「世界を滅ぼす力! グラグラの実の能力」 (Sekai o Horobosu Chikara! Gura Gura no Mi no Nōryoku)
“The Force That Could Destroy the World! The Power of the Tremor-Tremor Fruit!”

I felt Marco’s voice actor was pretty familiar last episode, but I didn’t really bother looking. Feeling fed up with that tip of the tongue feeling, I went and searched up who his seiyuu was. Lo and behold, his voice actor is Masakazu Morita, otherwise known as your friendly neighborhood.. Kurosaki Ichigo. I’ll leave that for you to brood over. Interesting.. I got Naruto in my HOTD and Ichigo in my OP. I’ll be half expecting him to shout Getsuga Tenshou from now on.

Anyways, if there’s one thing that was pretty obvious this episode, it’s that the anime put a shitton more buildup to Whitebeard’s initial attack. Is the extreme exposition actually working for you anime only viewers? I can’t tell. Exposition, exposition, expo- oh we’re here. Whitebeard actually did the tremor in the beginning of the last ep, and it took 16 minutes in this episode to finally rise up. It’s quite humorous, seeing as how all that happened in only about one page from the manga. With the manga, it felt like it was a sneak attack, and really blew through your mind saying, “this is how badass Whitebeard is.” Instead you get a slow ass buildup (with some Buggy n’ Mr. 3 filler), and even then it looked like ass until it’s final wave (why the hell does it look like orbs of water until the LAST second when an actual real looking wave pops out?). I’ll say this though. The fast pacing of the manga made the war feel frantic, with attacks and counterattacks laid one after another, so the anime better do a good job of keeping that feeling. While the first attack took pretty damn long to set up, Aokiji’s counter followed suit quickly enough, so let’s hope they keep it up! On a sidenote, I liked how Django and Fullbody appeared in this episode from nowhere. If you’ve never read the cover stories from the manga (and if memory serves me right, no anime episode was made either), I don’t think you’d have any idea why they’re now part of the marines (well, Fullbody was demoted).

I didn’t think about it previously, but this arc could easily have some filler inserted here and there. I would not be surprised if they lengthen random fights, or insert new ones altogether. Quite honestly, I wouldn’t mind either, as it would keep my viewing experience a little fresh. For the anime only viewers, it should be enjoyable as well, since they’re fights after all. Next episode will start showing some completely new devil fruits, and your mind will be blown.

I still can’t get over Whitebeard’s laugh. It makes my stomach lurch for some reason.




  1. the first half of this episode.. omg.. boring as hell .. stare. stare.. stare.. random comment.. stare .. stare.. weird whitebeard laugh.. more stare.. BUGGY FILLER ( god i hated that filler) .. the second half with aokiji stopping the wave and the war starting was awesome.. i liked the filler scenes with the captains attacking .. but that ending .. wtf…

    well i hope they get better with the pacing next chapter

  2. seriously, if they keep up this pace itll be too boring to watch. only good part was when aokiji froze the wave and ocean, and the war fighting really started (You see that Kubo!? THIS is a war, huge groups smashing each other with awesome powers, not a bunch of onesided one on one crap!!!) which was awesome.

  3. as a shounen fan i love a good stare down but.. come the hell on! i feel im watching a finale of American Idol or something. they are dragging the hell out of the suspense.. smh.. but since ive read to manga, like Kiiragi, the effect is somewhat lost on me.

    IMO that is one of the major flaws OP has.. they stretch entirely too much. Stare downs & Slow-mo are great used sparingly but OP spams the hell out of it for the sake of padding the ep like Jimbei’s punch wave radiating during the break out.. 1st time was cool. 2nd & up.. “OK I GET IT” lol
    Its not just of having read the manga 1st! way back in the Baroque Works arc (b4 i started reading OP) it brought up the same feeling..

    basically I’m saying that there is suspense and then there is watching paint dry…
    I feel will probably take a break from OP for a month or so.. depending on the pacing of the next episode..

  4. Maybe it’s a translation error, but that guy with the ice ability said one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard “Who knew that quakes couldn’t be frozen.”

    1. It’s Highschool of the Dead, and it’s Shizuka’s friend, Minami Rika (the dark skinned special ops girl). It’s not as interesting though, because she sounds nothing like Naruto. Oh, the power of seiyuu.

  5. They’re going to filler the hell out of both this arc and the following arc… mainly because they can do so without ruining much of the actual plot.

    They have a bajillion pirates from the New World and not all of them are actually part of Whitebeard’s crew. They can easily throw in some filler pirates for the already established marines to do battle with (and win). Like Captain Generic of the Generic Pirates wants to get revenge on one of the admirals, vice admirals, or even one of the Shichibukai. Then they can throw in some small background history that no one really cares about, but gives us “character development.”

    I just have this really bad feeling that they’re going to shove filler down our throats non-stop until the anime reaches about where the manga is now.

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