「The DEAD’S house rules」

While an earlier episode pitted authority against civilians, this one reveals a timeless struggle all of us can relate to, the battle between adult and children. After settling down at Takagi’s place, ahem excuse me, Saya’s place, the group starts to notice how they’re being treated. Ever since the breakout, they’ve been fending off on their own, quite capable at that, and now discover that they have lost that freedom. Of course, they’re pissed, but the show doesn’t seem to make that too obvious right away. It’s more like a mixture of mystery and “that time of the month” because people just start flipping their shit left and right. Now I’m all for freedom, and the “rebel” stage of “teenage rights”, but in the end we all realize that our parents are almost always right (and then comes enlightenment and appreciation for parenting when we’re in our mid to late twenties). So taking the side of the teenagers would be a little too easy to do. Now, are the adults right either?

Takagi’s parents don’t really make any demands, except her mom, who I have no idea “what” she wanted Takashi to convince her about, so that pretty much just leaves all the other adults. Of course, these all happen to be ignorant and quick to judge adults, who believe that kids are kids, and they always will be. And yes, this holds up when they’re one to ten, but when you’re almost an adult, capable of rational thinking, being judged like a kid is the worst thing to set off those “rebel” nerves. However, there’s those dumb teenagers who just can’t seem to get a reality check, so they take a huge piss in the pool, and make the rest of us smell bad. So in HOTD’s case? The group has made it so far alone, and have proven themselves, so why go after the kid’s guns man? Regardless, Hirano loses it because without his guns, he goes back to being plain and boring, and that’s one of human’s worst fears (at least, for the ambitious out there).

So Takagi PMS’s because her parents “supposedly” didn’t go out looking for her (maybe they thought you WERE capable, not the other way around), Saeko’s attempt at being angry fails, Shizuka eats a banana, Alice continues being the loli she is, Rei’s angry because she can’t get some (which also explains Takagi, but they left this part from the manga out), and Takashi is at the brunt of it all “confused”. So, how does a man let out his confusion? By lifting Takagi up in the air by her blouse about, oh, 5 feet high. Was that really necessary? Who the hell lifts up someone up that high, let alone a girl? You’re supposed to lift people up to see their face up close, so Takashi, you’re doing it wrong. But who can question a real man? This would probably be awkward moment #5.

So how do they solve such a mess of “complex” interlocking emotions? By sticking together and using Hirano as their stepping stone to tell Takagi’s father that Hirano’s been taking care of her more than he has. ..and that’s the end of the episode. Well, that and orgybus making an appearance after credits. I would not be surprised if that was it for the orgybus, but that would be quite the disappointment for some of you wouldn’t it? Ironically, it looks like they tone down the fan service when people actually don’t want them to. Eh, then again, I still have my doubts. Regardless, with three episodes left, the next finishing up this current arc, the last two are pretty much up in the air. They couldn’t possibly start the mall arc, since it’s so long, so they’re either going to go with something completely outrageous that will last in people’s minds (like killing off everyone), or do a really cliche two ep arc ending with an Indiana Jones’ “riding off into the sunset” kinda thing.

Also, enjoy some cosplay of Saeko (slightly nsfw, but then again so is this site recently), courtesy of Patrik, passed through Divine.


ED10 Sequence

ED10: 「THE last pain」 by 黒崎真音 (Kurosaki Maon)
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  1. They should all join the orgybus it would be a great ending to see some secks with no censorship. The anime would go in the history as the 1st anime that has ever overcomed the stupidity of censoring and the world would be a better place.

  2. Lol, Takashi should have just kissed Saya to shut her up instead of grabbing then lifting her. So that’s the orgy scene animated? kinda short…,way short,but that’s expected since this show is on the border between ecchi and hentai.

  3. First scene was so misleading. I totally forgot about her ~injuries~

    And I will never understand why Shido = stupid schoolgirls getting all hot and heavy around him/orgybus for no reason. The dude is such a creeper…

    Man I can’t believe there are only two episodes left. Wonder how they’re actually going to end it, whether there is a second season or not. This episode was rather quiet so I’m guessing just like all other stories out there the climax will begin in the next episode.

  4. Hiiragi, thanks for the cosplay pic. The episode was okay but you made it better with that one. Saeko is amazing!
    I like Takagi’s character design but her character is getting on my nerves but this episode’s fail imho comes from Takashi. Did he have to lift Takagi that high? What was the purpose of that? To make sure the group knows he’s the alpha male? Sad.
    Next episode, Saeko gets a sweet katana from Takagi’s father…Actually, they should scrap everything and just focus on Saeko.

  5. This is something were I would go “holy shit” and then go “I was expecting that” at that orgybus bit, but that didn’t matter because there is a point to all of this…nearly everyone is an idiot.

