「中多紗江編 第二章 トックン」 (Nakata Sae-hen Dai Nishou – Tokkun)
“Nakata Sae Chapter 2 – Special Training”

Remember how I said Junichi needs to be on a leash around Sae? Well, make that in a prison cell with the way he’s “training” her into an AV actress. I actually said “oh god” out loud on at least three times this episode because I saw where they were going with it and didn’t want to see it happen. First off, a beautiful naive girl should never be left alone with a closet pervert of epic proportions. That simply should not be allowed to happen under any circumstances, yet we’re supposed to slowly feel like they’re meant for each other. My immediate thought was, “Sorry no, it’s not going to happen.” Well unfortunately for me and my wishful thinking, it is going to happen and all under the guise of preparing Sae for her first part-time job. Safe to say, the Junichi we’re seeing this time around is a prime example of a homely guy you see with a slightly ditsy yet unbelievably attractive girl and wonder what the hell she sees in him. In the guy’s case, it’s easy to consider him a power freak who loves having a submissive girl; however, in the girl’s case I’m usually defaulting to the “because he manhandled her first” reason. It probably doesn’t tell the whole story, but who really cares about the whole story from a third-person perspective. Just ask Miya. She’ll tell you all about the story that matters.

To be fair, Junichi does seem to want to help Sae overcome her introverted personality and become more sociable. The only problem is that we only see it about one percent of the time, with the other ninety-nine being that he wants to touch her breasts and get into her pants. Not cool from the unsuspecting bystander’s point of view. At this point, I’m actually quite thankful to have Nakata Jouji as our sarcastic narrator, since he is able to give a comedic flair to Junichi’s perverted nature so that we know it’s not meant to be taken too seriously. If it weren’t for that, our image of him from Haruka and Kaoru’s stories would have gone down the drain even faster than it already did. This way, he still has a chance to redeem himself (ever so slightly), which would probably start if he stopped getting Sae to speed change behind a counter and asking her mock interview questions as if they were for an AV casting. Like seriously, has the guy even tried to change while squatting himself? Also, the way he posed the questions at the hot spring, asking Sae her high school and year, just came out incredibly wrong in my mind. I don’t even get the point of bring her to a doctor fish pool for it, other than the obvious reason of getting her to slip into a two-piece swimsuit she was practically falling out of.

I will say that I got a laugh out of Sae making a lot of erotic noises when her feet were being tickled by the fish — right after the obligatory “oh god.” However, I actually found Junichi convincing Sae to change and ordering her to drop her pants for a P.E. uniform check much more inappropriate. The former was entirely due to Sae’s extremely ticklish nature, whereas the latter gave off the disturbing feeling that there was an ulterior motive to all this training. You know, the one of the S&M kind. Speaking of which, it’s that bossy, almighty attitude of Junichi this arc that I find irksome, because he has absolutely no idea what the hell he’s doing and just makes crap up as he goes along. Perverted crap. The one saving grace is the aforementioned sarcastic narrator, as he reiterates that Junichi is meant to be ridiculed here for behaving as such and not simply hated for it. For his antics, we get to see him get burned in return, whether it’s being told what we’re already thinking (i.e. pervert) or him coming up short in The Game of Life. Be that as it may, I gather everyone’s impression of this series would’ve been drastically different if they started off with Sae’s story. I personally don’t mind the lighthearted variety since it shows that Amagami can approach each arc from a different angle, but I definitely prefer the more drama-like alternative.




  1. I cannot stand this version of Junichi. Making this arc a comedy works for the character (Sae is somewhat drama-less thus they decided to go comedy instead), but that doesn’t make me hate this Junichi any more.

    Miya is the saving grace. The more I watch of her, the more I want to see a series of her as the main character “winning” all the other girls in Junichi’s place.

    Sure it would be yuri… but that makes it all the better.

  2. Man. I have no idea what to expect in the finale.
    It seems that she already expressed her wish to be more then a “little sister” character, but mannnn.

    Can’t wait for next week still!

  3. Personally I think it’s pretty funny to see this arc played out. I have not read the manga so its fun seeing who his next target will be each arc. but when it turned out to be Sae I was worried that this whole arc would be dominated by painfully slow relationship progress with a out of the blue “I love you” at the end to move onto the next girl. So I am pleasantly surprised with this turn of events.

    On another note I really like how the animators made each “new” Junichi match the girl he is going after in a realistic manner. With Haruka he was persistent and open-minded, with Kaoru he was understanding and tender, and now with Sae we get an assertive and outgoing Junichi. It is fun to see his personality differing for each girl, nice change of pace.

    1. I agree that the changing of Junichi as DIVINE mentioned in the previous arc is a great concept and keeps the format fresh. I just happen to think this version is slightly too over the top.

    2. Heh, i’ll admit he is pretty over the top this round but common if you think about it, first we have a traumatized, unreliable, high school boy who, in the first episode, found solace by hiding in his closet. I mean wow. and now we got socially inept Sae who is scared of not only puppies but their shadows as well. That kind of combo would usually take at the minimum of 24 episodes to get any real progress between them. So a “Fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants” Junichi who is just kinda making it up as he goes is almost required.

