「マジで変する5秒前」 (Maji de Hen Suru 5 Byou Mae)
“Things Get Seriously Weird 5 Seconds Before”

Holy crap a masochistic mother played by Inoue Kikuko! I always knew she had a knack for taking her innocent Belldandy voice to questionable levels, but it still doesn’t make it any less wrong when it’s Miku’s mother Marina asking Mitsuba to verbally and physically abuse her. There’s something pretty disturbing about an adult asking a sixth grader to call her trash and whip her, albeit absolutely hilarious when a masochist freaks out a sadist by telling her how much she wants it. The best part of it had to be how they were in a department store and Miku and Ryuuta were right there trying to stop their mother from making a scene that would get her arrested. When I take into consideration how much Miku doesn’t like Mitsuba, it makes it even better in my mind. You could even say it’s “mind blowing” in more ways than one.

Disturbing mothers aside, it looks like the extra weight Mitsuba’s packing will become a running gag from here on. According to the breast master Futaba, Hitoha’s cheeks are of a C-cup feel, whereas Mitsuba’s belly is at I-cup levels. Like seriously, I-cup? “G” is already considered pretty large and “H” is often an unnatural outlier, making “I” some pretty uncharted territory. I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t aware that softness directly correlates to size, but what do I know when the sensation from Mitsuba’s stomach is enough to knock out both Futaba and Chiba after one feel. While I should be concerned that they have some sort of inherent baseline that they’re comparing this to, I really don’t want to know where sixth graders are getting their reference material from. I will say that Mitsuba’s use of Miku’s vibrating cellphone as a substitute for an exercise belt is just as useless as the belt itself. However, it did lead to a hilarious misunderstanding when Miku wanted in on the good feeling that Mitsuba can provide. I just loved the priceless reactions from Satoshi, Yuki, Miyashita, and all the other onlooking students.

As for Gachi Ranger misunderstandings, it sure seems like underwear goes hand in hand with it when Yabecchi is involved. Granted, the sight of Ryuuta looking under Hitoha’s skirt to see if she’s wearing a Gachi belt more than warranted it this time. Incidentally, I had a pretty severe case of déjà vu upon seeing Yabecchi think Hitoha was too poor to afford underwear and run off to buy her some. The reason being is that a very similar scenario happened in Kannagi between Jin and Nagi, who were also voiced by Shimono Hiro and Tomatsu Haruka respectively. It led to some good laughs because of that, and even left Hitoha thinking Yabecchi’s outgrown Gachi Rangers after all the inadvertent hazing she’s given him about it. Somehow, I get the feeling that this will only carry on to more misunderstandings down the road.

Last but not least is the reappearance of our air-headed school nurse Aiko. It’s been a while since she’s been a part of any skits, but her intensive training that resulted in her “Healing Roll” bandaging technique allowed her to come back with some impact. Evidently, her eyesight without glasses is bad enough for her to mistake a red hoodie for blood, yet not bad enough to negatively affect her aim. Overlooking why Aiko didn’t bother unwrapping Mitsuba’s face, I thought it was pretty clever how they kept changing the background between reality and the kidnapping that Mitsuba thought was going on. The end result where she mistook an anatomic model for Miku’s body was pretty hilarious when she learned that she’s actually alive. The sight of a sadist in a pool of her own tears has yet to grow old on me. Mitsuba victimization episode? I guess you could call it that. 🙂




  1. I thought it was cute how worried she was about her “enemies”. It’s been a while since I’ve noticed Inoue Kikuko in a role, but her voice still screamed Kasumi to me (very interesting choice, I really liked it in a…strange way).

  2. Great Mitsuba centric episode. The plays on her chubbiness and supposedly sadistic personality were great. I had to feel sorry for her when Futaba grabbed her stomach and said it’s an I-Cup. Her remedy for the baggage is even more hilarious, stealing a cell phone to make for a makeshift vibration belt. The mom was great, being a total masochist. Seeing that, I have to wonder if Sagasaki really is a perverted stalker at heart, as Mitsuba claims?

    The running gag of Hitoha’s misfortune with Gachi Rangers really never gets old, even after all of these episodes. The different ways and situations they deal out the misunderstandings make them fresh every time, as far as I’m concerned.

  3. I think its hilarious how Ryuuta has taken the role of being the constantly sexually harrrased, ‘normal’ character. Its funny how similar he is to Shinya in that he is constanty misunderstood and dragged into the crazines around him. And what is it? like his fourth time in a sexually harrassed misunderstanding? one now including his sister… classy.

  4. Mitsuba has been victimized for 2 straight episodes now, and it’s probably the best parts of the series. But the presence of that nurse still horrifies me, it only reminded me of the bodily fluid episode. DX

  5. To start the episode with Futaba grabbing on Hitoha-chan’s cheeks and then on some Mitsuba’s excess fat had me in stitches right from the start.
    LMAO@Chiba’s reaction when he sees Futaba knocked out by Mitsuba’s erotic fat feel.
    I am going looking forward to season 2 already (I hope they give Yoshioka/Aki-chan a bigger role. I can’t get enough of her. ^^

  6. one again the gachi ranger prank was nice. i guess sugisaki blood runs M in the family. the kidnapping story was also priceless where i love the chair hitting mitsuba(looks like a mokujin hitting practice).

  7. Hiroshi-kun is that YOU !!! go back to Sunako and leave Mitsuba alone. 😀

    I love this series but looking for a belt under a skirt… that little Miku’s ototo got a pantsu shot for sure. The belt should have gone under the shirt!!! the shirt! lol

    As for that okansan I need 5 minutes with her in the changing rooms …..

    Island Esper
    1. Watch the AT-X version, where instead of Mitsuba telling Futaba to go “fry in hell” she says “I hope you die from explosive diarrhea!”, you hear Belldandy say “candlewax” and “bondange”, Mitsuba calls Belldandy a “slave bitch” instead of a “worthless woman”, and where Aiko’s “Healing Roll” trick actually causes Mitsuba to spill buckets of blood XDD


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