    We know Takashi’s group are more capable than anyone else because they acknowledge the reality that they are in and they step up their game. Saya’s parent are the authority figures you shouldn’t fuck with, including her dad who is awesome and the kind of guy I would follow. But besides them, pretty much everyone we’ve seen in the series till now shows how pathetic everyone is in this situation and how they underestimated the ones who are capable of it

    We all know how its gonna end and they would prepare for a possible second season, but there is a possibility that MadHouse is planning something in the end. However I would like to see Shino get eaten alive, because he’s a dick and he deserved it, including his followers who are all idiots.

    1. I second that idea of Shino’s death…I hope he died horribly and they should do it in Matrix form…Where it super slow with bodt parts flying in the air so I can yelled, “Serve you right, dumbass!”

  6. Nice to see something from Patrik.
    I’ve been wondering about the Orgybus. It’s said that the show is ending, from what I’ve heard the Manga has certain things happening in different orders too. Wonder if there’ll be a HOTD II.

    1. Ive been wondering about that too(orgy bus) but it wasnt as graphic as it was in the manga ^_^. And about HOTD having a sequel(?)Im curious about that and how theyre gonna end this series. Lets wait and see.

  7. Is that cosplayer on the Orgybus too? Do you have to pay an on-the-go fee if you don’t have tickets? 😀

    I don’t know if I wanna watch this episode. Takashi used to be a character I liked. And Saeko doesn’t seem to be doing to well with him. And what’s up with Rei hugging him near the end. Busujima should cut off her tits for that! D:< He's HER man now. x3

  8. I remember when this site used to be so efficient that I could actually use it to see what anime’s were worth watching and when new episodes were out. Unfortunately that’s no longer the case…now we’ve got blog posts of episodes coming out a week late for bleach…

    1. I am sure Divine is doing his best. The guy have a social life too you know? I am sure he doesn’t spend every waking minute thinking, “Oh, no. I have to write a summary right now for this anime this week or the fans will be sooooooo disappointed!”

      Instead of complaining, why don’t you offer to help him write some summaries and reviews?

  9. I really hate the Anime Takashi. He is such a major d*ck! I do not remember him being this bad in the Manga.

    I understand that he has to beat some sense into his teammates so they all survive, but IMO he is taking advantage of his authority in the situation so he can do whatever he wants.

    1. LOL…I would, too.

      5 girls for 2 guys. I love math already. I f I was Takashi, I would like to add clothing is optional for the girls and sex every night is a necessity to our survival. Don’t question me or I will jack you up higher than Saya…Muhahahaha

    1. It probably come later…I don’t see it being too relevant. He is the big boss man. You messed with him, you died. They even demonstrated it in the beginning when he chopped the zombie’s head off.

      1. Also they didn’t say anything about the riot was made by radical left wingers back in episode 6. Also the chat with hirano about komuro’s mother to be left winger was skipped. Maybe they want to skip all political stuff in the anime.

  10. Rereading the manga and comparing it to the anime… Why does that guy look like L?

    Anywho, Yeah Takashi is being a huge d*ck, like Destiny said. Every chance he gets, he shows off or abuses his position or something. It’s getting really annoying.

    1. I am more of a Takashi type. Hirano is a well-designed character, but he is still fat and nerdy. Not an attractive trait for a guy. I doubt any girls on the teams actually find him attractive, except for Alice and maybe the dog. He just doesn’t have “The Look” of a fearless hero.

      1. I see both of your points…But he just doesn’t have “the look”. Here is a picture of a badass:


        Another badass, too…get it “badass”. LOL


        Unless he can get anger and turn green like the hulk. Hirano is second to Takashi. He does have potential, but physically, he is flawed. If however, he was average body type like Takashi and develop the mental state he become, then definitely, he is a badass character.

    1. I figure they gt the message that fans were pissed off of the overdoing of fan-service in the last few episodes and compensated for it by doing less. Plus, I really didn’t want to see Shino or his junk sticking out during the orgy. I would have nightmares…

  11. Did any of you notice why Hirano was anger when Takashi jacked Saya in the air?!

    I figure he was jealous and cussed out Takashi for touching his bitch. If I was him, I would be thinking, “Oh no you didn’t, boy!” (In Tracy Morgan’s voice).

      1. God, I know the Abridged Series are dying to remake this anime.

        Ironically, if I download this series and replace most of the scenes with more black bars and censorship logos, I can turn it into a Hentai series…

  12. I doubt that this is actually a real spoiler in the sense that nothing actually comes from it, but I’ll still tag it just in case someone gets upset.