      But for the record I do think the “Take off your pants” was kinda crazy. But what made it funny was that Sae actually did it before I even got over my shock from hearing it, add the sarcastic narrator comments and I was laughing for like 10 mins straight.

    3. Agreed. While Junichi new personality may seem outrageously annoying, he does compliment Sae soft-spoken, shy self. In fact, I dated a girl like Sae and ironically, I act like Junichi. It is just a good matching personality type.

  4. I knew this arc was going to be different but this week was not what I expected.

    I have no idea where Junichi’s basing his “training” methods from but the changing and doctor fish scene reminded me of certain H-mangas and the only difference was no one interrupted the training session and we all know what happens after that. Anyway, Miya definitely saved this episode in ways more than one and hopefully Junichi will redeem himself in some way.

    But what can I say, fiction is tricky.

  5. Lots of “what the hell are they doing” moments in this episode.

    I just can’t bear to watch the scene with all that erotic moening(as someone said in another blog) Sae was doing in the doctor fish pool. Though I wonder what the people who overheard her would say about that since they were in a public location after all.

  6. Bravo writers, I now dislike Junichi in this arc more than I did in the Haruka arc! Didn’t think that was possible. Seriously, his “training” methods either make him look like a pervert or a moron. Even the NARRATOR thinks it is idiotic. Good thing its been played for laughs otherwise he would have gotten a well-deserved kick in the nuts, preferably by Miya.

    1. Actually, Junichi is not as perverted as he is portrayed. His words and his thoughts are perverted, but his actions are clean. For example, he could have turn around and watch Sae undress, but he didn’t. While his methods are questionable, his intentions are pure. He is only trying to help Sae. I don’t think he is perverted as he is portrayed.

  7. “I don’t want to be your sister” hohohoho! Straight to the point huh?

    I am finally OK with Sae’s voice and with that settled I can enjoy the arc!

    But seriously… is Junichi taking advantage of Sae? Sae is not the kind of people than can defend herself. Is Miya being taken to extreme stress levels???

    Lectro Volpi
  8. Miya steals the show. Then Haruka steals Miya!
    I dont like this incarnation of Junichi at all – hes a total perv, he never though goes into direct assault mode. Sae is either naive to extreme or well aware of this and playing along.

  9. I must be the only one LIKING this arc.

    I think the change suits Sae’s personality, since she’s so shy, Jun would HAVE to be more dominant to bring her more out.

    Meh. I guess I think you guys are being a bit harsh on him. ^^; Then again, I’ve never read the manga.

    Skins Thunderbomb
    1. Except, as Divine pointed out the only time Junichi seems to be teaching Sae is at the incident in the cafeteria. The rest is using his “dominance” to make Sae do various things for his own viewing pleasure and that makes him a jackass. Or he has absolutely no idea what he is doing and that makes him a completely ignorant moron. Either way I hate it.

  10. I think the “Junichi has perverted intents” line is being just a tad over-played here. He clearly didn’t /intend/ to grope her. (and if anybody were to actually try and argue that he intended that scene to happen….well, they’ve got other problems) Certainly his methods are “questionable” *ahem*, but it’s perfectly obvious that the staff are going for that and making a comedy out of it. We’ve all known that Junichi has had “that side” to him about girls (it’s only come up on several occasions in both of the previous arcs), but it’s also undeniable that he’s not the type to be actively looking to exploit a girl for sexual benefits.

  11. I think the narrator is doing a good job of pointing out that Junichi is more of a moron than anything else. He had many opportunities to be perverted if he wanted to, and he has been really trying to think of ways to break her shyness (though admittedly in the strangest ways possible). Both the quick change and the doctor fish techniques seemed to be based on the idea that her shyness comes from over-thinking. Do I, or any sensible person think this is the best way? Nope, but it seems to be making a change. Additionally, he hasn’t (at least until the end of the episode) been considering her any differently than a kouhai / little sister type. Don’t forget, it was Miya who picked Sae’s swimsuit based on Junichi’s favorite magazines. Note that Miya seemed to disapprove of Haruka, be neutral on Kaouru, versus this implicit approval of Sae (even with all of the ecchi she always seems to walk in on). As opposed to the first two arcs, I’m not getting a good “they’re good for each other vibe”. I hope that turns around in the last two episodes.

    Quite unfortunate since Sae happens to have my favorite of the three ED sequences so far.

  12. It’s getting so hard to put up with that voice for a full episode…not to mention the incredible awkwardness that is Junichi. I almost laughed when Miya mentioned Sae’s father is “very overprotective” when she called to see if she could sleep over…because I can only imagine the damage he’d do to Junichi if he ever saw/heard the crap he’s tried to pull with his daughter lol

  13. *droooool*
    Swimsuit… erotic fishtank… pajamas… This episode is dangerous… Especially that fish part, I mean really!!

