! Little Oars Jr. – Full Speed Ahead!”

Oars Jr. is such a badass. Though it started out rather slow, the pacing quickly picked up as some notable characters finally started joining in the fight. That’s what the war should be like, not just constant no name fodder fighting each other. Now that the slow part of the war is pretty much over (if memory serves me right), each episode should become exponentially far more entertaining than the last (don’t hold me to this though).

So like I was saying, Oars Jr. is such a badass. For such a simple reason as a hat, Oars Jr. will go to the far ends of the earth to save a friend. Risking his life by taking the front lines, Oars spends the entire episode trudging to the execution alter, but ends up taking a critical hit from Kuma. With massive size comes massive stamina, Oars tries to take down a Shichibukai with him, but unluckily targets Doflamingo, who’s becoming a real annoyance lately with his cockiness. I can’t wait till Luffy beats this guy’s ass (if they even fight). Anyways, Doflamingo shows off his amazing powers once more and cuts off Oar’s entire right leg. That leg is so massive it could feed all of Africa! To make matters worse, Moria then jumps in and spears his chest with a physical shadow attack. Oars just can’t catch a break can he? With his possibly dying breath, Oars reaches out for Ace, flashbacks passing through his head of wearing the hat throughout the seasons (Anyone get vibes of those “Giant and child” type of films from this episode?).

Hancock also makes an unexpected appearance, with an attack that is incredibly odd looking (I’m referring to the hearts with arrows). I wonder how much agony it would be to get stoned from her kicks. The guys that were kicked had huge chunks of their BODY fall off. That’s really gory if you think about it. They’re pretty much permanently stoned too. Man, OP is really unrelenting once put it in a realistic perspective. Anyway, random tangent.

Next week looks like a new plan will be put into motion, Sengoku’s to be specific, while the Pirates use the new pathway created by Oars Jr. to storm the front. I’m not sure what I was expecting from the animation, but so far they haven’t met it. It’s been decent, but I guess they won’t really try until near the climax of the war.




  1. I would have to say that Hancock’s fight was the one that interested me the most in this episode and looks like the ice breaker pirate looks hotter in the anime than she does in the manga. Girls with authority can sure look sexy at the same time.

  2. This is pretty much the point where One Piece officially completes its transition from light shounen manga to dark. There were hints of it before, especially with the Sabaody Archipelago Arc (slaves, Tenryubito offing people, etc.), but now “[it] just got real.”

    I’m dying to find out wtf Doflamingo’s Devil Fruit actually is. It’s obviously more than just puppet manipulation, since he just took Oars Jr.’s leg clean off with relative ease. I’m betting that he’s the strongest among the Shichibukai… by a fair amount. He’s been involved in so many things, yet he’s shrouded in mystery. I’ll bet that he ends up being one of Luffy’s final bosses to clear (with Blackbeard obviously being the official end game boss).

  3. “He chose the wrong shichibukai to take down with him. Man, the end of this episode was pretty emotional”

    That’s what I said to my brother, he should have tried Mihawk.

    This episode touched me more than its manga version… must be the voice and music.

    They said “At least he got close enough to hear Ace’s kgggggkgggg”

    Ah yes! Hancock is one tough cookie, no wonder Nyon told her she was not going to die.

    Lectro Volpi
    1. so luffy hows your training going? got haki mastered so you have a week or 2 of our time to kill?

      and yea i think its like a wire-wire fruit … where he cause use it as a super small blade (big trouble of you) or like the stings of a puppet to control people … just a guess

  4. Don’t give up Ace!! Here your friends are dying in front of you and you plan to accept your fate by not struggling. Put up a fight at least to escape. (That’s what I’ve been thinking when I was watchingn this episode.) Hmmm I say Luffy is more emotional when it comes to “nakama” and such. And Hancock ate the Love-Love Fruit so obvious her attacks would have <3 to it. But I agree that Flamingo guy will be big trouble for Luffy.

    random viewer
  5. i dont remember hancock being so brutal in the manga … i didnt think she had a kick that turned the chuck of your body she was gonna hit to stone just before impacts to it shattered and never can be repaired, on top of turning all men instantly to stone other then luffy.. tho why doesnt she just do that to everyone then break em with a kick? battle over oars didnt need to die .. only the magma dude would be left (like if the ice dude broke your frozen arm)

  6. hi
    i think what we saw Doflamingo’s ability so far is
    – manipulated people like puppets
    – cut Oars Jr.’s leg
    with this i think i have Theory
    his true ability isn’t manipulated people but rather he can create Thread’s puppets
    if you think about it
    Thread’s puppets is very thin and Transparent and you can move doll with it
    he can control people with it and he cut with it

  7. it was such a treat to see this chapter animated!!
    ALL YOU posters commenting on Don Flamingo surprised me, that totally went over my
    head, “monofiliment wire puppet control”..that’s pretty good!!!
    i thought he simply mind controlled oars in a split second and made him chop of his own leg.

    BROOKLYN otaku

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