    RE: Takashi potentially going postal
    Show Spoiler ▼

    There better be a season two. I demand that the mall arc be animated for the massive amounts of face palms, awkward moments, and lawlz.

    1. Can I get that in prescription form?

      I will tell it to every hot girls I meet down the street that I am on the blink of insanity and my only cure is doing the deed. Look, I have a doctor’s prescription. XD

      Actually, my doctor told me that sex was the best kind of workout. I regret not asking him for a prescription of it. *Snap*

    1. Crimson, trying to rationalize a make-believe fairy-tales like anime is illogical and irrational within itself.

      Why do zombies move so fast after moving so slow from the start?

      Ask the animators. Maybe they were drunk and wasted when they decide to make that zombie move with lightning speed. There would explain a lot of things in this anime like booby matrix and sadistically killing zombies make people horny. In the end, there is no logic, just entertainment.

  13. sweet zombie jesus! will somebody please turn this choas dude into 2d so that he can get some?! tho i highly doubt he’d be any luckier even in that world.

    nhoo… i can’t believe that the reason behind the drama between hirano and takashi was all about which weapon was better. oh yeah, not so kid-like. pfft. and they want to be taken seriously as adults?

    and another thing. why would they want to leave such a safe place? so what, they’ll just take their chances of being killed just to make a point? yet, another great adult decision. they can prove their worth by working with the adults, can’t they? mind you, they are not talking about leaving the place to look for the rest of the group’s families. they just don’t want to be “absorbed”.

    *sigh* why am i expecting too much from a bunch of idiots who decided to duke it out (for most of the day) with a group of zombies rather than passing through a big gaping hole in a wire fence to save themselves.

    1. They need to leave this ‘safe’ place. First, Takagi is leaving it because it’s only safe while there’s water and electricity. Second, they’re good kids who worry about their parents. Third, they are action-oriented and not fearful. They’re confident in their abilities, having confronted the worst possible situations and overcome them. Despite their faults and flaws, they trust each other.

      Also, from their perspective, it’s the adults who need to prove their worth. Other than Takagi, have any of them really done so? Not really (and remember that Takagi’s most loyal henchman got zombied so it’s not as safe as you think). And in this environment, they’re getting softer. And what have these adults done to suggest they can be worked with. They didn’t tell Hirano that he should prove himself. They told him to give up his guns and forget who he is and what he’s accomplished. To become nobody again, to cease to exist. They weren’t being reasonable. They were being small and trying to bully him into being smaller than they were. This is a tyranny of mediocrity and the gang was right to resist it, and right to take responsibility for themselves.

      I think it’s only Takagi Saya who feels a need to be taken seriously. And that’s because of her parents and their situation, and also because she has a better grasp of society than the others do. Saeko is at peace with herself now (in her own psychotic way). Hirano believes that he can’t be taken seriously. Shizuka probably doesn’t know what being taken seriously means. Komuro has always been the rebel without a cause. Rei just wants Komuro to take her seriously. As a group, they’re less needy than the adults.

      After giving up everything but the baseball bat, these kids have done remarkable things. And they’ve become strong as a group. They walked away from the school instead of relying on the authorities (who ended up needing a baseball bat to the skull). They walked away from Shidou. Both times they were right. I think they’ve earned the benefit of the doubt.

      Should a wolf dream of becoming a sheep?

  14. i started out thinking i missed something, with the episode starting with some fan service with Rae getting a medicine massage. and seeing Saeko in the kimono and alice seeming like a little girl in normal time was a nice change of pace

    then it started getting back into the series, especially with the issues on group merging with the Households self centered adults that needed their guns. The way Takagi’s father dealt with the zombie was noble, but it seemed like a risky move seeing as if it didnt run towards him the infection could have been started

    Seeing how the group conversation went, it seems Takashi is finally manning up after his time with Saeko and its showing. Though lifting Takagi up like that, and snapping some sense into her was a lil overkill and im wondering how her shirt stayed on after being lifted like that.

    All and all i see them leaving the compound and continuing on their families tour, next stop killing loved ones and flashbacks for Rae

  15. I really hope they do a second season of this. An OVA wouldn’t cut it, for how much story they still have left.

    anyway, for those following the manga, you’ve probably noticed that portions of the story/scenes have been altered or eliminated entirely. Which would make seance if this story worked that way, but it doesn’t They’ve done so much trimming and altering that now they have a a few episodes left and really have nothing they can do with it. Granted one can be used to end the arh, but then what? What can you do with 2 30 minute episodes? Nothing, not a dam thing. There isn’t an ‘ultimate evil’ guy in this series, so they can’t suddenly defeat him nor is there some way to cure the epidemic on there hands.

    So what now?


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