    Good episode, pretty funny. Sae continues to be too cute for her measurements, but that’s her charm, right? It’s clear Miya knows what’s going on and she’s totally okay with it, so I’m glad we aren’t going that worn-out route. Now Junichi just has to get his head on straight. “Hey, maybe I’m having erotic thoughts because I LIKE this girl!” *sigh*

  14. I think he is actually doing a pretty good job helping her. She is obviously just shy and easily embarrassed, so making her do embarrassing stuff is the easy way to help her get better at interacting with people. As long as she isn’t traumatised by what she is doing so will it help her out. She doesn’t seem to really mind either as she is fine with talking to him and even talked back when he actually did say something she objected to.

    In a way so is he actually doing the opposite of what it appears. He isn’t taking advantage of her to make her like him, he is taking advantage of that she likes him to teach her how to do things she usually would be too embarrassed to do. He fondness for him makes it more of a positive experience then the negative one it would normally be and thus making it easier for her to progress.

  15. it turned R-rated somewhere in between XD. Heck i don’t blame Junichi for focusing on that area, she really does fill em out where it matters XD. Too bad her voice still rather puts her down a little for me XD.

  16. Somehow, I can’t quite hate Junichi here, despite everything. Sae is JUST DANGEROUS. DANGEROUS. Swimsuits, pyjamas, and even that blouse. AND she just has no hesitation AND her voice is capable of both cute and ero together. Any young male who doesn’t push his limits continually in this circumstance is even more of an idiot.

    Funniest moment for me: ‘she has a very overprotective father’. In my mind, I cracked, because the Daddy with a Shotgun scale immediately popped up, and then proceeded directly to the tactical nuclear weapon phase.

      1. The same as what my girlfriend’s father said to me…

        Father: “Son, let’s get one thing straight. Do you know what this is?” (Put a jar on the table)

        Me: “It’s an empty jar…”

        Father: “Yes, it is. If you do anything to my daughter…something of yours goes in this jar. Know what I mean?!”

        Me crossing my hands and legs to protect my balls and nodding…”Yes, sir.”

  17. Ugh…wtf. While watching this episode, I physically face-palmed myself at least 10 times. I seriously doubt whatever mind could seriously come up with this crap as a viable story line. Amagami is not even a H-game, but how does such an idiotic once dimensional pervert protagonist make it into this anime. I would argue even Makoto was better in School Days. Now I’m just waiting for Sae’s dad, butler or maid to come and shank him. The narrator makes it worse, imo, not better, it seems like a very stupid way to justify Junichi’s actions.

    I think the only saving point in Junichi is his little closet planetarium, but it’s not even shown much any more. This arc did not even start with him being stood up, so that sobering point in his personality is really lacking in this arc.

    Seriously, someone needs to physically “reprimand” Junichi before he goes any further like order Sae to go streaking in order to “build confidence.”

    PS. Haruka glomping Miya was a very random yet awesome random addition to this crappy episode.

  18. I always wondered before this arc started what Miya’s role would be in all of this, with her classmate and friend being the love interest. I really expected her to have a bit more of a distasteful attitude about her brother’s antics with Sae. But no, she’s been all but encouraging him and his perverted ways, even helping set up some of these ridiculous and compromising situations.

    What an awesome little sister. 🙂

  19. Wow i don’t think i’ve wanted to knock out a MC in a series this bad since i watched School Days.

    If Junichi had tried this with any of the other ‘possible love interests’ they would either kicked him in the junk or laughed at him for being an idiot. Unfortunately the Sae; ‘they shy character’ ends up playing his twisted little ‘ training’ game.

    The ‘dude wtf’ moments in this episode were so great, that i lost count about halfway through the episode. I’m all for comedy that, but c’mon. It’s not funny if the character is too shy to pick up on the MC’s perversion.

  20. Really, it’s made clear that Junichi isn’t actually being a pervert, he’s just an idiot that’s making things up as he goes along. He never really seems to react in a perverted manner or let his eyes drift too much, and he gives Sae instructions with a completely straight face.

    She’s an incredibly shy girl, he’s an outgoing idiot. It works well, I think.

  21. Had to rewatch this to lessen the “what the heck?” reaction from the initial viewing…

    I know Junichi’s supposed to take the lead in the relationship this time, but with the “training” he’s giving Sae and those (accidental) ecchi scenes, I’m probably not the only one who feels like saying, “Damn, boy! Slow down!”

    Heck, I can’t imagine Riku Aoba doing with Mina Yayoi what Junichi has been doing with Sae so far… Oy vey…

    Good thing you can count on Miya to keep her “Nii-nii” on a leash (to an extent) and the lemony narrator makes the more absurd/ecchi scenes more…bearable to watch. Keeping the “Taste The Rainbow” mentality on hand should also help in getting through with the slight…awkwardness of this episode.

    WTH factors aside, can this be considered Amagami‘s version of an immodest orgasm? (Immodest moegasm?)

    I’m sure the drama will be back again in the next two episodes though (or the last one at least)… If this leads to the “Best End” somehow, much better.

    In other news, seiyuu joke fanart of Kaoru doing Mikoto’s railgun pose (as well as Mikoto baring her midriff a la Kaoru) has finally surfaced at various imageboards. Hell yes.


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