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One Piece – 469, 470

「クマに起きた異変 イワさん怒りの一撃」 (Kuma ni Okita Ihen – Iwa-san Ikari no Ichigeki)
“Kuma’s Transformation! Ivan-san’s Blow of Anger!”

If anything, I’d call these two episodes “The Love Fantasies of Hancock”

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One Piece – 468

「激戦の連続! 能力者軍団VS能力者軍団」 (Gekisen no Renzoku! Nōryokusha Gundan VS Nōryokusha Gundan)”
Hard Battles, One After Another! Devil Fruit Eaters vs. Devil Fruit Eaters!”

So I start up OP 468, skip past the intro, and then the recap. Imagine my face when I noticed the recap was less than a minute long compared to last week’s almost 6 minutes.

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One Piece – 467

「死んでも助ける ルフィVS海軍戦闘開始」 (Shindemo Tasukeru – Rufi VS Kaigun Batoru Sutāto)
“Even If It Means Death! Luffy vs. the Navy; The Battle Starts!”

After telling Whitebeard of the new execution schedule, Luffy promptly rushes into the battlefield to save Ace.

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One Piece – 466

「麦わらチーム到着 風雲急を告げる戦場」 (Mugiwara Chīmu Tōchaku – Fūunkyū o Tsugeru Senjō)
“Straw Hat Team Arrives! Tension Grows at the Battlefield”

Continuing right where they left off last time, Luffy and co. have finally joined the battle at Marineford.

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One Piece – 465

「勝者だけが正義 発動! センゴクの作戦」 (Shōsha dake ga Seigi – Hatsudō! Sengoku no Sakusen)
“Justice For the Winners! Sengoku’s Strategy in Action!”

With Oars down, the war makes one more step towards chaos as Whitebeard steadily raises his power levels.

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One Piece – 464

「魔人の子孫! リトルオーズJr.驀進!」 (Majin no Shison! Ritoru Ōzu Junia Bakushin!)
“A Descendant of the Beast! Little Oars Jr. – Full Speed Ahead!”

Oars Jr. is such a badass. Though it started out rather slow, the pacing quickly picked up as some notable characters finally started joining in the fight.

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One Piece – 463

「すべてを焼き尽くす!! 大将赤犬の能力!」 (Subete o Yakitsukusu!! Taishō Akainu no Chikara!)
“An All-Consuming Inferno!! Admiral Akainu’s Power!”

If anything, the only thing that’s questionable about Akainu is his oddly realistic face.

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One Piece – 462

「世界を滅ぼす力! グラグラの実の能力」 (Sekai o Horobosu Chikara! Gura Gura no Mi no Nōryoku)
“The Force That Could Destroy the World! The Power of the Tremor-Tremor Fruit!”

Wait hold on, okay. Not yet? No? How about now..? Still? What? NOW? OKAY! BEGIN TSUNA- wait, why does it look like crap?

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One Piece – 461

「決戦の幕開け! エースと白ひげの過去」 (Kessen no Makuake! Ēsu to Shirohige no Kako)
“The Beginning of the War! Ace and Whitebeard’s Past!”

With the war pretty much completely about him, much akin to Helen of Troy, what better time to finally learn about Ace’s past?

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One Piece – 460

「巨大艦隊あらわる 襲来! 白ひげ海賊団」 (Kyodai Kantai Arawaru – Shūrai! Shirohige Kaizoku-dan)
“A Vast Fleet Appears! Here Come the Whitebeard Pirates!”

IF HE’S THE SON OF THE PIRATE KING, HE MUST BE EVIL! Ah, sheep of society, how little do you know. After last week’s “epic” reveal, the world is in total shock.

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One Piece – 458, 459

「海軍本部直前回想特別編 集結! 三大将」 (Marinfōdo Chokuzen Kaisou Supesharu – Shūketsu! San Taishō)
“A Special Retrospective Before Marineford! The Three Navy Admirals Come Together!”

A two part special! With the pending execution of Ace, the story finally makes way into the new arc!

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One Piece – 457

「海軍本部直前回想特別編 兄弟の誓い!」 (Marinfōdo Chokuzen Kaisou Supesharu – Kyōdai no Chikai!)
“A Special Retrospective Before Marineford! The Vow of the Brotherhood!”

For an episode that’s about 80% recap… yeah, no it still wasn’t interesting.

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One Piece – 456


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One Piece – 455

「仲間達の行方 革命軍と暴食の森の罠!」 (Nakama-tachi no Yukue – Kakumeigun to Bōshoku no Mori no Wana!)
“The Friends’ Whereabouts! Revolutionaries and the Gorging Forest’s Trap”

I went into this episode with much more interest than last episode, as Robin’s placement actually had some serious consequences, and we all know that serious consequences make a plot more exciting.

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One Piece – 454

「仲間達の行方 巨鳥のヒナと桃色の対決」 (Nakama-tachi no Yukue – Kyochō no Hina to Momoiro no Taiketsu)
“The Friends’ Whereabouts! A Cheeper of Giant Birds and a Pink Showdown!”

This must have been the most cringe worthy episode in the entire 454 episodes of One Piece so far.

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