「勝者だけが正義 発動! センゴクの作戦」 (Shōsha dake ga Seigi – Hatsudō! Sengoku no Sakusen)
“Justice For the Winners! Sengoku’s Strategy in Action!”

Presumably, Oars dies. Of course, it’s One Piece, so no one ever dies, right? Because of that fact, it’s hard to believe any death, making it more difficult to feel any sadness. I thought they took a little too long stretching Oar’s “death” scene, and felt like there wasn’t going to be much to say until the last half of the episode came around.

Anyway, before the Oscar winning performance scene comes around, they had a bunch of more fodder fights, with two highlights. One was Doflamingo yet again showing off his powers (I like how he uses his MIDDLE finger to control people). I know I was supposed to feel “shocked” that the captain was slicing off his own crew mates, but nah, that didn’t happen. The other highlight was Colby and Helmeppo finding out the higher up’s plan of executing Ace earlier on to surprise the pirates. I’m not sure if this was how it happened in the manga, but Colby seems to be getting a lot of screen time.

What I really liked about this episode was Garp’s reaction towards it all. The flashbacks were hilarious, and it was amazing how I was laughing at one moment, then going silent the next. Garp had some good lines, and the scene overall was adapted pretty well. Unlike the captain killing his own crew mates, I had no trouble sympathizing with Garp and his struggle with his only “grandchildren” being pirates. Mark this down as another winning teary eyed scene for OP history.

Of course, if the episode ended there, I wouldn’t have been too unsatisfied, but suddenly a ship starts falling from the sky. At first I thought it looked like Enel’s ship, and I was like, “Holy shit, Enel as filler? This could be insane..” But no, it was Luffy finally joining the battle. These two reactions in particular almost had me choke on my drink. With the main character now finally here, things are about to get a whole lot more interesting.

Note: woohoo, made it before the week ended D:




      1. I though One Piece will be back next week, if not… damn.

        Being a giant is nothing at this point, in fact, they are just going to serve as “OMG that giant was owned like nothing!”

        Coby talks like a grandma.

        See? outside Marco, Ace, Jozu and Vista most Whitebeard’s comanders are fodder here.

        Good episode, thanks for the review.

        Lectro Volpi
  1. 2 more week IS ALL> keeping my mind off by playing HoN in the mean while

    as for this episode it was a great watch because it has reactions to Luffy’s Entrance and more so will be in next episodes, and those moments are what i always wait for in OP, so yea next will be great, and this whole arc in Aniacation will be greater.

  2. I’m waiting for the day when Colby stops being useless. I mean… he’s one of the original characters, so you figure that he eventually has to have some important plot point in the later part of the series, right?

    I’m kind of pleasantly surprised by the fact that they didn’t insert a bunch of filler before Luffy’s entrance. However, I guess it’s not a great idea for them to go too long without the main character, seeing how this is a shounen series after all. watch them stretch each chapter into an episode by having Luffy go through a bunch of generic Marines between actual plot points. By the time the arc ends he’ll have taken out half of the generic Marine soldiers… lol

  3. “Holy shit, Enel as filler?”
    yeah that reminds me of something the Bleach anime would do, from what I remember OP never did something like that. btw Garps surprised face looks awesome lol

  4. They animated the quake-bubble scene with Vice Admiral Ronse really well.. it looked so good. Also, near the end.. it made me feel really sad for Garp because he wanted them to be strong marines. One Piece does really know how to make you laugh, excited and cry manly tears.


    anyways now that i got that out of my system… i really do love this… this is the greatest freaken arc in the series E V E R… mainly cause it's probably one of the main climaxes of One Piece, every chapter of this starting from the beginning to the end of the war kept me on my toes and i dunno about you guys but i got pretty emotional… not so much for when Oars died (which he is dead… and Show Spoiler ▼

    ) but more so while just reading this war in general…. they really should and i hope they do splurge money all over these episodes though on animating it all nice….

  6. “I’m not sure if this was how it happened in the manga, but Colby seems to be getting a lot of screen time.”
    I’m fairly sure that did happen… although Coby/Helmeppo seem to be getting a bit more screen time than I remember.

    I love Garp haha… the awesome tear-jerking scene and then the reaction to the flying shop… priceless

      1. Lord….that would cause the Narutards out there (not saying that everyone who reads it is a raving fanboy/girl) to have a new place to post their ‘OMG!!!!1!!! sasukeeee is HOT lol!!@@#1’ crap.

        ….since I read the manga…I think I can say that…somewhat.
        /hides from thrown heat seeking objects

      2. And the comments section will be littered with people who debate whether Sakura will end up with Sasuke or Naruto or Hinata of whatever the f*ck.

        They are currently hanging out at the konoha high school youtube channel.

      3. Now, there’s no sense in bashing that “certain” group of people, as we don’t really have a problem with Divine’s Naruto posts. I just meant it’s not really how we decide what gets covered around here. We don’t have any writers who are even watching Naruto, let alone want to blog it, so what you’re asking can’t really be done. Same goes for Fairy Tail, and any other show people want that aren’t being covered. It’s either lack of time or lack of resources. However, if anyone wants to try covering, they’re always welcome to email some sample posts to divine@randomc.net. Whether or not that show wants to be accepted, or your posts for that matter, are up to Divine. GL~

  7. Damn you One Piece!

    I’ve lost count at the number of times this show has made me cry. Garps scene is waaay more emotional than in the manga, from what I remember. I still felt horrible for him, but it went up to eleven when I watched this.

    God….the later part of the arc is just gonna kill my heart.

    One Piece = the best heartbreaker/tear jerker shonen manga

    And yes, it is another 2 weeks till we get to see our new TYL!Strawhat Crew. (Yes, that is a thing from Katekyo Hitman Reborn, but I think it works here as well).

  8. KIIIIIIIIIII SHI SHI SHI SHI SHI!!!!!!!! definitely in the top 5 bad guy laugh’s!!
    & “Water buffalo Atomos” definitely in the top 20 Wacky character names! soooo ridiculous!

    BROOKLYN otaku

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